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JULY 2020

US-led Coalition Wants To Train 40,000 “Local Forces” To “Stabilize” Northeastern Syria


US-led Coalition Wants To Train 40,000 "Local Forces" To “Stabilize” Northeastern Syria

US forces are in the outskirts of the Syrian town of Manbij

On December 6, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the U.S. Army General Joseph Dunford revealed that the US-led coalition is planning to train between 35,000 and 40,000 locals to defeat ISIS and stabilize the northeastern part of Syria.

“We estimate about 35,000 to 40,000 local forces have to be trained and equipped in order to provide stability … We are probably somewhere along the line of 20 percent through the training of those forces,” Dunford said at the “Transformers:Defense” event hosted by the Washington Post, according to the Russian news outlet Sputnik.

The general added that the U.S. still has “a long way to go” in Syria and said that its military presence there will be adjusted depending on the circumstances.

The locals, which the U.S. is planning to train and possibly to arm, will likely be a part of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The Kurdish-dominated group became the biggest U.S. proxy in Syria in the last two years after liberating most of the northeastern part of the war torn country from ISIS.

The U.S. adopted a similar plan in 2014, under which thousands of Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters were trained and equipped throughout Syria. Instead of stabilizing the situation, the plan that was authorized by former President Barack Obama, led to an unprecedented spread of terrorism in Syria and the Middle East in general.

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  • Smaug

    South Front’s strategic use of the word terrorism and quotation marks is so obvious that it is counter-productive for his purposes….

  • Pave Way IV

    This is the same Border Security Force plan they announced a year ago. Its the North Syrian Stolen Oilfield Army for the protection of coalition-friendly SDFistan from ‘invaders’ – like the Syrians – who might want their land/resources back from CENTCOM.

    This is nothing but a re-branded SDF – a PR stunt to fund the ‘new’ SDF and drop funding for the ‘old’ SDF. Both, of course, are CENTCOM’s proxy anti-Assad oilfield thief army. Maybe some snappy new uniforms and flags. And plenty of US-supplied APCs, ATGMs and MANPADS. You know… in case an ISIS armored division or the ISIS Air Force attacks them.

  • Tommy Jensen

    40 000 Kurds x $1000/mth x 12 = $480 million/year. Then you have the revenues from the best oil fields in Syria. America won again because US is a winner nation……………..LOL.

    • Jens Holm

      Far out calculation.

      They hardly can make low octane fuel for their own transportation as well as transport that much away too.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    The SDF has or had about 30,000 Kurds, about 15,000 Arabs and about 5,000 to 10,000 from all the other smaller minorities, Christians ect, wiki says they have Just 45,000 total, but I think it’s closer to 60,000 according to some other reports I’ve read. But the Kurds don’t just fight for the SDF, they have their own militias that aren’t aligned to the US or anyone else, just themselves, maybe another 10 to 20,000 and they’re usually anti Assad and anti Turk and totally pro Kurdish independence.
    But what’s becoming evident is the US is increasing the Arab presence in the SDF, and now even including ethnic Turkmen who were once FSA, and aligned to at first the US, then to Turkey, but now aligned back to the US again, are they trying to get all parties on board now, getting them all to bat for the one team, maybe. The fact the wiki’s saying only 45,000 SDF but they had 30,000 Kurds to start off with, added another 15,000 Arabs, another 10,000 other minorities, means there’s 10,000 missing, could it be some of the original 30,000 kurds have already left the SDF and joined their unaligned brothers in the other factions, maybe.

    • Jens Holm

      Seizes and level sometimes are ver difficult. If You fx say 60.000 compaed to 45.000 most of the difference can be supply in fx making food and transport being maybe old being only armed and no real troops. I dont know if any of those numbers are correct.

      If You take the 45.000 its also normal, You have hard troops, keepers of, what they ccomplish and “gurads” just keeping it as thin lines.

      USA dont increase anything. Arabs in SDF has grown by more support for the whole project as well as land with only arabs has beeen taken back for ISIS.

      Those arabs has seen that the SDF cimmunist, marxist, rubber thieves, bad people are much better, then they aleays have feares. An d the other way too. YPG+J has changed from unrealistic self Governess into inclusing all. The first very good example was the take og Manbij, where the Old leaders of the town were a equal part of the SDFs and as locals were evacuaters of many 1000 from the town.

      SDFs was not as barabarich, as they heard an thought and as minimum better then ISIS and Assads were far away(and still is) Assads not even could come close to Al Bab.

      There has been Turkmen in SDF from the start. Its well docúmented. Turkmen are 2 different oppinions. Thats well seen and descriebed.

      You might find a map and see Turkmen lives(loved) 3 places in Syria and by that are different emmigrants too.

      True many deads in tha SDF sector need morenew ones to defend or die.

      THATS the whole POINT.

      Many countries has forced description. We had. Why ? Well why should voluneers die for You. Is it then Your country or not. Thats what it is. If You are a part of it, You participate, if You can(by tradition only men in the front).

      So its for defending all living there and virtulaly,that the non defenders should not be there. Of course there are other ways too. One important is to pay tax to the war, but they mainly can. But they can handle a riffle as well as other things in an army of the low capasity one.

      It also unite all being equal and is easier to coordinate even “big” and “light”. By that all also are told they are CITICENS and are learned Assads, ISIS, FSA and the many etnich groups run the business but SDF(PYD) dies in the upper level.

      If You compoare schoolbooks, its same same. The infected religios parts as well as it teachers has to be replaced. A good teacjer should not learn that most of everybody else are bad people and everything some nationalistic hostory books as well as bible things are wrong.

      I see that as very important for the future for ME. Almost everything is main signed as WAS – NO CHANGE. That certainly include Assads as well as Sharia.

      Whatever Marxisme in the PYD is, its makes a better much more advanced influence and a needed grid for possible progres. The main factor for that is big local influende in imnportant local matters. Those are not seen i Damaskus (or Moscow).

      But they also are not seen in closed tribes, etnicities, ISIS, FSA, Assads – So in Syria You today only was learned, that Assads are the only thing and too much sharia is very Bad.

      The forced recruitement by that is no american thing apart for more soldiers. Its a unificative help for sekularisme(which here is structured as mild decentralized marxime).

  • Xoli

    USA is again busy to integrate its ISIS terrorist in another Syrian sabotage extremist force.Trump and his USA Pentagon distractive forces are violating Syrian soil by built bases and moving and protecting terrorists.If Syrian forces move in Euphrates USA falsely destroys terrorists but if Syrian forces stop USA terrorists SDF loses territory.But the same Nato terrorist organization sees the other countries as violating territorial integrity after instigating them against Russia.

    • Jens Holm

      In which country ?

  • Brother Ma

    Well if it is training these militias need ,then they should tell Uncle Sam ,no thanks maybe hext time. He has been training Afghani militia for seventeen years without success. Jesus will return to shake the hand of Yankee Evangelicals before America actually manages to train a militiaman! Hahahah

    • Jens Holm

      Thats no milisia but an army.

      The Miliias of today are under own command. An army ís under Governess command.

      Even its another country, its easy to compare with Iraq. The Barzani mistake was that only one Peshmerga of 11 supported his kind of country making keeping land outside the constitution.

      Well it was a mistake to give that stupis try as well.

  • Redadmiral

    Yanki/Zionist Cockroaches forever interfering, forever creating fuck-up after fuck-up which will eventually have to be cleared up by the SAA and it’s allies. Seems there has to be at least a serious regional war to sort this out.

  • You can call me Al

    LOL, they just do not learn from history; stupid Yanker bastards.

  • jorge

    40,000 futur deserters, because they have no reason, besides bandit reasons, to fight their own country. The SAA are an patriotic army, these guys recruited by the yankees are nothing.