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US-led Coalition Reinforces Its Troops In Al-Tanf Amid Syrian Army Advances In Nearby Area

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US-led Coalition Reinforces Its Troops In Al-Tanf Amid Syrian Army Advances In Nearby Area

U.S Army Soldiers with Battery C, 1st Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, Task Force Strike, load a round into M777 artillery piece to support the Iraqi security forces during the Mosul counter offensive, Dec. 24, 2016, in northern Iraq. Battery C is supporting the ISF with indirect fires in their fight against ISIL. (U.S. Army photo by 1st Lt. Daniel Johnson)

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued slowly advancing the Bir Qasab and Al-Dakwa in the desert east of the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Furthermore, warplanes of the Russian and Syrian air forces continued targeting US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) militants in the area aiming to force them to withdraw from the area.

The US-led coalition announced it had reinforced its forces in the Al-Tanf area on the Syrian-Iraqi border. The coalition also said that it views the “Iranian-backed forces” as a threat to its troops in Syria, which are fighting ISIS.

According to the commander of Jaish Maghawir al-Thawra, Muhannad al-Tala, there are currently 150 US soldiers in the Al-Tanf, along with soldiers from five other countries of the US-led coalition, including two Arab countries.

According to unconfirmed reports, Syrian government forces are currently located 40 kilometers from the town of Al-Tanf.

It is believed that the current priority of the SAA is to secure the capital Damascus through regaining control of Al-Dakwa and Bir Qasab.

Later, Syrian forces might attempt to advance toward the Iraqi border by capturing ISIS-held areas in northern Al-Tanf instead of confronting with US forces.

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An anti isis coalition that doesnt even fight isis. Go figure lol


If they really did, they would want to ally with Iran who is also fighting Isis!!


Yepp, american / zionist hypocrisy and lying at its finest!


Great keep pushing these coalition wackos further and further away from al-tanf


Yeah if they can avoid a confrontation there is no pretext for more US strikes, shitty though this is as its Syrian land avoiding confrontation in the near term is likely the best move in the context of the wider geopolitical situation, if they can take all other areas around and north east of Al Tanf it makes their possesion of the border crossing insignificant


american terrorists and their zionist Wahhabi scum bag allies are the enemy of all humanity…wipe these rats off the face of the earth…Lets get this war going…destroy all american zionist Wahhabi lands and their terrorist populations…….good riddance to the war criminals and their allies…scum

John Brown

Yes Russia is now conducting an aerial siege of Al Tanif as
they are with Raqqa. smart move. keep bombing the FSA/ISIS grouped with USSA
soldiers until they all retreat right into Al Tanif itself. As sanctions are
coming up for renewal in Europe racist supremacist Israel will probably order
the USSA to start some kind of conflict with Russia in Syria or Iraq no matter what. Russia
needs to move some short range nukes into range of Israel in Syria and make sure
the Zionist satellites can see them to let the racist Jewish masters of the USAA and the rest
of the Zionist empire in Israel know, they will be the first to pay the price
for starting any such war. Only then will there be peace as Israel wants goyim
to kill goyim unlit only the master supremacist Jewish race is left.

John Marks

SAA should cut off East Qalamoun by striking north from East Suweida and south from the Bushairi crossroads.
From Palmyra they should strike ESE in the direction of Akashat, Iraq. PMU could meet them, striking north from Ar Rutbah, Iraq.
This would render al-Tanf useless to the Americans without having to engage them.


Yes of course the highway Damascus-Baghdad is almost open and a new anti-isis American back front pops up. Americans, you are ridiculous and loser!


FSA is just another terrorist group formed by USA and must be eliminated.


I thought this website so going down… What happened. By the way you alligance to the criminal assad is alarming. Heres to hoping they shout down this website.. To many propaganda and hardly anything is factual. Never go full retarded

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