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US-led Coalition Denies Reports That Two Of Its Servicemembers Killed In Afrin

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On January 26, the US-led coalition denied  reports that two of its servicemembers had been killed in Turkish airstrikes on Syria’s Afrin area.

Earlier some media reproted that the two US-led coalition serivcemembers were killed in the area of Afrin where a military operation of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) is ongoing. Some sources rashly speculated that this incident should force the US to stop the TAF advance on Kurdish forces there.

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If indeed two US soldiers were killed I am sure they would have only been in Afrin to promote US Democratic Values and to teach 1st Aid to the Kurds. :)


Or giving workshops “how to interact with allies”

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

No they were giving Tango lessons and some Rumba lessons, Ole!

You can call me Al

or building a McDonalds !.


That would be an attempt of genocide against the Kurds surely ?

Or is it a cunning plan by the US strategists to withdraw so that the Turks will loot the Fast Food joints and die of obesity ?

Another diabolical US plan.

You can call me Al



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Terra Cotta Woolpuller

I heard they were originally offering a Tim Horton’s, but fell back on McDonald’s.

You can call me Al


Anthony Paul Mapes

“Oh the irony if this were true”

Alejandro Bonifacio

the invaders’ lives doesn’t matter


Who own the media? Why they specifically go against DOD plans in giving up the Kurds this time? Why it specifically asks US to combat the Turks?
Who’s in their wit’s end on this occasion?

John Whitehot

“Who own the media?”

Jews, mostly.

“Why they specifically go against DOD plans in giving up the Kurds this time? ”

In general it’s possible that they think they can make some agreement with Turkey on removing Assad.
The US aren’t interested in the Kurds, their only aim is regime change and if that means sacrificing the entire Kurdish cantons, they won’t think twice about it.

They did the same thing with Iraq and S.Hussein, the US acknowledged the existence of the Kurds only when they were fighting the Iraqi government.


I mean this contradiction may a sign of their DOD acting against their plans with US into direct confrontation with Turkey to generate greater chaos. The same thing with Barzani issued referendum. The DOD have advised against that but the impatient jews want it happens anyway.
Now i wonder though. What are the chances that the US would go to get the Turkish forces in line and at what level? If the Turks specifically only used their Air Force with FSA leading the charge then they’d have to shoot down Turkish Warplanes.

Hide Behind

If you want to know a nations military abilities invite them in to dispose of unwanted allies.
As with any organized criminal organization you share the stolen booty, therefore ending any future claims of innocence of crime.
I would say as criminals who may have some pangs of guilt, share the guilt.
But in US case guilt is unknown, we are a self made nation and only worship our creators.
Gods do have guilt.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The flavor of the month is brought to you by CIA and their Traitor Freebooting Sectarian Arabs and it isn’t Vanilla and it’s Terrorism with a chaser.

John Whitehot

what do you mean?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Check CIA fact book on terrorists on Jan. 23rd, 2018 with new update , PYD is listed as a terrorist group and an affiliate of the PKK, this stuff is too funny yet its real. The CIA started the PYD in 2003 not PKK , but asked them to help coordinate it in Syria. This seems to be a pattern of the US and NATO secretly sponsoring these groups thru the secret funding of Joint operations which the CIA and MI6 also France are in charge of.

John Whitehot

True, this is astonishing.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

See US and Turkey are really working together and not really at each others throat as that is more fake coming from the worst actors. Actions like this are always manipulated just as we know there is no real opposition just CIA sponsored terrorist factions and they are coordinated together.

John Whitehot

I don’t know about that, I’ve my reservations.

The way I see it, they keep every option open after their initial, joint plan ended on the rocks.

In any case, these people haven’t got much ethics in their international relationships, so it would not be a surprise if one day they were at each other throat and the following they eat at the same table.

This is why they’ll likely become diplomatic pariahs, as nobody would ever trust them to honor any agreement done.

In the end, it plays against them, and in favor of those who want to build the foundations of peace and stability.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Both Turkey and the US wanted a Sunnistan run by Salafis and Wahhabi Islamists, they both envision the destruction of Syria still. They are doing everything to disrupt all talks Geneva, Astana and now Sochi and the meeting in Vienna with that bogus delegation. Can you believe they contrived 5 different plans to send to Syrian delegation there.

Finding nothing is ever what we believe as it is,since “we are now entering the Twilight zone”.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Their were supposed to reap out those USA bastards hearts and chew them.USA will never ever admit that their terrorists troops have died so continue killing them.


So it is true then.


Maybe they were killed somewhere else. For sure, a lot of sarcophagus will arrive sooner or later to USA by plane. Of course, their families will be proud for these kids (or men) to have served to his country (brain washed).

Hide Behind

If the family truly blessed their child had the $250,000.00 life insurance.
That way they can buy a nice picture frame and cabinet to display a folded flag and medals.

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