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US-led Coalition Evacuated ISIS Gold From Euphrates Valley – Report


US-led Coalition Evacuated ISIS Gold From Euphrates Valley – Report

Members of the US Special Operations Forces alongside with SDF members are in Syria Source: AFP

The US-led coalition had evacuated tons of gold from ISIS’ last positions in middle Euphrates River Valley under a secret agreement with the terrorist group, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on February 16 citing local sources.

“American helicopters evacuated boxes containing large quantities of gold, which was hidden by ISIS terrorists in the area of al-Dashisha, east of the city of al-Shaddadah,” the SANA quoted a local eyewitness as saying.

According to the local sources, some of ISIS commanders who organized the transportation of the terrorist group’s gold were previously evacuated by the coalition.

Three days ago, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) revealed the US-led coalition was demanding ISIS to hand over more than 40 tons of Gold, which were stolen by the terrorist group from different areas in Syria and Iraq over the last four years. Some of this gold was also smuggled from Turkey.

“The coalition is trying to force the group [ISIS] to surrender in order to seize its gold and money,” the pro-opposition monitoring group said.

The US-led coalition reached similar secret agreements with ISIS during the battles in Manbij, Tabqah and Raqqa. In all these cases, the coalition allowed the terrorist group to withdraw to “safe areas” with its military equipment, money and even prisoners.

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