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US-led Coalition Says Only 0.3% Of All Its Munitions Dropped In 3 Years Hit Civilians


US-led Coalition Says Only 0.3% Of All Its Munitions Dropped In 3 Years Hit Civilians

A look at Raqqa after the US-led coperation PHOTO: Youssef Rabih Youssef / EPA

The Spokesman for the Operation Inherent Resolve, Colonel Ryan Dillon, told the Russian state-run media outlet Sputnik that only 0.3% of munitions dropped by the coalition hit civilian targets.

“We only go after legitimate, lawful military targets, and every attempt is made to avoid civilian casualties,” he said according to Sputnik, adding that “out of all the munitions that we have dropped in three years, about less than 1 percent, or 0.3 percent of them have resulted in civilian casualties.”

Dillon said that the coalition is the only fighting force in Syria that expends an extraordinary amount of time and resources to avoid civilian casualties and said that ISIS is the only side responsible for the destruction of the Syrian city of Raqqa.

On October 22, the Russian Defense Ministry accused the US-led coalition of of wiping the city of Raqqa “off the face of the earth” with carpet bombing in the same way the United States and the UK bombed Germany’s Dresden in 1945.

“Raqqa has inherited the fate of Dresden in 1945, wiped off the face of the earth by Anglo-American bombardments,” the defense ministry’s spokesman, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, said.

Few more photos of Raqqa:

US-led Coalition Says Only 0.3% Of All Its Munitions Dropped In 3 Years Hit Civilians


US-led Coalition Says Only 0.3% Of All Its Munitions Dropped In 3 Years Hit Civilians




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  • Deo Cass

    Those 0.3% killed more than 3,200 innocent civilians! Who is Colonel Ryan Dillon trying to fool? Does he think we’re stupid? Using the most potent weapons against civilians including the banned white phosphor ones while wasting the bulk of the other less devastating weapons to destroy homes and infrascruture for future reconstruction contracts for US corporate building indstries, would still result in a very high price on innocent human life. I mean the two atomic bombs dropped on civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, represented an even less significant figure of all the munitions used by the US during WWII, yet their devastating force and cost on innocent human lives was equivalent to more than 35% of all US other munitions put together used diring the whole span of that war.

  • Walter White

    Bull shit!!!

    • You can call me Al

      Well that is one concise way to sum it up.

  • Barba_Papa

    I guess it depends on who you define as innocent civilians. That seems to be the doublespeak that comes out of the mouth of public relations managers. Don’t lie directly, lie by omission and above all redefine instead.

    So people inside a housing block that is being used by ISIS, all ISIS troops and support personnel. People trying to cross the Euphrates in order to flee ISIS, ISIS infiltrators.

  • Garga

    I would believe you colonel, if I couldn’t see with my own eyes what you did to that place.
    I would believe you if carpet bombing of civilians was not a US strategy.
    I would believe you if you attacked the real legitimate military targets, like oil convoys which financed ISIS, terror convoys moving freely in areas which you declared “under your watchful eye” unilaterally.

    Colonel, you lie through your teeth and you know it. I know it too, we know it. These lies brought you so far but won’t take you further anymore.

  • John Whitehot

    yeah right, while the remaining 99.7% hit empty desert.

    • Nope. It hit the buildings the collateral damage was in.


    U.S. military doctrine has a horrifying way of defining what they call “military” targets. Crops, grain silos, or water supplies that “could” be used to feed an army? Military target. Power plants that “could” be used to provide electricity to an army? Military target. Industrial parks that “could” be used to make weapons or gear for an army? Military target. Population centers that “could” be used to recruit people to serve in an army? Military target.”Field hospitals” that “could” be used to treat “enemy combatants”? I think we know the answer (and the irony) to that final example. Must I go on?

    • Then … who exactly … was that 0.3% hit? …. 6 month old babies?

      • SUB-CIPHER

        Shit. Who knows? They probably have some way to classify children as “Military targets” too. In fact I recall watching an interview with U.S. drone pilots who said they were ordered to kill minors (under 18 yr-old) along with adults. The whole thing is so criminal. We have no business being in that region.

  • chris chuba

    I believe that they will target snipers firing out of a building in a city. I also believe that they hit the building 99% of the time. I just don’t buy the claim that they know or care whether or not there are 50 civilians in the building. If you don’t see them, they aren’t there. If the first bomb misses and hits a building next to it, guess what, the count remains 0 because they can’t see inside the building. If you don’t see them, they aren’t there.

    Just look at Raqqa and Mosul, it speaks for itself on how they are bombing. So the Pentagon is seriously telling us that all of those buildings were empty at the time they were destroyed?

  • You can call me Al

    They really do live in a World of self-denial, they are mad as a hatter.

  • goingbrokes

    This is the new definition of “kill-box” speak. Everyone inside the kill-box are defined as “enemy combatants” obviating the need to call them civilian casualties. It is the new way of trying to hide the fact that an important part of US military operations is to kill civilians and destroy infrastructure. They are not accidental by-products of unavoidable military operations, they are an inherent part of the objectives.
    A little earlier generals were required to appear in public to “warn” the home audience that civilian casualties are unavoidable. This then freed them to kill civilians as much as they liked (and they liked it a lot), it all being presented as “unavoidable”. The new kill-box definition allows the killing of civilians without the need for various public appearances from generals. It wasn’t a by-product then, it’s not a by-product now.

    • Vitex

      You’ve noticed how many public spokesmen or women in the US are jewish. The talmud says that it is permissible for a jew to lie to a goy, to steal from a goy or to defraud a goy. So. I wonder if Ryan Dillon is a goy or a jew, or a shabbos goy? Since talmudic jews set US foreign policy, are we not also just being lied to by Washington as a matter of talmudic practice?

  • Angelo Cinarelli

    Who invited the American in Syria? Why the American are in Syria territory? The American must to go home. Wherever the Americans go, they bring only war and destruction. I really do not understand this alliance with the YPG Kurds. If I am not mistaken, the Kurds are of Communist ideology, the Kurds have as their leader Ocalan that the Americans arrested and then surrendered them to the Turkys where is still imprisoned. But the Kurds knows that Americans arrested Ocalan, they know this? But do they know or don’t know? But then the Americans who have always fought the Communists, why do they now finance and arm the Communist Kurds? I like if The Kurds one day they will have theyr own land, I wish them, but not with the Americans.

  • Angelo Cinarelli

    http://www.nytimes.com/1999/02/20/world/us-helped-turkey-find-and-capture-kurd-rebel.html https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e7325bdb13f5e605422a580ac304abf0099ce78677cec9a985c1e7c0a55e4c96.jpg It was the Americans who arrested Ocalan, but the Kurds now are allies of the Americans. I can’t believe it! But what breed of Kurds are those who are allied with the Americans? Be careful, dear Kurds, that the Americans now kiss your ass, but then they will sell you to the Turks of Erdogan. Don’t trust the Americans!! http://www.nytimes.com/1999/02/20/world/us-helped-turkey-find-and-capture-kurd-rebel.html

    • Lex

      I’ve always found it very suspicious that the quality of photographs and press releases from Kurds in the region are of a high standard and geared towards a Western, rather than domestic, audience. Particularly the footage of the great referendum that was going to finally free the poor oppressed Kurds after so many years – clearly the work of some CIA/Mossad or Soros-type NGO information department. Ditto with the flags, uniforms, hairdressers, makeup, etc. Just take a look at all the photos of that referendum – you’ll see what I mean.

  • Mountains

    They commited plain and simple genocide in Raqqa against Civilians forget about the few fortified fighters who were less then 0.01 % of the population.

    What they did was enter an area and commit Genocide

  • Only 0.3% Of All US-led Coalition Munitions Dropped In 3 Years Hit Civilians and Saddam has weapons of mass destruction.

  • Xanatos

    I’m sure he rides magical unicorns too.

  • DidierF

    I’m very much impressed by the attained level of propaganda. Such a height in the outright lie is a feat in itself. I would never have dared dreaming (I insist on dreaming) reading such an outright nonsense. Anybody believing it has lost his brain in the process of brainwashing or is a very competent liar. Wow, have a look at Goebbels tomb ! It must be rocking from the laughters of his corpse. I easily imagine him having a great laugh. I saw, read and heard a lot of propaganda. This one is the very best piece I ever read. It’s such a nonsense that I’m baffled by the fact that an official spokesman said it publicly. Completely drunk or under the influence of a very potent drug, I doubt I would have dared saying that. I feel insulted in my intelligence and person if anybody believe I can eat that crap. From now on, if that person gives you the time it is, check ! If you shake hands, count your fingers ! And so on…

  • Lex

    Maybe they killed all the civilians in Raqqa with gas first, then dropped the bombs. That might make his statement true. More likely, though, that he is lying – as usual. They lie every day, all day – and dumb lies that are easily proven false. I guess their audience is still mostly domestic.

  • su-34

    Just take it literally: only 0,3% hit them directly (in the head),
    the rest just blew them up (“collateral damage”). For the most bragged
    about arsenal of “smartest” weapons (there’s where pindos keep their brain), quite an abysmal rate… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0f74e36a04d8726f61b3b03f41558e225d725ece94d52a71aaca686a732e3452.jpg

  • Lex

    Clearly these photos show a city with the most freedom in the world – no police, no services, no government, no housing… also, no people. Did anyone else see the “celebration” held in a small sports stadium? There were literally zero civilians there – the US information department couldn’t even find one “grateful resident of Raqqa” to throw flowers and cheer their saviours. Not even one. I’ve said this before – the forces who try to militarily take over a city or region from ISIS or their kind need to be of the area and the people, otherwise they have no incentive to save anyone there. These SDF actually had an incentive NOT to let anyone survive, as they would likely be supporters of the legal Syrian government. It will be interesting to see if they can locate any “citizens” for Raqqa, seeing as only around 15% or less of the Syrian population actually lives in the pus yellow area of the map occupied by the United States, whoops, I mean the Kurdish, I mean Syrian “Democratic” Forces.