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US-led Coalition Negotiates With Tribal Sheiks Linked To ISIS To Gain “Local Support” In Raqqah (Photos)

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US-led Coalition Negotiates With Tribal Sheiks Linked To ISIS To Gain "Local Support" In Raqqah (Photos)

The US-led coalition and its friends

On August 19, Brett McGurk‏, Special Presidential Envoy for the US-led coalition against ISIS, posted a photo report showing “meetings with sheikhs of all major tribes in Raqqa Province, committed to destroying ISIS.”

Most likely, the photo report was aimed to show that the US-led coalition had support of Arab tribes living in the province of Raqqah.

However, something went wrong when Twitter users found that the newly recruited “fighters against ISIS” pledged their allegiance to ISIS some time ago.

The US-led coalition faces significant problems as the area controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) expands in the provinces of Raqqah and Deir Ezzor. The SDF remains a Kurdish-dominated entity and Kurdish militias operating under this brand have own interests, including an establishing a semi-independent or independent Kurdish state in the SDF-held area. These ideas find little support from the local Arab population.

Does the US-led coalition really believe that this situation could be changed this way?

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Funny somehow I am not even shocked.

Michel van dijk

Nothing surprises me any more.


The US Military have never had any empathy with civilians and that is why the US never ‘wins the peace’ in the conflicts they start. Its rather like the British who emigrate to Europe , Spain, Portugal and France in particular and are too lazy or ignorant to integrate into local populations. Even by learning the language.


Look what sunnism looks like. Don’t tell me the sunnis are not the problem. Sunnis have no country. They are brainless people that work just for power and money.


and you call yourself serious???


And USA knows very well that sunnis are stupid people and that they will destroy theiur own country just for power and money.

So, ask for democracy. these sheiks are not democratic. Just dictators.


Merka is Dictatorship numero Uno

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

These sheikhs are all ISIS members these ones here are head choppers in their local villages many are foreigners and these are both the Tribals leaders of Raqqa and now Deir Ezzor . The US had evacuated a Busload of ISIS/Daesh terrorists and transferred them to Sinjar with there Peshmerga and they sent the ones from Deir Ezzor to be embedded with the SDF Kurds. They sent the ones to Sinjar to block the Turks and create a forever enemy in the valley, just as they did with the ones with the SDF.

Henk Poell

If the Kurds want a form of independence from Arabs, they better not claim too much territory or they’ll be a minority again in Rojava! Of course the USA would like to max it out in order to weaken Assad, but I am hoping both ‘winners’ of the civil war get along and work something out that good for all…

Moussa Saab

If Kurds work on getting the land they wanted from the beginning, then their would be peace talks, but it will not happen if U.S controls the SDF. If the SDF fight against the U.S, or disagree with them, then that will mean Kurds actually have a chance forming a state in Syria. The Kurdish elites are very corrupt, but you cannot blame them when you are in an oil rich province for the benefit of the U.S


It is not just these tribal leaders that they are attempting to recruit, the plan is to have large numbers of actual ISIS fighters shave their beards and put on SFD-YPG-PKK-Kurdish uniforms.

The US Coalition and Israel are very desperate right now make the Kurds look more Arab, so that when they create the new country of Kurdistan, it will have a lot of local oil resources.

There are no Kurds living in Raqqa province or Deir Ez-Zor province. Why would these local tribal leaders want to give away their oil resources to the Kurds?

I hear they are even offering these idiot tribal leaders a chance to do the “sword dance” with the Saudi royals and to put their hands on the “light globe”, just like President Trump got to do last April.


Here is a map of Kurdish regions. There are no Kurds living in Raqqa province or Deir Ez-Zor province. Why would these local tribal leaders want to give away their Arab oil resources
to the Kurds?
comment image


Because they are sunnis and sunnis have no brain.


anyway, you are too ignorant. these leaders just wants the best for their people.
they will make a deal with the powers next door.


I did not know that USA was the power next door for Kurds because they behave right now as the new USA-puppets.


Bullshit. These people are not syrians.


Why would they give it away to Assad and/or Iran/Russia ?


‘Assad’, blah, blah. It’s called the Syrian state and has merely been the case that sectors of its territory have been under foreign-sponsored militant proxies control for several years. Now, that territory is returning to the rightful proprietor – the sovereign Syrian state.

Samuel Boas

It is called Syria, not Assad. Dumb fuck.


Why Arab states have been taken over the Kurds land and oil and their freedom for hundreds of years and you were silent.

Samuel Boas

Land always changes owners. Don’t act so surprised.


So its ok the Kurds are now stealing land like their jewish masters?


“There are no Kurds living in Raqqa province or Deir Ez-Zor province. Why
would these local tribal leaders want to give away their Arab oil
resources to the Kurds?”

Why would they give it away to Assad?

Ahmed K Hurmizyar

because they idoticly chose to be on the side of terrorists and embrace their ethno religise mind set over civilization if they are left alone they would form another isis


Absolutely. They all work for one boss. These are not forces on a crusade, they are all mercs. Paid fighters acting like they are on a crusade.
And when the SDF need more fighters (as they switch to proxy war 2 plan B), they just change their clothes and shave their beards. Its that simple.
These Isis and sdf fighters are loyal to money. That’s their master


comment image


great map ….. thanks


Sounds like the meeting of all tribes of Syria that aim for destruction of kurds in Ankara? Might even be the same gu(a)ys.


Maybe they celebrate 16th anniversary ??!!

Cheryl Brandon

Phoney photographs and fake stories!


What is fake about those photos. The images with Brett McGurk were distributed by the US-led coalition. Making the poor quality shots match up and having images taken at exactly the right angle as the images taken with members of ISIS? I am a photographer and nothing looks fake.
Whether these meetings are sinister or its local leaders attempting to placate and protect there people from the current bully is another question. The Americans used the same policy in in Iraq, tribal leaders who had affiliations with al qaeda were recruited.


US is learning and rapidly adapting to the situation on the ground. A smart moove. the whole SDF expansion in itself is a desaster for Syria, would have been easier to deal with the Turks.


Dont you Guys ever ask yourself, why a large part of the syrian population gives a shit about Assad, russia, iran etc.

How it feels living in a bubble, when reality looks completely different.


“Dont you Guys ever ask yourself, why a large part of the syrian population gives a shit about Assad”

This statement literally makes NO sense..


Tell us how it feels living without a brain, like you?


There’s no shortage of bullshit from these hypocritical garbage especially with the above images incriminating the same people involved with Daesh. I may be early in saying this but SDF will become the ‘Electric Boogaloo’ sequel to the Daeshbags especially now with the potential for a direct conflict with the Russian-Iranian-Syrian Alliance vs the US-SDF forces.

US is clearly finding a way to worm its way into their big loss of their agenda for Syria with the destruction of the Daesh.

Time is passing where day by day the silence and ignorance of the United States citizens to the crimes of their government makes them morally culpable in the eyes of a world that is aware of the United States government’s lip service of fighting terrorism. Its 16 years after the US government attacked itself and the world has been made aware of the average US citizen’s self centered view and their stupidity and they will pay a heavy price for it.


We (USA) shall reap what we sow irregardless of our stupidity.

You can call me Al

I do agree with you, but I feel (I hope) that Turkey eliminates them all before Turkey then leaves the Country.


Nothing interesting here. Ofcourse most tribal leaders choose for any strong force that take over their territory, to save their own ass. Human behaviour…..

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

These are ISIS members in the control of the CIA as you can see their handler is Brett McGurk has nothing to with being strong as they are murderers and terrorists.

Dod Grile

99 of 100 CIA cannibal sock puppets agree, MURDER INC IS GOD… oops GOOD.
comment image

It is time to level Langley.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

We caught these weasel turds weeks ago , they are all members of ISIS and Al Qaeda linked groups Brett McGurk knows exactly who he is dealing with since these are the ISIS leaders in the region north of the Euphrates.


And the female soldiers are all fake, right?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What women in these photos are you on about? Stop smoking what your smoking or get new glasses all on the US side are either CIA Officers and state department officials.


If these guys hadn’t paid tribute to ISIS when it ruled their lands they very likely wouldn’t be alive anymore.


Yes, but more likely they are ISUS but for the current public image requirements they need a new wardrobe.

Doom Sternz

Now they must pay tribute to America with their lives. What is the difference between America and ISIS?


Change of clothes – it’s easy!


Perhaps telling ISIS “hey, slow down on your RAQQA defensive attack while we attack DeZ.we can’t afford the man power to fight on 2 fronts.

Bill Rood

No doubt some of these tribal leaders are Salafists, but not all. Some are bitterly opposed to ISIS and Saudi Arabia but had to keep their mouths shut while ISIS had power. Here’s an article form 2 years ago that illustrates the point: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/world/article41559747.html

Sheikh Humaydi says his goal is to lead a Shammar tribal uprising against the Islamic State “to liberate Syria, Iraq and beyond.” But he also wants to carry on a 2-century-old struggle against conservative Wahabi Islam, which he said destroyed the last Shammar emirate, and he favors the breakup of Saudi Arabia, where the puritanical sect dominates. “We are already working on that,” he said.


good article …. thanks

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Gutman used to write glowing stories on Al Qaeda as he and Brzeiwzinski were fond supporters of them.In the old days he was recruited by the CIA to write glowing stories. Gutman was partially responsible for the lies during the Former Yugoslavia break up and destruction of Serbia as he did lie in his story about the concentration camps there.

Bill Rood

Thanks for the info on Gutman, the author of the linked article. Once in a while you can get some truth even from CIA shills. The article in general has born out over the past couple years. The Kurds were certainly more interested in linking up to Afrin rather than heading south to Raqqa.

It remains to be seen how the Arab tribes will shake out. They certainly won’t take kindly to Kurdish attempts to steal their land or resources, but will they work with the government? Sheikh Humaydi’s hatred seems to be directed more toward Saudi Arabia and by extension rather than Assad, but his son, Bandar Humaydi said, “if the Americans support us, we will be able to reach Damascus. We have
men, tens of thousands, who might join us in Syria and in Iraq.” Not so sure whether he meant reaching Damascus in cooperation with the government or in opposition.

I have no idea who the Abu Issa character is or what his loyalties are or were. ISIS attempted to kidnap somebody by that name in 2014, but judging from other reports, there are several Abu Issas.

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/world/article41559747.html#storylink=cpy

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Have started to re examine the conflict in the Former Yugoslavia after coming across the Radzovic hearing at the Hague, they buried in the 300 page report what really happened, he ended up corroborating everything said by Milosevic as true.Then found a documentary on the subject exposing the lies and hypocrisy involved then Decided to look into Gutman after Reading on an article he did for which he won an award for on the former Yugoslavia which was named as a catalyst in the documentary and since finding connecting stories about it.

Gutman has lead an interesting life of hanging around with these CIA operatives early on , now he tries to come out with a story and spin to sound good and gloss over facts like he’s done before. Prefer to see all the blemishes before one can make a true picture of anyone.

The Shammar have a big connection with ISIS and they have a tendency to over represent the numbers, they sided early on with the FSA factions and ISIS groups always looking for a power base.

Abu Issa is the FSA leader from the Turkmen who first brought the US into the region , and has sat under house arrest since there were the first rumblings from the Arab portion of the alliance. Despite what you hear as the Kurds being the front they are less than 30% of all total forces the rest are Arabs as they so far have done most of the dying in Raqqa.

Finding there is not much truth coming from Journalists in the media, can’t trust them for a complete and impartial story anymore, guess why my english teacher taught us to read propaganda and interpret it’s parts.

Bill Rood

Thanks, TCW. While I bought into the Serbs bad, Bosniacs good meme during the ’90s, I didn’t buy the Kosovo thing, especially the barbaric bombing of Belgrade. I also suspected the EU deliberately provoked the disintegration of Yugoslavia via Slovenia.

So you’re saying either Gutman or Sheikh Humaydi is lying about the loyalties of his Shammar tribe. That figures. Judging by many reports I see including from people who are strongly in the Assad government camp, lots of people in Syria went along with FSA or even more radical groups, but have since learned a lesson about violence and bloodshed and are ready for reconciliation, which the government is encouraging for Syrians not guilty of atrocities. Some are even ready to fight on the side of the government. Kurdish treatment of Arabs has encouraged such awakenings.

While Turkey has been a bad actor in all this and Erdogan undoubtedly had monomaniacal dreams of annexing additional Syrian territory (beyond Hatay, which was stolen in 1939). Nevertheless, I believe he belatedly recognizes that Western objectives included the fragmentation of Turkey itself and that Rojava is preparatory to that. Therefore, even if the SDF establishes a Kurd-Arab tribal state east of the Euphrates, turkey will cooperate in isolating it. Any large exports will have to pay transit fees to Turkey, Syria, Iraq or Iran. I hope people like Humaydi Sr and Jr and “Abu Issa” are beginning to see that fragmentation means slavery and their best hope is the unity of all Arabs in non-sectarian states.

I agree about western MSM. I rarely even read it, and instead rely on alternative sources like this site, Moon of Alabama, 21st Century Wire etc. You can’t beat http://www.syrianperspective.com for accurate news on Syria.

Carol Davidek-Waller

US bid for local support: $$$$$$$$$. When the money runs out, so does the support.
Money that should be used to care for American taxpayers and repair their crumbling infrastructure.

eric zweistein

SouthFront pushing Kurdistan. Ha ha !


It is very difficult to blame the “local nomad tribes” living in the desert in tents, that they shook hands with ISIS leaders…the other question is, how deeply local tribes were included into ISIS crimes, it should be investigated …

Samuel Boas

Gas the kurds like president Hussein did.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Mistura was promised by USA to become Syrian President if ISIS take over.But his hope has vanished.He used to claimed that military victory is not possible.Western monopoly is something of the pass.


Ok i get it. He who has the upperhand..has the Shiek’s blessings.

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