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US Lifts Sanctions Off Northern Syria, De-Facto Dividing The Country

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US Lifts Sanctions Off Northern Syria, De-Facto Dividing The Country

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On May 12, the US lifted sanctions off areas of northern Syria outside government control, permitting transactions in several sectors including agriculture and finance.

The US Treasury Department issued a general license authorizing activities in different sectors in parts of northeastern and northwestern without the fear of US sanctions.

Activities will now be permitted in the following fields: agriculture, information and telecommunications, power grid infrastructure, construction, finance, clean energy, transportation and warehousing, water and waste management, health services, education, manufacturing and trade.

The northwestern region of Greater Idlib, which is held by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, and the Turkish-occupied northern area of Afrin, were excluded from the general license.

Most of the areas covered by the license are controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The rest are held by the Turkish military and its proxies.

The Treasury Department warned that business with the Damascus government will still be illegal and subject to US sanctions. The department also said that the importation into the US of petroleum or petroleum products of Syrian origin will still be prohibited.

The US imposed crushing sanctions on all of Syria over the last few years on the hope of subduing the country’s leadership.

US acting assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland talked on May 11 about the license, saying it was aimed at helping a region previously controlled by ISIS.

Damascus stands to gain from the US license. To this day, government-held areas are still trading with the northern region which could soon become a hub for sanctions evasion.

Despite this, Damascus warned following reports about the near release of the license that the US move is meant to de-facto divide Syria. Now, areas held by the SDF and Turkish-backed militants will be able to trade like autonomous regions, unbound by Syrian or international laws.


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Bigg Chungus

Death to America

Death to Israel

Hasan Hammami

This is the work specialty of Ms Nuland Neo Liberal warrior which is the Democratic Party’s version of the Neo-Conservatives, in the service of Israel’s Right and Extreme Right Parties. She’s less interested in placing US Boots on the ground, and much more wedded in hiring surrogates, using alternate strategies for breaking nations, including arming any Allies, punitive sanctions and maneuvering coups d’Etat


Now you people might think that Kurds are just like Zion? They very much are the same shit. I said it before and I say it again, kill off Kurds before it is too late, don’t let them grow heads. (Do you know how many fuking apes told me that Kurds work with Syria and Iraq/Iran/Russia? Now was I wrong or them).

Kurds historically own fuk all in N-Syria – “but SDF is not only Kurds” – those are the same people who said shit like “Kurds and Zion aren’t working together to divide Syria”. STFU. Kurds control SDF with Zion/yanquis and the SDF VERY much works the same way as ISIS. Kurds like Zion hate Arabs and just fuking look at N-Syria, Kurds see Arab Syrians as 2nd class…Zion sees all others as their slaves. Kurds in N-Syria don’t “own” much of the land, now look at them stealing from Syrians just like Zion in Palestine.

The Kurds are Zion 2.0 of the Middle East project to divide the Middle East even more. In Iraq, Kurds work and openly host terrorists, yanquis, and Zion. Kill the cancers (Kurds, Zion, and Wahhabis).

jens holm

So when was Syria a kind of united. It was in 1258 in the Bagda Khalifat.

Yor many arabs were not even able to liberate themself from the Ottomans even they had 100 of years for it. You also ignore that Syria actually have or had 30% non arabs as well as Kurds where they luive has good relations to the arabs there.

So Your arabs are a selctive part of the arabs. So many arabs dont like Your kind of arabs at all.

Here they agree with USA and even the Zionists.


Clown, there was no such thing as Syria before what are you even talking about – Syria is considered to have emerged as an independent country for the first time on 24 October 1945. The people, Arabs live in tribes, and that wasn’t only in “Syria” but in most Arabs countries.

“to liberate themself from the Ottomans even they had 100 of years for it.” Are you that rtded?

Are you a Zion Jens, you sure as shit says a lot of lies. (approximately 90% are Arabs) The largest ethnic group (approximately 90%) in Syria is Arab, mostly classified as Levantine. Other major groups in Syria are Kurds (2 million), Syrian Turkmen (0.75-1.5 million) and Assyrians (0.9 to 1.2 million). https://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/syria-population

Link me your source or STFU ape. This is not the first time that you lying like a stupid hoe.

Fun fact you rtded fuk, not a lot of people in The EU liked Germany/(Nazis) during WWI/II.

What the fuk are you evening saying at the end?

Last edited 7 days ago by JJ345
Klaus meier

Revanges for Donezk and Luhansk….. Eye for Eyes…

jens holm

Hard to see the connection.

Maybee Putin has learned tank warfare in Syria. or is it in Armenia.


NATO should have dismantled when the Warsaw pack came to an end in 1991. We are in a difficult place right now, the US and it’s vassalage is using NATO (Protection racket) to enforce unipolarity and US global hegemony. I don’t think they will break Russia, not with China standing by its side. It is just one throw of the dice hoping the cubes will land a double six but more likely the US economy will implode taking with it, the vassals, the EU down into the bottomless pit.

jens holm

Thasts highly incorrect. Nato and very much EU is including. Its not ou fault Russia still behave like some dummy inclave for dummies which are kept as dimmies by themself.

I dont see us dismantling. We did not collapse Ourself.

Instead we have taken over the leftovers, which is easy and expensive.

We see the new countries as their own and not owned. They have decided themself as well as it goes. Some progress is there and do grow even its not fertile first class land.

jens holm

That should have happend many years ago. hey are the only one having a plan for the future.

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