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US-led Coalition Intensified Military Shipments To Northeastern Syria: Russian Reconciliation Center

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US-led Coalition Intensified Military Shipments To Northeastern Syria: Russian Reconciliation Center


Russia is concerned about the recent increase in US-led coalition military shipments to Syria’s northeastern region, Alexander Karpov, Deputy Chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria said on May 6.

“The increased intensity of air freight of military cargo and surface relocation of military equipment convoys by the US-led coalition in eastern regions of the Syrian Arab Republic cause concern,” the TASS news agency quoted Karpov as saying.

Karpov went on to say that US military presence in Syria “is illegal and contradicts the norms of international law”. He also stressed that Syria is capable of dealing with terrorist cells within its territory on its own.

“Actions of the American command on increasing military presence in the Trans-Euphrates region against the background of an emergency socio-economic situation unfolding due to chocking US sanctions seriously damage prospects of political settlement,” he added.

Despite official denial, the US has been boosting its military presence in northeastern Syria since the start of this year without providing any explanation.

In the last few months, an airfield was built in al-Omar oil fields in southeastern Deir Ezzor. A large base is also being built in northeastern al-Hasakah, along the border with Iraq and Turkey. Moreover, recent reports revealed that the US had deployed missile launchers, very possibly air-defense systems, in the region.

The motives behind US military buildup in northeastern Syria remain unclear. In any case, the US does not appear to be planning to leave the war-torn country anytime soon.


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John Wallace

The US is pulling out of Afghanistan because it is too hot to handle and moving to bases in Tajikistan , Kazakhstan and the most despotic place on earth , Uzbekistan. Fortunately the US doesn’t care about human rights or democracy . The rest will be sent to Syria as that is safer than Afghanistan surrounded by friendly SDF forces for their protection. From these SAFE bases they can attack anywhere they like in the region including Afghanistan either by air or by Special Op’s. As much as it all changes it all remains the same and Biden is taking encores for his ” Withdrawal ” and ‘Ending ” of the Afghanistan war when all it is is a rearranging of the chairs.


The US is the true Axis of Evil ignoring intl law, not NK or Iran.

Lone Ranger

Terror state U.S… They are doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…

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