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US-led Coalition Is Trying To Occupy Key Base Of Iraqi PMU Near Syria Broder


US-led Coalition Is Trying To Occupy Key Base Of Iraqi PMU Near Syria Broder

Kassem Musleh, commander of the PMU’s operations in the western part of the province of al-Anbar, Source: al-hashed.net

The US-led Coalition is trying to capture the Abu Rida al-Baldaui airport, near the Syrian-Iraqi border, from the Iraqi Poplar Mobilization Units (PMU) in order to turn it into a military base, Kassem Musleh, commander of the PMU’s operations in the western part of the province of al-Anbar, revealed on November 18.

“U.S. forces are trying to provoke the PMU … There are movements to establish a military base in the Abu Rida al-Badaui airport, and they are currently besieging the airport,” the PMU media wing quoted Musleh as saying.

Musleh added that the US-led coalition’s attempts to control the Syrian-Iraqi border contradicts with its claims that it is only “training and advising” Iraqi government forces. The commander warned that the PMU will not tolerate the coalition’s provocations.

“The PMU will not tolerate these provocations … PMU units are on high alert and ready to face any emergency that may occur in coordination with Iraqi security forces,” Musleh said.

The Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency (IRAN) confirmed that the PMU has deployed additional units inside and around the Badu Rida al-Baldaui airport. According to the Iranian news agency, the PMU is concerned that US-led coalition troops may attempt to land in the base.

If the US-led coalition captures the airport, it will be able to observe a key route linking the Syrian governorate of Deir Ezzor with al-Anbar. The PMU, backed by Iran and the Damascus government, will not likely allow this to happen even if that lead to a military confrontation.



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  • BlueInGreen

    Stay alert and don’t let them establish themselves at that airbase. Once rooted, they’re difficult to uproot!

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Exactly, time to turn up the heat.

  • Pave Way IV

    The PMUs are being unreasonable. CENTCOM has a lot of head-choppers to shuttle back and forth between Deir EzZor and al-Anbar. We need that airport. If the head-choppers are forced to walk, their feet will get tired. That’s just cruel.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The headchoppers are being squeezed by both Syria and Iraq, and the US morons have no choice either to fight a land war themselves or keep on recruiting a dwindling supply of headchoppers as even UAE is reopening its embassy in Damascus. The most rational course of action is to liberate Idlib and then go after US and its proxy terrorists in the entire eastern Euphrates valley on both sides of the border. A low intensity asymmetrical war of liberation with daily casualties would make the US and its headchoppers flee much faster. Look at Afghanistan and how it is all working out.

      • Pave Way IV

        You’re mis-reading the entire situation in Afghanistan. The Taliban have finally realized they’re no match for the mighty U.S. Space Forces, our corrupt-ass puppet Afghani government and the pedophile Afghan Police commanders we empowered. NATO’s Resolute Support Mission is a success – Afghan Security Forces are such highly trained and feared killers that they’re taking us out for fun.

        The now-broken Afghani Pashtun rebels are literally begging us on their hands and knees to stop giving them territory and draw up terms of their surrender – CENTCOM is doing that at this very moment. The terms are secret for now, but I understand it will center around the principle of

        Another nation liberated and free for western democracy to thrive. Outstanding job, boys. Graveyard of nations, indeed!

        Now, it’s off to Yemen. It’s about God damn time those Houthi bastards tasted the U.S. jackboot of freedom. Six months tops. Maybe seven.

        • Sinbad2

          The Vietnamese found mortars were a good way of getting rid of herpes(USA).
          Just one round, it doesn’t even have to hit anyone or anything, it still keeps them living in fear. Iraq should also grow a pair, and lob the occasional mortar into the GreenZone, they could blame ISIS :).

        • Brad Isherwood

          Canadians have the highest personal debt globally at 169/100.
          Afghans are long way from total Rothschild defeat/be’atch enslavement.
          USA is a close 2nd to Canada on personal % debt .
          Except Americans outnumber Canuckistan by Millions..
          It could be USA the #1 Credit slave nation.

          When Russian soldiers ran from 2nd fall of Palmyra ….expired Russian credit cards were found …along with Shipping containers of 23mm guns and weapons.
          When Taliban flee…are Taliban Credit cards left around?
          The Taliban should just go to the UN and demand IMF loans and Credit cards.
          War is over : )

          They probably won’t be able to rack up Air miles as Taliban at Airport = Taser and Homeland Reich.

          Taliban should build resorts where guests get Cheap Opium, Sat TV,….Far East Cuisine.
          Taliban can look the other way on Booze, ….they do on Opium.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    Here we go.

  • Merijn

    Kill Every U.S. Psychopath in the Region…infiltrate & Carbomb’m to Hell…send a shitload of Bodybags to the U.S. of A. until not a Single U.S. Soldier is left in the Middle East…time to start hitting them Hard…turn the Fuckers into Fertilizer together with their Headchopper-Buddies…those folks are no Human Beings, the Vermin needs to be Exterminated radically…for Once & for ALL

  • Sadde

    Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency —> IRNA and not IRAN
    Thanks …

  • World_Eye

    If the land in the airport shot them down. period.

    • Paul Barbara

      But block the runways, and shoot down helicopters or VTOL’s that attempt to land.

  • sonofamalek

    U..S. hopefully goes down in flames like Paradise(now Hell) before then…

    • Sinbad2

      I think their end is very near based on the level of censorship in the US, any non compliant comment in any US blog will get you banned.

      Censorship has its roots in fear, so the Americans must be truly terrified :)

  • Rafik Chauhan

    this is the time to teach US led coalation to teach lesson and remove them from Iraq if they try to force any thing on Iraqi people. US want to close border in Iraq Syria to black mail and help ISIL to reemerge so they can get excuse to stay in Iraq/syria

    • Jens Holm

      They and we were asked in. If not Bagdad was capitol as replacer for the Caliphat of 1258.

      That goes for those milisias as well.

      • Paul Barbara

        Frankly, not only is your English appalling, your understaning of the situation in Syria/Iraq and the Middle East and in general is abysmal (certainly from your comments).

  • Jens Holm

    Iranians seemes to support ISIS. News to me. And below: The same as usual. No relations to the real world and whats going on there.

    Is the article even true.

    • Paul Barbara

      In no way does the article suggest any such thing. Anybody with at least half a dozen braincells knows it is the US that backs ISIS, and that ISIS is the US’s mercenary headchopping proxy all over the Middle East and Africa.

      • Jens Holm


        When those came out of hand, they made relations with SDFs, which fight against ISIS since Kobabi.

        More like someone has headchopped You already.

        And let me remind You, that the Coalition was called back to Iraq and a lot in ME is not friends if Yours and one single unit.

        So Your “Middleast and Africa” is a constructed thruth needing many modifications. More like You are blindfolded, where You are and insist.

        • Merijn

          You Treacherous Snake…

        • gustavo

          Your are so naive that it is worthless to put some attention to you.

        • Dick100

          you mean it was the last chance at Regime Change and install an American client in Syria.

          Only one Assad is president of Syria.

          One more time.

          Washington CREATED Isil and the so called SDF which are just other Jihadist factions and runs and pays them. The use of Jihadist paramilitaries has been standard since the mid seventies.

          This is an act of aggression and a covert war of aggression.

        • Paul Barbara

          It is not the job of the West to go around the world ‘Regime Changing’ any country that won’t kow-tow to them. They have been getting away with it for far too long.
          That is a War Crime, the worst, a ‘Crime Against Peace’.

    • Merijn

      Fuck off with your Filthy Lies Retard…. Your U.S., U.K., IsraHell, NATO, European & Wahhabi-Lapdogs are Terrorists & Fully Responsible for ISIS and all the Other Headchoppers…The Traitors will pay for it!!!

      • Jens Holm

        No. when You make dirt and dont clean in Your governes, culture and religion many things can grow.

        Assads as well as many others do that by making only reforms for own pupoese and primitive governess made by keeping people i dark for any change apart from that – even easy to see and take the best from.

        So You are in primitive states, which hardly are states but mainly like private ownerships by few, which do it by fear and bajonets. You cant vote free on other possibilities not even are allowed to talk about it.

        Hafez and up are the headchoppers by killing all normal opposition. The only left then will be the ones, which are not afraid of that hoping they will be rewarded upstairs.

        You are not even able to understand why we are strong. And if You dont like ours, You also have no idea about the rest like China and India.

        • Dick100

          Unfortunately the headchoppers are paid and run by YOU. That is why the Syrian population have formed up solid behind Assad.

          Syria as a secular and Pan-Arab state is progressive and for these reasons opposes the aggression and new colonialism of your policymakers.

          We understand why you are strong – a policy of aggression and quest for world domination.

          Hey, wasn’t that what that German bounde rdid ?

      • FlorianGeyer

        A bit of Regime Change is needed badly in Denmark I think Merijn :)

    • gustavo

      Not way, please do not try confuse the people. ISIS-Daesh-Nustra are supported by ISrael.USA-NATO with the help of Suadis-Qatar-Jordan-Turkey (NATO).

  • occupybacon

    A map?

  • Dick100


    Now they are claiming the Syrian government created them and drew then in to Syria. They must remain fighting them till the Syrian government changes its behavior !

  • gustavo

    Maybe USA does not want that PMU continue killing its ISIS fighters.