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JULY 2022

US-led Coalition Denies Military Buildup In Northeastern Syria, Facts Says Otherwise

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US-led Coalition Denies Military Buildup In Northeastern Syria, Facts Says Otherwise

US forces are in the outskirts of the Syrian town of Manbij

The US-led coalition has officially denied increasing the number of its troops or bases in Syria’s northeastern region.

On February 21, Col. Wayne Marotto, a spokesman for the US-led coalition, said that the mission in northeastern Syria had not changed.

“The Coalition works, by, with and thru our partner force SDF [the Syrian Democratic Forces] to defeat Daesh [ISIS],” the spokesman said. “The Coalition regularly conducts security patrols; re-supply convoys into the ESSA and upgrades and maintains bases.”

The spokesman stressed that troop levels and bases in northeastern Syria didn’t increase in the recent days, without revealing the current numbers.

The coalition’s statement appears to be a response to recent reports which revealed US plans to build a new base in northeastern Syria. The base is being built in northeastern al-Hasakah, near Syria’s border with Iraq and Turkey.

Besides building a new base in northeastern al-Hasakah, the US-led coalition built an airstrip near al-Omar oil fields in southeastern Deir Ezzor. Furthermore, more than 12 supply convoys of the coalition entered northeastern Syria since the start of the year.

The US-led coalition’s claims don’t match facts on the ground. The coalition has been actively expanding its presence in northeastern Syria.

Last year, former US Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey acknowledged that US officials lied to then president Donald Trump about the number of forces in Syria. Now, the same is likely happening regarding the public posture about the current situation in Syria.


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johnny rotten

Marotto says that the mission has not changed, while they steal wheat and oil, burn crops, all to starve the Syrian people, the US mission does not change and the goal is always the same, to kill, kill, kill, steal, steal, steal.


Frankly, the US morons will be rocketed soon in Syria too so they are telling scared fibs. Meanwhile, no water or electricity in Texas.

Furkan Sahin

US = Oil State


See they nwo losing on all fronts so thy deep state jerko writes up about their great isis revival, I wonder who was that,let me guess the same jerk that suggests a tjhousand bombings killing only

3-4 teorrists,there are some serious losers spreading disinformations and I know its not S.F! Biden needs to tread with extreme caution,usa is imploding this is not 10 years ago after the get free pass out of recession,back then,if anything geopolitics have advanced in all specturms, This update is more on the money,as if insanity has not allready exceeded all thresholds,no?

cechas vodobenikov

when their lips are moving amerikans are lying


I know the syrian observationist is a biggere liar though,moneys on russia not cia/ isis!

Fog of War

Well that verifies the build up for me.


the yankee-twats have found the perfect war, the perpetual and never ending war.

– far away from home, – few casualties of apple-cheeked farm-boys, however under-educated they are (in the marines you don’t need to think) – never ending supply of under-educated unemployed white trash boys from the fly over states, – the mic can proceed and make a lot a weapons to make a lot of money, – regime change operations around will have the effect that the weapons industry can go forward full tilt with loads of weapons to stop minor states from threatening the national security.

so don’t expect an end to the middle east war which in fact is quite profitable for the lawmakers on the hill and for the weapons industry and the financial industry and what the dumbed down unwashed herd think is of no consequence – the american dream only works at harvard, yale, princeton and so on.

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