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US-Made JUMP 20 VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Infographics)

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US-Made JUMP 20 VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Infographics)

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JUMP 20 is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) variant of the T-20, fixed-wing, tactical UAV, which was designed and manufactured for the US Navy by Arcturus UAV. It was unveiled in April 2014 and underwent several test flights in January 2015.

Delivering 14+ hours of endurance and an operational range of 185 km, JUMP 20 is ideal for multi-mission operations. It is intended for use by naval forces in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and search and rescue missions.

Runway independent, with a useable payload capacity of up to 30 pounds, the JUMP 20 offers flexible payload options utilizing industry leading imaging sensors such as ARCAM 45D, long range EO/MWIR as well as onboard tracking, stabilization and video processing. In addition to the multi-mission payload bay and superior optics, it features a common autopilot and ground control system architecture providing a highly customizable, modular platform which can be custom-configured to meet operational or customer requirements.

On August 18, 2022, the US Army chose JUMP 20 of the American company AeroVironment for the Future Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (FTUAS) program aimed at the purchase of a promising tactical reconnaissance UAV to replace the AAI RQ-7 Shadow unmanned complexes at the brigade level.

AeroVironment received an $ 8 million contract from the US Army for the supply of one JUMP 20 unmanned complex (including six UAVs, a ground control station, ground data acquisition terminals and ground equipment) for military tests, with an option for further supply of seven more complexes.


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My kara te cant wait to get my hands on a Gundam.

jens holm

So many versions for drones. It might be a mistake to ask for more F35s and that.

It seemes many kinds of armed vehicles might be outdated as well.

I might have one bringing me a beer now and then or one of those telling my glass is empty and when to stop.

Last edited 3 months ago by jens holm

US and UK have been killing and genocides 6 million of innocent peoples in The Middle East lol.


Who cares about the middle easy? If you care that much go, make holocaust memorial🤣🤣🤣😉

jens holm

Thye not even care themself. Even so its wrong.

jens holm

Have You counted them Yourself

The Objective

If this thing winds up in Ukraine, it’ll be a serious challenge for Russian forcs.


Iran’s drone are better and it proves in Ukraine.

The Objective

Iran drone is made 80% of western parts. They are also not VTOL. We need to see these in action in Ukraine to know which is superior. But I’ll bet on the U.S VTOL drone cos its spec is good and is made for their Navy.


“Iran drone is made 80% of western parts.” No clown.

1. A lot of people believe Iran sold BP and trained Russian military how to use them before the war and now Russia making those drone by themselves. That might be the reason why so many western parts are in “Iranian drones” that Russia using in Ukraine. If that is true Iran’s hands are clean and Iran said Ukraine army has failed to prove those drones are Iranian made. RT news go read it.

2. Reverse engineering, it is normal and all countries steal IP from each other, when there is a new break through other will follow. Your claim that one of Iran drone is made of 80% of western parts is stupid as shit. You Turk-isis are something else even Zionists said it was 75% calm down Turk-isis.

“They are also not VTOL”? To what are you comparing it?

The cost and purpose of drones are different. The Shahed-186 fuking cost $20k and other Iranian drone doesn’t cost much overall and they do their job just fine – the Jump 20 cost millions per unit… the fuk are you on about?

Last edited 3 months ago by JJ345
jens holm

You are right. Its not that may % at all. But the reductions do count for the most advanced parts.


Yeah but to my 2nd point, Iran could have just reverse engineer those parts and yes even the most advanced parts. <- That is if Russia is not making those drone.

No one really given a hard proof that those are really Iranian made.


E.g. The Iranian drone industry is also spreading to other countries. In May 2022, Iran opened a drone factory in Tajikistan that produces the Ababil-2 drone capable of reconnaissance and combat.

Iran and Russia both have been working together in development of drones and other things for years now…


Sure mate, whatever floats your boat. But why stop at %80? Put your back into it and say, I dunno, %95 parts are western-made. But even our US-made fighters no longer use %50 western parts.

And for VTOL UAVs, we are currently working on 3rd generation. Navy’s Pelican-1 entered service a couple years ago and Pelican-2 with landing on water capability entered service this year (there are about a dozen more designs, even a couple of combat drones).

But a convertible VTOL UAV (like those, I’m not talking about a multi-rotor copter) regardless of its country of origin is generally limited to a recon duty for boats for a foreseeable future. A need for TWR>1 for vertical phase and subsequent limitation it imposes on the weight and payload severely reduces the combat capability for drones with such size.

jens holm

You are right, but You should add the counterpart is develloping too.

Chris Gr

Brother, welcome back! I believe that drones are the weapons of the future. The battles in Tripoli and Nagorno-Karabakh were won by the side that had the best drones.

jens holm

Thats partlycorrect. Some parts are not able to make, so some scooter engine is what they can.

Navigation issame thing.


Iran drone’s vs iron dome lol cope

jens holm

Drones has many purposes. You are right. The Irianian ones are very good for total destruction in the most infantile way.


It turns out the most potent weapon on today’s battlefield is the cheap drone. So all sides will test their cheap drones on the battlefield in Ukraine. Right now Russia is winning with the Iranian designed super cheap drones.


It is going to be even funnier when more of the US air defence system get shit on in Ukraine. $3,000,000 to down a $20K drone… that is a great deal.

jens holm

Thats how it is. But it makes no sense always to compare like that. Some fx has more money then others. The US systems and many in the west pay a lot of extra to save own hman lives. Soldiers are not that much spendables.


I said this before, I don’t think Patriot system is that bad but we can’t deny that it has failed many times in the past. Remember Houthis drones attack in KSA?

During the whole Yemen war the Patriot system failed many times, the fact the KSA use their jets to shut down drones is something…

“The US systems and many in the west pay a lot of extra to save own hman lives.” We going to found out how well Patriot going to do in Ukraine.

Also, the cost dose matter.

jens holm

I dont see that. I see all those drones as supplements to each other doing very difgferent tasks.

We also see some, which are not good as well as outdated ones.

By that the cheep drones also can be the best for its purpose.

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