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US-Led Coalition’s Airstrikes Destroy Water Supply System in Raqqa

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The US-led coalition’s air power has destroyed a water supply system in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

US-Led Coalition's Airstrikes Destroy Water Supply System in Raqqa

Photo: US Air Force / Master Sgt. Ralph Hallmon / AP

On Thursday, a water supply system in the Syrian city of Raqqa, which is considered to be the capital of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in the country, was destroyed by a series of airstrikes, carried out by the US-led coalition on two bridges over the Euphrates River, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on Friday. Reportedly, the northern and southern parts of the city were connected only by these bridges.

Earlier in January, a number of media reported that fighter jets of the US-led coalition have been targeting Syria’s infrastructures that were abandoned by IS terrorists.

Earlier this year, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, said that Syrian infrastructure has been systematically bombed by the US-led coalition’s air power since 2012, while its aircraft have not been targeting oil facilities of the IS.

“Outgoing CIA head John Brennan is well aware of the fact that long before the start of the Russian campaign, the international coalition has been systematically destroying Syria’s economic infrastructure to weaken the legitimate government as much as possible, heedless of burdens for civilians resulting in millions of refugees,” Konashenkov said.

“Surprisingly, the coalition has not attacked oil facilities captured by ISIL, which allowed the terrorists to make tens of millions of dollars per month through illicit oil trade and recruit mercenaries from all over the world,” he added.

“Sooner or later one will be held accountable for it. That is why Brennan’s attempt to cushion the blow will hardly help. John Brennan is well aware of the real results of Russia’s actions in Syria,” Konashenkov concluded.

The statement was made after chief of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), John Brennan, accused Moscow of using “scorched-earth” policy in Syria.

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” a number of media reported that fighter jets of the US-led coalition have been targeting Siria’s infrastructures that WERE ABANDONED BY ISIS TERRORISTS ” Do you understands this ? The idea is to destroy Syria country and infrastructure but not ISIS terrorists. ¿ am I wrong ?


Article may have been confusing.
“Water supply system” = 2 ISUS main road bridges across Euphrates.

Pave Way IV

Water purification plant somewhere around Tabqa city – water mains run across bridge/Euphrates to local ar Raqqa pumping stations.


Just what I was about to remark on…..


You are not wrong. This is the usual precursor to a no-fly zone…destroy everything first…including civilians, if at all possible. I can only hope the Russian general is right,that someone will have to pay for this.


This is the start of stage 3!
Article is about taking out of the two road bridges across Euphrates river! This is about isolating Raqqa from S bank of river, not about destroying infrastructure (gaps in bridges can be fixed later).
Expect next moves of SDF: advancing on north shore of Baath dam and starting offensive east of Raqqa.


“Destroying .. infrastructure … to weaken the government” . So this is about the Baath dam ?


Trump flattered the CIA on his visit to them , which is understandable , as it will take some time, to weed out those intent on his assassination. Yet I would think his control of the military should be in gear by now . Just standard procedure , in this “war on ISIS” .


Hmm… If I remember correctly, these bridges and water pipes were destroyed earlier…

Oh, I did remember correctly:


This is standard US regime change policy: to destroy the civilian infrastructure in order to de-industrialize the country. It will give the US the contracts to rebuild what is essential for civilians to live to work for US corporations. It’s called “disaster capitalism”. Then accuse the Russians of doing what the US is in reality doing to hide the harm to civilians. Typical US policy.


It’s that and more – Pentagon strategy is to destabilize and create pressure on Syrian state resources and political leadership by systematic infrastructure destruction, whilst simultaneously the Sate Department imposes economic sanctions on the Syrian state’s finances – but long standing Pentagon doctrine further hopes to use infrastructure destruction to create popular unrest and ever more internal pressures.


You and Regula have hit the nail squarely on the head… and Trumps trip to Langley was a laff a minute. “He is behind them 1,000 percent and knows they will destroy ISIS now that they won’t be restrained any longer during his regime”. I wonder if this is a veiled threat that he (and the rest of the world knows IS=CIA) and that they are going to have to clean up their mess, or is this just Trump pimping for the CIA and telling them he’s really gonna turn them loose? Sorry, but I don’t see the Orange Buffoon standing up to anyone. I think the worst is yet to come…however, I would love to be wrong. Trump has done one thing for sure, he has definitely got everyone wondering.


He’s been in office for 2 weeks. How much is he to have done already? He didn’t even have the time to really understand how the CIA etc. actually work, what their actual goal is. I do believe that Trump wants to eliminate ISIS and its ilk. Whether that is ultimately possible is another question – or whether it is just another nomenclature for war on terror – i.e. the same as before. we will see. For Russia certainly, eliminating ISIS is serious. And that is who may in time set the tone. Russia won’t help to fight some as usual war on terror that is mostly a war of terror for the benefit of regime change and US hegemony. But the latter case would mean that Trump’s world trade won’t work and I doubt that he wants to let go of that goal.


All agreed. But at this time, Assad is more popular than before the war – even with Sunnis. Many moderate rebels meanwhile joined the army and are helping to fight ISIS. The result is that the Syrian army is slowly creeping forward – see the daily updates in southfront.com. If, as Trump stated, he wants to do business with Syria, he better reign in his army and prevent it from destroying ever more civilian infrastructure. It seems to me that this was still an old order from Obama and Trump just didn’t have time to change everything. His advisors, Mad Max and the other former general, appear to be more intent on fighting to oust Assad. There may be internal dissonances. But hopefully it will all change a bit now that Tillerson is confirmed and sworn in and can start to act. He is the most intelligent person in the government and he will likely bring some reason into this seemingly rudderless beginning.


Bombing water supply does not help to end ISIS but to make the people trapped inside Raqah suffer even more. The hell with US planes bombing at the wrong spots.


Quite right…this is the US policy.

Carol Davidek-Waller

War crimes R USA. Desteoying civilian infrastructure is a war crime according ro the Geneva Conventions. The US preaemce in Syria is an even worse war crime.


Oh,pshaw…The US don’t need no stinking Geneva convention!

Carol Davidek-Waller

Just because the US wrote them and Congress ratified them, making them domestic statute as well as an international law………..

Brad Isherwood

This is just one of many targeting events by airpower that results in loss which the Central Government in Damascus is left standing alone.
Next is the Lying media and UN health/monitor scheme… (door for US NGOs to get inside and start up ..The color revolution)
Why Russia is walking side by side with this is anyone’s guess.
It’s similar to Donbass get clobbered and Russia just say Kiev is not participating in Minsk.

It is direct malice and violence moving in a disguised cover.
Russia sees this…
Possibly Russia is not ready to take the US/Empire on….
You take the punches and move…
Iran and China are both talk talk talk. ……but back away.
The Rhetoric from the US,Israel is nearly Roaring loud.
It must be frustrating to be Russia, Iran,China,Syria and have this lunatic narrative happen over and over.
Syria is busted/ruined….to go to WW 3 over Syria is not Moscow desire.
We maybe find out if Iran gets attacked and becomes decades injured while the US monster
Preys upon it.
If Nuclear option was not real. …nations would push back. ..even attack America/Empire.
Even Israel.
I do hope Hezbollah, Iran and China. ..even Syria. ..are planning to retaliate in a way which shocks the morning news reader.
The Bully is many things….until you eventually fight him….bust his nose….and he leaves.

America/Empire and Israel enjoy this bubble of invincibility. ..
Rome was sacked several times….indicating people’s can beat the power and ransack them.


So now you are unhappy about coalition striking bridges to isolate ISUS in Raqqa?
SDF and Kurds need some air support just like SAA.

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