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US-led Coalition Ships More Armored Vehicles To Northeastern Syria (Video)

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US-led Coalition Ships More Armored Vehicles To Northeastern Syria (Video)

US forces, accompanied by Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters, drive their armoured vehicles near the northern Syrian village of Darbasiyah, on the border with Turkey on April 28, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / DELIL SOULEIMAN

On March 24, a convoy loaded with supplied for the US-led coalition entered northeastern Syria coming from the Iraqi Kurdistan region, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency.

“This afternoon, American occupation forces brought a convoy of 80 vehicles, including trucks, carriers, refrigerators and tankers, through the illegal al-Walid crossing.” The state-run agency quoted local sources as saying. “The convoy was accompanied by a number of vehicles carrying gunmen of the SDF [Syrian Democratic Forces] militia.”

Mohammad Hassan a local journalist in northeastern Syria revealed that the convoy was carrying a number of Humvee armored vehicles.

The US-led coalition has been reinforcing its troops in northeastern Syria for a a few months now. Earlier this month, the coalition deployed missile launchers, supposedly short-range air-defense systems, at one of its main bases in al-Hasakah.

The coalition also built a new airfield in the al-Omar oil fields. Now, a large base is being established on Syria’s border with Iraq and Turkey.

In a recent statement, the US-led coalition denied deploying more troops or building new bases in northeastern Syria. However, the recent developments suggest that this statement was misleading.


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Pave Way IV

Those will come in handy for defense once the Kurds tell the U.S. to fuck off with their SDF and they rejoin the Syrian Army. Thanks, U.S. taxpayers, from one year in the future Assad.


Nice thought like that

Pave Way IV

Got nothing against the Kurds and they have no other options right now but to suck up to CENTCOM for free arms or else get head-chopped. The day will come when they have to make a choice between CENTCOM and Syria, but they seem to be slow learners. I hope they choose wisely.

Jens Holm

Assads say no unless those many in SDF return too the bad version of good old day made by the Baathist.

Thats where the slow learners are. True Kurds among others are paddling.

Just Me

These US occupations convoys need to be hit by IED. They now hide the Humvees and APC under innocuous looking blue tarps, so that they are mistaken for civilian goods. The freedom fighters need to focus more on real time intelligence.


True that. Agree

Joao Alfaiate

It’s amazing to me that the Kurds allow themselves to be used as an occupation force in the Euphrates Valley, far from their homes, in eastern Syria which is 100% Sunni Arab. Don’t these fools realize that when Uncle Sam heads home, as he eventually will, they’ll have to make their peace with the Syrian Gov’t? Or be totally destroyed by the Turks? I’m beginning to understand while everything always goes wrong for the Kurds: They are stupid.


They’re a minority … it’s YOU that’s stupid … hello?

Whomever has power in a Muslim majority country … IMPOSES its will on the minority … Christians / Jews / Kurds et al

It’s been that way FOREVER …

The Jews /Zionists / Israelis made sure they had sovereignty AND could back it up with military might … in order to survive … hello?

The Kurds NEVER got sovereignty … they had their militias but that’s NOT good enough when dealing with Turks or Sunnis … eh?

The Jews / Zionists / Israelis have made the pattern in which other minorities could follow but none have the skill set … eh?

Wink wink nudge nudge

Joao Alfaiate

“Whomever has power in a Muslim majority country … IMPOSES its will on the minority … Christians / Jews / Kurds et al”


“The Jews / Zionists / Israelis have made the pattern in which other minorities could follow but none have the skill set”

Total hogwash. You have no idea what you are talking about. Learn a little history. The Alawites were aprox 15% of Syria and the Christians never had a majority in Lebanon, yet both ruled for decades. Same with the Sunni in Iraq and in Bahrain-where the 30% minority is still in power, albeit with the help of Saudi bayonets.

As far as the “skill set” of the israelis is concerned, it consists largely of getting outsiders to fight for them or finance them-from the Rothschilds to the Brits to Uncle Sam. And more than a hundred years after the establishment of ha-Yushuv, the israelis are rapidly becoming a minority in Palestine, oppressing the non Jewish population and stealing their land and water. Another example of a minority ruling the majority.

Jens Holm

I dont think Jews should be blamed for none Jews breating as rabbits having no control of that part too.

And don offent the pigs.

Your majority version also makes no sense. Most Jews dont see the Westbank as Israel but an affiliation. But by that its not a arab and christian part anymore.

Joao Alfaiate

You need to do better than that if you want a response from me.


Your English is too poor but f/k off anyways

Jens Holm



The Alawites SEIZED POWER over the Sunni majority … therefore they ruled their state by Police State model … Alawites were given the state power over ALL important matters

Sunnis in Iraq were the SAME …. the Sun is SEIZED POWER and maintained power by ruthless oppression … HELLO?

Christians in Lebanon shared power in their ‘democracy’ until the Civil War … Hezbollah rules today

Israel is a liberal democracy … Arab Israelis full citizens with full rights! The Arabs on the WB are enemy combatants and are ruled in Areas A & B by the PA but Israel rules Area C and the IDF have overall control … full stop

Your ‘take’ is your own bs

The Kurds aren’t SOVEREIGN and will never garner enough power until they control their own destiny …

Arab/Muslims crush their minorities throughout their lands … 1.5 MILLION Iraqi Christians are now less than 250,000 and dropping rapidly


Joao Alfaiate

“The Alawites SEIZED POWER…” And the Zionists didn’t, I suppose?


No … they didn’t

Joao Alfaiate

From Rabin’s autobiography:

“While the fighting was still in progress, we had to grapple with a trouble some problem, the fate of the civilian population of Lod and Rameh, numbering some 50,000.

“We walked outside, Ben‐Gurion accompanying us. Alton repeated his question: ‘What is to be done with the population?’ B.G. waved his hand in a gesture which said, ‘Drive them out!’ (Lit “garush otam”, if you can handle modern Hebrew)

Ethnic cleansing, murder, theft: Sounds like seizure to me.


Yes …

from Ramle and Lod (in the center of the country) … one incident among many perpetrated by Jordanian troops in Jerusalem’s Old City and Gush Etzion … hello?

The Arabs began a War of extermination in 1948 and were rebuffed … no tears / no regrets

Joao Alfaiate

I appreciate your admission about the criminal nature of Zionism.


War … caused by the Arabs …

the outcome … the Naqba on them

Jens Holm

You are very stupid Yourself not knowing how others do their country work well.

We do it by having many elected local parlaments for local matters. They take in 50% of the tax and decide for local things matters much better then the ones in Copenhagen. Copenhagen also decide local matters by themself.

So its no matter if Kurds are fx 2 million of 23. Those might be 40 or 50 % in a few Counties. Other minorities are represented well as them in a few counties. Druses are well known. They even had their own autonomy.


Normal people can see arabs are not united at all and not only in Syria, so You try as illusionalist to lie not even for Yourself but also others. Here You even majoridize and more then say, that 51% ot for that matter 70% in Syria being many kinds of arabs should be able to decide anything they want to the minorities.

Thats a big understanding according Kurds as well as where I live. WE HAVE A SEKULAR CONSTITUTION, which includes all having same rights, possibiities but ceratinly also responsabilities.

By that the Kurds(and we) calm down the etnic contrasts down having the same rules. We by that more or less has made religion into a private and not a public matter.

And it pays off. Genders are equal and the LGBTs are equal whatever too. None of them are worse then some of the neigbors I have had.

Syrians has been Osmans for centuries and has had no state as well as Kurds. The last real state was the Bagdad Khalifat, whicvh started with the Damaskus Khalifat and was ended by Mongols 1258 BC. So dont tell You have or had a state and Kurds had none. 1258 is 763 years ago.

And one more thing. Living in narrow isolated mountains as well a in isolated dry land makes any state completly irrelevant. By that its well known they instead has been hardheaded local tribes tatoed all over for reasons. Some in the isolated åparts of Turkey might be like that even today.

So You blame them for something You just had from 1946 and blame them for something irrelevant. AND YOU NOT EVEN LIBERATED YOURSELF.

Only Saudis and 2 other tribes did that in the inland of the peninsula named Arabia.

So Your featers are false constructions, which has not even united Your belowed arabs.

The reasons are many. One is You insist in Syria should only be one country and cant be ruled in primitive Emir or Sultanat seize. If the units were smaller, those constructions could see the corners. Assads cant. They cant even devellop the sountry, so they get in more money in corruption.

They could do like Turks making a much stronger centralized structure partly after French model. Yopu partly can compare the Presidential power for Makron and Erdogan. Turks are to the limit in that now. They also need to decentralize, but they already has the tool installed. Its more like they have to improve it.

The other solution is to give more power to the local parlaments, which Erdogan and Ilderim dont like because 3 big areas now permanent seemes not to be AKP supporters according majority.

There are severaql other solutions. The main probpem for Syria is, they choose none of them and by that has had no devellopment and by that a lot of urbanized youngsters with no normal made jobs as well as the rest still in the poorest farmland has become even more poor.

Those are the 2 places, where the opposition to Assads are and should have been reformed a little by a little including all living in Syria instead of the opposite.

Today it would be much better for Syrians, that the Kurdish help for making and active local rule for local matters came through. But there is no sign for that. Assads sold Afrin for that as well as opened even more up for Turks.

Im not impressed by what the Israeliens do. But Syria, Iraq and others are much worse.


“That don’t impress me much”

Shania Twain

Just Me

It is just a question of time that the SAA and Axis of Resistance will have to expel the Turkeys from Syria. The Russian airforce is hitting the headchoppers and oil theft hard.


not going to happen! sorry!

Jens Holm

Yerrh and muslism cant die, because heaven is already full:)

Allah trick some to go to Rome and get the last oil:)

John Wallace

Get off the acid and give your brain a chance to heal. Have you any idea of how stupid that is.. No ,of course not as you wouldn’t have posted it otherwise. Go get help Jemma.

Jens Holm

After stupidisme by Verner any comment is true.

My mother cant fly and because of that she is a stone or a camel, which cnt fly as well.


not going to happen! sorry!

but what will happen is that those attacking the Jews will be buried at 6 feet, no two things about it.


No way … Assad make not last another year

Jens Holm

Its very impressing so many here has their concern for american taxpayers.

Pave Way IV

Nobody cares about us U.S. taxpayers, Jens. Least of all the U.S. government. I feel like I’m in that vampire movie where they keep human captives at their creepy mansion and periodically drain some (or all of) their blood. Their like milking cows, except it’s blood. They’re really pale and tired all the time and are not fed very well. I can relate.

Jens Holm

But so many here are worried for the american taxpayers and their living standards.

USA is used to have a high military budget, so people are used to it.

I can feel Your wampire feelings, but I see it as cutting grass.

Just Me

Welcome to shocked & awed 21st century geopolitics

With a Russia-China-Iran triple bitch slap on the hegemon, we now have a brand new geopolitical chessboard

Pepe Escobar
March 23, 2021

Pave Way IV

Upvoted for Escobar’s “triple bitch slap on the hegemon”. Simply… sublime.

Just Me

Escobar has become very popular as an independent journalist known for objective analysis. He is now syndicated so Asia Times charges money, but his articles are picked up by many independent research and media sites. Just type the article heading into google and free listings appear.

Right on cue with Russia-China, Iran has stepped up the game, with Ayatollah Khamenei issuing the guidelines for Tehran’s return to the JCPOA.

1. The US regime is in no position to make new demands or changes regarding the nuclear deal.

2. The US is weaker today than when the JCPOA was signed.

3. Iran is in a stronger position now. If anyone can impose new demands it’s Iran and not the US.

And with that we have a Russia-China-Iran triple bitch slap on the Hegemon.

In our latest conversation/interview, to be released soon in a video + transcript package, Michael Hudson – arguably the world’s top economist – hit the heart of the matter:

The fight against China, the fear of China is that you can’t do to China, what you did to Russia. America would love for there to be a Yeltsin figure in China to say, let’s just give all of the railroads that you’ve built, the high-speed rail, let’s give the wealth, let’s give all the factories to individuals and let the individuals run everything and, then we’ll lend them the money, or we’ll buy them out and then we can control them financially. And China’s not letting that happen. And Russia stopped that from happening. And the fury in the West is that somehow, the American financial system is unable to take over foreign resources, foreign agriculture. It is left only with military means of grabbing them as we are seeing in the near East. And you’re seeing in the Ukraine right now.

Al Balog

You know what I find hypocritical about Erdogan? If he can make a deal with Putin, why can’t Erdogan just be civil with Assad? With the wreck that Erdogan has created for himself and Turkey, it would be in his best interest to develop bilateral relations with Syria. He’s shooting his economy and foreign diplomacy in the foot.

Proud Hindu

6 pakistani soldiers sent to he££ in bus accident


the disunited states of unbelievable morons are protecting the jews in palestine by maintaining the theft of the crude to the benefit of sdf and indirectly the jews. as long as this situation goes on, sdf will benefit financially from the oil (and turkey as well, getting the crude dirt cheap) and keep the war going in the northeast and idlb and so on. the one thing to change the situation is to stop the theft and the sale of the crude stolen and that can be done with missiles and so on. the yankee-twats are gearing up the defense of sdf directly and the jews indirectly so, missiles and then more missiles and then the houthis attacking the saudi installations and stalling the 10 million b/d export of crude from saudi.

Jens Holm

Yerrh, they imprt water, so they can sail around in their golden bathtubs. Their ISIS prisoners are the “row row Your boat” too. comment image

By that they give a lot of jobs and fight the climate change too.

John Wallace

Moronic horseshit again from Jems , short for Jemma < So apparently you are more German than Danish Jems. So how do you feel in this new woke me too world about your grandmothers being raped by Germans , or did they consent which explains no complaints..

Jens Holm

The ususal crap. Do You have mononucleose too.

Its Your oppinion I even shift nationality according the censured news they feed You with:) So funny.

Putting in You Grandmother makes no sense.


They should be blown up on a daily basis.

Jens Holm

Hard to do the same for the same persons every day unless You have a pincer:)

John Wallace

As long as You dont use facts the relations to what You write in its best is pure luck. By that none can rely in things here and for the world. You should understand that afterall you wrote it..As you constant write dribbleshit you should take heed of your own words. Dildobrain.

Jens Holm

I use a lot of links as well as maps.

When You say Im a kind of displaced here, its correct. I kind of represent the world, which You have censured away and know nothing about even You for good or bad reasons think, its Your enemy.

So instead of telling nothing, it would make mose sense to learn by listen and checkups.

You create Your own dark state. We dont because we have much more infoirmation about things, You not even try to reach by fx google translate.

John Wallace

The US obviously have no intentions of leaving despite the desires of many.. If they leave then they leave the Chines free to complete their Belt and Road which signals the end of US control of the world. They need to control Afghanistan Iraq and Syria too block it .
comment image

Blas de Lezo

Once Iran’s Iraq political puppets kick out US forces it’s game over for the secessionist Kurdish traitors.

Jens Holm

..And they will drown them in rials:)

Jens Holm

Thats total crap and where are the Pacifics in this as well as Arktis in the north.

The trade routes by the Sea already exist and some are overcrowded, so nothing is new. Its more a needed build out.

You dont see the way for trains and trucks as they are at all. The importantence is the many countries just west of China – and both ways.

Parts of the red fby Teheran to Rostterdam and even Moscow is barking madnes.

John Wallace

Duh !!!


The USA is quitting Afghanistan … eh?

The USA has a small footprint in Iraq and Syria … hello?

Your theory of US stopping the B & R initiative is bogus ….

John Wallace

Biden has said he is not going to withdraw from Afghanistan and stopped Trumps plan to do so.. So eh ? .. and a hello eh.. ? !
They might be small footprints but they are there too control. Al Tanf a small base of around 400 yet NO Syrian or any other force gets close or they get bombed from airbases in Jordan. Same East of the Euphrates .. Nothing goes West and Syrian or even Russian forces cross that river into the area they control … so another eh to your dildo brained perception. Hello … are you that ignorant ..


Biden said he’s not leaving the
2,500 troops in Afghanistan IF the Taliban continue to attack … so it’s a threat

As for your ‘belief’ that the USA is very active against pro-Iranian slugs on either side of the Euphrates … reach out to the pro-Iranians here on SF … they seem to think Iran is in charge … hello?

Are you an anti-Iranian / an American pro-Russian?

Where’s your info coming from?

Ashok Varma
John Wallace

I know nothing about that. But I can’t imagine any General admitting he is paid by China to achieve a task suppressing opposition to favor China . It appears to be an Indian outlet who of course have an axe to grind with Pakistan and China so I take it with a grain of salt. As I said I know nothing of this situation.

johnny rotten

The Yankees have come to an end, soon those engaged in foreign looting will have to run home, to try to save what can be saved, for many around the world the hour of revenge will begin, I would not want to be with the last marines to escape, or with Turkish and Kurdish terrorists abandoned to their fate, it will be a real bloodbath, tik tok tik tok.


I hope they’re outfitted with the Trophy System …

Al Balog

You know what I find hypocritical about Erdogan? If he can make a deal with Putin, why can’t Erdogan just be civil with Assad? With the wreck that Erdogan has created for himself and Turkey, it would be in his best interest to develop bilateral relations with Syria. He’s shooting his economy and foreign diplomacy in the foot

The Objective

Maybe a good move.

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