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US-led Colaition Admits It Has Lost Race For Border With Iraq To Syrian Army

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US-led Colaition Admits It Has Lost Race For Border With Iraq To Syrian Army

Army Col. Ryan Dillon. Source: centcom.mil

Last Friday, the US-led officially admitted that it lost a race for the Syrian-Iraqi border to the Syrian Army and its allies.

Now, the US welcomes the Syrian effort to defeat ISIS.

The Associated Press (source):

The U.S. military coalition fighting the Islamic State would welcome a concerted effort by the Syrian government or its Iranian-backed partner forces to defeat IS in its remaining strongholds in eastern Syria, a U.S. spokesman said Friday.

Army Col. Ryan Dillon, spokesman for the coalition, told reporters at the Pentagon that the U.S. goal is to defeat IS wherever it exists. If others, including the Syrian government and its Iranian and Russian allies, want to fight the extremists as well, then “we absolutely have no problem with that,” he said, speaking from Baghdad.

“If it looks like they are making a concerted effort to move into ISIS-held areas, and if they show that they can do that, that is not a bad sign,” Dillon said, referring to forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad. “We are here to fight ISIS as a coalition, but if others want to fight ISIS and defeat them, then we absolutely have no problem with that.”
The statement followed a clear collapse of the US-backed plan to build a militant-held buffer zone between the areas controlled by the Syrian army and Iraqi government forces at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

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I am amazed that US military planners today can even tie their own shoe laces . Perhaps they don’t :)

Concrete Mike

Velcros ans slip ons only past this point

Wahid Algiers

So why the US urge the “jordan FSA” to attack the SAA and its allies in the desert southeast of Damascus? So why the US allow Israel to strengthen terrorists in Quneitra? So why the US support the “SDF” to play a traitorous game with the loyal army forces? So why the US attacked the SAA front lines directyly. Haven’ t they seen that SAA is hunting ISIS everywhere in the country and where the US illegally invaded too? It seems that the US haven’ t noticed the results of the Astana talks. But this half-official point of view comes better too late than never.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Because US backed terrorist are deployed to distract SAA troops in its way to Raqqa and Deir Ezzor…when SDF finish the Raqqa operation…then SDF will go towards Deir Ezzor from Hasaka and from Raqqa…the target is to take DZ east of River…it means the almost whole City!

Wahid Algiers

To get Raqqa (100% arab city) back later on will be very hard while the air protection of the USAF. Deir Ezzor city should be taken first by the SAA/allies. They advance from 3 directions under heavy terrain and mined ways. But they will manage it in time.

Valery Grigoryev

Hope they will be in time there. And will not get a strike to their backs from the “US-backed” SDF and FSA.

Wahid Algiers

Yes, hopefully. Syria have to reach one lonely front in its northeastern parts against “SDF” and one against Idlib province in the next 2-3 months. That would allow to deal better with all the army units (refreshment, replacement). Hopefully the US leave the small southern part at al-Tanf. It is useless for them and only to provoke the SAA. The “FSA” will be defeated there in the same time of 2-3 months.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The FakeSA in Al Tanf are not so numerous and are mostly mercs they number about 1000 and have no support from any of the tribes in the region except some Jordanian Hashemi tribesmen . The problem with the SDF will be reduced when they start to squabble over territory something the US is going all out to ensure in the region of SDF control . They will create an enemy and call them terrorists , but that would change if they allied themselves to the Syrian government . This would greatly reduce the US miitary ability to operate as they have done so in the past .

Dimosthenis Cochliaridis

US jetfighters are killing off all those arabs. Arabs are being victim of their leaders. Anyway US-americans will depopulate Raqqa and leave ruined city there.

Wahid Algiers

You are a cowardly little pants pisser who opens his dirty mouth in the Internet while your mother and sisters are fucking for money. Aren’ t you?


HUH? the arabs like Assad they voted him in, he protects the minorities in that country, i think ur a bit confused or ur to busy reading the bull that MSM spews.. and who the hell are we to go in and demand a regime change in that country anyways. they never said anything why they wanted regime change as a matter of fact i’m pretty sure they have nothing but they just keep saying regime change..with nothing to back it as to why, and many things they say is usually pure bullcrap, i suggest u stop reading american made propaganda or try using critical thinking when you listen to it. you would be surprised at the outcome..


There is a rumour that the SDF have blocked the water supply for Aleppo. Have you heard anything about it?

Wahid Algiers

Yes, it is obviously true. The “SDF” blocked water from the Euphrates Dam that feeds into the Khafsa Pumps, which supply the people of Aleppo City. For more, see here: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/us-backed-forces-cutoff-water-1-million-people-aleppo-city/


Thanks for the link and somebody else has just provided the same. I bet the UN says nought?

Poor people of Syria and the other nations going through regime change invasions.

Solomon Krupacek



I bet the UN says nought about that?


Thanks for the link.

Andrew Pate

I dont believe this article. The US are still on the border of Syria/Iraq/Jordan. But they cant move far and unless they fight they cant move since they are cornered.

John Mason

One just has to laugh at those comments from the US as if they are in control and it is OK by them that the Syrians and their allies fight the ISIS terrorists. Rather insolent coming from a looser.


Is this the same Ryan Dillon that does the voice of Elmo for the muppets? Perhaps he needed a new gig.


John Whitehot

“to fight the extremists as well?”

As well??

no darned comment.


as usual, what an incredible US arrogance and disrespect of the law: they speak as if they can say what is OK or is not, as if it was their own country whereas they illegally operate in a foreign country and even regularly bomb the Syrian army. ( not speaking of their supporting many terrorist groups, even if they stopped supporting this ISIS they had created, after ISIS broke the Cairo deal with the US by going back to Irak)


Nobody believes such a son-of-Bitch*s. Better they go home and let the people in peace.

Mauro Craizer



Such a son-of Bitches will be soon good targets for PMU. None of them will have any chance to survive PMU missiles attack.


“OMG! Syrian government wants to fight ISIS as well! Well, good on them! We thought we had to do this all on our own…” Lool! This is a good example how out of control everything is at the Foggy Bottom. No one knows shat’s going on, and the poor talking heads have to face the world and make fools of themselves. That really sucks! Even the Israel-firster controlled think tanks are full of shite now, and Israel feels it has to us its AF to make something of this mess. PS. But be warned in advance – last time US made positive noises about Syria there was suddenly a chemical attack! Which apparently then changed everything. Something similar could be in the planning. No time to relax yet.

Valery Grigoryev

“If others, including the Syrian government and its Iranian and Russian allies, want to fight the extremists as well, then “we absolutely have no problem with that,”

as well:)))

Wahid Algiers

All they can is to support terrorists in a sovereign state names Syria and to bomb civilians.

chris chuba

The majority of people in the U.S. now believe that it was a mistake to invade Iraq because it was a distraction in GWOT and will admit that it destabilized the M.E. Despite this, we falling for the same line again. Instead of fighting ISIS, we are being told that it is priority to cut off Iran from Lebanon. Doesn’t this amount to the same thing, who does it hurt if an Iranian can get visa free travel to Lebanon, why is this now our top priority?

The champions of this new approach don’t have a logical answer to this, they just use the same emotional arguments that got us into the Iraq quagmire. They dredge up the Iranian bogeyman, and talk about the Shiite crescent, these are meaningless phrases and a distraction.


Agreed. A tired story just like Trump and the Russians.

Sam I. Am

…who does it hurt if an Iranian can get visa free travel to Lebanon, why is this now our top priority?


Kim Jong


Solomon Krupacek

do not trust them. these are words. hypnitizing words. and suddenly open new front. the saa MUST forwrd up to abu kamal asap!




Syrian army SAA and allies just 65 KM away from Deir Ezzor City. ——————————————————————————– https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d739e631cf46f520e439ed2ee9d87afc0a6093c751e2ce4c731db7e34c26907f.png

Wahid Algiers

But the “southern” army has to wait for the troops coming from Palmyra/Arak/Souknah (later) if they want to sent the half of their units to ISIS stronghold al Bukamal. Otherwise – the PMU is willing and able to help…..?

Alex Black

just flanking the palmyrra highway from the south would make jihadists piss their pants.


Do not believe anything he says, that is the the American spin to spare embarrassment for their failures in Syria. US is not in Syria to fight ISIS, it is there trying to partition Syria.

Wahid Algiers

Exactly and nothing more or less.


Something is wrong here. USA doesn’t give up so easy.. they want something else behind …maybe this is all connected with Israel attack. If you noticed, Russia is very silent about those Israel attacks …very very strange situations

Wahid Algiers

I think the US prepares the withdrawal behind the the jordan border seeing that their FSA boots are not able to stand the SAA and allies. Then they will concentrate all activities in the northern part of Euphrate River in protecting and supporting the kurds.


This load of manure is for home consumption. It has to be, as no one else in their right mind believes the inane shite in this statement. This is for Fox and CNN,etc. viewers. it gives them something to point to…not really knowing what to make of it. Russia not mentioning the Israeli attacks is the same as the US not mentioning attacks…if it isn’t mentioned, maybe it didn’t happen at all…again for public consumption.


he didn’t admit nor said we lost the border


“Now, the US welcomes the Syrian effort to defeat ISIS”…while shooting down Syrian jets and bombing Syrian army. Great!.


“If others , including the Syrian government ……and allies want to fight the extremists as well “. Lavrov should raise hell on that , exactly who does the US think the Syrian government and allies are fighting ? Why is the US sitting in al Tanaf , trying to bring in more jihadist extremists ? Why the disrespect of being in Syria at all , it is Russia’s ally , not America’s .


There are lot of comments recently about Russia not doing enough in Syria. But Russia’s negotiation of the four de-escalation zones was the critical factor that allowed SAA and NDF to reduce commitments to so many conflict fronts and send a coherent body of forces out east. It caught the US completely off-guard as they assumed they had all the time in the world to lay claim to ISIS held eastern Syria, given the SAA had previously been so tied up and compromised. But when it all boiled down to an unexpected race to Dier Ezzore – the US were caught out. Their Jordanian based FSA was shown as nothing but a tiny mercenary force incapable of any independent action and without any political legitimacy – little more than a cover story for US special force’s illegal and aggressive activities inside Syria based on a land grab.

Solomon Krupacek



Yes, the de-escalation zones were important. But, a bigger factor was that in April-May, Trump’s NSC wanted to actually invade from Jordan through that al-Tanf corridor, while Coalition forces were doing joint training exercises in Northern Jordan. H.R. McMaster was for it, but Steve Bannon persuaded Trump not to do it. Of course now , it is too late. So, Steve Bannon may be the big hero here.


never underestimate the Russians they are smart much smarter than americans. only difference is the Russians dont support terrorism like the americans do. the entire world knows the americans are the number one supporters of terrorists and terrorism, God bless the russians, the true heros of the east.. they have my full support.

Solomon Krupacek

they ae not smarter then americans. if would be, would not lost sold war and ussr.

eric zweistein

Joke of the day !

That Guy

This one smells fishy, and it sounds like a pre-attack hypnotizing speech, so the SAA should be ready.


yes i heard today they are getting ready to attack SAA because they think assad may use chemicals again

Aung Naing

full of shits. They want confrontation against Russia,China,Iran and Syria while they thought they can beat them.Let them keep dreaming.


US strategy in the region was either flawed or non-existant. Therefore it is best for the US to concentrate its support on moderate forces (such as they are) in the south and the SDF in the north and north east. Forget about the northern rebels as they are mainly islamists. Any remaining moderate FSA should be encouraged to join SDF. SDF should be reeiving sufficient heavy arms to defeat IS in Raqqah, maybe DeZ and to defend, if attacked, itself against Turkey and or Syria.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The stupidity of your thinking is obvious in thinking the FSA will join the SDF , the moderate FSA have joined the SAA, it is funny when you see guys joining the SDF for 5th and 6th time just a bad P.R.campaign by Ruder Global getting outed again. The SDF already have heavy weapons and those the US has promised to take away from the Kurds . The KRG/PKK/PYD will start to act in a more heavy handed in the region arresting more opposition “dissidents” trying to eliminate any dissenters . The Kurds are pirates and pirates don’t know how to fight as soldiers .

Jacek Wolski

Not if you’re Jack Sparrow! “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.”


the fact that u think there are “moderate” terrorists or that the SDF is good shows ur stupidity

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