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BREAKING: US Planes Hit Syrian Government Forces – Many Casulaties

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BREAKING: US Planes Hit Syrian Government Forces - Many Casulaties

US-led coalition jets have targeted positions of the Syrian government forces near the city of Deir ez-Zor, resulting in at least 62 death and more than 100 injured soldiers. The action was directly followed by a massive ISIS attack near the city. The information was confirmed by the Syrian General Command and the Russian MOD.

The airstrikes come just days after US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov agreed on a new ceasefire in the war-torn country.

Russia immediately condemned the actions of the US-led coalition and has urged for an immediate UN Security Council meeting.

Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman, Major-General Igor Konashenkov said, “If the airstrike was caused by the wrong coordinates of targets than it’s a direct consequence of the stubborn unwillingness of the American side to coordinate with Russia in its actions against terrorist groups in Syria. Immediately after the airstrike by coalition planes, Islamic State militants launched their offensive. Fierce fighting with the terrorists is currently underway in the area of the airport where for a long a time humanitarian aid for civilians was parachuted.”

The US Central Command released a statement saying that the airstrikes targeted the Syrian government forces by accident.

At least 2 F-16 fighter jets and 2 A-10 ground attack aircraft carried out the strikes.

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Rodney Loder

US is implementing a Frontier Justice to appease its backers, to give them a lift up in sagging spirits, Iraq must know this and oppose US presence in Iraq, Iraq is just as much to blame as the US, Iran must know this and take retaliatory measures against Iraq.

Boris Kazlov

Iraq is occupied land.

Jacek Wolski

Occupied by 3 little piggies. Shia, Sunni and Kurds. Just need a big bad wolf to blow the house down

Jens Holm

Yes shias are tring to do it not instead of sunni Saddams.

Rodney Loder

Such is the case of many Nation States, but let me just say all outcomes are pragmatic to a certain degree the law of quantum psychological physical to the brain states that the bigger the lie the harder it is to gain acceptance of it, so all things being equal pragmatism is not really relevant and consequence is. Iran won the war fair and square but Saddam was beaten by Kuwait’s trickery, Israel and Saudi Arabia didn’t want a strong neighbour equality was preserved because it wasn’t really a lie that people believed, Saddam was a donkey following a carrot everyone knew that.

Boris Kazlov

The bigger the lie it is easier to accept, too tired to go into enumeration.

Rodney Loder

I’ve got an enumeration tool no worries about that.


Yes, but why is this so? At a terrible price to all parties, Iraq finally got the orcs out around 2013. Then ISIS shows up, and they invite the arsonist back in to deal with this new fire? Much evidence to suggest the Iraqi govt was bribed into it, but that doesn’t excuse anything.

Jens Holm

Well, Al Kaida and ISIS didnt show up and grew without reasons. Shias wouldnt see Sunnis and Sunni-kurds as well.

Think the overwhelming korruption grew too – if possible.

They look toomuch like the Saddam system only looking for their own and not even all of them.

I havent changed. They should have their own shia country and not much more than that. They dont deserve more.

Jens Holm

Well, Iraq is not Iraq to me and its a yeas an no to me.

More like the bagdads are to blame and shouldnt be offical ruler of all of it.

Rodney Loder

I follow Said K Aburish, ( may Allah raise his status in Paradise) as he asserts the nature of change concerning the ME in his life time , was mainly due to the CIA’s initial support for the Brotherhood movement to oppose Nasser, the British probably would never have done that, Nasser tried to land in Baghdad while returning from the Soviet Union and was refused permission “after” the Revolution, that was how the British operated less of a mask over their deceit. But between the US and British Secular identity was shafted, that road now only leads to failure.


The US founded and supports the head choppers along with those bastions of human rights Saudi Arabia, Isreal and Qatar. Russia won’t do much except complain.

However the US is like a dumb playground bully and will keep poking Russia. The end point will be a major conflict as at some point the US will threaten Russia and its territory and Russia will act.

Jens Holm

Dont think so.

Dont think so many again and again are right about US giving ISIS support. When Kaida develloped and later on fall more or less apart, it hadnt been an US projekt for years.

ISIS are next generation fishing in the Islamic world just as You shouldnt be blamed Your grandparents being thieved, murderes, korrupt, rapists or whatever.

You can inly being blamed for, what You are doing Yourself today, and You might being blamed, that You deny what once happened and dont understand, some other children of violece dont like you by same reasons.

New User

Once again we have the USAF performing CAS for Al Qaeda and Islamic State.

Either the Pentagon is staffed by incompetents or Wahhabists. (possible both)

Hopefully the RuAF shall perform a “Arc Light” style retort. (TU-95MS time)

Jens Holm

ha-ha. Russians cant even hit their own toilets by mass bombardments.

chris chuba

You must be talking about the USAF. What possible business did the U.S. have in bombing Deir Ezzor, were they trying to find Raqqa? Well the USAF missed by 150miles.

The Syrians have been defending Deir Ezzor against ISIS for 3yrs so why the sudden interest by the USAF and how did they manage to only hit the Syrian Army.

Gabriel Hollows

Ignore him, he is a paid shill that replies to every comment.

Jens Holm

If I would be paid for every comment, You would be given christmas presents or Eids incl. firecrakers for every stupid comment You make Yourself or someone do for You.

You could put your fingers below the carpet again too.

Boris Kazlov

If you are not paid, you are a complete idiot, at least make some money.

Jens Holm

Well chris chuba. There will come more data about it. there is already one correction, You have to learn. Many airplanes are Nato and others. Those at Der El Zor were australian ones.

The French has arrived or almost has with a hangarships full of “american” airplanes.

New User

As opposed to the U.S. that is always hitting the crappers. (hospitals, wedding parties, vital civilian infrastructure and schools)

Boris Kazlov

You have not been informed of Kalibr missiles, right? You only like missies that go up your ass.

Jens Holm

I have neen sitting down since this comment.


The UN need to ban US planes from operating in the region and empower Russia to shoot down any US and coalition planes flying in Syria!

Jens Holm

Very funnny. Nor even Russia and Syria are listening very much to UN. US and Nato also are the small ones being in Syria at all.

Might be some kind of nice, what You are writing, but its completly against all facts.

If US and Kurds hadnt fighted ISIS and Kurds would have been not neutral to Assads, they were already gone for years. Now they are only puppis for Ayatolahs and Putins.

Gabriel Hollows

Learn basic english before shilling here Schlomo. Did the JIDF lower their recruiting standards THAT much?


Just a stupid little Scandinavian neocon wannabe sucking Anglo-Zionist cock as his own nation is dying.

Boris Kazlov

What Scandinavian, this is a murican troll,paid by CIA, the LGBT lover of Tom Johnson..

Boris Kazlov

Who? The UN? From New York ban US planes? Those vassals don’t want to get bombed. Useless Stupid Amuricans are eager to drop bombs, they miss the good old days of Vietnam, with all the napalm and shit.

Gabriel Hollows



Jens Holm


Boris Kazlov

Great argument ha ha, stupid LGBT,go back to Tom Johnson.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Make that America’s ruling elite. I’d much prefer to have them live out their lives in indentured servitude.


The US wants the pool of oil under the Syrian Golan Heights , (occupied) , it is estimated to be as large as Saudi Arabia’s. Genie Energy Ltd. . and AFEC Oil and Gas (2005 , 2006). “The US – Israeli Energy Cooperation Act” (2007) In “Wikileaks Files” the de stabilization of Syria began in 2006. If Syria can be broken into smaller states, legally , they would loose their claim to that occupied territory. Today’s events clearly show the need for Russian “boots on the ground” .

Jens Holm

Ha-ha – and why are they than figting in the opposite site of Syria.

Seems like you are destabilized Yourself since 1906.

Boris Kazlov

Jens Holm is in love with Tom Johnson,both shithadist LGBTs

Jens Holm

Might be. So many men in the area are wearing hijabs and its not allowed to touch. Thanks. Hoped it was a russian female newsrapporter.

Boris Kazlov

Not might be, muricans are LGBT now, it is no longer fashionable to be straight and it is frowned upon, LGBT is the new normal, so don’t fight it, admit it, be a proud gay, cocksucker. And I am not a female, just a proud Russian disgusted who would like to kill you, but can only vent his disgust and anger by demeaning you all degenerates,

Tom Johnson

Russia is a 3rd World nation with nukes. You want to kill Americans? The French and the Germans beat the shit out of Russia, the Japanese beat you silly. The Mongolians infected you with their semen. Russia is a nation of degenerate potato eaters.

John Whitehot

To us, it is enough that Russia demonstrated its capability to erase israel from the face of earth back in november. It’s like, there’s Putin, Obama, and a zionist discussing. Putin takes out a pistol, shoots the zionist and asks Obama if he wants to go on dueling. After all, after israel is destroyed, the US could decide it’s not worth to go into full-nuclear war because 1.7% of its population is all disgruntled about that.


Correct. Strategic advisers of Genie Energy include Neocon Dick Cheney former US vice president, Rupert Murdock Bill Richardson former US Secretary of Energy International mega banker Jacob Rothschild Dr Lawrence Summers Clintons secretary of Treasury Harvard Dean Neocon James Woolsey . Its the most powerful board in the world. The same day Israel attacks Syria near Golan Heights the USA attacks and kills 80 wounds another 100 Syrians, Just a coincidence?

Billy Slusser

am i the only person who knows oil is made by a large worm that pushes its way up a person’s ass ( it’s a parasite ) but it excretes oil as a product of living and eating a human being alive from inside the ass.

gosh! i’m tired of having to tell ignorant people this shit.

Richard the Slav

US needs to reduce the margin of their “errors” in military operations since everywhere they bomb it’s quite high.And they spend a fuckton on defense…

Boris Kazlov

That is part of the plan, bomb civilians and then ‘investigate’ the errors.


This is not a bombing error, it is a devious way of throwing more issues at the cease fire. Russia, forget about trying to make a deal with US, destroy their proxies on the ground, and if they challenge you…..shoot them down.


Great commonsense advice – but the problem is, the wussy paper tiger Putin has neither the balls, nor the will, to offend his U.S. “partners”.

John Whitehot

very stupid and very american. Calling leaders who exercise common sense and try to deescalate situations instead of causing world wars “wussy paper tigers” is indicative in the least of a zionist brainwashed mind. But don’t doubt, Putin will not hesitate to launch the nukes when the US leadership will escalate to the fullest. And then you can also be sure that Israel, the country with the biggest responsibility in this, will get enough to be erased – or why do you think Russia used strategic assets to strike ISIS last november and january? The message, which most did not understand but Netanhyau did, is that “If you provoke nuclear war between US and Russia, you will be erased too”. And stay assured, no “Iron Dome” shit is gonna stop a mass strikes with nuclear tipped cruise missiles launched from planes, ships, subs together with ICBMS.


Russians are chess players, they know the moves they are going to make, true Putin is a more of a politician than a military leader, however, Putin is not going to be bamboozled by neocon drama.

Boris Kazlov

I am Russian but also have Syrian blood, so I am utterly nauseated and feel like name-calling Putin and Lavrov too for playing games with people’s lives. Let’s see what the coming days bring, may they bring peace to Syria, which will only happen after the ISrael-created war ends with the extermination of shithadists.

John Whitehot

yaya fo sho

Tom Johnson

Russian and Syrian, lol

Tom Johnson

You should pack your pussy ass up and go help the Iranians. Fuqtard

Robert Ferrin

Ah its good to see the troll is back and how are you today?.!!!

Tom Johnson

I’m great, kicking stupid one ass at a time. And you?

John Whitehot

lol i kicked your stupid kike ass mutltiple times and i’m gonna give you such a bashing if you dare to venture into military themes that you’ll remember it at least until next hannukah.


Sorry, Mr. Fuqtard, but I am afraid that despite the extensive life experience that you have demonstrated in your advice, your advice will not be taken. :-P

Boris Kazlov

Tom Johnson is a known paid CIA propagandist, he is a moronic LGBT.

Tom Johnson

At least I get paid to hangout here with you returds. Do you know what a returd is? A returd is a shit-eater, whom once full of someone elses shit regurgitates for others to eat. You are a returd eating Russian propaganda.

Tom Johnson



much wow, you need to stop posing these lunatic comments of yours and get back to your Kardashian tv show

Tom Johnson

Have an Iranian boyfriend?

Sergio González

By mistake?? US forces never bombed ISIS near Deir Ezzor. This is the first time they bomb this town. Fucking luckily it coincided with an ISIS attack on syrian positions. What a coincidence.

Divesh Kumar

US can fall to any depth to achieve its illegitimate goals.Till Russia understands that they cannot achieve their goals in Syria and elsewhere. Bombing by US cannot be a mistake as there is no reason for their venturing near SAA-ISIS front line. They are helping none on the papers. The only reason they must have been there is to break defenses of Syrian army so as to break the status quo in favour of ISIS.


If the us coalition comes anywhere within stand off weapons range of the Syrian army or its allies after this they should be shot down. This isn’t the first time this has happened and won’t be the last time unless steps are taken.


Russia “condemned the actions”?! Well that will have the bad guys quaking. Enough with this talk about “if you do this again, we’ll condemn you even louder”. Retaliation against AMERICAN forces operating illegally in Syria is needed right now. Otherwise, get the hell out Russia: you lost.

Jens Holm

Well no. Russians has only promised Assad, that they would give him some help for consolidation – and has saud no to take all Syria territory back.

But thats not what we see. Russians, Hesbollah, Iranian and even som Palestinian groups cant.

Thats the Russian dilemma.

So in a way its what You say. Russians should escalate and try harder – or leave or reduce and accept.

Whatevere they do, there will be next fase of war even if ISIS could be defeated to stoneage and 1 person in zoo.

Dont think russians can effort much more.

Many miles to go…

Tom Johnson

Too bad that they were not Iranians. BOOM!

US Conveys ‘Regret’ for anti-ISIS Strike that Killed Syrian Forces http://www.military.com/daily-news/2016/09/18/us-conveys-regret-for-strike-that-killed-syrian-forces.html

But Washington has warned Russia that unless aid is delivered to Aleppo, it will not move ahead with the formation of the joint coordination center.

Where’s this “joint coordination center” to be based?

Russia? Doubt the US would agree. The US? Doubt the Russians would agree.

Somewhere closer to the action, in neutral territory, a warship in the Mediterranean, perhaps?

And more to the point, who will be in overall charge of calling the shots, if anyone, and who will they report to, who will be the political authority?

Putin? I doubt Obama would agree. Obama? I doubt Putin would agree. Ban Ki-moon? Gimme a break.

Well I think the world’s supreme leader should be Condoleezza Rice, so I suggest Condi for political authority for the joint coordination center. __

Where’s this “joint coordination center” to be based?

Jordan, apparently, if this report about a similar proposal confined to anti-al Nusra operations mooted in July is anything to go by.

The Hill – Report: US proposes joint facility with Russia to target al Qaeda in Syria

By Rebecca Kheel – 07/14/16

“Under the proposal, the Joint Implementation Group would be headquartered in Amman, Jordan. Each country would maintain separate offices, as well as staff a joint coordination center “to exchange intelligence and operational information.”

Operations against al Nusra would be coordinated, with both countries agreeing to targets beforehand. Only one country’s military would carry out an operation, but “at some point, national authorities may authorize the participants to coordinate on integrated operations,” the proposal reads.

Also, one country could target al Nusra without telling the other in the case of “imminent threats,” the proposal says.

Regime forces would also not be allowed to fly in “designated areas” where al Nusra is located. There would be exemptions, though, for medical evacuations, personnel recovery and humanitarian assistance.

Meanwhile, operations against ISIS would be “independent, but synchronized,” the proposal says.”


And more to the point, who will be in overall charge of calling the shots, if anyone, and who will they report to, who will be the political authority?

No one person calls the shots it seems. Both countries would hold a veto over operations.

So presumably, if this joint facility had been in operation the US would have “synchronised” with the Russians before attacking what they thought was ISIS and would have been told “Woah! Those are SAA!” by the Russians and hopefully the attack called off?

Well I could salute that.

I still think we need Condi in there somewhere though.

Boris Kazlov

The only reason why aid is not delivered is that Uselss Stupid Americans cannot control their shithadists who are shooting along the delivery routes.

Wait, you want the American government to control shithadists – not give them $100s of millions worth of weapons, not wipe them out, but control them?

Interesting. Something to suggest at the much anticipated Joint Coordination Center, maybe?

Real Anti-Racist Action

ISIS is the front guard of Tel Aviv, they form a protective ring around Tel Aviv and help soften of the future intended victims for conquest by the Zionist-regime. http://ihr.org/

Rodney Loder

I am sure it was only a spoiling attack, back to peace and quite, don’t read Sputnik read only Al-Jazeera and the truce will continue that’s what is best for now.

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