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US-led Coalition Killed Over 40 Civilians In Euphrates Valley In Last 24 Hours – Report

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US-led Coalition Killed Over 40 Civilians In Euphrates Valley In Last 24 Hours – Report

Click to see full-size image, By the Official Twitter account of the International Coalition for Operation Inherent Resolve.

US-led coalition warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes on the ISIS-held town of al-Susah in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside killing more than 46 civilians in the last 24 hours, local sources told the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

According to the UK-based monitoring group, only 3 of the casualties were fighters of the terrorist group. A large part of the killed people was women and children, mostly refugees, who had run away from the coalition bombing in Iraq last year.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) warned a day earlier that the US-led coalition had committed a massacre in al-Susah. However, the state-run news agency didn’t provide any details back then.

The US-led coalition and its proxy, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), have not commented on the new reports about the massacre in al-Susah so far. Usually, the coalition addresses such incidents within a few months claiming that there were no civilian casualties or their number was very low.

These violent airstrikes are clearly an attempt by the US-led coalition to support SDF fighters, who are facing a strong resistance from remaining ISIS fighters in the Euphrates Valley. The coalition operation there has been ongoing from more than a month now without any significant progress.

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Yankees, I hope that the Syrians will claim a big and large compensation for every Syrian human being you have assassinated and you will assassinate, may be in yuans.


must be a satanic sacrifice day will check it out the only time they kill civs in such a way is usually with the satanic calender month..how much u wanna make a bet?

Bruce Taylor

It’s called “Holloween”, trick or treat in America. I’m sure it goes further than that for satanist.


all hallows eve ie satanic halloween they plan to kill for the whole week like world wide for the end of the month of october


it would be very sad to say that the american military are a satanic army…STILL!!!




we will know them by their actions…and the calender date of said actions


do u not find it odd that at the same time these white folk from america who are their without permission r killing civs around the same time isis ie israeli security intelligence services attacked and stole those civs??u wonder why america AND deash r camped in the same area??yet no one even the mighty american military just can’t seem to stop these occultist forces??remember trump these guys out there cut the heads off villagers and drive around with them on their grill u too will be brought up on war crimes for helping and protecting em


in fact from now on i shall show the worlds the very days they murder for moloch and satan then you all will understand their human sacrifices on the world stage in the guise of wars


this comment section is called: Thunderspam


The Washington and England will lose all wars against world. The kingdoms of evils will never win and will face shame to be honest. God watching them. That is why God has given strength and power to Russia and China to defend his people and his world from evil brutal encroachers..

Hide Behind

It is not Satan, he is but an instrument of infallable God (s) of the tree Abrahamic based religious leaderships. Om my mobile site there is a US local political add upon cleanup of a local recreational landmark; the discussion is mainly putting blame upon monetary needs. Not one of the pro or cons dares mention what the financial cost of per person killed and destruction of property by the pilots, jets and bombs; they paid for by tax, that in this one instance amounts to 10x’s the cost of cleanup. In US unsightly messes made by corporate and citizen slovenly acts cost money to cosmeticly clean up, that only rewards the corporate , small buisness owners and the bureaucrats who oversee with very little of funds going to laborers. The mess their heros make in foreign nations is not shown in media proper, although millions watch in glee the scenes on internet of the toys used, for they do not have worry about results of their sloven and barbaric actions. The ” collateral damage” , odd how it is not called death upon innocent, is out of sight and so is out of mind. The government applies the cosmetic clean up, making uniformed killers heros, and paying high wages to those who profit from warmaking are treated as Patriotic heros of the red white and blue. There is no connection, or even one iota of consciousness, beyond anything other than need to seeing the cost, economic and mental, so their enjoyment of a carefree day in a park, away from the sights of people living on streets in filth. Garbage, that is all that innocents of war have become to them.


It would not surprise me if this were true (it is an urban battle), but first I ask how do we know this? Also, if this is a massacre, South Front, what does that make Yarmouk?

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