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US-led Coalition Warplanes Accidentally Struck Kurdish Forces In Syria – Report

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US-led Coalition Warplanes Accidentally Struck Kurdish Forces In Syria - Report

US-led coalition F-15 over Euphrates Valley

Two F-15 warplanes of the US-led coalition targeted a unit of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) by mistake during the ongoing military operation against ISIS in the Euphrates Valley, the Russian news agency Sputnik reported on October 17.

As a result of the coalition airstrikes, 6 fighters of the SDF were killed and 15 others were injured. Furthermore, ISIS was reportedly able to recapture an unspecified key area in the Euphrates Valley after the incident.

“The imitation of the fight against terrorists in this region of Syria has been going on for more than six months and has been used by Washington to justify its illegal presence in this country,” a military-diplomatic source told Sputnik.

This friendly-fire incident is the most recent in a series of setbacks faced by the US-backed SDF during its operation in the Euphrates Valley. Last week, the Kurdish-dominated group lost 28 fighters during a large-scale hit and run attack of ISIS.

The SDF and the US-led coalition have not commented on Sputnik’s report so far. However, an official statement confirming or denying the incident is expected in the upcoming few hours.

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Did Russian EW play a role in this incident? More such incidents can place SDF against US coalition forces as victims of friendly fire.

John Whitehot

i don’t really think so. modern history of USAF actions is so filled with friendly fire incidents that it’s almost routine.

also check out the dozens of brits killed by mistake by USAF A-10s in both desert storm and iraki freedom.


I said that, because a few months ago US claimed its C130 gunships were having targeting issues attributed to Russian EW.

William Warren Conkright

Its never a mistake. never. I call BS on this one.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Mistakes happens, you can never 100% avoid mistakes and in war it takes very little to make a mistake but the price is much higher than an ordinary civilian mistake . So it could be an honest mistake, and it could be a planned mistake, we honestly dont know, but one can not deny that it was a very lucky mistake for ISIS, and we all know the US attitude towards ISIS


Such things do happen rather frequently in war, as does the obvious yellow reporting Sputnik is doing with the condemnation of the US presence that has nothing to do with the story. That said this is probably literal fake news since how would Sputnik possibly know what happened east of the Euphrates before anyone else did?

John Whitehot

“Such things do happen rather frequently in war”

no, they do happen frequently when the US participates in a war.

“his is probably literal fake news”

this is true and confirmed by all the medias on earth as we type.

Empire's Frontiers

Let us call it what is.

Nice shot.

Tommy Jensen

The Kurds should not take it personally, human errors and sh.t happens. We also did this in Iraq against Iraqi troops……………………..LOL. Its actually quite normal and the Kurds should get use to it. Dont listen to rumours that we informed ISIS about Kurdish positions and plans, nor bombed Kurds to help ISIS. These are conspiricy theories created by America´s enemies in Vietnam………………………LOL.


It’s quite normal for the USAF, the pilots are fed amphetamines.

Turkish Greywolves

hahaha kill each other mother fucker

Zionism = EVIL



This is not a new thing, the US killed more of its troops in Vietnam than the Vietnamese. Watch the collateral murder video that Manning leaked, and listen to the American soldier repeatedly demanding assurances that the Apache gunship would not fire on him.

They just kill, they don’t care who they kill.


Mistake ??? Not way, it was a protection action to some member of ISIS due to a misunderstood of SDF.

Zionism = EVIL

USAF is basically ISIS airforce, whenever the headchoppers are under pressure the US bombs their opponents. It is time Syria test its S-300 against the F-15 flying junk.


Indeed, both US and Zionists see ISIS and other terrorist groups including PKK as allies and they want to prolong misery for Syrian people with endless terror campaign. Nutter Yahoo and Zionist politicians have openly stated that they do not want ISIS to be destroyed. There are numerous reports and videos of US helicopters transporting ISIS terrorists from different parts of Syria. Even the Taliban posted videos of US helicopters airlifting the newly created Afghan ISIS into battle against the Taliban in Kunduz province. ISIS is basically as CIA proxy in the same vein as Osama was against USSR. The same is happening in Ukraine and Pakistani occupied Baluchistan now too where the Saudis, CIA and Zionists are using ISIS to fan terror in Iran.


Just a reminder of where the paychecks come from.

John Whitehot

remember when 2 f-15 shot down 2 US uh-60 blackhawks over Irak after identifying them as mi-24 hinds.

“how do they look like??” “They have a large rotor, and a smaller one on the tail!” “Confirmed hinds, shoot them down, let’s roll!”

helicopters destroyed and burning on the ground

“Stick a fork in ’em !” (this last phrase from the f-15 wing commander is real).

northerntruthseeker .

Yeah… Mistake…. Let’s go with that one…

And if you believe that one, I have a few pyramids to sell to you.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Make that 5 years that the US has been squatting on Syrian oil fields and arming/protecting terrorists instead of fighting them. There is a kind of poetic justice in this unfortunate incident nt.


I’ll just leave this here.

“The US campaign in Syria, including the fight for the former Islamic State capital of Raqqa, has relied heavily on the integration of close air support with American-backed proxy forces such as the Syrian Democratic Forces. Former military officers told Al-Monitor that advanced Russian electronic warfare systems could potentially be used to provide false targeting data to US troops coordinating close air support, mitigating their effectiveness.

“If [the enemy] can mess with those computers to provide wrong data, you could potentially call in airstrikes against your own position,” said Adam Routh, a research associate at the Center for a New American Security and a former Army Ranger who helped direct US close air support in Afghanistan.”

From Jack Detache at Al Monitor


Tommy Jensen

Thats exactly what I said all the time but all refused to listen to my warnings. Putin poured gasoline all over ME by hacking in on US Air-carriers, US elections and US Generals brains. Bush, Trump and Obama were all innocents.



Zo Fu

The biggest catastrophe for US would be ISIS (CIA asset) defeat by Kurdish SDF (Pentagon asset). What USA need is endless staged “fight” between them with few victims (5 Aloha Snack-bar corpses is laughable result for airstrike worth ten million dollars). Endless fight between SDF and ISIS is a good excuse for unlimited presence of unlawful and illegal US military bases on Syria soil. That’s the main purpose of this “fight”. To justify endless occupation of Syria by US forces. So when SDF is advancing too much, USAF is protecting ISIS. When ISIS is advancing too much, USAF is protecting SDF. And when they are on pair, USAF is targeting Syria civilians.

Jens Holm

The ususal main grafitti below having only evil assumptions no matter what.


If the Kurds don’t have MANPADS , Assad should give them some.

The US is like the mother-in-law that comes for a weekend visit and never leaves. You either poison the bitch or you kill yourself , there are no other choices.

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