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US-led Forces Are Preparing ‘Chemical Weapons’ Provocation In Syria’s Deir Ezzor: Russian Military

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US-led Forces Are Preparing 'Chemical Weapons' Provocation In Syria's Deir Ezzor: Russian Military

Photo: Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation

The US-backed Free Syrian Army and the US Special Operations Forces are preparing a “chemical weapons” provocation in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor, Major General Igor Konashenkov said on June 11.

According to Konashenkov, the US-led forces are going to stage a “chemical attack” in the village of Haql al-Jafara to accuse the Syrian government of conducting it. Balloons with chlorine gas are allegedly already delivered to the area.

“According to the information confirmed through three independent channels in Syria, the command of the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’ aided by the forces of the US special ops units are preparing a serious provocation involving chemical warfare agents in the Deir ez-Zor province,” Konashenkov said.

“After being published in western media a staged video is set to initiate a missile strike on Syria’s state facilities by the US-led coalition and justify an offensive operation by militants against Syrian governmental forces on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River,” he added.

Konashenkov added the Russian Defense Ministry warns that the use of such provocations for destabilization of the situation in Syria is unacceptable.

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Not this old chestnut again – when will they come up with something new & original!!

Bill Wilson

They did and it’s funny, too. Nobody in their right mind would transport chlorine gas in balloons. I suspect the Russians are showing professional courtesy to the US by forewarning them of probable gas attacks against ISIS in al-Bukamal.


And chlorine isn’t a chemical weapon… sigh. But neither was that “Novichock” the Brits used to poison folk in their Skrewpal affair.


Chlorine was used by Britain and Germany during WWI. I believe the Germans originally used tear gas, and Britain responded with chlorine, as is common, the toxicity of the weapons increased over time.


Mustard gas. And chlorine is not on the OPCW list of CWs.


So ????


. ?




Chlorine is not a “chemical weapon” Dumdum. VX is. Sarin is. Mustard gas is. Chlorine is what you dose your swimming pool with!


So why does “the West” get so worked up about those so-called chlorine chemical attacks?

If it is just stuff for the swimming pool (I don’t have one myself, contrary to your claim) then we don’t need to worry about it, do we?

So, can you explain exactly the point you are making with your statement “chlorine is not a chemical weapon”?


Because they’re a bunch of MORONS who can’t stand the idea that Syria isn’t (and never again will) theirs to dispose with as they please. And chlorine is the best they can come up with. …. Stuff like sarin can be traced to its origins – chlorine is … just chlorine. Produced bought and sold by the megaton load.

Chlorine is not a chemical weapon. It is not on the OPCW list of (banned) chemical weapons. But then – neither is depleted uranium – care to guess why?


OK Shahna, I get your drift. We are on the same page, I agree with you. Thanks for clearing that up ;-)


I get your drift. We are on the same page, I agree with you. Thanks for clearing that up ;-)


Du ya think, they might have the chlorine in cylinders and plan to fill the balloons on the spot, or is that too high tech for America?


It’s genetic.

Promitheas Apollonious

defective DNA.

AM Hants

Remember the people of Douma , well what have they got to say, with regards the White Helmets and how they treated them?

Who funds the White Helmets?



Torture, starvation, executions: Eastern Ghouta civilians talk of life under terrorist rule… Eva Bartlett is a freelance journalist and rights activist with extensive experience in the Gaza Strip and Syria. Her writings can be found on her blog, In Gaza.

US government spent over $500m on fake Al-Qaeda propaganda videos that tracked location of viewers

The Pentagon hired a UK-based PR firm to produce and disemminate videos during the Iraq War…





The SAA and allies, including Russia should not wait around until the terrorists and their satanic U$ allies carry out this false flag ‘chemical’ attack yet again, they better immediately attack the forces that are preparing this false flag ‘chemical’ attack and nit the whole damn thing in the bud now, before it is too late!


Sorry, I didn’t see your post , just after I posted mine.. I have the same opinion


The Americans will be using Arabs as human shields.

leon mc pilibin

Free syrian army =isis.Just recently changed uniforms.They are safely hiding behind the zio american occupiers,waiting for their time to attack.Russia should blow them back to hell where they come from,,satanic zionist scumbags.

Promitheas Apollonious

if they ever get the guts to do so, yes that is exactly what they need to do.


Unfortunately Putin is busy appeasing the ZioNazi and US psychopaths, i.e. he does not have the guts to attack the terrorists.

Promitheas Apollonious

that is your assumption. But yes it takes a lot of guts to initiate WW3, not because someone is coward or brainless, as you shown with your post, but exactly because is sane and care what happens to humanity.


I see, that is why he reneged on his 2011 promise to supply Syria with S300 systems, that is why he allowed the FUKUS trio to bomb Syria over a hoax chemical attack, that is why he is allowing the ZioNazi statelet to bomb Iranian and Syrian positions in Syria, that is why allows etc. etc.

And because he believes it is possible to stand on the sidelines after having postured as the new power broker in the ME he is emboldening the empire-in-decline and its ZioNazi master to engage in ever riskier, depraved provocations.

Yep, you got it together alright, you have a good understanding of the situation: Putin is staying sane and avoiding WW3 by chickening out of his responsibilities.

Promitheas Apollonious

Russia did not went to syria to start a WW3. I agree with you about the S300 is bad move not Syria to have them and a sensible one not to, since will create for syrians more problems having them than not.

Your reasoning is one of very low mentality of a person that go head first into problem -solutions and and one who use the small head for is thinking. Obviously you mistaking Putin as the defender of the world and the knight in shinning armor and he is not, so your expectations of a global nuclear holocaust, have to be put on ice, for the time been.

Apologize not been able take you seriously and your childish reasoning.


To address your “apology”: I could not give a damn how you evaluate my reasoning, nor what qualifications you attach to it.

Russia did not go to Syria to start WW3, correct, but by getting involved in Syria it also got involved into a war with a very high risk of unleashing WW3. By standing on the sidelines and letting the US and its vassals, as well as the ZioNazi statelet do whatever they desire, he is further jacking up the risk of WW3.

I have nothing against Putin a priori, in fact most of the time I am a supporter because he is more balanced and sane than the Western psychopaths & idiots he has to deal with. I have been happy about his involvement in Syria, which virtually got ISIS defeated, but I feel he is trying desperately to get approval and acceptance from the West, and is prepared to do almost anything for that, incl. letting that “West” do what it wants in Syria.

Promitheas Apollonious

my apology? What you think and what is reality, are two completely different things and your post, also show the very low level of your thinking.

Try having more than a 2 second thinking span. I know difficult for your kind to achieve, but try any way. Miracles are known to happen. Now go play with your toys and dont bother me again, with your assumptions and illusions.


Your rant has nothing to do with the topic, you are incapable of coming up with sensible (counter)arguments, so you resort to ad hominem attacks. Goodbye, cowboy.

Promitheas Apollonious

sensible according to your mentality no I can not. Can never lower my level of thinking to yours. As I said, go play with your toys and leave me in peace.


If anyone is interested, Haql Al-Jafrah is a village southeast of the Omar oil field, is marked with a white circle here: http://www.arabic.iswnews.com/media/2017/10/%D8%AA%D8%B5%D8%B1%D9%81-%D8%AD%D9%82%D9%84-%D8%AC%D9%81%D8%B1%D9%87-%D8%AA%D9%88%D8%B3%D8%B7-%DA%A9%D8%B1%D8%AF%D9%87%D8%A7-8%D9%85%D9%87%D8%B196.jpg

and Google map link, you may need to put it in satellite pic mode, not the map mode.

If the report is accurate (a few days ago there was another report about forcibly sending some Syrian families, about 100 people to a location east of Deirezzor to be killed in a chemical attack) it shows the Empire of Evil is hellbent on closing the Deirezzor-Baghdad highway to encircle Syria to prevent them from receiving supplies for further attacks. The scary part is if they go ahead with the plan like they did in Ghouta (minus the actual chemical attack, but full propaganda gear) which shows they no longer care even for their own public opinions, though I doubt such reports reach their people which are under full-time propaganda blitz.


Just shoot down any plane attacking Syrian forces settles everything

Boris Kazlov

Sure, but who will do it? Not Russia.


Bingo. But SYRIAN pilots on SU-35 could do it without remorse, what do you say? Syrian pilots drilled in Russia on SU-35 or at least on SU-30-MK. So, let’ s say 30-40 pilots mounted on fresh Russian planes ;) No bombers, the SU-30 till 35 can BOTH, hunting and bombing IRAN pays the bill in 24 hours, if needed! :)))

Boris Kazlov

I say Russian is too meek to do this, if they don’t supply defensive weapons like dated S-300, how can you expect them to supply fighter planes?, while everybody and her aunt is getting S-400 Syria is denied S-300 while constantly attacked by zionist entity and U$AIPAC.


True so far Russia displayed very timid attitude towards US and Israel in a war that is actually a Russian economic survival war. Poor Syrians , Hez , and Iranians have to die to save Russia and yet not even a lousy S300.

Very timid indeed. ..only good for attacking terrorists unable to reply just like the Israelis who only used their air force .

Boris Kazlov

Warnings of “unacceptable” have been expressed before to no avail, U$AIPAC will continue to do this until somebody mensch enough will tell them to stop and really mean it.


Tell nothing, just POUND THEM with 15-20 missiles and some Tupolev shall finish the whole circus. And then… ” – Oooooh! We are soooooo sorry! ….. We didn’t know that YOU are the terrorists, we thought that there are the ISIS, not … the supposed ANTI-ISIS troops” ;).. (SIC!).

Boris Kazlov

Jut read my last comment below.


Putin does not have the guts for that.


Quite agree with your statement. Putin uses the Syrians to fight their economic war of oil pipeline.

Sells S400 to SA and Turkey and would not even supply the soldiers dying for them a lousy S300.

Not a good ally . Mistake Syrians have to fight this war for survival and security of ME for Russia.


“US-led Forces Are Preparing ‘Chemical Weapons’ Provocation In Syria’s Deir Ezzor: Russian Military”

Was to expect, that Rothschild’s Macron-France, Merkel-occupied Germany, specially THERESA MAY-Britain and the US-DEEP State will use the Russian “lame-duck”-situation during the Soccer World-Championship, to arrange another pYggery in SYRIA and to start a new DEMONIZING-campaign against Moscow.

The nasty show this time could be totally shameless: the “outraged NATO football teams leave the co0mpetition in protest to the Russian endorsement of a “criminal Assad-regime” — you know the barking already.

So, the best thing Putin could do is to BOMB THE SH*T out of the gangs there, no matter if they are British or US “military advisors” (MOSSAD, Saudis, CIA, MI6, US-Special-Forces or SAS). QUICK and deadly, no pardon, all wiped-out, to splash that preparations… …. And then to say … “- Sorry, we didn’t know that YOUR anti-ISIS troops are in bed there with the ISIS”).

Some noise from Trump that first tweet like an outraged Pekinese-dog, just after that his Staff tries to repair POTUS’ damages.. but his soccer-team isn’t in Moscow ;) In this case the French Germans and Brits will shut-up, and do so as they didn’t have some Intel – b@stards there… Nothing happened, even more=> the YANKS have to explain why their troops were AMONG the terrorists :))

Elmarie Muller

Russia you have the valuable information now please attack who ever is going to make this false flag chemical attack.Dont do like last time when USA white helmets committed false flag attack and USA taken a wrong decision.


“.. and USA taken a wrong decision.” Oh, poor USA, they were mislead by the White-Helmets , ntz ntz ! :) THAT’S WHY the false-flag in Gouta occurred =>THAT THE USA have an excuse to bomb Syria. The USA have a long list of such false-flags, only to mention the TONKIN-incident”

Boris Kazlov

Why wrong decision? it is according to their plan and objectives.

matew ivanson

this time here is not only Free Syrian Army prepared for fight but strong Israel Army and USA Air Force ready for intervention, shiite idiots are repeatedly warned by mr Netanyahu , dont fcuk with Golan Heights and Quneitra, only smoke will remain of IRGC and Assad fools, bullet in the ass everyone against Israel


Be nice if this time, Russia would just put its foot down and say NO when it comes to the those useless murdering patsies dropping more punitive humanitarian bombs on Syrians.

Guy New



The Russian MoD predicted the Douma chemical attack too, and it happened.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

russia should start harrassing and stalking US and allied naval units with their subs so they cannot get into firing position to launch strikes again

Fernando Silva

Fake news!

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