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US-led Coalition Troops Clash With Turkish-backed Militants Near Syria’s Manbij (Video)

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On October 15, troops of the US-led coalition clashed with “unknown” militants near the Syrian city of Manbij, which is controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). While the coalition avoids to point out that they were members of some Turkish-backed  group, there are little doubts in this.

“They [coalitions forces] received gunfire from undisclosed persons and returned fire, and it ended quickly, skirmish at best,” spokesman for the US-led coalition Colonel Sean Ryan told Kurdistan 24. “But we don’t know who fired and it was during a US-MMC [Manbij Military Council] patrol.”

The MMC is a part of the SDF. The body had been established in order to hide a large presence of Kurdish militas in the area. The reason is that Turkey sees Kurdish militias as terrorists and a large threat to the Turkish national security.

“US troops stationed in Manbij clash with the Turkish-backed armed factions. On the 15th of this month, the armed Turkish-backed factions targeted the village of Bughaz in Manbij,” journalist Hoseng Hesen wrote on Twitter. He also released a video on the incident.

More about the Turkish strategy in northern Syria:

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The good news is that the Turks have discontinued their intrigues to infiltrate Manbij without a fight. The bad news is that their proxies are now vying for control of the no man’s land…


The bad news is that Mossad and IDF are there. The good news is that they and their sycophants will be leaving.

Jens Holm

You should not have used Your globe as football.

You can call me Al

Turkey vs. the US.

You must vote for one side to win……… wow, that is one serious mind bender……… I go Turkey, or mutual eradication.

JoJo Rox

TFSA vs the US… we already know who wins that.


We Must remember, Erdegon is bent on securing a foothold and Claim onto an Otoman Empire.
For this to hapten, A Major Power must be defeated.
Erdegon is looking for any opertunity. Russia USA and China must be careful.


It looks like the US is planning to occupy eastern Syria long term, another Afghanistan for the USA.
They will spend billions, just because they refuse to accept they have been defeated.
This is obviously bad for Syria, but also bad for the USA, every dollar they spend bombing weddings, means a dollar less to spend on the American people. Also those dollars are all either borrowed or printed, the Emperor has no clothes.
Their end is near, and it can’t come soon enough.

Jens Holm

Same as usual.You learn nothing even told many times. Same old schratsy LP.

Brother Ma

Turks and yankees need to get the fcuck out of Syria NOW!

Jens Holm

20% in the Manbij Count are kurds. They truly are´the reason for ISIS not being there anymore.

Those YPG – whatever was trained in Afrin and Kobani as refugees to fight back and added by others.

The author seemes to prefare ni facts about it át all. Dyring the taking back I – as today – see Turks using ancient maps and data again and again. One og many good examples are thye only count Manbij Town and even so in the old days. They ignore almost all rural districts has big minorities of kurds there.

Its the same at Al Bab. Even Qabasin was a a total kurdisk town of 11.000 inhabitants, its never is mentioned as kurdish at all.

Systematic propaganda of the worst from AKP. True some extra YPG came in, but off course its again the Turkish honor and respect kodex, that people shoot back, so they are not heroes by auto anymore.

Unfortunatly it seemes to be the only thing Turks understand.

Public elected moderate Kurds in Turkey are jailedand herashed and by that the only opposition is PKK being not.

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