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US-Led Coalition Strikes Hit ISIS Chemical Weapons Storage in Iraq & More than 20 ISIS Targets in Syria

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The US-led coalition’s airstrikes hit chemical weapons storage of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in Iraq, as well as more than 20 targets in Syria.

US-Led Coalition Strikes Hit ISIS Chemical Weapons Storage in Iraq & More than 20 ISIS Targets in Syria

Photo: USAF / Staff Sgt. Greg L. Davis / Reuters

Chemical weapons storage of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group near the Iraqi city of Huwayjah was hit by the US-led coalition’s airstrikes on Wednesday, a statement of the US Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve read on Thursday.

“Near Al Huwayjah, two strikes engaged the Daesh [IS] chemical weapons storage facility and destroyed a rocket system, a rocket rail, and a mortar system,” the statement revealed.

A total of ten strikes, coordinated with the country’s government, were conducted by the coalition in Iraq. According to the Task Force, tactical units, headquarter buildings, explosives factories, and inoperable coalition equipment of the IS were destroyed by the airstrikes.

More than 20 IS supply routes, oil tanker trucks, and oil well heads were destroyed by eight additional airstrikes in Syria, the statement read.

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Carol Davidek-Waller

Now there’s no way to compare the chemical foot print of the chemical weapons the US is trying to blame on the SAA. Way to go US.

Jens Holm

Syria is well known to have a lot of expertice around chemical weapond. So its both. Dont free Assads for they doing it too.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Not quite a year ago the US’s terrorist army unleashed a chemical attack Syrian civilians. As is their wont, the US accused the Syrian government. They stuck to their lies even as it was proven that the chemicals used in the attack were not military grade and not the same as the SAA had access to. Later on ingredients and shells were found in terrorist tunnels. As the Syrians were winning the war, again) they had absolutely no reason to resort the use of banned weapons unlike ‘the rebels’ (western backed foreign fighters. Still the press carried on about the SAA and how terrible they were.
Putin brokered a face saving solution. All of the Syrians chemical weapons were removed under supervision. America didn’t have to admit it was lying and the Syrians could never again be accused of using chemical weapons.
US ‘strategists’ rely on the lack of integrity of the press and the short memories of their readers to perpetuate lie upon lie and mislead us.

Jens Holm

Well, its very easy to make several of these gases. It was made in large scale in WW1 and syrians has had the biggest amount of them until they only kept as many as they still could be a threat/defense against Israel.

SAA & Co use, what they got. A very good example are the hundreds of barral bombs dumped by helicopter.

Starvation mainly of civilians is another. Dont tell me, Im lying about this and other matters.

Its not needed to make weapons to military grade. Even John Wayne could r put barrels of gunpaowder on a waggon and ignete and send it to the enemies. Its done with fireships for centuries and have same motto:

If You dont have ressources for the real stuff, then invent the amateur stuff.

You and I could do at the kitchentable by using internet and a kitchentable, if You have a kitchentab´le and then get it into a tank by a compressor.

Look at all the devastating home made bombs even using tea pots. No problem for Assads to do chemical warfare in village scale.

And dont call med liar. I dont.

Carol Davidek-Waller

You missed the point. The SAA’s supply of chemical weapons were removed under supervision. http://www.military.com/daily-news/2014/06/24/last-of-syrias-chemical-weapons-removed.html

Jens Holm

Well, You missed my point. Its very easy to make 2 kinds of gas by low tecnology equipment which you easy can find all over the world by anybody.

You want a link for it and having a try, so You buy the right stuff for: Cl2 + H2O -> HCl + O2)

and a compresser and a vent/air hole, at a strong tank.

ISIS can – And Assads cant – well

Carol Davidek-Waller

Troll tales.

Brad Isherwood

US supposedly bombed ISIS for nearly 2 years
result – ISIS overan half of Syria while stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil went into Turkey..all under
the All seeing Satellite Dollar Eye of the US

History will ask why Russia and Iran dragged their feet on the Syrian conflict

Russia could put 3 airborne divisions in.. quick secure Raqqa and Der Ezzor…while Iran marches in 15 000 soldiers with mechanized

The US and Saudi would have to bomb both to stop the inevitable

Even money the Jihad are Internet wise and reason it’s over…run for your lives.

By the way…How does a Vietnam War puppet
who throws his medals over the Whitehouse fence …becoming anti war sock puppet.
become Sec of State and bomb everyone?

This is weirder than any Twilight Zone
episode or X Files.


Must agree with you , as Syria is Russia’s ally , back it up seriously . Iran can not do it alone . A real Russian presence , would balance Iran’s , and keep Turkey from getting any ideas of claiming Syrian oil fields . This war could be over before the next US President takes office .

Jens Holm

Could have -Could have. …Very naive description too.

Think those russians and iranians would be defeated after a month or 2. ISIS was much stronger than and had many heavy weapons.

And a small thing. Oil are not only running out by the turks even if its a very important one. Oil goes via Latakia too andre a lot of it are used local and in local countries.

You also forget ISIS is not – and wasnt- the only “opposition” one – in Syria. Assads might be gone in stead.

I dont know Iranian troops vere well, but Im sure they are better then Assads. Russians might have learned something from their advanture in tjetjenia and kaukasus.

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