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US-led Coalition Continues To Train Its Proxies In Syria’s Al-Tanf (Photos)

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US-led Coalition Continues To Train Its Proxies In Syria’s Al-Tanf (Photos)

SOUTHWEST ASIA – U.S. Marines with 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, attached to Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force, Crisis Response-Central Command, engage targets during a live-fire demonstration near At-Tanf Garrison, Syria, Sept, 7, 2018. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Carlos Lopez)

The US-led coalition continues to train its proxies in the southeastern Syrian area of al-Tanf where it maintains a large garrison.

On December 28, the coalition’s main proxy group in al-Tanf garrison, the Revolutionary Commando Army (MaT), shared several photos showing a recent joint weapons training. During the training, MaT militants fired SPG-9 73 mm recoilless guns and other heavy weapons with coalition troops.

Around 200 US troops are usually deployed at al-Tanf garrison, which was established in 2016. The US-led coalition maintains a 55 kilometers no-fly, no-drive zone around the garrison.

On October 20, al-Tanf came under attack. The garrison was targeted with five suicide drones and indirect fire. The attack resulted in some serious material damage. However, there were no casualties. In response, the US-led coalition and the MaT held two live-fire exercises in al-Tanf in November.

The exercises were likely an attempt to deter Iran and its allies in Syria and Iraq, who were reportedly behind the attack. The attempt failed, however.

On December 14, a warplane of the Royal Air Force shot down one of two small drones that breached al-Tanf’s no-fly zone. US officials believe that Iran or Iranian-backed forces were behind the incident.

While the US claims that its forces are present in al-Tanf to counter ISIS, the real purpose of the garrison is to block a highway that links the Syrian capital, Damascus, with Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Washington wants to keep Iran’s allies in the two countries away from the strategic highway.


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Peter Wallace

Being an illegal base in a country that has no oversight it is able to do anything it pleases there. They also have another base to the east of them which no one talks of. Is that the CIA base for ISIS rest and recuperation while waiting for re deployment while the al-Tanf one is regular army training locals cajoled from the refugee camp just down the road to be proxies in the fight against Isis , oops I mean Assad . That’s right , they are pretending to be combatting ISIS but really pitted against the SAA. It also forces SAA / Iran to use the longer road via Deir Azoir – Al Bukamal

jens holm

There are no ISIS support there at all. How can You and others even write smething like that. ISIS doi attack SDFs as well as Americans.

The pnly purpose for telling that crap again and again is, that ISIS in several areas actually has some support by locals, which Assads cant make go away.

Typical for the culture blaming others instead of making very needed reforms . Reforms are the only way to make an extremist reduction.

And when I write about it and try to debate, there never are any answers. Its haram in its worst. Too many here are like victims runned by psycopats.

Its crawling all over. How can any here accept to support Assads getting 91,5% of the votes reamaining in seats by bajonets and weapons.

Its the same for fx Turkey. Im sure Erdogan got less then 50% of the votes and even so were allowed to be upgraded to almost dicatator is most matters.

The man reason for that is, You dont allow replacements to grow and fx in Syria see that as “Anti Assad”. Opposition should not be in that version. A political party or another kind of group also should suppert improvements for the country – in their way with changes. But the constitution to be kept should be the space for parle. Its not in Syria and in so many comments at all.

You all think You are right and by that should be winners. By that almost all are made into being loosers.

jens holm

So far 6 bah bah sheep.

No wonder many want sober changes there. On ething is people lie for themself but next is relaly bad blaming others for what they dont to excuse themself.

Nobel might send dummy hats.

Chris Gr

Yes but the problem with the US was that they wanted to take the oil of Syria and Iraq. Nothing more nothing less. They didn’t care about democracy. They armed Sunni militants against Assad and Shia militants against Saddam but Assad didn’t fall and Shia militants didn’t want to share.

jens holm

Thats highly incorrect. They wanted to remove Assads, dind some miklders versons of Assads or a power reduction og the Regime.

Sure the oil do finance corners of the USA and SDF warfare. Its a very local important source for the Assads and was not divided with the Syirans but the Assads.

Those are tghe facdts as I read them.

Today the Assads are reduced. The Russians also dont support Assads taking back the rest of Syria. They as tradition want good baserighs and by that support Assads with several limitations.

Fx Israel as rourtine are able bombarde Russian enemies which are Rianians andHesbollahs. By using proxies, they are nort in conflict with Assads. It seemes to be a good thing for Russia not to have all of Syria. What they has is enough and easier to protect.

Chris Gr

Russia wants all of Syria. America wants Syria divided into small and weak states.

jens holm

Sure, USA care less about democrasy in Syria. You really dont try to understand. Almost any replacement is better themn Assads apart form Jihadisme. They also dont accept Kurds by PYD to take over but has created the SDF.

I dont expect Syria could be any kind of democrasy. They are among the worst against women in the whole world. They and almost all here even are laughing but mainly says 1000% no to equls rigghts for vomen.

So its about more or all should share power and by that become different and stronger. Only Kurds has the know how. But as You know USA dont like “Communists” no matter which version.

So its a plus stale mate as it is no matter what. They cant make space for the areas being changed as long as Russia deny it. We see Russia now in their own country has forbidden the last Russian organisation for human rights. All kind of free speech and elections are biased or worse down to one oppinion.

Syria for USA as well as me should look around seeing much better systems for almost everything. It seemes forgotten how bad things was in Syria and why. It was first class for mercenairies just getting any kind of job because they were not helpe by their Goverment. It was not their Goverment no matter what kind of unimployed they were.

Many Syrians also has left by themself for several very good reasons.

I see not a single sign for any improvements for the Syrians even Assads were kept in the seats. There is none.

Your illusion is You are proud supporting Assads but You ignore the rest there. I see them well.

Chris Gr

You are incorrect. I don’t support Assad but there is no other choice. After all, Syria was with the losers in Cold War that’s why things happened this way. Iran was with the winners.

Peter Wallace

Sorry jams I forgot you can’t comprehend normal English and should’ve written it in gibberish for you but as no amount of explaining can ever get you to understand anything there is no point even trying and wasting my time. Have a good NY’s eve and keep your mouth shut tight so you don’t catch covid.

jens holm

When Syrian unfortunatly comes here the wómen raise 50% in IQ. The men raise about 20%. So many cant integrate. The bets learners are vomen, which often has been under random command since before they were born. Syria also as Somalis & Palestines has hard overcrime and we cant send them home. 90% of the Syrians are none crimers. 95% of the rest of us are none crimers.

Your belowed systematicly dont share in formation with each other. By that the knowledge level cant be raised and people keeep themself stupid low IQ layzy bum loosers. And we are blamed for it and no changes are needed.

Thats devastating.

Im fine with Covid in all aspects. We are doing fine even 15 dies a day. Thats better then many. We test much more then others, that why we are in the topnin testing. In dead onesw, we are low. We test about 10 times more then Germany.

I wish You happy new Year. This year I share some fireworks with my neighbors. I have moved to a new house. That kind of stuff should be the only one in Syria.

Chris Gr

What city do you live in?


It could all be ended in hours with ballistic missiles and airstrikes,why is it not happening?


They will never target and kill American soldiers, Iran’s proxies know very well that the U.S will unleash hell on them. Also, the IAF is there to support them if needed, so anyone who makes a foolish move against our American friends, will get vaporized by the IAF in a few minutes.

Back off from Al-Tanf, no one touches them under our open eye.


Is that right Nazi? well when Al Asad base was trashed with ballistic missiles the Americans did nothing.

jens holm

His comment is very sober. Its a political as well as military statement. You can read and learn from Wallace about it above too in hois version.

I see no proof for the americans support ISIS from there at all, but the rest is correct. There will be raining more then cats and dogs if anything more happens out there.

jens holm

There we go again. 3 sheep are no learners and go after the writer probatly forbidden to read or understand military skills from nationality.

By that You remain illiterate stupid just knowing You have learned ou are above Jews.

Maybee its close to DAM IT AS COUS COUS

jens holm

Something like that. They are not sitting ducks as Cromwell has learned in school.

jens holm

3 times Bah Bah.

No wonder You have 400 to 5000.000 killed for nothing.

Not even ISIS is or was killed for that. In their contracts its written, they can be used as suicise bombers, if the purpose is for real.

paper zion

3 days left til america will face military force directly in iraq and 2022 several american camps will get raided anyway and prisoners will be taken and america can start negotiation about paying compensation to get back the imbeciles it calls soldiers

Last edited 29 days ago by paper zion
paper zion

nobody needs to kill americans they will simply end up as prisoners and the zionist usurper entity doesnt have many months left zionists wont survive palestines and hezbollahs war of liberation

Last edited 29 days ago by paper zion
Chris Gr

Whether US or not, ragheads will be pounded, whether if the ragheads have yellow, black, green or white flags.

paper zion

you are so scared its so funny but still you bluff do you not understand it still or is it all you got left

Chris Gr

USA has failed for sure in their battles there. However, the radical ideology of states like Iran or Turkey will bring many strong enemies against them like CSTO, Europe, India or China.

jens holm

Typical ballistic comment. Its even a copy paste from Yourself.

You keep Your knowledge level low and remain illiterate stupid by Yourself. As long as You cant even find the reasons for fx this, You will remain illiterate even the reasons for why they are there and they are not bombarded as You think is a good idea, all are well descriebed as well as analysed.

jens holm

There we go again. The illiterate not even try to improve themself being 3 times minus showing themself well.

People like You ghardly ever give any information not even among each other. Thats a characteristis for no learners kept in the dark by their masters and themself.

The great oilproducer Syria was not even able to produce plastic of any kind. Thats where the problems are. The oil sold for fuel is not the real money for oil. its 10, 100, 1000 times more in benenfit even producing the low plastic products.

But none are educated for it in Syria. That goes for several oil producers. The buyers get the profit. Same thing for Russia. Most Russians are only for Daccas with hens, potatoes and carrots.

jens holm

The three lines still remain as propaganda blindfolding.

The blocking from day one has had the purpose to block ISIS transports, Saudi contacts to ISIS AND Iran-Syria blocade.

Today its true its almost only as Syria-Iran blocker, which is doing pretty well.

Chris Gr

US has many enemies there now. Russia, Iran, Turkey, SAA, FSA, Kataib Hezbollah/Asaib ahl al Haq. Too difficult. Their only allies are SDF and Iraqi army.


“Their only allies are SDF and Iraqi army.”

“allies” What happened to yanquis allies in Afghanistan? Was “Russia, Iran, Turkey, SAA, FSA, Kataib Hezbollah/Asaib ahl al Haq” were in Afghanistan? to make things too “difficult” for yanquis as well? NO, huh.
Do you think SDF is any different? NO. Matter of fact they are in the worse case.
You forgot what Trump did? It took Turkey a few weeks to take most of N-Syria from SDF.
Just like how Afghanistan fell so fast under the Taliban’s hands.

The US is there to help themself, they don’t care if they are working with terrorists…it is also funny how Kurdish people are more racist to Arabs in N-Syria as well. Like how in Afghanistan the US put up a pedo ring of people, that looted the country and run away as fast as they could.

Read these headlines:
SDF Chief: Islamic State ‘Not Finished Yet’ – “Kurds making ISIS attacks, with the ynauqis.”
SDF leader: Washington will not abandon us | Arab News – “that’s what the pedo Afghan government said”

This one was funny: Al Mayadeen Sources: SDF Leadership to Change, Ushering in New Phase
“Al Mayadeen’s sources report that SDF’s Leader, Mazloum Abdi, will be replaced by someone from without the spectrum of known PKK leaders.”
The funny part is so many “Western” Kurds believed SDF is not linked to PKK, and it’s a lie that Turkey made up.

-Iraqi army???????????? do you mean Iraq?
How? How is the US is an “allie” of the Iraqi army/Iraq?
(Remember Iran help Iraq 1st when ISIL was powerful in Syria and Iraq – the US moved in because of Iran)
Also, you do know what yanquis did to the Iraqi people and the Iraqi army? Right? Because Iraqi people remember it.
(They supported Saddam to invade Iran – Iraq somehow got fuked by Iranians, the yanquis invaded Iraq and kill Iraqis and destroyed Iraq.) If you were Iraqi would you welcome back these Zion child killers? No
The Iraqi want the US and Iran out…those are the young Iraqis…

“America first” – a superpower doesn’t have “allies” – it is the same for the US. NATO is there to stop Russia. In Asia US aid and support S-Korea/JP/TW/OCE countries against China. In M.E the US-supported ISIS, Kurds, Al-Qaeda, any Wahhabi based group to start wars in M.E to make sure Israel doesn’t get focused on.

Chris Gr

Afghanistan is not in the Middle East. If we say this then US has also enemies in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Algeria, Libya, Sudan and also Egypt is too close to Russia.

US supports both Syrian Kurdistan and Iraqi Kurdistan. US also supports Iraqi army, the post-Saddam army. Iran mostly supports PMU.

Lone Ranger

FOAB time…

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