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US-led Coalition Says It Will Not Conduct Operations In Areas Held By Syrian Army

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US-led Coalition Says It Will Not Conduct Operations In Areas Held By Syrian Army

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On December 27, UK Army Major General Felix Gedney, deputy commander of strategy and support in the US-led coalition, announced during a press briefing that the coalitions will not conduct operations in the areas held by the Damascus government.

“We will continue to prevent conflicts with Russians, but we don’t intend to continue operations in areas controlled by Assad,” Maj. Gen. Felix Gedney said, according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

During the briefing, Maj. Gen. Gedney also accused the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) of allowing ISIS fighters to move through its areas north of the US-led coalition base in al-Tanaf, near the Syrian-Iraqi border. Moreover, the US-led coalition commander called on the SAA to clear these areas from ISIS.

“We are seeing the movement of a limited number of militants westwards. They seem to be moving with impunity through the regime-held territory, showing that the regime is clearly either unwilling or unable to defeat Daesh [ISIS]within their borders,” Maj. Gen. Gedney said.

The US-led coalition is trying to establish the current situation in eastern Syria as a de-facto border between the SAA and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). This could be the first step in a US plan to separate the SDF-held areas from Syria in order to form a Kurdish-dominated enclave within the country.

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Putin, give weapons. SAA must destroy SDF.

You didn’t wanted war but USA wants war. So, yes. Be prepared. War is coming.

Simon Gould

How nice of him – but he can rest assured that once the terrorists are crushed in government held areas, the SAA, amongst others, will be conducting operations in areas held by the illegal US-led coalition.


Any part taken through proxies is not US and UK areas. Their intelligence involved in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Iraq has been exposed. They should have to leave as soon as possible. UNSC cannot work under US control. It must be brought to Asia.


Bring the UNSC to the Caribbean or Africa a neutral non political country….


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That’s right all dessert rats including UK and USA rats must be driven out!


And you can take those words to the bank . So that worried look on your face Gedney , is just the beginning of your long face .

Boris Kazlov

They insist that they are conducting operations in areas not under government control, but those are SYRIAN areas, the US has no business there.




US and Israel both are failed states standing now on weak supports.


US has not learned any lesson from 70 years wars and illegal occupation and killing civilians in unnecessary wars in Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Jerry Hamilton

I wonder if he would take a lie detector test?

Promitheas Apollonious

your turn, will come soon enough, stand on line.

Cheryl Brandon

Hezbollah/SAA/PMU’s and Iran. kick out these illegal bastards! They are Unwelcomed Interlopers who have been murdering Syrians since 2012; Go home killers/Go home!

Jim Prendergast

This “Combined Joint Taskforce” is like the HTS or SDF. They must withdraw from Syria.


They created ISIS just to be in Syria. So, don’t expect them to withdraw. The only way they will withdraw is by kicking their ass out of Syria by force.


And it shall be done

Jim Prendergast

Yes Tanf was raided once last year. U.S., British, Saudi and Israeli troops were caught with their pants around their ankles and their bare faces hanging out.

leon mc pilibin

The lying scumbags just never stop with their satanic BS.They really think they own the terrorist controlled Syrian land.They should be driven out,ASAP

Feudalism Victory

Thank the russians for even this little cover.


So, the partition of Syria is taking place.


Did you heard about North and south Korea ? East and West Germany ?

Now, did you heard about east and west Ukraine ? East and west Syria ?

It’s always the same thing. And, at the end, the USA part wins.


Just Lebanon and Syria are normally one country. The west came and divided them.

But, what do you want ? People love the west and people never read history.

Brad Isherwood

Your not supposed to bring that up… Putin won…that’s what the headlines say.

Maybe in an Alternate Universe. …Russia shoots down IAF Vultures. ..US/Nato And knocks Turkey – Saudi Arabia …into the next area code. Heavy sigh….Syria is totally screwed….just like Serbia and Libya.

Putin. …Partners ….and Partition. Syria got P’d on for sure


Iirc, the US spends $250M a freaking DAY on its military adventures in Afghaqria. At some point this kind of reality has to hurt and curtail US arrogance. The Fed’s raising interest rates increases the cost of debt service, already high. I’m hoping we’ll come to where we can’t sustain (1) the neocon fantasies of proving the “leadership” they think the world hungers for and (2) our doing the fighting for Israel and Saudi Arabia.

It’s beyond absurd that we have troops galore overseas fighting bogus battles for people who hate us but have not troop one on our own borders. In fact, Western armed forces cost billions but are deliberately NOT USED to defend any Western country. Only garbage adventures around the world. The Italian navy is nothing but an uber service for migrant opportunists!

Brad Isherwood

Ace,….I can’t keep up with USA/Roman Legions 800 +world bases. Russia has like 5 bases oversea’s,….yet Russia is a terrorist threat to Democracy,…Lol!

US MIC is big % of National GDP,.. Add fake economy, computer trading Wallstreet, …..Roman Empire/Palatine Hill get envious of ….print money out of thin air : )

The game has hit a wall Ace,….how do you continue the Old Madison MIC game and keep Nuclear weapons out?. Crazy Kim of NK can hurt South Korea,Japan. .. Russia,China can turn both East or West Coast anything USA. .. to Glass! . Israhell with their freak show Zionist Destiny/YHWY will show up at 11:59 and Jews rule the world. Lol….the Masons see Lucifer as God. ..vs the Abrahamic religions. .. Can it really be this messed up?… If you and I live to 90 and do not experience nuclear war aftermath, …….it’s high fives! https://i.imgur.com/Z3ewmfk.jpg


Did they hire Charlie Seen as their spokesman?


Russia had warned that Russian troops are in Syrian units as first step.

Just cannot understand that US can be so naive that they have any chance of keeping even an inch of Syrian land .

It just does not happen that way not when SAA is winning. Assad must be the greatest fool in the world if he allowed a US friendly force right in the midst of his country.

As sure as the sun sets tomorrow, SDF will be wiped out even if Entire US army helps.

SDF is nothing really and surrounded. My bet is the Kurds will be like in Iraq. Withdraw and be Syrians


I don’t think US will dare to go to war with SAA for real as they would be wiped out for certainty and US will be condemned around the world even though they got wiped out.

It is just not militarily sustainable to be in Syria . The commander of the US forces will surely be court Marshalled for endangering his men.

So once the pressure is started, US will announce withdrawal for sure.


USA will never withdraw. They have made all that shit just to occupy Syria. So, they will never withdraw unless Putin targets USA military bases with kalibr missiles and SAA finishe them on the ground.

That’s the only option I see if negociations failed.


Well my conclusion is they will as they have no choice. Trying to be arrogant and be hero is one thing to be able to defend to stay is another. It is suicide.

Russia has officially made it clear no US air strike on Syrian forces and that means the fight will be strictly SAA and SDF with Russia and Us staying in the sideline

SDF will give up like in Iraq is my guess unless the Kurds want to gamble their lives or future in Syria.

I really think Kurds are not that stupid and make their biggest blunder knowing that US can only be in Syria for a very short time


When USSR wanted to pu nuclear weapons in Cuba, Kennedy warned of nuclear attack if this is executed.

So, that’s how you have to do. If I was Putin, I will never allow american nuclear facilities in Europe. Easy to destroy these facilities before they are acheived.


as much as I liked Putin I feel he needs to be even meaner, even stronger, even less tolerant of US behavior. I know I would be!


Putin is a chess master. He plans his move to get what he wants.

Getting Turkey into his side is a master stroke.

The Russian’s statement about Russian soldiers embedded into all Syrian units is an obvious message to USA not to attack SAA in ANY CIRCUMSTANCES OR Russian soldiers will be killed.

Then Russia will respond to “protect ” Russians ( not Syrian soldiers?) soldiers.

So the only way is direct battle between SDF and SAA and friends which in my opinion will be a walkover.


But have u seen him play chess? Does he even? Granted I know he makes smart moves yes but sometimes I question them


Hello, it’s a figure of speech. He makes smart moves as you said

Manuel Flores Escobar

The only option is a non fly zone in all Syria like Russia did vs Turkey after the incident of the Su 24… as Russia has the capability of shot down all fighter jets include Israeli F-35 and USAF F-22..the complex NEBO-M with the network RLM-( M,D,S) AESA VHF,L,S/X band track + KU ( control truck processing) linked with 96L6 adquisicion radar of S-400 can detect, guide and shot down Raptor and F-35…if Russia dont do it is to avoid that USAF or Israeli pilot can be captured death or alive by ISIS or Al Qaeda!


Well I have already explained. It is not about USA will or will not withdraw. It is militarily impossible for US to stay in that place without getting their units wiped out with or without Russian air support.

With Russian air cover .. it is a done deal and not up to US to decide. No choice .

chris chuba

This proves yet again that the primary competence of the U.S. military is in information warfare.

What exactly did they accomplish against ISIS in Syria that was so monumental? They advanced a relatively small distance against one city, Raqqa against about 3,000 defenders and then allowed somewhere between 300 – 1,000 to relocate. But now they are making it sound as if Assad, the Russians, Iran and Hezbollah are somehow collaborating w/ISIS.


they are trying to push the perception that they are the ones fighting the good fight and everyone else except the SDF are evil bad guys when in reality they are the cause of this entire mess. Im ashamed to be american anymore


They just need to get the hell out of Syria

Vince Dhimos

But when are you leaving?


They accused PMU working with SAA as ISIS because their lack of marking. It’s a silly attempt to accused both Assad and Iran supporting ISIS.

John Whitehot

“We are seeing the movement of a limited number of militants westwards. They seem to be moving with impunity through the regime-held territory, showing that the regime is clearly either unwilling or unable to defeat Daesh [ISIS]within their borders,”

how is this publically documented?


Never believe a word these guys said.

They cannot be believed

John Whitehot

I treat them like everybody else, not taking anything at face value. Their lack of documentation and proof in the latest years is a blatant fact though.


“We are seeing the movement of a limited number of militants westwards. They seem to be moving with impunity through the regime-held territory, showing that the regime is clearly either unwilling or unable to defeat Daesh [ISIS]within their borders,” Maj. Gen. Gedney said.

Funny, Russia said the very same thing about the Americans, only they had satellite reconnaissance to back up their allegations, unlike the perpetual lies coming out of the US !!

Manuel Flores Escobar

Near US base of Al Tanf…Syrian air force cannot attack ISIS!..otherwise USAF shot down Syrian jets like they did vs SU 22 in Raqqa and 2 Iranian drones near Al Tanf!..so thats why USA “are seeing the movement of terrorist with impunity”!…

Nigel Maund

The simple fact of the matter is that the US has no legal right to be in Syria at all and they are in outright breach of international law on Soverignty of a Democratically Elected Government! So, if anything happens to the US forces there’s no case for being a crybaby!………………???


WOW, do Syria people need to thanks this attitud of these people who destroyed your country by sending in terrorists paid by USA ? USA must go home, nothing to discuss with these people, point.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right. Period.

Boris Kazlov

“This could be the first step in a US plan to separate the SDF-held areas from Syria in order to form a Kurdish-dominated enclave within the country.” This is obvious.

Solomon Krupacek

so, in idlib, hama, daraa, yes.

Floyd Hazzard

A very feeble attempt to demarcate lines within Syria. Have these people no shame?


No mention of Al Tanf etc?

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