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US-led Strike On Syria: Most Of Missiles Spent On Empty Target. OPCW Report Says No Chemical Weapons There

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US-led Strike On Syria: Most Of Missiles Spent On Empty Target. OPCW Report Says No Chemical Weapons There

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The US version of the April 14 strike on Syria becomes more and more questionable.

The Pentagon officially announced that the US, France and the UK launched a total of 105 cruise missiles on three targets belonging to the “chemical weapons” infrastructure of the Syrian government. According to the Pentagon, all the 105 missiles hit their targets. 76 of these missiles allegedly hit “Barzah Research and Development Center” destroying its three buildings.

While the scale of the destruction of the center looks a bit not enough for “76 missiles”, there is another gap in the US version of the events.

Considering that the US-led bloc spent 76 missiles of 105 on Barzah Research and Development Center, the center should be some major chemical weapons production and storage facility.

A quote from the Pentagon’s briefing (source):

Q: General McKenzie, the three targets that you struck, were those manufacturing or researching chlorine or sarin?

GEN. MCKENZIE: A little of both. And particularly in the Barzeh target, but there’s a little of both.

So, the Pentagon says that the Barzeh facility has recently (prior to the strike) been used by the Assad government to manufacture and research chlorine and sarin.

There is a problem. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) conducted a round of inspections in Barzeh and fouund no chemical weapons there (source):

US-led Strike On Syria: Most Of Missiles Spent On Empty Target. OPCW Report Says No Chemical Weapons There

A screenshot from the OPCW’s document released on March 13, 2018

This clearly explains why there was no chemical agent cloud disperse following the US-led strike on Barzeh. Another gap in the US version of the events barely explained by the Pentagon.

By the way, “Barzah Research and Development Center” is currently located  near the urban area. So, there should be reprots about civilian casualties as a result of the chemical agent cloud disperse. No such reports are available.

US-led Strike On Syria: Most Of Missiles Spent On Empty Target. OPCW Report Says No Chemical Weapons There

A look at the scale of destruction in Barzeh

This is the “biggest” target hit by the US and its allies with 76 missiles. This may allow some people to believe that the rest two targets were also non-chemical objects.

Currently, there are two competing version of the April 14 events (by the Pentagon and the Russian military):

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jerry hamilton

America… F**K 0FF

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

You mean FUKUS, the Imperial Troika, should reproduce with themselves?


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Notice our ‘one line’ zionist troll adding nothing of value, again. Meanwhile…

Putin has now admitted he takes his instructions from Washington- which is why is REFUSES to sell the s-300 to either Iran or Syria (yes- the story that Iran was getting s-300 is a LIE, Russia’s own words over the last few days confirmed Iran is still blocked from s-300 sales).

America has stated that Syria must ADMIT its chemical weapons programs. WOW, where di I hear that before. Oh, yeah- its the same trick Tony Blair used on Iraq to jusify the invasion.

Monday sees the USA sanction Russia for supplying Chemical Weapon knowledge and equipment to Syria.

Wednesday sees the UK launch a massive attack on Russia (diplomatic, that is) for ‘poisoning’ the Skripals.

NOTE that Southfront has seemingly BANNED coverage of the BZ reveal (how the Skripals were SAFELY gassed), yet Southfront yesterday pushed the ZIONIST FAKE NEWS about a non-existent Israeli attack on ran in aleppo (yeah, that was fake guys- a psy-op designed to hurt morale).

jerry hamilton

Starshlte plss 0ff


Moron prepare articles for MSM fake news and propaganda bull shit..

US-Navy Revert Shia

Fuck this Lesbo cunt & fuck you you jew cunts & fuck you trump sucking ISISraHELLS PUSSY https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d19e07fc6cb9cf55ad382c63633fb426266ffc49fa1d0f70725523b8e03c367b.jpg

US-Navy Revert Shia

BS…… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ad62be388337de0b429ec95bf75a9f5146e43e04fa6bca9fe1c83f4af3c3306.jpg Iran has the S-300 system you Lesbo cunt https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/851639a7193960a8b25c794e6eafb7263811c5bcc855869de888773722c62e98.jpg

US-Navy Revert Shia

GO Back to BREITBART.COM with all the crying trump people who now know trump is a dick sucking AngloZionist Puppy https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0b4aef6478e5f7c06e20e565b17af4d0a0cb1aeec898cf36e95284f89b4888ef.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/879cdd8009ac74fe48b11c5e9c05709e80704bc296ebe6a91b7099f5823e47cb.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/71b0206e51904458adc7e4abdf3803d0f28527b5871363d54a3777e801781f7d.jpg

US-Navy Revert Shia

We are com https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f782a9d2edf8557989126f2fac7f0417976d091fad27941a16f1cdfc13c0f128.jpg ing for ISISraHELL

Michał Hunicz

Hama operation has already started! https://mobile.almasdarnews.com/article/breaking-syrian-army-kicks-off-new-operation-in-east-hama/

Paulo Henrique Vasconcelos

War of lies…

subhuti 2

Had there been a likelihood of there being chemical weapons at those plants, why would they be bombed, since that would result in a mass gassing of people, mainly civilians (as if gassing soldiers is not a war crime as well)? So the US is saying, since we assume these are creating chemical weapons that are stored there, we will do the Syrian governments work for it in dispersing the gas by bombing the buildings. How totally irresponsible is that?

If the US government knew there were no chemical weapons there, then what was the point of bombing in the first place? It shows the insanity and mendacity of their position.


Actually as much as your point is perfectly logical it in effect proves nothing – if US cared about innocent Arabs being gassed, in stead of bombing Damascus with no evidence of fault play, it would be bombing Tel Aviv with plenty of evidence…


And judging by mania of the media , TV,Movie, Press etc promotion of Jewish Victims at the moment , the Chosen Few are very worried the Goyim are waking up to the ways of the Jew.


Well if they don’t wake up soon the wake up call may “come in the form of a mushroom cloud” – I hope George W will forge me ripping off his best line ;-D


Assad with the help of Russia and Iran develop two 1100MWe Nuclear power plants in Tartus and in Latakia and withdraw from NPT. Assad also develop Nuclear missiles industry in Tartus and in Latakia for their defence. Assad should not negotiate or compromise on Syrian defence. Be strong. Learn from Pakistan, Iran and North Korea.


Putin should know that due to Israel, US, UK and France the Middle East states defences has been destabilized. Assad must have at least enough S300 and Pantsir-S1 for air defence and smart bombs and guided missiles to stabilize the defence in the region. Putin should produce their weapons in Syria to reduce the logestic cost and save money.

jerry hamilton

There is going to be trouble. https://theintercept.com/2018/03/29/john-bolton-trump-bush-bustani-kids-opcw/


The day may well come when the hangman ‘s noose finds out where Bolton lives :)

jerry hamilton

In America? Justice is regulated by your wealth. Clinton deserves 100 death penalties and she is still thinking she can be president. I have to say, I never had a clue just how evil Bolton is. is.


I was thinking about lynch mob justice Jerry :) The same sort of justice the US Military hands out around the globe.

subhuti 2



The US leadership was just as insane in the 1950’s.


jerry hamilton

The CIA had some serious shlt going on in the 50’s. Very heavily into mind control stuff.

subhuti 2

The sequel to Dr Strangelove playing in real time.


You think PROOF of the bad guys bad intent ever helps us- god, how I wish we lived in THAT world. You were told after the big reveal of Blair’s WMD LIES (Iraq) that it could never happen again. Yet here it is, happening just the same.

But YOU make the same mistake too- focusing on the details of the lies- and not the use of a lie itself. As if somehow by proving that a liar is a liar, the liar will throw up his hands, say “you got me, mate” and give up. Fat chance.

Notice how Russia’s response in the aftermath has been entirely CRAVEN. All their big talk before busted as just hot wind. Now the big story is about Putin kneeling at the feet of the Arab League, the West controlled wahhabi terror organisation that EXPELLED Syria.

What is Putin really doing? Manoeuvering as fast as he can to appear to have a valid excuse to get Russia out of Syria BEFORE the invasion happens.

And there’s precedent. BEFORE zionist appeaser Putin got the news that NATO was throwing Russia out of the Crimea, Putin was happy to allow NATO forces control Crimea so long as they allowed the Russian base to remain. So all the Deep State has to do is offer the craven appeaser the ‘same’ deal in Syria- Putin runs so long as the West allows Russia to keep access to the naval base AND NOTHING ELSE.


Moron prepare articles for MSM fake news and propaganda bull shit.

subhuti 2

Situation is very similar to WWII. Maybe Putin is stalling for time. He is no Gorbachev or Yeltsin pushover, otherwise Russia would have been broken up 17 years ago. But his stop and go actions in Syria and Donbass raise valid question which you raise.

subhuti 2

Gangsters have no need for truth , or evidence. Point granted



What you call craven was just good common sense.

Russia reacted the same way you do with a homicidal maniac brandishing a big knife. You back away and try to appease the maniac. Even if you pack a revolver in your pocket and could empty it into the maniac…. you back away.

Trump’s actions were INSANE. This is the second time he has ordered a mass strike on an EMPTY LOT. Only an INSANE or STUPID person attacks dirt. But what was the point? Was it just to kick up some dust? Because that’s all he accomplished.

You don’t seem to understand that Putin could do exactly the same thing. He could order a 100 missile Kaliber strike on an empty lot… or US base. But he doesn’t because it proves absolutely nothing. And because he wants PEACE, not war.

Far more relevant – Russia has NUKES… lots of them… aimed at the White House.

Trump is like a little, puerile boy MASTURBATING with conventional weapons. He has now made it very clear that his goal is WAR, not PEACE. For that reason, many, many people are ditching the Trump Train. They are sick of being associated with twitterpated infants who can’t control their mouth.

Douglas Houck

Sarin is a binary weapon that is unstable when mixed together, and Syria stored it in its unmixed two components. Nothing bad happens if the two unmixed chemicals are heavily bombed. If there was a lot of chlorine gas at the site (unlikely as there is nothing unique about it requiring storage at a research facility) that might be of some concern.

“what was the point of bombing in the first place?” Good question.

My two cents is the US knows there are no chemical weapons, but needed a response to satisfy President Trump, and also show the North Koreans the US means business. The three sites were provided by Sec. of Defense Jim Mattis who knowingly picked them for show but little chance of injuries, or provoking the Russians. No way due you need 100+ missiles for the three sites, or especially 76 for this one site. The damage image does show that however many missiles actually made it to the site, it was a very tight cluster, i.e., pretty good accuracy.

And yes, it is insanity. I’ve never seen it this bad, and I’m an old dude! :-)

subhuti 2

same here Douglas, insanity, bad and I am old, too:)

Pat Engness

….to pretend that Assad is now “behaving” since we Showed Him? Trump KNOWS that Assad never “gassed” his own people. I don’t get why he has Nikki Haley and everybody up there lying.



jerry hamilton

This is what they are going to do. https://theintercept.com/2018/03/29/john-bolton-trump-bush-bustani-kids-opcw/

Empire's Frontiers

They’ll carry on the occupation and eventually assassinate Bashar.

And blame Russia.



Manuel Flores Escobar

I see this Photo in Barzeh where Pentagon says that 76 cruise missile have hitted…and surely a military expert would say that no more than 10 Tomahawk have damage this place!

Valerianus Maximus

Agree, 76 would not have left any structure standing.

Hide Behind

Rational thinking is so F’n lost by Majority of EuroCentric populace that one should wonder if there has not been a disruption in their mental genetic code, that and one other combined that destroys males and females backbones. I cannot and should not speak so cavalierly about Europeans or all the members of U.N. nations, all I have for evidence is the words they speak and how they act, like slugs hunting for sugar and leaving a slime trail behind them. But I do live in US and have to be damn careful of where I step while out and about of our populace massivee slug slime lands. Yet while most UN nations leave but a slime trail only, the trail left by US passage throughout world today is one huge bloody and wide freeway. I read where Trumps popularity jumped by over 10% because of his attack on Syria and while I know all US media, especially internet providers, are psychotic partners of government, my interactions with public professional and coffee shop millenials and old farts still has led me to my rational conclusion, as to uS populations genetic disruptions.

Empire's Frontiers


jerry hamilton

I think we know what Bolton’s part in all this will be. It looks like it is his job to make sure they find chemicals. https://theintercept.com/2018/03/29/john-bolton-trump-bush-bustani-kids-opcw/

Prince Myshkin

Higher Institute for Advanced Science and Technology (HIAST) at Barzeh (Science University). Look on your Google Maps. See the reviews. Look again carefully at the HIAST site. Do you see any advanced fortifications? Note that there is also a large undefended hill directly to the north. Now look approximately 5kms to the south and you will see the suburb of Jobar. Jobar looks pretty beat up after years of war. The lunatic heavily armed terrorists lived here for years before being recently kicked out, Now if you were a military strategist would you put your highly sensitive weapons production facility in an undefended location within striking distance of your enemy? I know I’m mostly preaching to the choir on this site but this blatant BS is beyond stupid.

jerry hamilton

You’re right. An 18 minute drive but can you explain one small detail. HIAST was established in 1983. It was never put near an enemy location. What am I missing?

Prince Myshkin

A strategy for risk minimization when lunatics with TOW missiles move into your neighbourhood.

Law Se

If you hit any chemical factory you are going to get a chemical cloud that will affect the surrounding areas…Where’s the fxcking cloud dumbass…. If anyone ever heard of Bhopal India were 8000 died and 500,000 others affected that is what happens when you fxck with a chemical plant you cxnt


who is saying the true …… very easy my friends, even a kids knows it ….”WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTIONS”


There should be a UN resolution addressing the NATO Jew 3 attacking a certified clean facility that calls for an investigation of official misconduct by the crazy liars running these criminal governments.


Why couldn’t Syria shoot down the missiles aiming on this research center, but could shoot them down over other places? Did the U.S. use different types of missiles to target here or were the defenses not as strong in this area?

José Xavier

Both sides had a lot of cloud in their versions. Russia says it doesnt participate. I dont think so. Also that was “old soviet sams”, but the SAM barrage appears from modernized BUKs and Pantsir systems. It appears that Russia is lying a bit less, because it simple does not make sense at all – 76 missiles cause so little damage…Western Media was complaining about “russian jamming” signals of UAVs, Russia denied… but they have the Krasukha-4 deployed in Syria.


BUK’s are late 70’s vintage, that makes them Soviet. The Russians are at least 20 years ahead of the US in rocketry, and have been since the German designers of Americas missiles died off.

José Xavier

So we might have seen and example of Russian Electronic Warfare in action…as it would be impossible to Syrian Air Defenses taking any missiles without it. But of course, the West would never admit it, and its not profitable to Russia to cheer over it, considering the sanctions, and its sabber rattling with West… But the Western Powers appears a little bit upset after the attack… I wonder why, if was “perfect”!

José Xavier

An source that anyone can say it is “Pro-Russia”… http://nationalinterest.org/feature/america-getting-outclassed-by-russian-electronic-warfare-22380


We know that the US narrative on the US / UK / France strike on Syria is false, because the US claims that all their missiles hit their targets, when we have video proof of one of their missiles being intercepted in the skies over Damascus:


Additionally, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based anti-Assad human rights organization which is regularly quoted by US and UK mainstream news media, observed the US attack on Syria, and reported they witnessed in-excess of 65 of the US’ missiles that Trump bragged about being successfully intercepted:


In-excess of 65 is very close to Russia’s reported 71. And In-excess of 65 also allows that perhaps the full number of successful interceptions is indeed 71. Regardless, while the US’ claim is certainly false, it looks like Russia’s claim is actually very accurate, and potentially entirely accurate.

There is another indication that Russia’s claim is accurate:

Syria has just agreed to purchase a bunch more anti-missile systems from Russia, indicating that Syria is enthusiastic about the performance they witnessed during the US / UK / France attack on Syria.

Dan Pulju

Only resistance from within can end this.

Pat Engness

Good on Trump for learning the Counteract Disinfo Game….. but don’t LIE, Mr. President next time….we know YOU KNow the Truth= Assad never “gassed” his own people. are u trying to switch attention from bogus Stormy Daniels and Lawyer’s office Raid? I didn’t think you’d cause MORE Poison by bombing a facility with “gas” in it. But why this big Hoax? what are you up to? You even have your UN Ambassador lying in public about the Assad “Monster”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMC8bmHhPK4

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