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US-led Collation Killed 946 Civilians In Raqqa City Since June – Report

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US-led Collation Killed 946 Civilians In Raqqa City Since June - Report

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On Friday, the pro-opposition “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” activist group released an infographic claiming that 946 civilians had been killed and 1000 others had been injured as a result of US-led collation airstrikes since the beginning of Raqqa city battle on June 9.

The Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently also claimed that US-led collation warplanes had conducted 1267 airstrikes on targets in Raqqa city so far.

At least 30,000 civilians are still trapped inside Raqqa city, according to the Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently infographic.

Meanwhile, local sources from Raqqa city claimed that US-led collation airstrikes had killed no less than 100 civilians in the last 72 hours. US-led collation warplanes allegedly conducted 53 airstrikes on Raqqa city in the last 48 hours.

“The US-led collation airstrike targeted a building in al-Tawsia’a district near Mwauia’a school, 23 civilians from al-Inizi family were killed among them 13 child, others were injured,” a local source told the US-based SkyNews network.

Separately, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) claimed that its fighters evacuated more than 50 civilians from the ISIS-controlled al-Shahadat district in Raqqa city. Earlier, the SDF announced that it had formed trained groups to evacuate civilians from the ISIS-lhed area inside Raqqa city.

The civilian death toll is expected to go higher. The Raqqa battle is far from being over as many SDF officials said before.

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John William

That’s 100 percent on Isis using human sheilds.Can we get a report on Assad side civilian casualties?Ya know barrel bombs and Gradd rocket launchers don’t seem to precise.

John William

Actually I think we too aggressive in Raqqa.Male ego trying to rush the battle to save face .we should have not surrounded Raqqa in the first place.now Isis in Raqqa is on death ground and has no choice but to fight.If only we would work with the Russians .We could pinch em north and south of the river pushing em to dez

Bobby Twoshoes

“barrel bombs”, “Male ego” go drink your Kool Aid somewhere else mate, I’m sure you will have all your delusions validated at Buzzfeed.

Jens Holm

I see much of it as him. No respeckt for human lives themselves in a total skizzofrenic way added up with envy and greedyness f the worst kind.

Just like the oil. Sniff, sniif or kill all those kurds taking our oil.

Its forgotten Damaskus before the civile war took all oilmoney and didnt share wirth the poor people incl. kurds.

Much like thieves telling other steel from them but still having hands themselves.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They shouldn’t be there in the first place and it doesn’t look good when your an illegal combatant in the area busy causing death and instability in the country.

Jens Holm

What a joke. seemes You support a legal dicatorship supooirted by killing all opposition having a voice down to the hens and eggs.


Assad has done nothing wrong. The barrel bombs are just as innacurate as gas canister bombs the terrorists use. They hit a general area where one can aim it somewhat over there and then hope it finds its intended target, no difference. Long live Assad and Syria.

Moussa Saab

946 deaths by AIRSTRIKES! Killing civilians on the ground as human shields are not even counted in this infographic!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There were no Terrorists in the church “Our lady of Annunciation which was completely leveled by US bombing, The US is very selective in who they choose to call villains and they won’t call themselves that , the world not so. Terrorists are not even in the areas yet those areas get bombed , just like in Mosul they killed 250+ people and the actual target was 3 km away and then they tried to pass it off as VIED being hit which in no way was plausible nor any other explanation. The US military doesn’t care and never has that’s why they use chemical weapons with no advanced assault,totally hypocritical nonsense and doublespeak from the US.

Jens Holm



Obviously you are a smart fellow, explain please, how the campaign SHOULD have been run.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They should have done the same thing as they did in Aleppo since the US is an illegal combatant in the region and this way they are appearing to be concerned and actually stop choosing civilian targets since this has been always a major fail in any war.


Mighta worked. I was a chopper pilot in VN, 68-69, I loved combat, but for the civilians it was hell.

Cheryl Brandon

SAA, what we need to see is Hezbollah operating up North;They can kick out THE USA forces; If they could kick out Israel out of Lebanon, they can kick out;Give them the challenge! These illegal squatters need to be sent packing!

Jens Holm

hahaha. It would be very unsafe for hesbollah comming there even behind bars. SDF protect ISIS members hard. People there dont want enemies.


ahh, I don’t know if I understand you correctly, run that by again please.


Another 2000 to go! So in real terms they are only 1/3 done in Raqqa!


Yeah, all those poor trapped people. Most of the population has abandoned the city but those poor “trapped” civilians cannot. Cleanse them all and the really innocent civilians will return to the city. Screw these ISIS collaborators.


There should be some relief, as President Trump puts a stop to the CIA funding ISIS CIA Funding Stops – Syrian People Return Home https://youtu.be/GW33ncQPmag

Jens Holm

You spoke with him Yourself or is his new advicer.


He calls me on the phone to ask advice, If I am not available , he has to wing it…..



Jens Holm

Very strange ISIS hasnt killed none. Its rapported again and again snipers kill people trying to escape.

Im sure many civilians are being killed. But whats to compare with. We also see all the rescued ones by video several times a week.

SDF seemes to have about 350.000 refugees from the Eufrat Wraths area. So those many are nort that many in %.

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