US-led Coalition Is Helping ISIS – Syrian Envoy To UN


US-led Coalition Is Helping ISIS - Syrian Envoy To UN

Syrian troops are in action against terrorists

The US-led coalition in Syria was spotted helping ISIS militants retreat from Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor during liberation operation, according to the permanent delegation of Syria at the UN, RIA reported.

“This show of liberating Raqqa was conducted after the aviation strikes of the criminal coalition bloodily massacred thousands, and wiped the city off the face of the earth, while in the background the coalition and its allies secured a safe retreat from Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor for ISIS terrorists, most of whom were foreign militants,” deputized chargé d’affaires of Syria’s permanent delegation at the UN Munzer Munzer wrote in a letter to the Secretary General.

According to Munzer, the coalition helped the militants dislocate in order to “attack the Syrian Arab Army units and its allies in Deir ez-Zor province.” Munzer noted that the coalition’s claims of planning to restore Raqqa were made in order to “cover up the tracks of this horrible crime.”

In the late October, the Syrian Democratic Forces claimed that Raqqa was completely liberated from ISIS forces with the support of the US-led coalition. The liberation operation had been going since June.

The US has repeatedly denied the accusations that it’s been helping ISIS. US Army Colonel Ryan Dillon, spokesman for the US-led coalition, has expressly denied similar accusations, telling CNN that the coalition’s main goal was “to kill ISIS or compel them to surrender.”



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