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US-led Coalition Strikes Hezbollah Fighters Combating ISIS In Syrian Desert – Reports

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US-led Coalition Strikes Hezbollah Fighters Combating ISIS In Syrian Desert - Reports

FILE IMAGE: af.mil

The US-led coalition has carried out an airstrike on Hezbollah fighters fighting ISIS in the Syrian desert, SkyNews Arabia reported on Monday citing own corresponded.

According to the report, 8 Hezbollah members were killed in the raid.

Further reports suggested that the incident took place near T-3 Pumping Station in the province of Homs where the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah had recently repelled a large ISIS advance.

This airstrike was allegedly delivered by an US combat drone, most likely MQ-9 Reaper.

If confirmed, the airstrike could be described as a direct assistance to the ongoing ISIS advance against pro-government forces in central Syria.

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The US must be in complete panic mode to do this.


If true , it would certainly add fuel to the charges that the USAF is in fact supporting ISIS troops on the ground .


Why you feel doubt?


Because CNN have not verified it yet :)

jhon malakiat



Trump has said CNN is a fake news channel. So you follow fake news channels.

Jaime Galarza

He’s being sarcastic.


I think its important to look at all the channels , propaganda or not. At least 50% of the US and likely all the Western people live in a CNN style information bubble of Western Excellence.

Most of us here realise that their ‘ information bubble’ contradicts the reality on the ground. We look at all opinions and weigh them against Reality and usually find the US narrative a pack of lies and obfuscation.


CNN is administered by Zionist chairman.


I am fully aware of that. Only by listening to their twisting of facts and manufactured lies can we hope understand their strategy.

Truth and logic are the enemies of Zionism.

Jens Holm

So what. Most people apart from You are able to add and minus that. You certainly are in Your own peculiar way putting Zionist and hate into all ou write like a blur filter to all You are.

To me they are mainly democratic party friendly and I add and minus from that point of view. I would care much and do, when medies are from several countries where You get jial, tortured and killed for having a second oppinion.

Here I make more minus and less plus.


Replace the word “most” with “some” and we’d be in complete agreement.

Jens Holm

You are kind of right, but too may here has a base of total manipulated stuff to ad western information to.

You have to see how many stars the people talking have and what part, they are talking for and about.


US is since WW2 known for dividing military jobs out and trust the militaries. They dont change that and things all the time. By that the military gets relative free in methods and win military victories.

But then You too often get a gab to the political part. Thats one of the reason for military succes but political has a much lower level and some fiaskos.

US militaries are not in dayli commond and dialog with their politicians and some politicians in USA hasnt much to say exept as free to speak having an oppinion.

You have to add that US is a big country, therefore You also by that has many free to speak.


There is less danger for arrogant rulers when Free Speech is diminished by a lack of knowledge within the population. This is most apparent in the USA today.

Jens Holm

Very optimistic to use Trump. He is totally instabile.

Tommy Jensen

Daily Beast tells the truth because they are liberals and want sustainable green environment and gay liberty.


A ‘sustainable green environment is unlikely to facilitate the American Dream and her vast military. Gay Liberty is not going to sustain the American population.

Jens Holm

Thats oneof the better ones.

Monte George Jr

Because nothing is verified until it’s denied on CNN.

Jens Holm


Jens Holm

Why do You fell the opposite ?



America is the mother of all terrorists. U.S. Senator John McCain and Hillary Clinton: we have been funding and arming ISIS, FSA, Al-Qaeda and Taliban all the time.

US creating, funding and arming all terrorist to kill millions of innocent civilians and to create instability in the world. Under conspiracies US dividing nations and their lands in the world and stop their ways to prosperity and development.

Samuel Boas

Why is the video edited with the stupid voice overs. Makes it highly unreliable.

Jens Holm

Its kind of manipulated, but You have to believe corners are tru – McCain is more in Trump in these matters.

Tommy Jensen

If America did that, it was because of freedom. Because USA would never do that if it was not to make democracy and give suppressed people their freedom back under a dictatorship. Obongabunga himself said that to me last year and Obongabunga is always nice dressed, parfumed and he has also a nice family. I love Obumbagunga.

Jens Holm

Funny version of it out of context.

Jens Holm

Thats right, its dirty fuel. Why should they go out there at all, its not their turf – and 8 lousy Hesbollahs ?.

Jens Holm

I dont believe its them at all. US deny too.


The US government and military tells many lies all the time.

Abu Big Dick


Borna Artuković

Unfortunately Russia just watch how zionist,americans bomb hezbollah,saa units ! this is a clear fact ..hezbollah soldiers die every day ! :(

jhon malakiat

even when russia general died, russia still keep calm in front of usa.

maybe russia trying so hard not to make a world war 3 with usa..

Harold Smith

They can only delay ww3, not prevent it. The Satanic jewish collective that runs the corrupt West demands it. Russia and China will have to strike first.

jhon malakiat

forget china. their loyalty is for money. they will not involved in ww3 with russia against usa zionist.

if there is the strongest ally for russia when fighting against usa zionis then he is hizbullah, syria and iran. I do believe if russia fight against usa zionis, then all shia fighter around the world will fight along side with russia..


Good point.

Cheryl Brandon

Surface to air long missiles Hezbollah: kaboom//kaboom/kaboom to the USA.You have to take those jets out of the air! They are the snakes! You are the Liberators; You have been invited;They are are illegally flying without permission!


A good political and military intelligence, weapons and well trained enough army strength is needed for Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Yemen to stop division, further bloodshed and destruction of these countries.


The US and Israel are desperately trying to provoke a response that the Western MSM will seek to justify an US/Israeli action in an attempt to further the ILLEGAL US Military aggression in Syria. Only such a US response can hope salvage anything from the mess they have ILLEGALLY created.


I wonder how they could use a blown up US camp and soldiers inside Syria.


Like Afghani Taliban.


In Afghanistan they have UN resolutions legally backing their presence there and an invitation from their puppet government. No legal reason for US soldiers to be in Syria exists.


Yes but still Taliban winning from US, NATO and Israel.

Jens Holm

I dont see, they are winning more then they had. Some seem to forget that uprises and many others in Afghanistan already had made chaos.

By that the few communist was the only kabaul power of importence, and Russians came in.

THEN USA came in by Qaida and Stingers because USSR shouldnt take over too much.

You forget Afghanistan already was a chaos. I agree US and we should never have been in that far out outfit. They have always kiled each other random down to not working goat tits, when they buy and sell their women, cars and like that.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The UN is an illegal organisation in which the minority rich voted to control the world over all the indigenous tribal peoples of the world. UN is enemy of indigenous Europeans, and Asians, and Africans and Middle Easterners and even the indigenous Indians of South America who are currently ruled over by a class of Hispanic-Supremacist-bigots. http://ihr.org/

Jc Plancarte

What the F*ck are you drewling about, you stupid brainwashed leftist bigot!!!! Ask yourself why there are such large indigenous Amerindian and mixed Amerindian-Spanish people in South America, Central America and Mexico. Then, ask yourself why that is not the case in the USA!!!! Find the answers to these questions and see that your stupid, ignorant comment about “Hispanic-Supremacist-bigots” does not hold any water. the only bigot around here, seems to be you!!! You ignorant, anti_hispanic, brainwashed, crazy leftist idiot!!!!


How is it illegal?

Jens Holm

UN started to try to avoid a WW3 and by the winners of it. At that time those small countried´s hardly existed and around 180 nations are members today.

If it wasnt worth anything or something better was possible, it wasnt there.

Millions of refugees incl all the ones in the middle east is feeded by it incl. all in gaza and the main parts of the millions of Syria and Iraq.

Those money come from all over the world but mainly from the rich ones, You dont like. There are paid after BNP and inhabitants, so dont tell its worthless.

Some small poor countries jas their tickets payd by us, so they at least have one free voice to the rest of the world by United Nations.

It obvio´s you dont know anything about it because its censured away by Your goverments, which dont give You normal human right and treat you like spendable sheep.

But that was what UN was made for. You are not sheep. You write like manipulated little sheep prefaring dicatatorwolfs can eat you any time and You cant vote them away because they have guns to and run you by fear.

Thats why. Because UN see so much low human right, where poeple hardly are treated as humans fx in Syria, Your masters dont like it and tell You should stay as own by them like the baaah sheep.

Thats what You write here. You are a good sheep liking to have more rights, because You are just sheep and spendable.

And of course You also have learned, that all 400.000 dead and 8-10 mio refugees in fx Syria is made by UN, USA, Nato, EU, jews, zinist a.s.o.

Only some is. The main part is Your table, if you have one. You are raised to be not responsible for the most important things in You miserable life being fatalists of the worst kind.

You doint grab the day. You just sit on Your ears as Your msaters tell You.


Learn from Afghani Taliban. How they attacks on American and NATO military bases. 70% Afghanistan is in control of Taliban now. With in 50 years America, NATO and Israel couldn’t succeeded in their missions in Afghanistan and their failure is mentioned on MSM. Taliban organization does not has enough strength but their strategy works.


Their strategy only really works if they have the support of civilians where they operate, either by genuine support or coercion. It is obviously working though and I suspect most of the Taliban support is genuine. No one likes to live in a land invaded by strangers, especially by strangers who make no effort to understand another religion with all its customs.

Jens Holm

You forget the many uprises has been there before and also before Ottomans collopsed. You not only has kurds in that. You have shiits in Iraq as well as the tribers along Eufrat from Raqqa to Ramadi.

Your version has a great lack there, but it fits fine into the new constructed nationalistic versions as worst.

There was no calm all over most of the time. Some hard against Kurdish uprisers in northers Syria as well as 1000`s deportations only make calm for a short while. You also forget old assad systematicticly bombarded people in Aleppo till bigger town were ruble and they were gassed hard too.

Real Anti-Racist Action

That is a good life lesson if the indigenous natives of European ancestral home lands are to liberate their tribal lands. They will need to adopt Afghan and Irish tactics to use against Mi6 and CIA and Mossad forces who are currently in control over their ancestral home lands.

Jens Holm

More like Middle East should regain the ottoman regions as states or primitive Emirates. As long as the structure is so simplified, Your goverments hardly runt the artificial countries unless they kill the ones, they dont like.

An example coukd be regaining Aleppo, Raqqa, tripolis and diabakir and make old Syria by Ottomans south and smaller. At that time in 1856 You also had a mesopomatia, where the northern part were several small states to. Actual there was a Kurdistand as today as well as the city of Mosul was it own too. Fx Mosul is so much its own, You cant fit it in today as well.

jhon malakiat

with spirit of Imam Hussein, hizbullah should not retreat from syrian war. hizbullah must help their brother in syria at any cost. even if russia dont protecting them when usa snake strike them.

keep it fight and strong, our beloved brother, hizbullah.

go go go hizbullah. crush isis completely..

Jens Holm

Im sure Netanyahu support this. He might even fight You kill each other.

Trustin Judeau

So the US led anti Syrian coalition attacks Hezbollah – nothing surprising really


Coming from a Saudi source the report is suspect. And without further confirmation, it may be fake news that’s part of a psyop campaign.

Richard Noel Hedditch

Nah. Your Trump is a Zionist -Wahabbist scumbag.


We have to wait and see if IRIB, Press TV, Sputnik or Hezbollah’s own outlets confirm it. It’s not far fetched if such attack takes place. If true, I guess the location was too far for Israelis to shoot at them from their own of Lebanese airspace.


Predator drones are pretty big and slow. I question if one would be allowed in that area.


I’m not saying it definitely happened, but there is the possibility. You are right about the Predator speed, but they are relatively small (long but narrow hull and wings) and have a 7.5km service ceiling. If the US attacked using them, a look on the map shows you they could come from the ISIS controlled area near T3 which they have immunity.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

ISIS has no control in T3 area as that is all under SAA this was an Israeli reaper came from special forces operating with ISIS. Both the US and Israel have been operating this way for 2 years like that as it was a missile and not a mortar.


The Houthi’s took one down just days ago in Yemen – presumably with MANPAD.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Israeli troops are both in Syria and Iraq , the US said this was outside the AO and the reaper they didn’t know who was operating it. This could have been an Israeli op since they control ISIS in this region as they are it’s command center in central, the North is US south is KSA.

Astar Roth

Absolutely. Three months ago they’ve been saying that Yemeni fired a mid range rocket to Riyadh, and they’ve intercepted it with I guess a electirc camel umbrella shield. Oh wright, that is right, Yemenis are so stupid and,… Yeah they have mid range surface to surface missiles. They CAN’T DO a sheat to Yemen, that’s why they’re making things so grossly stupid!


And what had to happen has finally happened. There was no way the US could sit back and allow the Syrian situation to de-escalate. The attack occured well east of the Euphrates, well within Russia’s imaginary sphere of influence. Sadly, there is a chance that Russia will not stick up for Hezbollah, but that would be a huge mistake. Let’s hope the Kurds get there first dose of Russian love within the next 24.


T3 is central between Damascus and Dier Ezzor , and would be an ideal recon hub , as well as a natural refuel supply feeding the D/E airport . It could become ” Drone Central ” RQ 170’s by the hundreds , it just needs a little Iranian support . Where are those new helicopters .

Timoteo Tufuga

Question I’d like to ask is how on Earth can an Islamic State a non sovereign entity without any formal armed forces manage to contrive a fully mobilised mechanised Armoured units made up of numerous battle tanks and armoured vehicles, when they can not possibly have any logistical infrastructures implaced so as to conduct a massive strategic and tactical counter offensive against a formidible Superpower like Russia and the Syrian Army to the West of their strongpoints and a Kurdish military force, that is backed by the US Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, within the Syrian Democratic Front, (SDF) to the East of the Euphrates River; and, from the North West, another fully strengthened Turkish Army sweeping from the north west, and, yet, IS are not only resisting these overwhelming forces, but, are also conducting a counter offensive? How is this possible? And, where do they get their weapons, and heavy Armour, from? Who is supplying them, and surely, after five years of intense fighting? they never seem to exhaust their war machinary? Even World War Two only lasted for five years, at a cost of nearly 50 million lives?

On the most recent campaign in Deir Ez Zor, What has made Deir Ez Zor, which is less than 10 kilometres from north to south, which has taken over a month of intense house to house, street to street, fighting, with overwhelming force, and, yet, the IS has still managed to outlast the combined overwhelming force from West and East of Deir Ez Zor? In Syria itself the current conflict to eradicate a Motley Crew of religious fanatic mercenaries, or Fedayeen fighters, has taken over five years? Surely, the IS must surely include local fighters joining them in resisting externalised liberators? And where are they being supplied? Surely, if you cut the logistical material supply lines, the war will surely be well and truly over. Unless, there is something more pervasive that we are unaware of?


That’s the correct path: Follow the money. This war exhausted both Iraq and Syria. Without state support, terror groups can not operate in such level. A more accurate assessment would start with “Without United States support….” ISIS is now a global franchise, not only the years of fight didn’t weaken them, they managed to infect from Libya to Philippines.

jhon malakiat

and in Indonesia as well. in my country, the speed of growth wahhabi radicals make me worried..


Poverty is their best friend. They erect their “Madrasa”s in poor areas, give free accommodations, furniture, meals, loans, you name it, so they attract the most economically vulnerable part of the host societies. They ask for nothing in return at first, until the participants become “ready” and do the unthinkable. Then they take care of their families financially. You are absolutely right to be worried. Wahhabi schools are the exact opposite of most Christian missions in poor parts of the world. Instead of health, education and job they bring destabilization, chaos and death in exchange for a few petrodollars.

Jens Holm

You might read Your Chorans. Muhammed took land after 11 years hard united arab and after that took great parts of Africa, Europe and Asia by murdering, plundering & rape.

Muhammed didnt invent that way of financing, but the great expansioned stopped or got delayed, when ther was nothing left others has produced by hard work.

So – no offence – ISIS- can be in power like Mafiosas as well as drug cartells with no support of any state. Of course sponsers can make it easyer. But dont underestimate crimes.

ISIS has a long list of crimes incl. bankrobbing, oilselling, funding, slave labour for onl food, selling old archeology stuff, women and incl. free wifes help to for the private economy


I have read Quran, as well as the Old and New Testament, the version of Talmud I could find and some other religious books. Have you? If yes, show me where in Quran the things you claim is written. If you can’t, kindly be quiet.

Our prophet NEVER left Arabia, let alone “murdering”, plundering” and “raping” parts of Africa, Europe and Asia. (do you know about his ascension? Does it count as leaving Arabia? ) The expansion of Islam is not a black and white subject, and it didn’t happen the way you described. You can’t promote a religion by force because people will follow their “former” religion secretly and as soon as you stop forcing, people will revert and abandon your forced religion. Do you know such reversion in Islamic lands? Take into consideration that even after the Mongol invasion (they didn’t care about religion, except their own Yasa) initially but converted to Islam later. I wonder who could force them?

Muslims inherited the might of Persia after it’s conversion and subsequent wars with Byzantine was just continuation of Persia’s confrontation with it and the rest is history. The only part Muslims (Moors) expanded by invasion was Andalusia and even there they didn’t force anybody to convert. You can read sources about the religious freedom there and then. If you don’t feel like searching, just holler and I’ll post some sources. Tamerlane, Sultan Mahmoud of Ghaznavid dinesty and then Moguls invaded northern India too and they didn’t force the locals to convert, so did Nadir Shah. These wars happened everywhere. Can you claim Prussia’s or Napoleon’s wars were religious battles? It’s the same.

I didn’t take offence, but you are plain wrong. ISIS is not comparable to the Mafia in any category. Mafia is a local phenomenon, ISIS is global. The sheer amount of logistics needed for their operations smashes your claim, but you are free to stick to whatever floats your boat, just don’t expect others find it logical. Even if we accept that ISIS finances itself by selling oil, antiques and slaves, we still need to find the outside buyers. ISIS cannot turn ancient artifacts and crude oil into military hardware, somebody exchanges it for them. The question is WHO?

We know very well WHO created, funded, armed and supported ISIS and other so-called Islamic terror groups. Don’t look further than US, NATO and their ME allies. What a shocker!

Aen RaBeon

Well said man.


Short answer – billions of dollars of NATO and Gulf State supplied weaponry – bought primarily in Bulgaria and shipped and flown to Turkey for distribution to ‘rebels ‘by NATO/Gulf/Turkish intelligence operatives, who work in the combined strategic control room in south Turkey guiding militant’s operations. Straight out of these deliveries to range of proxies ISIS has ‘taxed’ munitions and weapons that pass through their checkpoints and territory – the ‘coalition’ well know this and accept it as both inherent cost, and a bonus, insofar, as the weaponry in all reality will be used primarily against SAA forces. As for armor – Turkish military engineers have been identified as patching and cannibalizing battlefield chassis for various militants. In one known case the Saudi’s purchased a bulk order of over 100 older T-55’s from eastern Europe and these were shipped to Turkey for assessment and repairs before being delivered into Syria to militants – and again, how many ended up in ISIS hands by variety of means is moot point. NATO and Gulf States have poured colossal orders of weaponry into Syria on the scale that defies belief.


And back that up with a large number of motivated believers , the Wahhabi jihadists who , “War for God” . Saudi Arabia has been promoting this ideology world wide , with billions of dollars , for the last thirty-five years , they make for cheap cannon fodder , and they come from all over the world .

jhon malakiat

goos point. wahabi fight for dead meanwhile, syria and russia fight for human life. different point of view make different strategy in the ground..

jhon malakiat

very good answer..


Thank you – appreciated.

Divesh Kumar

Very good question battery. However I must appreciate your innocence. The drivers of ISIS are: 1) Terror- initially they used a combination of crude terror(head chopping and point blank shooting) to thrive and lured mentally retarded dudes from all over the world, thanks to all the US allies especially turkey. 2) Combat trained: ISIS is thought to be composed of saddam Era army men and lately many chechens who are very hard core fighters 3)Inefficient SAA- initially SAA was like any Arabian army. The rise of some truly marvelous generals like Issam zehredine and suheil al Hasan have helped lately turned the tide. Russian, Iranian and hezbollas help was vital. 4)US direct support- as Israel US and EU saw an opportunity they provided direct support to ISIS. 5)Monetory and sexual motivation- around 90 % of the external recruits joined ISIS in Syria for money and girls. Many many other factors are also there but support from West and Gulf monarchies is pivotal reason for ISIS capabilities

Tommy Jensen

Well there is more between heaven and earth than we know about and this is one of them.

Many Western people spend a lifetime to find out about these things, and still get nowhere.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Even shorter answer to fill in the gap – these guys are the former BAATH Army of Saddam Hussein they never surrendered nor gave up their equipment and were in the Al Qaim region which the US kept everyone away from.Why every time a plan of attack is launched there is always something or someone blocking it, from the US side. These guys are the core but they are just Sunni Salafists and fight for money.

Jens Holm

Warfare is not a new thing. You are fallen for those people are primitive in all matters. I would advice you to forget understanding anything if You are in that low talent, whatever the reasons are.

I rememeber how it was in irak with the carbomb detonations, where so many were surprices ISIS/Qaida was able to use carphones and watches as help for detonation.

You are in that level and Im sure you have better hobbies then this and should join them.

No offence, I dont look down at you, but I cant be into everything with talent myself.


US now can compare to SOLON from The load of the rings.

Richard M


คงศักดิ์ วงศ์ชูศรี


Tommy Jensen

The load of what…bs?


¿ do you believe this ? …..¿ yes ? you are so naive.

John Whitehot

i’m inclined not to believe this shit too. just yesterday the houtis blown a reaper drone out of the sky.

ISIS is being manhandled all over the place. and the source of the news ? Lmao.

Expect both Saudi and Israeli medias to pull this kind of stunts indefinitely – especially when it comes to make the US appear more inclined to perform actions to their advantage than they really are.


This does it! It’s time for Syrian/Russian air force to strilke SDF Teach these Muricans a lesson. If US wants to slow down SAA gains then SAA should slow down US coalition’s gain.

Solomon Krupacek

cowards has never time

Tommy Jensen

You should do it first. When you have done it I will also do it.


It was not a US airstrike but rather Russian friendly fire. I guess they all appeared the same to them

John Whitehot

dutchnational is it you?? XDD


Or Travis Kelso or Bill Wilson…New trolls almost everyday now. Also Al Masdar News is under attack apparently…back online, but content is over 3 days old. Zionists are getting desperate. Now a shooting in Nevada…50 dead, 200 wounded. Super bowl security changed to same as WTC. Shit is getting real.


Apparently the killer in Las Vegas was white so it can’t have been terrorism. The attack in Canada was by someone not-white so it’s a terrorist attack, like the one in France, defo. USukzio attacks in Syria aren’t terrorist though, apparently.


My bad. G4S is the outfit that the Orlando shooter worked for and is the new security for the SB. What is similar with WTC is that it also had it’s security company changed shortly before the ‘attack’.

John Whitehot

new names more than new trolls. it’s prolly the same couple of dudes getting old trying to agitprop half of the internet.


Well, that didn’t take long.

We have our first denial from Haartznews, I hope I don’t ruin anyone’s lunch by linking Haartznews.


So the Pentagon thinks it may have been a Russian accident?


providing air support for friendly forces on the ground.nothing to surprise us here

Tommy Jensen

Still no Syrian anti-air missile system in place. The Houtis in Yemen are better off with Iran in 2 years than SAA 6 years with Russia in Syria. What about letting Iran provide anti-air missile system to Syria/Assad while we are waiting another 6 years for the liberals in moscow?

You are absolutely right. Like when it came to light that Israel had all the codes to Syria’s AA Russian made defenses. Someone in Russia’s real loyalty is to Israel, passing on all Russian secrets to Israel who hates the Russian’s for being a bunch of dumb Goyim’s anyway. Iran has proven itself, and that it truly stands by what it knows is right and by it’s allies no matter the cost. This is good character. I know Russia is not the bad guy, but they sure could be a lot better to. People like you are I would respect Russia a lot more if they simply sold or gave the proper air protection over to the Syrian people. This is the amicable and honorable thing to do for ones alli. http://ihr.org/

Solomon Krupacek

hezbollahu akbar!

Christians in the middle east such as in Palestine also say Allah Akbar, because God actually, truly is great, and humans and Angles are faulty. We have made a mess with Sin, and God has giving the remedy to correct us after we each stand through trials. Then we will be judged rightfully as we shall. Then those who chose to follow will live with our awesome God forever and ever, Amen.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Where is the Russian air cover why is Russia to slow to act.If it’s nuclear weapons that USA posses then let every country have nuclear weapons.

888mladen .

How far is that radar station from T3? Still no MANPADs. It seems like RU gives a damn thing to protect Hezbollah. It’s careful not to upset Zionist entity. It looks like Hezbollah is just a terrorist organization for them while Israhell is a legitimate state.

Jens Holm

Very manipulative accusation. More like an accusation as worst.

Abu Big Dick

IS takes shit from no one and works with no one and fights everyone while giving ZERO FUCKS https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1622493d5e61a36c086538bfb873554391442722fd064ef88f959cd3d49513a5.gif

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