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US-led Coalition, SDF Kill Civilian During “Counter-Terrorism” Operation In Southern Deir Ezzor (Photos)

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The U.S.-led coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) carried out on November 22 a joint counter-terrorism operation in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the operation targeted ISIS cells in the town of Dhiban, which is located in the Middle Euphrates River Valley.

“The SDF arrested around five people in the town of Dhiban, among them former members of the Islamic State [ISIS],” the monitoring group’s report reads.

In the course of the operation, U.S. attack helicopters targeted a house in Dhiban, killing a civilian and injuring his wife. Local sources identified the victim as Khalid al-Hamoud al-Hamadi al-Hussein. The sources released photos showing the aftermath of the airstrike that killed him.

The U.S.-led coalition and the SDF are yet to comment on the incident that claimed the life of al-Hussein and injured his wife.

Last month, the SDF suspended its “counter-terrorism” operations in northeast Syria following the Turkish-led attack on the region. Later, the Kurdish-led group announced that it will resume operations with the U.S.-led coalition.

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How can anyone determine what is a soldier, a civilian or a terrorist they all look the same, hide their weapons and identitie. They even, cowardly, use civilians to hide behind. So if then do not blame the recognisable honourable defender but the coward who abusse the civilians and women, hospitals, sholls, mosques etc.

Jens Holm

Everyone knows that can be very complicated. But when You look for cells or other kind of targets, You observe and take pictures and videose, so You know where, when and who.

Thats the standard method. Today we also have sattelites as well as drones. Those are very effective, but still hit too many wrong targets.

So are You well known by obervation, You can change clothe and try to hide among others. It might be the last chance or used as internal logistic as normal.

I dont think its about blaming. Its more about how many % of risk for civilien casualties You take. The bigger risk, the more enemies are killed.

As many here write again and again, they they count almost all those civilians incl. children as supporters of the soldiers amoing them. Facts are they sometimes are but certainly not always.

So here we meet people, which dont care about there own inhabitants of Syria, because the enemy to be killed is more important then friends stay alive.

Thats strictly against international conventions and a reawson for Red Cross and UN has worked hard for change. Civilians are all and even if they are used by the enemy being loyal to them or as hostages, they shoould never be targets.

I am like that.

Even so I do understand if some civilens gets killed here and there, but I prefare the hard work avoiding that. Civilians never are spendables i high risks as it seemes to be i9n this example.

Its well known many along Eufrat and Khabour there are ISIS supoorters as well as not hostile to them.

As attacker – Here SDF(and maybee helped by USA) – You also miss the chance to get those villagers accepting they can live unharmed as long as they are not armed, do farming and keep thieir kiosks open.

More graves makes more enemies. I am sure no part in any conflict wish for that, and they cant kill all from Raqqa to Abu Kamal for safety matters.

SDFs normally has not done much of that compared to others giving them them respect and at least accept by many arabs and others in the old SDF zone. It should reain so. Nice change in that dirty corner of the world.

Some big excuse should be given, if the incident is not fake. It seemes the incident happened.


We only know what is told, there is a good possibility that this civilian is a Islamic State figure and that Daesh affiliate say it is a civilian to gain leverage among common sheep’s like us.But of course it is possible the Sdf/US might have bombed the wrong house, in the wrong town, even in the wrong country. But I recon they did do a lot of surveillance and had the right one, nobody except animals like jihadists and ISIS gone take out civilians for there pleasure.

Jens Holm

I agree. SDFs and USA seemes quite sober compared to others in those matters.

Karen Bartlett

Good report.

Jens Holm

As written above I dont think 5 arrested is enough price for 1 dead. A minimum would be showing weapons, communications and telling what kind of cell it was and if its found, because it has been killing people in the area.

Jens Holm

Not good. A minimum would be important details such as how many from ISIS and semi ISIS has been killed.,Some 5 arrested cannot be onough pay for 1 dead.

I have to smile instead of being sad and angry. Others might no thjink my next is funny. Tthe kiled one was a toilet cleaner for ISIS in their church ;) and (:

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