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JULY 2020

US-led Strikes On Syria: PR Victory Or Decisive Failure?


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Early on April 14, the US, the UK and France delivered a massive missile strike on Syria. The attack was publicly justified with accusations that the Syrian government had allegedly been behind the so-called Douma chemical attack on April 7. US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis described the strikes as “harder” than the 2017 strikes on Shayrat military airfield.

The Pentagon said that the US and its allies had launched 105 missiles at the alleged “chemical weapons” facilities of the Assad government and all of them had precisely hit their targets.

The attack involved the following means and launchers:

  • The USS Monterey CG61 fired 30 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Red Sea.
  • The USS Laboon DDG58 fired 7 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Red Sea.
  • The USS Higgins DDG76 fired 23 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Persian Gulf.
  • The USS John Warner SSN785 fired 6 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Mediterranean.
  • The French frigate LANGUEDOC fired 3 Storm Shadow/SCALP EG cruise missiles from the Mediterranean.
  • B-1B strategic bombers fired 19 AGM-158 JASSM air-launched cruise missiles.
  • British Typhoon and Tornado fighter jets fired 8 Storm Shadow/SCALP EG air-launched cruise missiles.
  • French Rafel and Mirage fired 9 Storm Shadow/SCALP EG air-launched cruise missiles.

According to the Pentagon 76 missiles hit “Barzah Research and Development Center”, 22 missiles hit “Him Shinshar Chemical Weapons Storage Site”, 7 missiles hit “Him Shinshar CW Bunker”.

However, during the official briefing the Pentagon declined to provide any evidence confirming the allegations against the Assad government and offered no explanation as to why there was no dispersal of chemical agent clouds if the chemical weapons facilities had been hit.

Another issue raised by experts is why 76 missiles were needed to destroy three buildings in Barzeh.

There is another side to the story. According to the Syrian Defense Ministry, most of the missiles launched by the US-led bloc were intercepted. The Russian Defense Ministry provided more details by saying that Russia had not employed its air defense assets, but 71 missiles heading to 8 locations had been intercepted by the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF).

The Russians added that Moscow will also consider deliveries of S-300 air defense systems to Syria and other countries in response to the US actions.

However, the numbers provided by Russia raise serious questions. Some experts contacted by SouthFront said that even theoretically the SADF could not have been capable of shooting down more than 15-20% of the launched missiles. The SADF just does not have the means and measures necessary to intercept such a number of missiles simultaneously in one wave of strikes.

The experts suggested that the Russian military had possibly used its state-of-the-art electronic warfare systems to counter the launched missiles during the final phase of their flight path.

Another factor, which “highly likely” contributed to the effectiveness of the Syrian counter-measures, is that Russia had provided the Syrian military with operational data from its technical reconnaissance net, including satellites and other surveillance means. Likely, Iran had done a similar thing.

Using tracking data, Russian-made air defense systems like S-125, S-200, Buk and Kvadrat are capable of shooting down cruise missiles with a relatively high efficiency.

The 71 intercepted missiles of 105 launched are a decisive failure for the US and its allies. Some experts suggested that the 76 missiles strike on Barzeh announced by the Pentagon could be an attempt to explain where all the missiles had gone.

If the data provided by the Russian Defense Ministry is confirmed, this will be the first time in the history when that a side was able to repel a massive strike of so-called modern high-precision weapons/missiles. If so, in the case of a nuclear exchange between the US and Russia, the Russians will be able to intercept most of the US means of attack while suffering only minor damage, whereas Russia’s nuclear strike would be a crushing blow.



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  • Winnie Eldrup

    It’s not PR victory – It’s completely crazy. UNITED STATES of ISIS

  • Redadmiral

    Well in the delusional mind of tRump and his cohorts, “an overwhelming success”. Hope they have many more of these Fake Victories….

    • jerry hamilton

      Not too many. Someone might get hurt.


    Better it be a FAILURE Than A Success

    • paul ( original )

      Yes but let no one forget that it was a crime.

    • gustavo

      This is not a matter or believe one or the other. This is a matter of evidences, and all the evidences say that the USA-Israel-NATO attack was totally a failure. Incredible ridiculous NATO-israel-USA have made. WOW, they must be very very very worry.

  • antoun

    total failure the systeme of defense occidental! catatrosphe for occident! excellente and great news!!

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    We should not be too rush on americans for the simple reason that slowly but surely they are entering the primate age again. And it seems the higher their positions in society the more closer to this statistics, THEIR statistics not mine, they are.

    the quality of education in US public schools, which reflects in the most
    profound way on US labor force which increasingly begins to look like a third
    world one.

    Does that anything to do with these facts?

    “According to a study conducted in late April by the U.S. Department of
    Education and the National Institute of Literacy, 32 million adults in the U.S.
    can’t read. That’s 14 percent of the population. 21 percent of adults in the
    U.S. read below a 5th grade level, and 19 percent of high school graduates can’t

    The current literacy rate isn’t any better than it was 10 years ago. According
    to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy (completed most recently in 2003,
    and before that, in 1992), 14 percent of adult Americans demonstrated a “below
    basic” literacy level in 2003, and 29 percent exhibited a “basic” reading

    According to the Department of Justice, “The link between academic failure and
    delinquency, violence, and crime is welded to reading failure.” The stats back
    up this claim: 85 percent of all juveniles who interface with the juvenile
    court system are functionally illiterate, and over 70 percent of inmates in
    America’s prisons cannot read above a fourth grade level, according to


    Has the situation improved in the following four years?

    • jerry hamilton

      They were talking about dropping algebra from their syllabus because everyone struggled with it.
      It’s only essential for things like electronics. The Chinese will do that for them.

      • Redadmiral

        Looks like they have already dropped geometry….Lol

        • FlorianGeyer

          I smiled at that Redadmiral :)

        • paul ( original )

          May be counting as well.

        • Gregory Casey

          Their Compasses were broken by swarms of Butterflies :)

        • Ron Wheeler

          I agree, as an example, it takes over 100 missiles to take 3 structures out in Syria at a cost of 1m per missile – what kind of math and geometry is that?

          • Sinbad2

            Well a Tomahawk costs $1.87 million, but the newer JASSAM’s of which they fired 19, only cost $1.35 million, what a bargain.

    • Serious

      The problem is that it’s not the uneducated americans that are created trouble in the world but the educated ruling class.

      • paul ( original )

        I actually think the uneducated ones have more sense.

        • Kell McBanned

          What they call “Education” is infact Indoctrination, its a filter to eliminate free thinkers from the middle classes that have the potential to attain positions of influence influence or in some cases become elites.

          • purplelibraryguy

            That’s one of the problems I’ve noticed in the US–in the old days, they instituted a whole bunch of propaganda, both official going way back and from all those corporate “think tanks” starting in the 70s and 80s, but the top people more or less knew the difference between what they fed the proles and reality. Now, though, there’s a whole generation of leaders and plutocrats who grew up with it all so pervasive that they believe most of their own crap. It’s gotten to the point where it feels like, even when they spin very specific lies about things like WMDs, they manage to simultaneously believe that it’s sort-of-true because reality must bend to their internal myth of US perfection.

            Huh–kind of funny, the downfall of the Soviet Union happened when their leaders stopped believing. The downfall of the US system is happening as they stop questioning absurd beliefs.

          • Barba_Papa

            I’ve noticed this phenomenon as well. The whole point of neo-conservatism was that the elite should tell a unifying myth, or paint a common enemy, for the entire country to rally around. That’s what the movement’s creator envisioned. Not for the elite to believe their own crap.

          • Sinbad2

            Neo-conservatism is a polite way of saying nazi, or zionist.

          • Sinbad2

            “The most dangerous man, to any government, is
            the man who is able to think things out for himself without regard to
            the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to
            the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane
            and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And
            even if he is not romantic personally he is apt to spread discontent
            among those who are.”
            H.L. Mencken

        • Ron Wheeler

          It is very possible to be uneducated, possess wisdom and up on those Ponzi schemes or just BS; verses while being educated, believing on what you have been conditioned to think and be wrong.

          • paul ( original )

            It is a bit off topic for SouthFront, but I thought I would indulge
            myself just a little. You see I don’t really believe in education at
            all. Rather I believe in skills and ability to use them. I think
            education as it is largely manifested in the West is little more that
            the instillation of an inflated sense of self worth.

            I did got to university myself a very long time ago to study
            mathematics. For what its worth I came out a more skilled
            mathematician than I went in, certainly with the potential to use
            this skill constructively. This was in 1969. However, I was
            surrounded by liberal arts students mainly studying sociology. I as a
            tongue tied and rather socially inept individual came to what I
            think was a good insight which I believe to this day. It was this.
            The only way all those students around me could make their way in the
            world was by dominating others. That’s it, they can do nothing but
            they can dominate.

            I could explain this more but I have said enough.

      • frankly

        At some point the citizens of the US have to turn off the tubes and learn some of the responsibilities that JFK, MLK and others so clearly enunciated to them or wind up enslaved and insane with a new master!

        • Ron Wheeler

          You will find that when they turned off the TV/radio, they generally have fear of silence and feel uncomfortable not having background noise.

          • frankly

            Had to write a report about the effects of TV on children back in school. Could find no positive research, changed my life, for the better, haven’t owned one in decades!

      • Well, both are intertwined. Politicians may not be smart enough to make rightful policy suggested by Dr. Nagel’s study quoted. The very highly educated staff and actual policy makers of leading think tanks are excellent to solve the problem which has a solid answer but because there may not be right answers to any political, diplomatic and social problems, their policy advice may not be that different from what uneducated people make.

        “Dr Mato Nagel, a sociologist in Germany, recently implemented Prof. Dunning and Prof Kruger’s theories by computer-simulating a democratic election. In his mathematical model of the election, he assumed that voters’ own leadership skills were distributed on a bell curve ― some were really good leaders, some, really bad, but most were mediocre ― and that each voter was incapable of recognising the leadership skills of a political candidate as being better than his or her own.

        When such an election was simulated, candidates whose leadership skills were only slightly better than average always won.”

    • Tudor Miron

      One of the cornerstones of Stalins “regime” is that he made sure that each and every kid in Soviet Union (even tiniest shithole in the middle of nowhere) can go to school and get solid classic education. In a couple decades a country where fairly few could write and read sent first ever human being into the space. His name was Gagarin. Liberals did their best to demonize Stalin (hanging zio’s blood and crimes on him) but it doesn’t change actual historycal facts. The more I research actual facts the more I realize that it’s simply the same old story of demonization – same as they did with Grozny and as they try to do now.

      • purplelibraryguy

        Stalin was in many ways an able administrator. Doesn’t mean he didn’t kill a bunch of people. Those two things can coexist.

        • Sinbad2

          Yes, but did he really kill all those people, or was it just another western propaganda job.
          They lied about the Gulf of Tonkin, they lied about Iraqi WMD’s, they lied about Libya Iran Sudan Yugoslavia, even the Spanish American war and the US civil war, the list of lies is almost endless, so why would they tell the truth about Stalin?

          • purplelibraryguy

            They did indeed lie about those things. But then the truth came out. Histories of the Vietnam war may avoid the issue, but they do not claim the Gulf of Tonkin incident happened as the administration of the day claimed. It is now generally acknowledged in official discourse that there were no WMDs in Iraq (although they sort of act like it doesn’t matter). And large ongoing phenomena are harder to lie about than isolated incidents.

            Now what I’m eminently willing to believe is that there is a good deal of exaggeration about Stalin, like in terms of the sheer number of victims and stuff, and that accounts of Stalin emphasize crimes over accomplishments in ways that accounts of, say, Truman do not emphasize nuclear bombing. And I think there’s been a strong drive to try to make his crimes at least equal to Hitler’s so that everyone can pretend “Communism was just as bad as Nazism”. But I think the factual historical record is pretty clear that he was a paranoid ruthless stubborn bastard who did not consider death to be a significant down-side to a policy. My understanding is that Lenin did not want him to be the next boss, considering him basically an excellent right-hand hatchetman but not a good choice for overall leader.

            I also don’t think the Soviet leadership, from Lenin on down, had a good grasp of agriculture or the peasantry. They were urban intellectuals along with some urban industrial workers and such and they had a theory that emphasized industry and the industrial proletariat. That combined with their centralizing approach led IMO to fundamental screwups on the rural and agricultural front. And Stalin does seem to have had a tendency, if things weren’t going well, to solve things by killing people until they started going well, or at least to just keep doing the same thing even harder until it got results, even if the results involved lots of people dying. So it’s not a huge surprise if these factors taken together led to some pretty bad stuff happening in rural Soviet territory.

            During World War II, being a stubborn sonofabitch who insisted on everything being done harder and harder was probably a net benefit. But the rest of the time, I would suggest that he lacked vision and flexibility, his paranoia caused a push towards overcentralization, and his lack of compassion created mass disillusionment with the Communist vision. I would suggest that Stalin set a lot of the directions that led to stagnation in the Brezhnev years.

      • Kell McBanned

        Capturing Germany and getting much of their people and stuff also helped things along the way.

    • It’s Orwell’s 1984. The Proles are not educated and the State does not want them educated beyond basic indoctrination principles.

      • jerry hamilton

        You have just described how the Bolsheviks decided who was to live and who died.

        • Hisham Saber

          Bolsheviks = Jews

          Same thing repeating itself in the U.S. where the Jews have a total stranglehold on the U.S.’s internal and foreign policies.

          • jerry hamilton


          • Ron Wheeler

            And, may I add, control over the school books, then when they return home. the radio and T.V. Those Jews have completely re-written history.

        • Khmer Rouge too. Totalitarians hate each other but believe the same things.

      • Empire’s Frontiers

        The indoctrination takes place throughout the entire childhood and is weekly reinforced through television and now internet.

        If the power ever goes out, the initial mass die off will be accompanied by a great awakening (too little too late, tragically).

        A man might take a trained dog back to square one by starving it and depriving it of water for some time to allow its instincts to assert over its learned behavior, as an example.

        • With the competing cabals of Greedsters, Banksters and Warsters leading us, a dystopian future is a near certainty. Just a question of what form it may take.

      • Gregory Casey

        Perfectly put Richard

        • Thanks, G.C…..!

          • Ron Wheeler

            I would like to congratulate you on keeping your youth.

          • Thanks, R.W…My gf should read this. She says I am a grouchy old sumbich!

    • Tudor Miron

      Here is an explanation of the role of education/knowledge in croud/elitist society.

    • FlorianGeyer
      • jerry hamilton

        I always think of a boot lid when I see trump. Press a button and it opens up.

        • Sinbad2

          And then never shuts up.

    • Hisham Saber

      Add to the statistics that the majority of the U.S. population is on some kind of anti-depressant.

      50-55 million on food subsidiaries (food stamps) from the government.

      100 million permanently out of work, either disabled or given up on the dire options for decent work.

      An opiate epidemic that has swept up millions. Ironically, when China was mired in opium abuse, it was referred to as ‘ the sick man of Asia’. Now the U.S. looks to be sick.

      Gangs and violence rule the days and nights in every major U.S. city.

      Homeless tent cities in major city urban centers all over the U.S., with downtown Los Angeles called ‘skid row’. Problem got so bad with the homeless in San Diego, that an outbreak of Hepatitis took hold. The city had to resort to washing the streets and side walks with chlorine (bleach) to try and contain the outbreak. And they accuse Bashar Assad’s government of using chlorine on his people.

      Metropolitan cities facing bankruptcy, with Detroit in the red to the tune of 30 billion. Ironically, Obama gave Israel 38 billion in 2017, but Detroit see’s no help, leaving the city looking like something out of an apocalyptic war movie. Most of the population has left, and what remains is boarded up buildings and homes, while there are 40, 000 homeless in the Detroit area.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        What mainly should concern us is the fact that over 16 million children 2-18 are forcefully drudged with behavior modifications drugs and raised on video games full of extreme violence in them, that make third rate horror films pale in comparison..

        And this same kids then given a gun and send to our lands drugged and with the freedom to do what they learned and we seen the results of that haven’t we?

      • Kell McBanned

        Its what happens when you let jews loot your country.

        • Ron Wheeler

          Dude, you are being anti-Semitic. Oh, my apologies, the people you are referring to, the Ashkenazi Jews, are indeed, not Semitic, but do they know this?

    • Kell McBanned

      Yes they are being dumbed down but also Whites are being replaced and as America becomes more Blank and Mestiso it becomes more and more like Africa, the jews are behind this and is one of the main reason the Empires collapsing, Russia and China just have to sit back and watch the West get raped and murdered by its new “guests”.

    • Siegfried Stahl

      because of the poor edu they start wars also. sheldon does not want to fight. ;) human capital exploitation… the well educated and well situated flee first… the uneducated have to rebuild…

    • Val Shadowhawk
    • neil barron

      I as an American say you do have close approximation of the problem.Let me expand on this. The Huffington Compost is very ,very unreliable especially when mixed with Dept. of Education.The Institute of Literacy I no nothing on this deep state bureaucracy. That is suspect as the population is between 300- 320 million. Okay here is the kicker, immigration and mostly illegal aliens if the majority of them refuse to integrate there is no hope of speaking first and reading second that amount is a realistic 20 million easy the rest follows through of all ilk. Let me give you some other insight where I live the school Valedictorian in 1976 or so had to give the class speech of course.
      It was major shock she couldn’t read our sitter was in the class and verified that in fact was true at that time no one could figure how she conned her way through. We live in a rural boondocks area and I had moved the family and I here out of a world know city which I graduated from the first thing I notice is they were not up to where I went to school. This fact they can’t count change ever since I moved up here. There is a direct correlation between the Unionization of teachers and falling scores.
      The Dept. of Justice is not fully correct the Leftist Marxist education of the teachers and thus supervision have integrated a non – punishment no staying after school and very little summer school. to help. They don’t want a school to jail – prison stigma on the student. Do you know that most situations in school are no punishment meted out., and parents have this no my baby wouldn’t do anything like that. Most are leftist. Left over hippies of the 60’s – early 70’s so are the teachers.
      Your points are fine as I expressed here it’s bigger than that. This factor is the biggest The democrap commie party loves it they can keep them down on the plantation. Well take care of you. Thus you don’t need any of that stuff the Democraps will give you everything you need. They do not recognize that they are the problem.
      Thanks if you read this it needs to be said.

    • gustavo

      USA education (average) are at the level creationism. That is why they need foreign student and researchers. How do they have must of the nobel prices in science ? This is because exactly mainly (with some big exceptions) foreign (USA nationalized) researcher. Of course, one can say that they are northamerican any way, yes USA is built up of foreign people..

    • RichardD

      I don’t understand how this could possibly be:

      “19 percent of high school graduates can’t

      If you can’t read, you aren’t graduated past kindergarten, the first or second grade in any US schools that I’m familiar with. Which is where reading is taught.

      The world atlas is showing a US literacy rate of 99%. I wonder why the difference?

      – List Of Countries By Literacy Rate –


      • RichardD
        • Sinbad2

          The literacy rate is misleading, it means someone could read a newspaper, but not understand the instructions on how to operate, a firefighting pump, as an example.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        well may be you can take this with the officials, who make the statistics. But back in the 80s when I been there to study the ignorance of the americans and the hollywood mentality I seen them having make me loose all respects for them.

        I dont know where you live and how aware you are of what is happening in schools, but explain me how a child of 2 years old can be diagnosed with all this mental sickness, invented by psychiatry and drug industries and actually learn something while stoned of their heads with behavior modification drugs. And you speaking to someone who have devoted his whole life protecting children, on global scale.

  • Dr. Ronald Cutburth

    Summarize the NATO planning on the Syria attack is practice for attacking Russia from multiple bodies of water and air. Putin’s strategic plan wins on all counts. He let the Syrian’s destroy missiles, while the Russian intelligence operations gathered tons of information. Had Putin chose, all of the ships that attacked Syria would have been destroyed in less than one hour. Putin showed the US/Zionist/New World Order are insane murderers. Put also showed their insanity deprives them of intelligence. I am not a Russian Troll. I am an American citizen.

    • Georges Latakia

      Absolutely correct. And I am a Russian Troll neither but a West-European citizen.

    • Hisham Saber

      The American people must get rid of the Jewish stranglehold that has descended like a dark curtain over the U.S.

      Soon they will come for your guns, then as the Jews did in the Soviet Union, they will put you Americans on railway cart and ship you off the FEMA camps already set up, and being sat up as we speak.

  • whatsmolly

    No one seems to confont that fact that even though Syria and Russia didn’t mention pantsir as one of the used systems, in several videos that were available a few hours after the incident, you can clearly see and hear pantsir cannons firing and the tube launchers make a pretty distinct sound too.

  • Joe

    Whatever we know that international politics has gone rogue and childish where an unproven CW by practically unknown people but known to be terrorists can spur to an event that risks nuclear war is just too much and all unfit to be in office.

    EVEN IF the event is true does not justify putting the world at such risks.
    No the world is controlled by kids…. dangerous kids with control of nukes .

    Worse still they are preparing to do so again needing only same fake events … really dangerous people at the helm

  • Serious

    Usa, UK and France have no right to strike syrian facilities. We can only see the west impunity. they are terrorists and no consequences for them.

    This is disgusting.

    • Brent Seguin

      We don’t gas our own people

      • Concrete Mike

        Yes you you mrrons just gassed you guy skripal

        • jerry hamilton

          If you believe that, I can sell you some of Sadam’s missiles real cheap.

      • Serious

        You gas other people and you will your own people like in 9/11 false flag.

  • Serious

    As I said previously, the west wants to strike syrian developement centers and research centers. The west prefer the stupid arab rather than the smart one. They prefer the stupid saudis that can’t build a knife.

  • Jesus

    First strike 50% of the missiles did not make it to the targets, second strike 70% of the missiles were intercepted, the third and fourth strike (staying on the same curve trajectory) will see intercepts of 85-90%.
    These strikes will convey to the NATO militaries the futile capability of their weapons.

  • peter

    Never believe jackanapes , invalid duck Trumo and geriatric congres ! Show must go on and Syrian
    citizens must died . Where is corrupt OSN ? Where is justice of world ?

  • Paul James

    THIS EVENT WAS ANOTHER MONUMENTAL NWO FAIL FOR THE BLACK NOBILITY OCCUPYING CORPORATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES Corp; UK Plc and FRANCE Corp. which the world is increasingly realizing is not a bonafide government but a ZIONIST PUPPET TERRORIST enterprise. The Syria NWO Dog and Pony has NO credibility no matter which way you dice it. The so called leaders that initiated the dog and pony show IGNORED their own legislatures which exposed all operating as dictators and in violation of even the Rothschilds Created UN Corp. What is evident is that the Cabal are now so exposed – by Alt News that they can not pull off the same old 911 style False flag BS any longer. This real intent of the dog and pony show is unclear and begs the question … were their other targets taken out that we do not know about! Some awaken Americans fantasize about Deep State being taken out but its still not clear! We know the NWO Rothschilds Greater Israhell plan has been on the Rothschilds CIA planning table since 1983 as exposed by their own leaked documents (also revealed by Wesley Clerk – Seven Countries in Five years video)! It is time ALL people realized – no matter what nationality – we are that we are all one, today we are all Cataln, Syrian, Greek, Russian and our real Battle in all current flash points comes down to the same thing! NWO – Black Nobility Vs 6.0+ Billion people! When the American realize that the De facto FOREIGN UNITED STATES Imposter Corporation enslaved us all (BONDED) under the NWO Banksters IMF – BIS – FED then things will change! The parasites betrayed Hundreds of Millions of Americans, Brits, Aussies, French et al and they are getting increasingly desperate to trigger acts to try and lock down their NWO control system but they are increasingly failing! This includes trying to take America’s guns, shut down the Internet, take Syria et al! In my opinion the end of the NWO is already written and soon we will witness the parasites throwing each other under the BUS. The entire Syria – NK – Iran – Russia – FALSE narrative should appear absurd to even a 10 year old. What people must also be clear about is the Satanic Cult does not distinguish between nations! They are carrying out genocide in plain site on all of our nations – 5G, Chems, HAAARP, Poisoned Water, Poisoned Vaccines…Fraken-food and they do not care who they take out as long as they drop the population which they believe will allow the parasites to continue their rule over humanity. There is one thing that we can all rely upon – EVERYTHING WE HAVE BEEN TOLD BY the ZIONIST OCCUPIED GOVERNMENTS IS 100% FALSE and this is true all the way back as far as 1812 (America). WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO OUR ENTIRE LIVES and it is time to stop believing ANYTHING the parasites throw our way pumped through the Rothschilds propaganda TELL-LIE-VISION Show. Smedley Butler said it well – all wars are Bankster wars. The Solution for America is simple. Ask yourself why was a phony UNITED STATES Corp created 1868 to 1871 under the Organic Act of 1871, why is TONA not being enforced since the War of 1812? It is an absolute FACT that everything enacted by the Unholy Roman Cult UNITED STATES Corp. post 1819 that violated TONA is an act of Sedition and Treason! The Million Dollar Question is – are the people any longer capable of critical thought to process these simple facts that prove America was couped and is under the rule of a satanic cult: https://1776reloaded.org/joomla30/index.php/us-inc-achilles-heel https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e5e071674ee6ba4754d8a63c6d2cb799af47fd34b49b57f4b9fda1f6c2c22fc7.png

  • purplelibraryguy

    Nice information. That last sentence drawing conclusions about nuclear war, however, is foolish. First, intercepting a local strike of cruise missiles (of which there was ample warning) is very different from intercepting a massive first strike of intercontinental ballistic missiles all over a country the size of a continent. Second, the US (like Russia) has so many nuclear weapons that Russia could intercept 90% of them and everyone in a Russian city or medium-sized town would still die. Third, even if Russia somehow intercepted every single attacking armament, Russia’s own retaliatory strike would kill not just all the Americans, but pretty much everyone else on earth including all the Russians, with the subsequent radioactive fallout and nuclear winter. Few should be more aware of that than the Russians, who are more likely to know the truth about Chernobyl’s death toll (radioactive plume over the years has so far killed approx 1,000,000 people, easily hushed up since it’s excess cancer and such so just ignore epidemiology and you can claim nobody died–but the research has been done, even if the WHO leaned on by the IAEA pretends it wasn’t).

    Nobody wins a nuclear war. US notions of winning a nuclear war by shooting down Russian ICBMs were a pipe dream; Russia’s new weapons are useful more to wake the Americans up than to counter any actual capabilities of “star wars” to let the Americans survive a nuclear attack. If Southfront thinks Russian antimissile capabilities could allow Russia to survive a nuclear attack, that is likewise a pipe dream–one I’m sure the Russian military commanders do not indulge in.

    • Concrete Mike

      Southfro t has stated repeatedly that Russian conventionnal weapons would suffice, once the new hypersonic missiles and other stuff comes out in force.

    • Kell McBanned

      The Russians are playing for time, the Empire is collapsing on its own and in a dangerous phase where they are striking out and neither Russia or China is ready to confront them yet, they have some good gear but not ready although systems are being set up now to provide the world with viable and fairer alternatives but are still in their infantcy.
      The Empire sees the writing on the wall and seeks confrontation and knock out blows before their power diminishes to a level where they are aan equal or lesser footing.
      All Russia and China have to do is keep out of punching range for a little bit longer.

      • purplelibraryguy

        Indeed. The Chinese economy is probably, in terms of what it can actually do (PPP and such), already bigger than the US one, and the US armed forces are, despite all the money lavished on them, in many ways not nearly as strong as they seem. It seems increasingly clear that the Russian military is superior to most of the world in terms of value for money. And the US economy is less healthy than it currently looks in official statistics; the US recently included various financial “production” into GDP in a way no other country does, measures inflation in a way that systematically understates it (and thereby exaggerates growth), various averages ignore the fact that most of the wealth continues to flow to the wealthiest, and there’s bubbles as far as the eye can see making another financial crash very likely.
        Nonetheless, the US is far, far from irrelevant so far. Their economy is still big. Their manufacturing sector may be smaller than it used to be (and some of the statistics suggesting otherwise are all but falsified–like Apple products slap a label on in the US and it counts as US manufacturing the way they measure), but a lot of what remains is military. With those hundreds of bases they can project force worldwide in a way no other country can. And their financial sector remains dominant, while US-based corporations own huge amounts of production all over the world. Finally, the US-and-allied control over huge portions of world media gives it a major propaganda advantage which is surprisingly important in influencing events. Those things still give the US a huge edge, but it is fragile. If and when the US loses enough dominance, military, economic and ideological, for many countries to simply say “We’re going to nationalize all that US transnational stuff on our soil, including the media, and work around US financial institutions” the slide could accelerate surprisingly suddenly.

  • Oscar Silva Martinez

    Well, well, little Syria a modest second world country equipped with a 40 or maybe 50 year-old soviet air defense system has intercepted almost 70% of modern “nice and smart” missiles launched by the top 3 military western super powers. Ok, to me it’s obvious that Russia’s plan is testing the west offensive capabilities and at the same time make them look ridiculous bad. The west should be worried if the think they can win a frontal confrontation with the Russians.

    Another master move of Putin The master chess player!

    • jerry hamilton

      I think their main aim is to win in the media.

    • neil barron

      The systems were developed that long ago they have been upgrade multiple times since then to be used with minimal upgrade cost of the new systems. It is a good system for 2nd and 3rd world countries. This info is readily available on all military systems pages. They expressed that they worked better than expected. Are you aware that Putin told Trump that if he went that far on a full-scale attack that he would unleash all that he had. He wasn’t about to expose his capabilities for the US
      to collect all the data they could to learn about what he has. So we can see where all this went.

    • MasterBlaster7

      Wow….the power of delusion is strong in this one.

      • Oscar Silva Martinez

        May the force of the truth be with you!!! hehehehehe

  • Starlight

    Ah- so they’ve added the french this time- around the day the suggestion was that the french didn’t take part…

    BUT, here’s the thing. Russia certainly eliminated 71 missiles- even MI6, via SOHR- said at least 65. So why NO PROOF?

    Southfront deflects from this quite carefully, and football hooligans, following the zionist trolls here, NEVER seek to ask the right questions.

    The missiles were NOT eliminated by Syrian NOOBS, using old soviet era crap. They were taken out by elite Russian forces using the latest localised ground systems.

    1) Russia, using the usual state of the art monitoring, identified each launch in real time and attempted to assign a likely target to the missile.

    2) If the missile was designated one of those aiming for the two so-called CW building complexes, Russia purposely ALLOWED it to strike its target.

    3) But if the missile was deemed to be going elsewhere, it was immediately placed on the list for counter-measures.

    By this criteria the night can be seen in a VERY different context. Only a handful of missiles were missed by the Russians (the airport ones)- and maybe even these were ‘off target’ to a significant degree. On the night, with immediate assessment of (lack of) success, the Pentagon PANICED and announced that Russia would be using massive disinformation the following day.

    So why doesn’t Russia provide PROOF of the massive success it had in countering the barrage? Because such proof would reveal the most important military secrets of all- exactly how state-of-the-art anti-missile tech works. World War class strategy and tactics- and NO, you never hand this over to the other side.

    Russia FORCED the USA to keep to its stated plan of a very limited strike- allowing the West something to crow about in the press, while denying the West any kind of expanded victory. Very clever- but in the scheme of things nothing but a VERY minor stall.

    MEANWHILE things are falling apart for Russia. At the UNSC debates, Russia’s drunken fool invited the OPCW to immediate access anywhere in East Ghouta, but today (confirmed) Russia is denying the OPCW access to Douma. God, does this look bad for Russia. What’s going on? The penny dropped, and Putin now understands the British have planted the evidence the OPCW will find as soon as they look. The press of the West is having a field day. And the EXCUSE for the next round of attacks has begun.

  • leon mc pilibin

    Putin checkmates the zionist lunatics AGAIN,lol.

  • Robert Mullin

    Will Southfront investigate the weapons discussed in this Israeli article? Trump did mention that he had new missiles and this article seems to shed some light on what he might have meant.


    • Promitheas Apollonious

      Investigating day dreaming of the hasbaras, will be kind of counter productive and waste of time dont you think?

      • Robert Mullin

        Even so. It would be of great concern for everyone in the world if the US developed missiles with stealth technology that the Russians couldn’t detect. Just knowing if it’s real or not would be enough for me.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          Nice joke. Back to reality and the F35 stealth myth. And basing your thinking on IFs…………..

          • Robert Mullin

            Mate, I’m merely a concerned civilian that just wants to learn here, not joke around. No need to be hostile. And what are these “IFs” you speak of? Israeli Forces?

            Wouldn’t have learned about that story if it weren’t for someone posting it on a conspiracy forum.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            i am far from hostile my friend. I do feel your worry and understood it was just joking with the american stealth claims, and not you personally. That be disrespecting a person I dont know personally and can not judge fairly.

            Just stealth is a myth and if you search it you find out why russians still producing radars same technology and bandwidth, as in WW2. So the irony in my post was not directed at you personally, it is directed to the ridiculous claims of the americans and allies not you.

            My apologies if I come across as insulting to you was not my intention.

          • Robert Mullin

            Thanks for clearing all that up. I do feel better now. Thank you. :)

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            Hey we are all here to learn from each other and all we have left the way things going in our countries is each other. If we start also fighting among us and we dont communicate instead, then we deserve what is happening and coming for us.

            Have a good day, mate.

        • Sinbad2

          Stealth isn’t like an invisibility cloak, it merely reduces the amount of reflection of radio waves.
          As most missiles are quite small compared to a plane, they are already stealthy and difficult to pick up on radar.

    • Sinbad2

      2 missiles that malfunctioned and didn’t detonate were according to reports transported back to Russia. Now I can’t imagine Russia wasting its time on the vintage Tomahawk missiles, but perhaps they would be interested in the new modified JASSAM’s.
      The AGM-158 JASSM isn’t exactly new, the US has been working on them since 1995, but couldn’t get them to work until 2009.
      The new new JASSM came into service in 2014, it has a more fuel efficient rocket that has more than doubled the range to a thousand kliks.

      According to the US, they fired 19 of them from B1 bombers.

  • velociraptor

    Strike result: Russia is traitor, ruskies are cowards.

  • Kell McBanned

    There are reports of Russian aircraft flying around on the night, I hear those phased array radars are pretty good on the SU’s, alledgedly powerfull enough to fry electronics in a target if the beam is focused. Fairly straight forward for interceptors to shoot down cruise missiles if they have good radars and good air to air missiles, even better if you can just fry them with your radar.

    • velociraptor

      stop smoking

    • neil barron

      Read before raid from a guy that knew his s-h-t about that he expressed that the missile coming in from the red sea would be the easiest to lock on because the distance is detrimental on the navigation. He noted that the cruise missiles use GPS to get to a certain distance and then goes to Optical targeting which actually allows one to get to it.

  • Hide Behind

    It was a goodway to test out weapon(s) capabilities by three nations, and also training as to how three militaries can work together
    Expensive,1.3 millions per missle with the Brita toothless and cheapest of the pact, then leaders of nations and their military live off the sweat of poor workers brows, the poor who will gladly pay to be paid to build more.
    ST mentions nukes of Russia at end. But Russia does not give a Fly’n pig how many Syrians, Iranians, Hezbolla die, (well obviously nor how many of own get killed by Americans) not doing anything different during shelling than French, Brits, and US but sitting on Ass watching and commenting with buddies.
    Russia needs hard capital for it’s best weaponry, not a bunch of future unplayable I O U’s from Syria, beside the very real possibility they may need all they can have on hand in near future.
    So they sell 300’s and promise delivery to Syria’s enemies of 400′ complete with satellites guidance and new radar systems, for cash in Advace deposits.
    AS to nukes, US coalition just playing stink finger with Syria by using standard explosive warhead, missles that can be nuke armed. AFTER FIRST STRIKE BY LESS THAN 10% OF US COALITIONS POSSIBLE POWER AN IMMEDIATE FOLLOW UP WOULD OF CAUGHT SYRIA’S STILL RELOADING AS NUKES BLEW THEM TO HELL.
    That is the total reality of Coalition attackers findings, and one other point needs be brought forth.
    PUTIN lost, Syrians know it but who the heck else can they beg aid from?”

  • Oscar Silva Martinez

    Does anyone know why this video isn’t on YouTube yet?

    • MasterBlaster7

      Probably because YouTube doesn’t support BS propaganda….oh my favorite part….

      Russia will be able to intercept most of US nuclear missiles? Bhaahahahha…if you buy that I got a bridge to sell you.

      Every US missile hit…period…hell…I’ll even give you maybe 1 fell out of the sky for mechanical difficulty. Go and rewind this video to that rocket plume that blows up at 5k to 10k feet in the air….cruise missiles travel at hundreds of feet.

  • Hide Behind

    BULLSH.. Is not limited to US, me thinks Syria, Russia and Iran are good at it as well.
    I think when it comes to being F’n unbelievable bulls..t we call it propaganda
    We the ones dumped upon all this propaganda will never know, who shot what up and who shot what down, none of US will get to actually count the craters.
    Odd item, when you hit a cruise incoming the actual warhead may remain active and falls to ground still active.
    Then what is shot at it misses and guess what, it falls to ground still active.
    THE fact that Bad Guys Feel and are invincible, can just blow your butt away and you can do nothing to stop then is a Syrian fact of life, and one of Syrian put out as facts
    of only a coupled kill smells of propaganda.
    Russia has to propagand hype about Bad Guys failures in order to hide behind the fact of their submission to the Bad Guys.
    Of course ones you begin to submit to others there will be more of same in future, but One thing about Bulls…, no matter who does it , or is most belicose , it is cheap.

  • Paul James

    Rothschilds Zionist Criminal cartel trying to create another Palestine policed by sociopaths – ZIONIST Bags of Shi# – colors now fully exposed – https://wakeup-world.com/2018/04/18/us-led-western-strategy-to-divide-and-destroy-syria-revealed-in-leaked-british-cable/

  • atminds

    looks the russians indeed had electronics that indeed knew the missiles destinations reason why they flew over the french frigate. and the donald cook, same as the baltic incident. in fact this is just a good test for the russians and a very bad move for the us.

  • Douglas Houck

    If you put both sides stories as given above, together with the British one that Syria fired 40 missiles into empty space, and assume everybody was mostly telling the truth, along with the most likely explaination for the next days supposed missile attack on the T4 airfield, where it was first reported that all nine missiles were intercepted by Sria’s air defenses but then it was a false alarm that resulted in a number of missiles being fired, you get an alternative story where much less than 105 missiles were launched.

    The basis of the alternative explaination is Syria’s air defense radar was “spoofed” by US electronic warfare. See:

    The parts that are true are:
    1) There were only three targets per the US
    2) There were no more than 60 missiles launched. At least 40 or more were “spoofed” or false radar signals.
    3) Some of the missiles (15-20%?) were intercepted.
    4) The accuracy of the missiles were quite good. The sites attacked show a very tight cluster.
    5) The attack was a PR stunt that was never meant to harm Russian (or Syrian) personnel or interests.

    Time will tell.

    • Sinbad2


      • Douglas Houck

        “The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported tonight that the Syrian Air Defense managed to shoot down at least nine Israeli missiles in the eastern countryside of Homs.

        According to the SANA report, the Israeli missiles targeted the Syrian military’s positions Shay’rat Airbase, which was the target for the U.S. strike last year.

        However, a source from the Syrian Army told Al-Masdar News that the likely target was actually the T-4 Military Airport, as several explosions were heard in that area.

        More details to come…

        followed by:

        “A military source stated on Tuesday that Syria was not targeted by any foreign aggression last night.
        In a statement to SANA, the source said that a false alarm of violating the Syrian airspace caused the air defense sirens to go off and a number of missiles to be fired, but no foreign attack on Syria took place. ‘

        As explained by:

        “Deception jamming is the act of crafting specific radar returns intended to fool an enemy radar. The idea is not to overpower the radar with a noise signal, but to lure the radar into believing a crafted false return signal is real. Deception jamming is much more widely used in modern warfare. It is also much more classified, and specific techniques are not published. Deception jamming techniques can be broad, analyzing any incoming signal and crafting a false return, or they can be highly specialized techniques intended to defeat a specific kind of enemy radar. All that being said, there are a few published deception jamming techniques.”

        “DRFM technology has several unique features for covert EW applications. First, it provides coherent time delay of RF signals in applications like radar and electronic warfare. It also produces coherent-deception jamming to an enemy radar system by replaying a captured radar pulse with a small delay, which makes the target appear to move.

        DRFM also can modulate captured pulse data in amplitude, frequency, and phase to provide other affects. A Doppler shift correlates range and range rate trackers in the radar. DRFM also can replay captured radar pulses many times to fool the radar into perceiving many targets. …can program each false target for range, Doppler, and bi-phase; can track as many as four emitters; and offers internal techniques against two to four emitters.”

        Have a better explaination?

  • Sinbad2

    It seems some of the new missiles Trump mentioned crashed without detonating.
    They have been taken to Russia to be examined.