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JUNE 2021

US-Led Coalition Hands Over Bodies of Iranian Fighters Killed By Free Syrian Army to Russia

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US-Led Coalition Hands Over Bodies of Iranian Fighters Killed By Free Syrian Army to Russia


On Friday, Abu al-Atheer al-Khabouri, commander of Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra – one of the US-backed Free Syrian Army groups – announced that they handed over the bodies of two Iranian fighters to Russia through the US-led coalition.

The two fighters were killed on August 5 near Al-Zafk base – a US-led coalition base – in the eastern Homs countryside near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Abu al-Atheer al-Khabouri added that they had handed over the bodies to the US-led coalition which handed them over to the Russian troops on August 8. Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra had retained the weapons and the car of the dead fighters. One of the dead fighters was an Iranian national, the other was an Afghan citizen, according to al-Khabouri. They had been fighting with a pro-Syrian Arab Army group.

In another development, Abu al-Atheer al-Khabouri announced that the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) would launch the battle to capture Deir Ezzor from al-Shadadi in the southern countryside of Hasaka province. Al-Khabouri stressed that the battle will be coordinated between the US-led coalition and FSA forces, adding that the main problem now is the transfer of fighters from At Tanf area to Al-Shaddadi.

It’s worth to mention that the FSA fighters in At Tanf had refused to work with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and refused their participation in any way in the battle of Deir Ezzor, reflecting the large Kurdish-Arab disagreements in the eastern region of Syria.

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Did they?
Then perhaps when Iran has some dead Americans to hand over they too will give them to Russia to give to give the Americans.

Russia could start charging a fee for delivery services.


Up to now it has been iranians getting killed. To the last count they already lost 6 generals during this civil war. Or is it a civil war when so many of the fighters are from Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Russia, US, Turkey and all over the muslim world and even the west.

Now we only need KSA and Israeli forces to make it all complete.

Robert Duran

“Or is it a civil war when so many of the fighters are from…” I have not seen anyone of substance here call this war a civil war.We know wt this war has been from the beginning.Its people like you who still holds onto the myth that this conflict started because of “peaceful protest”

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Those dying on the Syrian allied forces see it as a duty to fight those whom are godless and kill civilians . These Jordanian Hashemite fighters seem to have a hatred towards the Kurds and are uncooperative. They will not join and help any time soon unless they are pressured by the SAA gains in the region with the US already talking of withdrawal and leaving Al Tanf in the control of their proxies.

Many who come to fight against ISIS fight against the godless heathens and aggressors backed by various Govts, the fact dead Sauds and other nationals even including Israeli have been found among these factions fighting against Syria.There are other Nations not mentioned like Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan , Albania ,Chechen, Uigars,Tajik,Uzbek ,Britain ,Australia,Canada,France,Morocco, Georgia , Ukrainian, German,Spain,Indonesia,Norway,Sweden, Algeria, Netherlands , etc. the list is huge of the dead fighters found among ISIS/ FSA/Al Qaeda , this is a real world war.

The KSA,GCC and Israel forces fight in the north , but why ask any of them when they are among the big supporters of it.


in ur dreams pal!!! SAA/iran/russia/hezbollah will win and u will start crying like a little girl ahahahhaha!!!

Justin Ryan

USA special ops, Coalition special ops (Norway in Al-Tanf for example) Coalition airforce (bombing DEz hills with 200 SAA killed) SAS etc etc!
Mercs within ISIS!
FSA is Al-Nusra and they are from EVERY COUNTRY!

So if Iran is in the fight helping, good!
Everyone knows its Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran
USA, Coalition forces, KSA, (used to be Qatar?), (used to be Turkey), Al-Nusra, AAS, FSA, Western Media, Israel Air Force, ISIS.

Saying Iran is involved in this war is like saying the USA is involved in this war! OF COURSE IT IS!


Interesting. An Afghan and an Irani killed together in a car in SE Syria? Obviously these weren’t with the ‘Assad Forces’ “threatening the coalition base” at Tal Afar, the ones that had to be bombed twice?

No identification?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They were stopped by Mughwir forces because they were on their way to join the SAA in the fight against ISIS and were then summarily executed US style with a bullet back to the head.



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