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US-led Coalition Ships More Weapons To Kurdish Forces In Northeastern Syria

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US-led Coalition Ships More Weapons To Kurdish Forces In Northeastern Syria

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The US-led coalition sent a convoy consisting of dozens of trucks loaded with military equipment, weapons and ammunition to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on February 3, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

“Despite the American decision to withdraw troops from Syria, which was approved by President Donald Trump on December 19 of 2018, the US-led coalition continue to send reinforcements from Iraqi Kurdistan to Eastern Euphrates,” the SOHR’s reports reads.

The UK-based monitoring group said that the new supplies were distributed between several bases of the US-led coalition in northeastern Syria. From there, the supplies will likely be handed over to SDF forces.

This weapons delivery coincided with reports of a US-Turkish agreement to establish a safe-zone in northeastern Syria. Under the supposed agreement, the SDF will be forced to withdraw from several towns along the Syrian-Turkish border. The US-backed group will be replaced by a coalition of Turkish-backed Kurdish and Arab forces.

Most of the weapons supplied by the US-led coalition are usually used in battles against the remaining ISIS fighters, who are currently besieged within a 4km2 pocket in the middle Euphrates River Valley.

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Tommy Jensen

In Afghanistan all these US convoys would have been blown up. In the Russian dominated Syria everybody sits with open mouth and big eyes thinking on Israel´s security.


They are waiting orders from Putin !!!!!!!

Zionism = EVIL

haha Putin is dumb Jew slave with Asperger and will out his Jew mom if he could.


Russia is not at war with the US why in hell would they attack this convoy!

Promitheas Apollonious

you think because they using proxies against each other, are not at war… What planet you live on?


Tommy, I like your sense of humor but it looks like you need to treat your schizophrenia. It is not funny my friend..

Tudor Miron

Erdogan is going to love it.

Promitheas Apollonious

ertogan is loving it, since the russians compromise for a gas pipe and appear to be bending over for him.


We both have genetic feelings for the turks for a reason. I know and understand that but it looks like your personal feelings are blocking your vision. Yes, turkey was on the wrong side and has done great damage to Syria. But you have to acknowledge that they have changed sides not only because of the pipe and the nuclear power station but because their allies and friends stabbed them in the back and in the heart a few times. So they made a u-turn and switched sides. Turkey now is between a rock and a hard place. They have to balance wisely. Going to Moscow weekly and coordinating with Russia is good for Syria. Russia is not bending over.

Promitheas Apollonious

I been working with russia and russians probably before you been born and I am an analyst for my group, that means I need to know exactly what is going on globally in the areas of our interest and predict what follows base on every ones actions and the results of them.

You may have emotions and personal feelings I dont, of the turks or any one else. You do well not to assume base on one self my friend and I think is what you doing right now. I dont hate my enemies and I have absolute no emotion for the people I have killed and more than likely will kill again, that goes for the turks and your comment. I study my enemies and know them better than any one else.

The russians did not change sides, you confusing bringing what is good for the national interest, on their side, with them changing side.

On a personal level I am only on one side and that is of my motherland. Other than that I dont take sides, but even the side I said I am does not include either the worthless 90% of the population there that have become worst than americanized monkeys, or any of the political puppets there that selling my country.

Before you assume about someone is good to know them and their deeds, other wise say your peace but do not assume as to who they are or what they think. And friend I have fight on the side of russia in Caucasus when they themselves could do absolutely nothing for 5 years so ……. when I see something wrong I dont excuse it I attack it. But this is not a discussion for here or any where else beside with people you know well and is f2f. Next time think before you assume.

You can call me Al

I think he meant Turkey changing sides.

You are obviously allowed to say whatever you want or attack it here, as are we.

Promitheas Apollonious

That is where you wrong I attack nothing and no one. I state facts as I see them and I am becoming aware of. And unlike many here I dont use selective memory or emotional as my friend 1691, is suggesting because are turks in the middle.

The truth is not a matter of opinion or well wishing, is based on deed and irrevocable result of that deed. Of course I would like instead of someone telling me I am emotional, or having genetic feelings against the turks, to prove me wrong in what I say and debate intelligently the issue.

Promitheas Apollonious

p.s. thanks for allowing me to say whatever I want by the way, you may do the same.

You can call me Al

Much appreciated.


Fair enough, still Russia is not bending over.

Promitheas Apollonious

right now they are, in many ways and they do so because they have a long term plan they believe they will win it. bending over means compromising in many areas especially what have to do with turkey.

The results for saying that is their actions not only with the turkish backed terrorists that all been send turkeys way in the occupied syrian areas and more of this actions are turning against syria in many ways.


Now with this interpretation of ” bend over” I agree. It’s a strategic attitude and not giving in. Big difference.


You are absolutely right. Washington is used to back stabbed their allies not Turkey only but many countries and that is why they have changed their sides and now allied with the great country Russia.

Jim Bim

Thousands of trucks with military equipment and logistics….AND NO Humanitarian aid.
The US is only in the weapon, war and destruction business.

Zionism = EVIL

The sensitive sissy kids here get upset, but the TRUTH is that the pimp Putin has sold out Syria and is now permanently partitioned into 3 cantons like Germany. The Kurds will play all sides as usual to their benefit and carve out a state encompassing Turkey, Iraq and Syria eventually. The Peshmerga and its YPG affiliate are now better armed than the Syrian military.

You can call me Al

That bulldozer id to bury the dead, when the heroic SAA (and allies) decide or maybe the heroic PMU decide to have a bash -> same results, either way, bulldozer needed.


That bulldozer reminds me of the many bulldozers seen over the years used to bring down palestinian homes.


Orders are changing every day, but as of the time this was written the US has not budged from Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Is this how the US is about to desert the Kurds, by giving them more weapons, letting the Russians and SAA move into the north, creating a buffer zone, and even a possible no fly zone, he not just protecting the Kurds from a possible Turkish invasion, he’s helping Assad as well, Erdogan would never move out if he ever got into eastern Syria, he’d stay forever, at least Trump still keeps saying he wants out, but now he’s just adding, and we’ll keep the Kurds safe when we’re gone.

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