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JUNE 2021

US-led Coalition Service Member Died In ‘Non-Combat Incident’

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A US-led coalition service member died on January 31 “in what appears to be a non-combat-related incident”. The name of the service member and the circumstances surrounding the incident were not revealed.

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Pave Way IV

The American public does not have the security clearance to know anything about what our military does anywhere in our name, even though we’re ultimately responsible for all of it. It’s none of our damn business to know why a US soldier died or where unless it could be used as valorization propaganda by the US military. Anything information that hurts the US military’s image is censored or distorted.

The US Defense Department’s first priority is self-preservation through censorship and propaganda. Next comes protecting the US government ruling class and their corrupt institutions from the people. Then there’s our allies and their interests. Protecting the US constitution isn’t even really on the list anymore, and US military leaders seem incapable of understanding it anyway. They trust the government to interpret the constitution – the document that defines the limits of government power. That’s like having prisoners design their own prison and run it.


Screw your RIP, may he and all his comrades burn in hell!
Because this one – and his comrades – was not protecting his country and people – – – he was just murdering people far far away.


Surely the US military knows whether the death was in combat or not? If they do not its another US FUBAR. :)


If he was wounded in combat and then died on the operating table they probably would say he hadn’t died in combat.


That would be a typical lawyers response, yes.

John Whitehot

that’s the norm.

KIAs numbers have always been underreported as many WIAs subsequently die while being transported or treated.

It’s been always like this since Vietnam, Iraq and A-Stan.


I doubt that.

tony ebanks

america wants to know the truth


‘America’ might want to know the truth but for that to happen they would need a Military that speaks the truth and that has not been apparent for many decades.


America doesn’t know what truth is anymore.

John Whitehot

a few days ago there was the news that some US personnel came under fire from turkish proxies in the north.

This same HQ was quick in dismissing any losses. I’m not saying the two events are related, but it can’t be excluded.

You can call me Al

This was nothing to do with the Turkish proxies – the non-combat-related incident was group anal sex in the LGBT army whilst eating too many McDonalds.

Graeme Rymill

The US does indeed publish names of US serviceman killed in the middle east as part of the coalition’s operations. It is highly likely though that the service member who died was not a US serviceman. There are around 30 countries who have contributed to military component of the coalition.

Examples of US service members killed in “non-combat-related incidents”:

August 2, 2017 saw this announcement:
The next day the name of the service member appeared:

Here’s one from February 20, 2017
The press named the service member the next day:

Angelo Cinarelli

USA have to sell weapons, do not care if they win or lose the war and many youg American life die. Important is to sell weapons, make certain politicians and owners of weapons factories richer. How many young American are deaths during the Vietnam, iraq, afganistan,Libia, Siria ecc ecc. ?? How many?? For wath reason are deaths?? JUST TO MAKE RICHER THE WEAPONS FACTORIES OWNER. American people do not have the right to have free doctor, free drugs, free hospital like in EUROPE, but the government spend trillions every year to maintain military bases all around the world. WHEN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL WAKE UP???? One more thing. Please cancel on your dollar ; IN GOD WE TRUST.


May many more join him.


Interesting is that a few days later local news Fox 12 in Oregon US reports that a 24 yo Ranger specialist from the 2nd battalion died during training at Camp Rilea in Oregon. One shot was heard and his death is described to have happen under unclear circumstances. It wouldn’t be surprising if it’s related.

Rangers have at least one team present in Syria which often wrongly have been believed to be Marines. Those have according to code markings seen in photos from last year belonged to 3rd Ranger battalion, but it doesn’t exclude that teams from 2nd is there now.

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