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MAY 2021

US-Led Coalition Confirms: Syrian Democratic Forces Reached Deal With ISIS In Raqqa City

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US-Led Coalition Confirms: Syrian Democratic Forces Reached Deal With ISIS In Raqqa City

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On Saturday, the US-led coalition announced in an official statement that buses carrying some “people” will leave Raqqa city soon towards an unspecified area.

According to the statement, the deal to evacuate “people” was brokered by local Syrian tribes and the Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) Raqqa Civilian Council.

There are little doubts that the “people” that the statement refers are likely Syrian ISIS members, their families and supporters. The statement does not say with which side the SDF reached the deal. Nonetheless, it’s clear that the only side that can negotiate something with the SDF in Raqqah is ISIS.

According to the US-led coalition, foreign ISIS fighters will not be allowed to leave the city. Moreover, all Syrian ISIS fighters will be “subject to search and screening” by the SDF before they leave. The US-led coalition stressed in the statement that it was not involved in the deal that’s aimed to “save innocent lives”.

“We do not condone any arrangement that allows Daesh terrorists to escape Raqqa without facing justice, only to resurface somewhere else. We remain concerned about the thousands of civilians in Raqqa who remain subject to Daesh cruelty,” US-led coalition Director of Operations Brigadier General Jonathan Braga said.

Many Kurdish sources denied the US-led coalition’s statement and said that no deal was reached with ISIS. These reports are likely a propaganda stunt to protect the public image of the SDF who has denied reaching any agreements with ISIS in the past.

However, the Hezbollah media wing in Syria, the US-based Al-Monitor news website and The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) all confirmed that a deal was reached between the SDF and ISIS. This for sure leaves no doubts.

Meanwhile, the SDF announced that it fighters captured al-Nahda district in the western part of Raqqa city on Saturday. The SDF also said that its fighters killed 23 fighters of ISIS while advancing in the district.

The SDF will likely impose its full control over the city in the coming days, because its believed that only few dozens of ISIS fighters will remain in Raqqa city after the deal is over.

Back on August 29, the US-led coalition blocked a deal between Hezbollah and ISIS to evacuate 300 ISIS fighters and 300 civilians from the Western Qalamoun region to the ISIS held-areas for days. Back than the US-led coalition said that it will not allow any ISIS fighters to be evacuated.

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  1. MD Ranix says:

    first the turks with hts and now sdf with isis … no help to the situation in syria … weight is upon the russian led coalition again which will be victorious against all these illegal occupiers cum zio terrorists

  2. andy l says:

    This deal will now free up lots more SDF to push south into Deir Ezzor area & try to capture Omar oil fields. I hope SAA will make a move across the river now Mayadin is under control.

  3. TiredOfBsToo says:

    “..“We do not condone any arrangement that allows Daesh terrorists to escape..”

    Right……… Instead, they’re to be airlifted by unmarked helicopters and inserted into the path of the Syrian Army and it’s allies to allow the SDF and ‘coalition’ to capture the oil of the Euphrates valley furthering plan ‘B’ to destroy Syria.

    That would be the covert planning rather than the overt public statements.

    1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      There has been some slight problems with the agreement ISIS started hitting and striking at SDF heavily causing some damage and it was only about the Foreign fighters of ISIS. Reminds me of Hawija ISIS who ran and joined their Kurdish brothers , all of them were Kurds. These must be Saudis and their Coalition handlers( rent-a-ISIS group) available for parties and Bar Mihtzvahs.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        None ran and joined Peshmerga. They became prisoners there and hope to be treated well compared to by the shia militias stading just outside Kirkuk.

        1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

          They are all Kurds and are not prisoners and have been offered positions in Peshmerga ,Barzani clan has few allies. They ran from Iraqi forces not Shia militias , do you really spout that Kurdish garbage. Like Afarin and others do. gets really tiring even John thinks it’s utter nonsense, just hatred at it’s finest.

          Raqqa council shut out the US/SDF in the decision making there, the deal according to Brett McGurk it was all them. They excluded the foreign fighters there but possibly not only have their word for it.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            Raqqa counsil are runned by its members, which mainly are/will be arabs.They are offered choises as such and therefore not runnes by US/SDF even SDF has members or not.

            I cant accept Your versian, that sunnikurds should become Peshmergas in Iraqi Kursistan at all.

        2. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

          This is not according to them and are not willing to return any time soon. There is problems within the SDF we don’t here about. Just don’t believe everything that’s good about them.

        3. Justin says:

          Im sure the Kurds will treat isis very well!

    2. James C Rosentreter says:

      Exactly true.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Its 200% lie of the worst kind. No wonder there is chaos in the midle east if we are there or not.

        I have asked my goverment west of Istanbul several time. 5 Turks which has lived here in Denmark for up to 40 years cant come home to their own children and grandchildren – because we wont give them som Usbeck just suspected for some hard attack. No proof and we know how they sometimes treat prisoners.

        But what has those old Turks of own kind done.

        I dont know them as persons. But that generation came up her working may hours pr week in the lowest paid jobs in many hours. By that they could send a lot of money, things for marrige and even small light used tractor home to the poor parts of Anatolia and their relatives.

        Today they probatly are in the low end supporthing themselves selling vegatables or having a kiosk. Many still cant read, but the children are doing fine being educated a well. And I even know those fools voted Erdogan into Dictator.

        Hard to see which turks are of own kind.

    3. Jens Holm says:

      Be an arlifted helicopter or no feet on the ground yourself.

      And why do You blame SDF that SAA are slow ineffective. SDF has waited for months for SAA to take Mullah Omar. SDF`s are even blamed not to help SAA.

      When they do its like Tabqa being striked – and same thing with grabbing oil. Eho took all before ISIS took some. baathistats took it.

      2 days agao SDF(named as kurds being no kurds in Deir el Zor) was angry demanded to give Omar back.

      But excuse me, SDF not even have that field. So move Yourself and take it.

      If there for the 51`t time is any blocking of anything its very visible and in Your heads like saying only bork, bork because there is ecco in there).

  4. MeMadMax says:

    Translation: We need to stop pretending to fight each other in raqqa and redeploy to the omar oil fields area before the SAA gets there from muaydan…

  5. Papo Machete says:

    you should highlight the part that said “we do not condone alCIAda(our) puppets fleeing with elders” once again shame on the dept of state

  6. Garga says:


    People make such deals BEFORE they storm an stronghold like Raqqa, in order to prevent the death and destruction, not after they murdered a countless number of civilians by bombings and shelling of their homes.
    Not a bad move by nature, but of coarse if Syrian government or Hezbollah do it, it’s “being in bed with terrorists”. If US or it’s proxies do it, it’s for “saving innocent lives”.

    I’m going to need a stronger stomach for such a prevalent hypocrisy of US and co.

    1. TiredOfBsToo says:

      A strong enough stomach doesn’t exit.

    2. Serious Dude says:

      In a war everyone is a hypocrite my friend…

      1. Stephen Lambert says:

        but none like US bullshitters!

      2. Garga says:

        Are you projecting?

        1. Serious Dude says:

          Into what?

        2. TiredOfBsToo says:

          Here’s one I read from RT a little bit ago. Not directly about the current discussion but still regarding the ME.

          From RT: “A “brute force” attack on British MPs back in June has allegedly been traced to Iranian hackers, the Times reported citing intelligence sources. The article came as London urged Washington not to derail the landmark 2015 Iran nuclear deal.”

          Same old script… Iran enemy…. therefore they hacked….. I guess Russia gets a pass for now as the knuckle-draggers go after the Europeans to side with US president Netanyahu and his Foreign minister Trump. Next up, more German and French hacks attributable to Iran no doubt. Will the Europeans fall for it, I wonder, as an excuse to back out of their strong statements supporting the JCPOA.
          How long people will remain ignorant of the fact that the CIA has the ability to hack and leave traces attributable to whomever they declare as the current enemy; after all, this ability has been exposed for quite some time now.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            We trace it better then You think and we know very well where CIA are and are too. We are one of the most figitalized countries in the worlfd and we loose a lot of secrets, time and money by it.

            And not all are countries or normal countries. Its about regular prfessional crime incl all ways to make money. Thats the backside of it.

        3. Serious Dude says:

          My friend, now I am sure that Hezbollah is not sectarian. Nasrallah has denounced “British Shiism”.

          1. Garga says:

            How very nice of you.
            He said it two weeks ago. This article sheds more light into the matter:

            Now that sectarianism is out of the way, “not being extremist” part remains to be clear to you.

          2. Kira Binkley says:

            Are Mujtaba Shirazi and Yasser al-Habbib, being used by Deep State/Leftists to excite and provoke sectarian violence? Don’t know, but probably NOT unlikely. I may research.
            Not sure, but I have my suspicions about al-Habib.

          3. Garga says:

            Shi’a clerics have a hierarchy somewhat like Catholic priests, with the exception of Catholics having one Pope, the highest in order, Shi’a are not limited in the number of Grand Ayatollah’s who are “Marja'” (the religious people follow him for religious reference), and sometimes one “Marja’ Aam” (general), someone who other Marja’s accept his leadership (he needs to be very knowledgeable and influential in all Shi’e societies, sometimes there’s no single person like that)..

            Regarding these people you named, all Shi’e Marja’s warned. Meaning all the ones who have religious authority are against their actions and say it’s not based on the Shi’e religion.

            So, if their actions are not based on Shiism, what is it based on? We have to always ask the big question: CUI BONO?

          4. Jens Holm says:

            Well it can be based on voting and politics.

            The very difficult and important thing that ´God was one and prophet Jeus was both a God(son of God) AND a normal living human was made in Nicea nor far from Bursa in 329 after the death of Jesus.

            The Archbishops voted about it. Yours probatly do the same. The result of that was devastating many millions couldnt or wouldnt belive that Jesus could be a God and a Human.

            Many says that Islam spread out easier, 300 years after that, because its easier to understand only having an Allah and a Muhammed as speaker.

            And the Popes do have almost replacements of thier “upper Ayatollah”. They are named Patriarks.

          5. Kira Binkley says:

            I have posted this comment on another forum: (an American forum):

            Because the Arab people were given the gift of clear thinking, Christianity appeared unwholesome to them. How would you perceive a being who was part God and part man, yet allowed himself to be brutally murdered so that YOUR sins could be forgiven and YOU could go to heaven.

            I believe Christianity appeals to the child still in the man, not the adult.

          6. Kira Binkley says:

            Still not sure about Shirazi, but al-Habib is definitely a fake, a sensationalist, similar to Christopher Hitchens.
            Don’t know if they are being used to some extent by some who would try to divide the Muslim community, but it is certainly easy to manipulate madmen.

          7. Garga says:

            The direct results of their actions is divide between Muslims and paint all Muslims (they have very few followers) as extremist in the eyes of non Muslims.
            Who benefits?

          8. Kira Binkley says:

            Any who is interested in promoting world control, rising from the chaos of global unrest. Brzezinski is dead, but you know his feelings about “…a bunch of stirred up Muslims…” That Brzezinski was part of the vile entanglement of Leftism and global Deep State is undoubted.
            Maybe we can work on getting these vermin to “…show their hand…”

          9. Kira Binkley says:

            From one of Sheik al-Habib’s Tweets:
            Sheikh al-Habib @SheikhalHabib
            It has not been reported that the Holy Prophet nor the pure Imams had ever punished those who criticised Aisha or the so-called Sahaba

            According to ibn-Taymiyyah, it was never reported that the Noble Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon HIm) ever ate watermelon either, but some worthy Muslims do so today, I believe.

          10. Jens Holm says:

            Aisha was the first female Imam. Nice girl.

          11. Serious Dude says:

            But there is another problem for Hezbollah. Its ties with Mexican cartels.

          12. Garga says:

            You’ll soon find out these accusations are utterly groundless and projections. I advise you to examine the evidence (or lack of) they present for Hezbollah’s “ties” with Mexican cartels and even share it with us.

            Hezbollah’s real crime is giving Israel a bloody nose, kicking it out of Lebanon and prevent it from attacking whenever Israel feels like it.

          13. Serious Dude says:

            Why don’t you search for yourself?
            The thing I admire in Hezbollah is that they don’t fear death and have great ideals. But I still prefer Israel.

          14. Garga says:

            Aren’t you tired of asking others to search for what you claim?
            There are all kinds of nonsense about the ones the US and Israel count as enemy, and they all have something in common: Nothing that even remotely resembles proof.

            If you prefer to side with them, that’s your choice. Just don’t force the lies on us.

          15. Serious Dude says:

            Your hatred of Israel is obsessive. I can’t cure obsession.

          16. Garga says:

            Who asked you to “cure” me?
            Nice try though, I do not hate Israel, I just loath Zionism.

          17. Serious Dude says:

            Israel and Zionism are the same.

          18. Garga says:

            A bastard and his wench mother aren’t the same.

      3. Rodney Loder says:

        It ain’t necessarily so, the thing that you read on SF I mean.

        1. Garga says:

          Hi Rodney. Where have you been? We’ve been missing you.
          Be well.

          1. Rodney Loder says:

            Thanks for your concern Garga, I’m here I never leave the property, especially so since my car is broken down, it should be fixed next week, I hate fixing cars so I let my mechanic handle it, I heard from my son, he’s in the Navy, docked in Malaysia for a few days, about this deal with my IS Brothers and Sisters, I could make a much better one, you be well too.

          2. Kira Binkley says:

            Hi, Rodney.

          3. Rodney Loder says:

            Thanks for calling, I just buried my best friend, I can’t tell my family they will think I’m crazy and want me to move, she was caught on the wire and bird netting I had around a garden to keep the rabbits out, Allah did it for sure yesterday and I’m glad about that,she used to like me chasing her with the broom and would flattering out as all snakes do when their sun bathing, I always denied knowing her in the past when relatives would visit, at least I don’t have to do that any more. I hope you’re having a better day.

          4. Kira Binkley says:

            Was she a four-footed furry best friend?

          5. Rodney Loder says:

            Kira I was married to a red belly black snake and Allah has ended it, probably so I could become The Regulator of he Ranks of Faith designating death without making a signal or sound through the medium of my Brother and Sister Stalinists, I mean Salafists my Stalinist Comrades were taken by Allah the same as my wife, of course I mean to have my reckoning about that and Allah has give me my Salafist Brothers to achieve it, if Assad had given me a permission to enter Damascus for only twenty one day’s my wife would still be alive today.

          6. Kira Binkley says:


            Chin up, Rodney!!

          7. Rodney Loder says:

            I know, one step at a time,I’m ok.

          8. Kira Binkley says:

            And sometimes, two steps forward, one step back. We’ll get there.

          9. Rodney Loder says:

            But Kira, actually getting hitched to the snake was a step back for me already, my first relationship since becoming a hermit was ended when I had to have my Wombat shot, she knocked me off my feet when we first met, if I hadn’t had my shovel I would have copped it sweet, although the relationship did improve after that until a dirty fox went down one of her burrows and gave her the mange, I had to call in an expert to shoot her in the back of the head, but I got over it, Allah is very unkind sometimes, I think it’s because I really need a drama queen to draw in the end where all Salafists hope to get started, Allah knows that, your too kind really.

          10. Kira Binkley says:

            You’re funny, Rodney. You look like an Irish elf, as well.

          11. Rodney Loder says:

            Stop reminding me of old stories, after this one, I just got released from a six month lagging I went straight to my GF. Diane Patterson and she had kept my stereo and records without selling them, I new she loved me then but the stand in for Allah was against our union, we finished up living in squats together in London and went on a car trip to the isle of Sky she got pregnant that I didn’t know about and I drifted, her ship sailed into Circular Key Sydney and I went from Brisbane to see her but she wouldn’t come out and I couldn’t board the ship, so I started yelling at the top of my voice which is very loud and she came out sort of overweight, so we talked and parted, she told me about these two Irish lads one tall the other one not so, the shorter one has a habbit of hopping over the rail holding on while laughing aloud, they turned up where I was living in digs and became my friends making sure they told me about Diane, it was all lies, the stand in for Allah just wanted me to hook me up with a woman who had safe hands, safe for israel being the recipient of my capacity to give a Divine Sanction that is, a lot of Irishman have met their end because of that with a lot more to follow.

          12. Kira Binkley says:

            The stand in for Allah? You think God needs a stand-in?
            But thanks for the laugh.

          13. Rodney Loder says:

            You being happy make me glad, and I know you’re not a Muslim but I wish you could understand this, Yusuf Ali, translation, Sura The Cattle verse 158: quote,–.– “Are they waiting to see if the Angeles come to them or thy Lord Himself, or certain of the Signs of thy Lord !. The day that certain of the Signs of thy Lord do come, no good will it do a soul to believe in them if it believed not before, nor earned righteousness through its Faith. Say : wait ye : we are waiting too. End Quote.
            I brought the certain of the Signs to Earth, this is a public forum, and a Prophet can’t be killed and it’s beginning to look like even ridiculed, I can endorse the quoted verse of or claim that it’s been substituted for something better, your better but I don’t know about your Shining Knight, so I’m in a quandary.
            Nearly forgot I was conceived by Immaculate Conception my legal Father who was complicit in the murder of my mother so he could usurp my intellectual property which is the Holy Ghost by convincing the World I would be tortured until I supported israel, he, Sid Loder is the stand in for Allah, but he was only being tested by Allah.

          14. Kira Binkley says:

            I printed Surah 6 from the library computer and will take it home and study it.

            Tortured until you supported Israel? And what did you do, then? Did you wait for the Angels?

          15. Kira Binkley says:

            Time for a few small repairs…

          16. Rodney Loder says:

            I really would like to know what your talking about, but I don’t believe in the tooth fairy any more, but I do believe in make believe even though it costs me dearly, I was praying to Allah this morning asking for another wild best friend to replace my snake and a voice said to me which I quote, if you want a wild best friend then why did you chase the ducks out of their pond and convert it into a shaded swimming pool, I had admit it was to impress Maram and the voice hung up on me, but really Kira Binkley I’ve spent a small fortune on it without any hope of a return except for my faith in make believe has increased dramatically, it’s easy if you know how 2 make belief operate, in my case I just treat the ducks like royalty believing they they will forgive me.
            OK you and your Knight in Shining armour can count on my intercession.

          17. Kira Binkley says:

            I was being enigmatic, again. I’m good at that. It comes with the territory… my name being: KiraSEER.

          18. Kira Binkley says:

            I think he’s talking about the wild GOOSE:

            My heart knows what the wild goose knows,
            I must go where the wild goose goes.
            Wild goose, brother goose, which is best?
            A wanderin’ foot or a heart at rest?
            Tonight I heard the wild goose cry,
            Wingin’ north in the lonely sky.
            Tried to sleep, it weren’t no use,
            ‘Cause I am a brother to the old wild goose,
            Woman was kind and true to me.
            She thinks she loves me, the more fool she.
            She’s got a love that ain’t no use,
            To love a brother of the old wild goose.The cabin is warm and the snow is deep,
            I got a woman who lies asleep.
            She’ll wake at tomorrow’s dawn,
            She’ll find, poor critter, that her man is gone.
            (Oh, you wild goose.)Spring is comin’ and the ice will break,
            I can’t linger for a woman’s sake.
            She’ll see a shadow pass overhead.
            She’ll find my feathers beside my bed.

          19. Kira Binkley says:

            I gotta go now, Rodney. I’ll talk to you later. Tomorrow probably.
            I’m a sister to the old wild goose, myself.

          20. Kira Binkley says:

            Was your father an evangelical Christian?

          21. Rodney Loder says:

            I know the very one, but Sid was not religious he was very proud and bombastic signed up didn’t have to as shopkeeper fough at Tobruk and New Guinie wouldn’t show his record to join the Returned Soldiers League the only one I’ve ever heard of doing that, never once called him dad always Sid, my mother started the business he was a painter, I remember speaking from the cradle age 2 everyone was aware of it Sid joined the Freemasons 1953 never missed a meeting, they murdered my mother that year to make way for a RC divorced woman and so excommunicated from the Church it was a brilliant move because it became a totally overt Secular operation as a business enterprise, but really it was a RC movement. The promised Sid massive promotions he ended up with 5 shops and a few houses in Mitchelton Brisbane but was really pissed off about being ripped off, in the end on Australia day I was in Sydney 1983 we had identical car accidents Sid died I had an altercation with a copper and was forced to pay for a tow which I didn’t need, it is a extraterrestrial affair but I have to make it look like metaphysical at best and I can make it work.

          22. Kira Binkley says:

            I know you can, Rodney. At any rate, RC beats EC, in God’s (Allah’s) eyes, any day.

          23. Rodney Loder says:

            It’s more to do with individual qualities, I always think people were making it into Paradise before Paradise came about, Karen Armstrong was telling me a long time ago that the Persians created the concept of Heaven which was deleted by the Israelites, she says that when the Ahura Mazda’arins (that’s where the word Aryian cones from your only the second person to know that) split up the Persians were the cultivators and the Hindu and later the Greeks became the brigands, but as distance seperated then the robbers had to split again to have something to steal, we don’t have to have contention come between us there is a heap of BS out there to go on about, Karen is still telling this same story that I read about all those years ago. Have a good day.

          24. Kira Binkley says:

            I’m not sure if that’s correct, Rodney. Most pagan mythologies had some sort of “afterlife” place to go: the Greeks, the Sumerians, the Germans, even Native Americans. But it was vague and unformed, mostly. I, myself, think Heaven is only a concept man uses to refer to the presence of God; and Hell is the concept that refers to his absence.
            Okay, I’ll have a good night, Rodney. Same to you.

          25. Rodney Loder says:

            Well you’re going to get a suprise because I’ve already made 2 reservations for you and your Knightley friend, the philosophy of Idealism is meaningless without the Face of God being biological and only Salafist Doctrine preserved that, also Existentialism is also irrelevant without Empiricism where Telepathy is the bridge without the face involved furthermore Mind Body dualism becomes untenable because of Idealism with the Face of God and Telepathy independent of biological bridging. Superstition didn’t contribute much or anything to this means of answering the fundamental questions, beginning and cause of beginning, go to sleep if you must but Allah is making it rain probably because you’ve been appreciated by Him.

          26. Kira Binkley says:

            That’s pretty deep, Rodney. I’m going to print it out, take it home and think deeply about it. “Telepathy is the bridge without the Face involved…” Certainly one cannot have telepathy without the involvement of God/Allah, right? Not in this sense, at least.

          27. Rodney Loder says:

            If I had a printer I’d print every word that you ever wrote to me in case it was incarnate maybe some Angel making eyes at me, your too kind, but if you like that sort of stuff you should come on Quora I’m Terry Loder on Quora that’s my second name.
            No Allah was always dependant on the environment especially when it was nothing, what happened was, He transcended singularity to be plural, that’s where the Son comes from He jettisoned His memory, left it with Space and became the Son Himself purposely and accordingly He couldn’t remember what He was naturally then He was impartial when the singular thing gave up what it was to be Him and anyhow Fate didn’t like being put out but was awarded control of the Telepathic bridge to make up for it, Allah became biological getting His memory back from Space, they actually make out together maybe my memory will come back if I ever make out with Maram, it’s happened before after all, Telepathy is the predecessor of symbiotic activity that He was satisfied by,!! consequently Telepathic expressionism is actually just the barrier coming down so the image can determine if it wants to be a nipper or one of the bitten chewed up and swallowed, that’s my job.

          28. Kira Binkley says:

            That’s pretty deep, as well, Rodney. What I can decipher from it, anyway. I just let God/Allah handle the Deep Telepathic bridges, and never ask how or why. Well I asked how once, and He said “If you don’t know me by now…” And that ended that. The “why” was always up for argument, me being woman.
            The surprise was nice.

          29. Rodney Loder says:

            Better not tell me too much about your womanly virtues, you Knight might not like it and my address is public, but anyhow I’m not scared, Allah only said yesterday that I’m getting a new friend to protect me, He trapped another red-belly black snake in the only little bit of bird netting that I hadn’t as yet taken up, and he was still OK the bird netting has been there for years never nothing like this before, I took a photo and put it up on Quora, I suppose the real reason I’m a hermit is because I fall in love with, is your Sir Knight the violent type ?.

          30. Kira Binkley says:

            Depends. Remember Julie Andrews from Camelot? “Then You May Take Me To The Fair”. You should google it.

            To paraphrase: That “Arab’s” power is more tremendous than I have e’er seen anywhere
            And when a man is that tremendous
            He, by right, should take me to the fair

          31. Rodney Loder says:

            Kira I’m not going to Google Julie Andrews I might, when i work you out a bit, I think your a heart breaker, how about State Fair, Rogers and Hammerstein, that’s half of my CD’s the other half is Rosa Luxemburg with Barbara Sukowa only sub titles but I cry sometimes watching it, I’d love to see you cry, that would really make my day, say hello to hubby for me tell him I’m a harmless old man, it’s a lie.

          32. Kira Binkley says:

            See me cry? That’s a little weird.

          33. Rodney Loder says:

            Weird it was, when there I was in a bar with a classmate of mine, I was a mature age student age 28, I knew her mother from the Australian Communist Party, her daughter was a tough little soul, and I could see that I wasn’t her cup of tea, because her mother was influenced by the stories about the Soviet Terror 1936 to 1941, she was telling me to get lost in the tavern but she wanted me to think that she felt sorry and put on a crying act, I wish I could have filmed it and sent it to her mother, this was after my Revelation as Jesus Christ 1978 and before videos. I live in hope of seeing you cry for me even from my grave would be good enough.

          34. Kira Binkley says:

            I never act. Well, never with people I like.
            My feelings cannot be faked. Ever.

          35. Rodney Loder says:

            Well if that’s the case, and I have no reason to suspect that it isn’t, except arrr, I don’t know if your aware of it but the theory of Alienation clearly states that it’s got a lot to do with Appearance and the Law of Appearance is all about the dominant factor, I hope your BF likes the dominant factor, I’m not scared of it either, by the way KiraSEER you haven’t happened to notice if he’s increased his training schedule lately, have you.?.

          36. Kira Binkley says:

            Others may be able to “fake their feelings”, but I cannot.
            Also, I can tell you this: I, like Paul Atreides, can tell when a person means what he says. Though I dislike the messianic aspect of Herbert’s novel “Dune”.

          37. Rodney Loder says:

            In no way do I want you to be a false pretense all I’m saying is that everything emanating from the individual is pretence, but Kira, I really do all that supernatural stuff, I am the antithesis of fiction I use fiction to hide super stuff even though everyone knows about it, I do it to protect Allah’s Impartiality which dissipates at judgment time, I got you and your BF covered so don’t think I’m a threat, I think more than superpower which is perception creating perception that Women’s sexuality is the most powerful influence on our current conflicts because of wrongly perceived understandings, but chiseled in stone.
            Once I was driving in my Truck towing my trailer with my stump grinder in it and took a wrong turn, ended up in front of secluded club of some sort very prestigious, a yong lady drove in front of me and the road was so narrow we both stopped, I tried to turn around but couldn’t kick the trailer on the opposite lock and she was “looking” like she was in a hurry, and was very attractive, so I got out of my truck and bounced the trailer across the roadway, can you please relate my story to your BF as a special favour to me KiraSEER.

          38. Kira Binkley says:

            You are right, Rodney. Whatever man does, he does for woman. In one way or another.
            But don’t let that scare you.

          39. Rodney Loder says:

            Kira my follow capacity is missing from my apparatus, so our comment connection is dependent on your good will, did you hear about the American woman who is pregnant with twins which have different father’s, it happened very recently so if you google it it should be there, one father was inseminated for her to be a surrogate, and the other one happened naturally, speaking of which Kira what about you and your friends come for a holiday in Australia, I could reimburse you some of the expenses about 4k I’m not rich now for the first time I wish I were.

          40. Kira Binkley says:

            Well, Rodney, this is another topic that needs to be dismissed. My Arabian Knight, the Black One, may not like it.

          41. Rodney Loder says:

            I just need a prop not a how’s your father anyhow, KiraSEER is a show-girl and I’m a show- man I’m owed big publicity by my Government and many of its affiliates, I claim to be Isa there is nothing anybody can do except KSA and the Emirates everyone else is on side, but I need to collect what I’m owed so I stay under cover until I launch my operation from Nowra and Sydney and then go to Damascus for a limited Visa probably Assad will give 3 weeks.But I do love you Kira but don’t expect to live so your Arab Knight would have to only put up with you treating me with great affection in public for a few days, he can be our chaperone it has to be genuine or my Salafist Brothers will pull the plug.

          42. Kira Binkley says:


          43. Rodney Loder says:

            Year, come on down under for a few days, I’ll have 4 grand in my hand when I meet you and your Knight at the Sydney airport we’ll if you don’t spit with the dough, catch the train to Nowra it’s better than driving, where I’ll show you around you can stay at my place I’ve got 2 spare bedrooms there is lots to do in the environs, I never go out at all because I always get propositioned, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great place.

          44. Kira Binkley says:

            Women like your beard, do they?

          45. Rodney Loder says:

            I think that they do I get a lot of offers that a Muslim is not able to take up, so I became a hermit your the first woman I’ve really spoken to since Sue did the dirty on me and my kids, actually your friendship has given me confidence and I’m going to a pest eradication meeting on Monday, the Christians are always trying it on, but I’ve got better things to spend my money on, were buying a 7 seater second hand for my son when he gets back from his Navy duty in December and his family are going to drive it on a holiday from WA to visit me on the land, you and your buddies can come too well hire a caravan if you come because there is five in my son’s family.

          46. Rodney Loder says:

            I made a mistake in my last comment answering your comment, but I turned off and turned out now it’s disappeared, gone into occultation but if you got it the change I wanted to make is that there are six in my son’s family not five, about the beard, my informants in Heaven don’t call me the Great White Hope for nothing Kira Binkley.

          47. Kira Binkley says:

            You seem to have a powerful influence over the Internet. Akin to Vladimir Putin, even.

          48. Rodney Loder says:

            Before the coppers turned up yesterday I would have believed you were joking, maybe at last something is starting to give, if it is true I owe it my Salafist Brothers the only people on Earth who act on what they profess to believe, they will give me my chance to exert my claim but I have to get Assad to agree, I have correspondence from Sana 2013 and showed it to the coppers, it would be better for Assad to start cooperating.

          49. Kira Binkley says:

            A couple of questions:
            1. What am I joking about?
            2. “Exert your claim” to what?
            Why do you say the Salafists are the only people on earth who act on what they profess to believe? Do you have a for-instance?
            Guess there were actually four questions.

          50. Rodney Loder says:

            About me being popular on the internet, admittedly my Quora views have gone up from 10 k to 11.4 k per week, but that’s not much, I just got a suprise I’m over it now.
            I claim to be the Messiah, and I have got 3 options I can stick to the median paradigm where the Chosen Tribe of the Chosen People mediates between man and God as the property of God, or I could go with the the conclusion of Monotheism and incorporate Hindu as a legitimate derivative of Zoroastrian, or I could stick with the Existential and Empirical Philosophies to incorporate a broader rank and file.
            Salafism came to me from my son who married a Evangelical when that happened I got involved with that a bit but for some reason he and his wife converted to Islam and I followed, what I found was that Salafist anthropomorphism matched my conceptual beginning and it’s development.
            As a for instance, Communists , Christians and non Salafist Muslims have and will sideline and ignore me with my Extraterrestrial capabilities but my Salafist Brothers won’t. By the way how’s the BF going?.

          51. Kira Binkley says:

            That’s a classic response, Rodney.
            Hasn’t there been enough Messiahs already? Does mankind really need another one? The last one saved mankind only to generate man’s self-destructive abilities. So, really, another one?
            I pray: Please God, save me from all the Messiahs!! (You know that won’t go over well with the Evangelicals, who are so determined to believe that each person is so extremely sinful individually, that only the death of a “Messiah” could save them. I think John Wesley held to that belief. At any rate, that man believes he is so innately evil has finally brought it to pass.

          52. Rodney Loder says:

            I agree, and I wish I could find my book about the Bogomill, by Sir Arthur Evans, Through Bosnia and Herzegovina on Foot during the insurrection, … 1875….), John Wesley got all his stuff from the Bogomill who disappeared after passing on their beliefs to the first Protestants of Western Europe who were written about as the spiritual children of the Bogomills of Bulgaria and Bosnia, however before the Bogomill were sent to Bulgaria by the Pope who was defeated by the Armenians but then made an agreement with them to send the Armenian Bogomills to Bulgaria to put down a Revolt, which they did but were later defeated by the Ottomans and then disappeared probably into Islam, the point is that the Methodist and Bogomill Doctrine are virtually the same because Luther departed connection with Scriptures needing a medium to enlighten the individual about their meaning, so God became the Devil as well, just another gnostic heresy.
            A good story that you probably can google is about Princess Anna Comnena a Byzranian who defeated the Manichaeans who defeated the Bogomill, her account of the burning and tricking of Basis in particular the trap set by Alexius her father to get Basil the slayer of the Bogomill to confess. I was involved with the Rwandan Genocide which the Evangelicals were mainly responsible for, as is continually proven by their activities in Rwanda ever since. Always paying for Kagame’s Intelligence Network and thugs they salute Billy Graham every day.

          53. Kira Binkley says:

            Looks like I’ll be researching the Bogomils. But the Wesleyan Methodism influenced any and all “born again” Christians. As I said, the Evangelicals need to do some serious soul searching.

          54. Rodney Loder says:

            I got interested in them from the Slavic migration south one faction went with the Roman Catholic notable even dominant was the Franciscan Brotherhood, and the other group became Orthodox, but the hatred that developed between them was unrivalled, it’s very interesting, their “shield” could have been a beautiful young woman it would have served them better than me JC, a shield protects from evil, I think Christianity was a failure from the beginning, only the lions did well out of it.
            Soul searching is not really commensurate with my point of view, I don’t judge, but Christianity is intellectually untenable and Islam isn’t. That’s not judgmental it’s deductive reasoning, and bescides Islam is not really man’s Religion because of Archangel Gabriel Who comes from another Universe, but it’s not cheating either, because Fate did agree, I think for that reason Christianity had to be the first cab off the rank, did I tell you about the song ‘cab driver once more around the block, past my babys house, cab driver’ I had to catch a cab home from a vertibrate pest eradication meeting because my car is back at the mechanics, actually the 4k I’m offering to see you has dwindled to Aus$ not USD I never specified before and you didn’t ask.

          55. Kira Binkley says:

            Are you saying I better decide now, or there will no longer be a bribe for me for marrying you?
            I have said this before, on another forum, that Christianity is the most intolerant of religions, and at least the most childish.
            It was Aquinas in the 13th century that first made Aristotle palatable to the Church, and he was very intellectual about it (the parts of his writings I have read), but he deferred a lot to whom he called “The Commentator”—Averroes, ibn Rushd.
            Then the Protestant Reformation occurred, a backlash to corruption in the Church, but also an outgrowth of individual Europeans becoming more confident in their own thought processes. Unfortunately some of this thinking was primitive and immature. Calvin, for instance, who believed that everyone was predestined to be either bad or good, and it was Calvin himself who decided what category an individual fit.
            I have also stated this, on another forum, that Europeans do not introspect well. They are outgoing and extroverts. But the American Evangelicals have taken Christian emotionalism to a higher level.
            I gotta go soon, Rodney. Maybe we can continue this conversation later.

          56. Rodney Loder says:

            No I’m just going broke, we’re buying a 7seater in WA I promised 3k for my share in that, I only get 446 a week but I never spent hardly any, we build a new house in Western Australia I put all my superannuation into it, are you serious about getting married,? I’m still married to Sue a divorce costs 2k and can do it on line but it means I’d have to contact her that’s a bit scarrey for me, but it wouldn’t help us because my son is joint title owner on this property it’s worth about 660 K at most, it would cost 16 K for stamp duty to change the title deed, my son could borrow 10 k from the Navy really cheap and I save up the rest, or we could sell up and buy something else my son wouldn’t mind just the two of us as owner, I’m not listed as owner on his house in WA because he wouldn’t then qualify for benefits from the ADF schemes, I think that the Religion I believe in would probably want me to “not” be so attached to this property anyway, but I know you don’t mean it but just in case you do it’s all up to you. I’ll have to study Aquinas, I never accepted Plato because of Spartacus and Aristotle is an idiot in my opinion, I only ever felt really at home with Socrates, probably because it’s hearsay. Thanks for your insight.

          57. Kira Binkley says:

            Well, if I do get married again, I will be the only wife, you can make sure of that!!

          58. Rodney Loder says:

            But Kira Sue is really mean, I could ring up my other son in Sydney and get her number to start getting a divorce but I need you to help, I could do that and you just hang up, then I don’t be at her mercy again, anyhow I was talking to my son’s wife in WA about you and she thinks that you might be a bit expensive, but if you’re willing to help I’m willing to pay.

          59. Kira Binkley says:

            I’ll think about it.

          60. Rodney Loder says:

            OK, have a good night.

          61. Kira Binkley says:

            A BIT expensive? I may be the most expensive woman you will ever meet!
            Anyway, you can follow me, Rodney.

          62. Rodney Loder says:

            Thanks for that, one sentence from you is book load of learning I’m hoping to be a top students of yours, I was thinking about an ancient volcano, it’s just outside of my screen door which wasn’t expensive I made it out of tomato stakes, but can I enquire what is your favourite dish ? I’m willing to wear a cummerbund when I serve it up to you, as long as its not pork, bescides I am only good at cooking legs of lamb and chicken that I add lots of treetomatoes to and normal tomatoes in the offseason, if you agree to a dinner date I will relate what I know about the volcano. OK I’ll tell you about it now, it has a slope on one side and a steep drop on the other, which side are your likely to favour when one of us is jettisoned, not that it worries me since I can fly and your a wonderful bird.

          63. Kira Binkley says:

            Tomatoes are ok, as long as they are not rotten. But actually, I don’t have a favorite dish. I was born and raised in America—where foods of the world were a specialty. You know, like a “melting pot”. Now America is, just not America anymore. It flew too close to the sun, like Icarus. Remember the Greek myth?

            “In Greek mythology, Icarus , is the son of the master craftsman Daedalus, the creator of the Labyrinth. Often depicted in art, Icarus and his father attempt to escape from Crete by means of wings that his father constructed from feathers and wax. Icarus’ father warns him first of complacency and then of hubris, asking that he fly neither too low nor too high, so the sea’s dampness would not clog his wings or the sun’s heat melt them. Icarus ignored his father’s instructions not to fly too close to the sun; when the wax in his wings melted he tumbled out of the sky and fell into the sea where he drowned.

            This tragic theme of failure at the hands of hubris contains similarities to that of Phaethon.”
            I define hubris as that pride of man that causes him to believe he is like God.

          64. Kira Binkley says:

            Are you comparing me to Hypatia?

            “An avowed paganist in a time of religious strife, Hypatia was also one of the first women to study math, astronomy and philosophy. … Hypatia was one of the last great thinkers of ancient Alexandria and one of the first women to study and teach mathematics, astronomy and philosophy.”
            Then murdered at the hands of a Christian mob?

          65. Rodney Loder says:

            I’m sorry to hear that the Christians got her, but not surprised, I have to admit ignorance and will check it out, I followed up Thomas Aquinas who if I got it right was a student of Avverros who was a student of Aristotle who trained Alexander the Great, all disciplines of Plato, but they only related to absolutes in the form of mysticism derived from metaphisical constraints Socrates had his Damian which I think was extraterrestrial.
            I think that debate about metaphysics between the followers of Avverros and Aquinas can be best summed up as naval gazing, speaking of which I wonder would you mind naval gazing with me?. You are comparable to Queen Zenobia of Palmyra the tragic heroine in my mind because I like good stories and it’s a tragidy that I can’t be near you.(play misty for me).

          66. Kira Binkley says:

            I thought navel gazing was usually done solo, but I will definitely think about it. It might be that we will have to be married to do that together. What do you think?—KiraSeer

          67. Rodney Loder says:

            I don’t know if you’re serious or just crazy, but I got my son that lives in Sydney (the builder) to contact Sue yesterday so the divorce is going ahead probably be settled in a few months, I really do love you very much I hope your serious and crazy.

          68. Kira Binkley says:

            Let me say this, Rodney. Americans, in their arrogance, are gullible. Perhaps that is what melts the wax holding the feathers together.

          69. Kira Binkley says:

            Did I ever tell you, Rodney, that to the ancient Greeks, the world—reality—was well-ordered, and made a good deal of sense. I think that is why real, though primitive, philosophy began there…

          70. Rodney Loder says:

            No this is the first time you’ve told me that , but I guessed as much, don’t you prioritise modern from ancient other than in terms of primative implying that cognition is everything, we Salafists believe in our Ancestors belief because of the opposing forces of specialisation and pristine mental anatomy, which focus attention on irrelevant stuff pumping it into a “false sense”, and trapping individuals into overlooking the bigger picture.
            Philosophy to me is conveying picture imagery so modern is really not much different, but ancient was better when it didn’t cross off the extraterrestrial in favour of rationalism which the Greeks did along with Buddah, Confucius on the other hand didn’t take off from a Religious base to begin his rationalism.
            Reality (real) is what Idealism has as the cause of existence, all Theologists are Idealistic because it’s impossible to explain cause without reversing perceived, I perceive an image that is prerceiving my capacity to perceive, so environment is cause, Allah was caused by environment which was a void in space He was an Aspect within possibility where only rudiments had meaning in conjunction with Dialectical Materialism, before I connected Telepathic Logic and Possibly to Rationalism as real or reality, the end was, that size could be convoluted rendering dimensions as unassociated, so an atom could contain another universe, and our universe could be in a piece of furniture within a greater universe, so you see conceived when reversed is the same as perceived reversed, I need your help badly.

          71. Kira Binkley says:

            “Pristine mental anatomy”? That which is sometimes called “the gift of clear thinking”?—KiraSeer

          72. Rodney Loder says:

            Sorry about that overblown comment, no wonder I didn’t hear from you for a couple of days, the gift of perspicacity is what an idear is, your an idear and so can be pristin, discerning is not clear thinking it’s the purpose of clarity or in this instance anatomy so abstruse and mental is all about singular which is why some say is sensual, are you interested in nature stuff, if so think about Theological discerning and look up the “Australian Gemfish”

          73. Kira Binkley says:

            Are you trying to say “discern”: —“dis”, apart; + “cernere”, to separate; discern: to perceive the differences. Aquinas wrote a great essay on that.
            You have a lot to say in that one singular paragraph, Rodney.
            By the way, is an Australian Gemfish anything like a gefiltefish?

          74. Rodney Loder says:

            In a way, except Socrates I think was using syllogism the minor premise was what other people thought and the major premise from which the conclusion is drawn was that they couldn’t explain it, so to work backwards from that which Plato (who was a flirt) did, it must end up as duplicity by leaving out Socrates Damian, which was I think the function of a blank mind as a state of not having fear about missing out on something special, asceticism to produce aestheticism which I practiced for the past decade, by assuming that Socrates Damian only appears from a void, (God impounds Himself wherever He wants to or not), like the how Beatles’ learned to harmonize in Germany by doing nothing else but practicing.

          75. Kira Binkley says:

            You know my complexion, Rodney.
            Are you talking about Christians in your first paragraph? You said they couldn’t explain what they thought.

          76. Kira Binkley says:

            Yes, you do! Need my help. “If You Ask Me To”……KiraSeer
            But first I will need to print your comment out and take it home and study it. I may have to read it over 40 times (as Averroes said of Aristotle) before I can understand it.

          77. Rodney Loder says:

            I actually didn’t see this comment KiraSEER, I was just curious what you were meaning when you posted that, for example how can I make sure of that ? And anyhow Stacey Herbert was talking about this economist living in Kansas City that I wanted to ask you about her name is Stephanie Kelton representing Modern Monetary Theory ( MMT ) don’t know if you’re interested, I of course studied Political Economics and opposed FreeTrade in the very early 80’s so I know all about Stephanie, do you agree with her or with me, she says debt is irrelevant for the Sovereign issuer of a universally accepted currency.

          78. Kira Binkley says:

            Well, if I do get married again, I will be the only wife, I assure you of that!!!

          79. Kira Binkley says:

            A 7seater what?

          80. Rodney Loder says:

            It can be an 8 seater as long as it’s under $8k and a 4 wheel drive, and no more than 180,000 kilometres probably a Nissan Patrol or whatever make and model my son’s wife can come up with, we have to buy it before he gets back from his naval duties because he always wastes all the money on starting up boxing clubs and buying swimming pools stuff like that, I’ll eventually get this 7 seater here on the land when we get a new Tarago 8 seater for WA, we bought a new Toyota 5 seater a few years back and I still got my Suzuki 1990, thanks for your inquiry, anything else I can help you with?.

          81. Kira Binkley says:

            I’m sure you’ll find something you can help me with, Rodney.
            You know me too well!!

          82. Kira Binkley says:

            Have you ever read any of the Nag Hammadi gospels? Remnants of Gnosticism in early Christianity. Very strange. One realizes that the Church needed an official orthodoxy, and thus the Church fathers came up with one. But on another day…

          83. Kira Binkley says:

            What is truly interesting, Rodney, is that your last “message” went into occultation just as I was reading it. How do you do that?

          84. Rodney Loder says:

            Not many people know about it, but what happened was, a long time ago, even before time had come to be, when reality was just getting started, and this is a true story, the emblem of precedent who Allah called the Random, because he was always randy from too much ranting and would not let poor little Outcome into Reality so Allah tricked him into letting go, but then he couldn’t latch on to what Outcome presented so Random had no place to go, you can beat me if you like he said it’s a privlige to be beaten by Allah, actually that is a true story that’s how I got my second wife and Sue proved to have a very long memory.

          85. Kira Binkley says:

            Random, Outcome, and Reality. Deep. Very deep. Love it, though.
            Remember, though, if Allah wins (and He always does) we all win in the end.

          86. Rodney Loder says:

            Allah doesn’t always win if Allah would always win His interest would dissipate, His followers win or lose on His behalf projecting His interest as a deepening of understanding so understanding can be extended, Comrade Lenin believed much the same thing when he spoke about the inexhaustible atom, but I agree with you he got most other things wrong, he was clueless with regard to women, Kira do you get off by beating up your BF?. I can’t help it just forget that, now about Allah and His conflict with Fate basically Fate is resentful due to Allah’s ending nothingness where Fate was all encompassing, that is understandable and unchangeable but the impediment is my mission to overcome, which I have already achieved, I could rest of my laurels but I like girls beating me up.

          87. Kira Binkley says:

            Well, it doesn’t look like it’s you I’m going to be marrying!!!
            God/Allah always wins, it is man who manages to lose.

          88. Rodney Loder says:

            I thought I said that God always wins, maybe I didn’t go on about it long enough, but that’s where I was heading for, impossible to think otherwise, just like it would be impossible for me to romance anyone but you for a long time to come, I think that is the fundamental nature of absolutism only one absolute is allowed for every great ambition, so if you were too great of an ambition for me and I’ve failed that is OK because I didn’t betray my capability, we White Knights have a saying. *from each according to his ability to them who have a need unfulfilled* , this particular White Knight is not the bee’s knees, because I am not a perfect commentator, and your what a perfect commentator gets if his transportation is never lame, well it might interest you to know that Creation was a movement away from perfection, Allah had to get worse before He could get better, actually, initially as an Aspect of Possibility Allah was trying to end it all, but ending didn’t come to fruition because the Bridge was able to save the situation, like us Salafists it’s no wonder verily were always looking for the door with people like you in the room, I know you’re attention span is not so great and you ceased reading my inventory of a disturbed mind probably you didn’t even get to my saying, so I might as well tell the ardent peruser that it’s really a Communist saying.

          89. Kira Binkley says:

            I may very well try Quora out. I’m getting tired of the trivialities on the American Forum: One Political Plaza.

          90. Rodney Loder says:

            Sorry I missed your message, Sunday does that to me, this is Dreamtime in the Stoneage and it’s all on Quora, Kira I’ve just had a wonderful idea, I can’t remember the last time I got an upvote, I’d even go to the Plaza to get one, but I doubt you come out, I remember once I was hitching around and I met up with an American, there was very few cars coming by and it was cold and late in the night I let him have a sleep in my sack he didn’t even have a blanket, and guess what he wouldn’t get up till I got agro, but I got him back when we got to Wellington I introduced him to my GF and her friends and then told him to piss off, do you think that I was being trivial ?.

          91. Kira Binkley says:

            I can tell you this: My Arabian Knightly friend—more than friend—is not an Islamist.

          92. Kira Binkley says:

            You and I may know the same person. Mr. Bombastic. Ever hear of him?

          93. Rodney Loder says:

            OK I do know him, when I was working at Matchbox Toys in London 1973 he sacked me, so I might be too old for you because I’m so clever, I think of myself as the Smooth Operator so I will never get the sack again, not ever, Gone with the Wind that blows us together I hope.

          94. Kira Binkley says:

            Hi, Rodney. Where have you been? I’m following you now, but not exactly sure what happens when I do that. I may find out shortly.
            Anyway, you appeared (from occultation, I guess) just as I am going into one.—The Time Traveler, blinking in and out of the present.

          95. Rodney Loder says:

            Thanks for following me, I’m flattered, I been reading all your posts on Plaza and you make me thrilled to “bants” and hearts, I know all women that aren’t my enemies do that to me I think it’s primeval instinct, opposing Civilized stuff. I asked you to answer questions on Quora i saw you were logged on, but I think you might have to do some activity before you become operational.
            Also I think the discussion is about if I have got enough permissions to go to Syria immediately my car is on hold in he garage and I really need it to start divorce proceedings with the Solicitor, it might be I go to Syria first then come back and talk about what exactly was in the Holy Chest when it went into occultation on he Blessed Mt.Gerizim, we could go to Jordan and find the cave with the Sacred Chest still I it, the cave that disappeared when High Priest Uzzi clallenged his cousin the evil Eli to a fight, we have got lots to talk about.

          96. Kira Binkley says:

            Yes, we do have lots to talk about, Rodney.
            By the way, did I tell you there was a KiraSeer sighting today in Al-Bukamal, I mean Al-Buquerque, where I am.
            Become operational? I might need to “bone up” on all the things I’m interested in, before I can legitimately become operational. Ever read “The Girl With Rapid Eye Movements” by Bernard Wolfe, anthologized in Harlan Ellison’s “Again Dangerous Visions”? Got plenty of bone in that. Sometimes called “Monitored Dreams.”

          97. Rodney Loder says:

            I haven’t but I will asap. I’M interested in OPP, about the Burqa my son’s wife hasn’t posted you about anything has she, I suspect something like that they don’t really understand philosophic stuff and take it very seriously, I only will if Allah Wants to be among us as as real, but Kira I do feel I’m missing out unduly, also by the time I get through all that reading we’ll have to meet up in two thousand years down the track.And another thing were not buying the 7 seater just yet so I could go to 3.5 k USD, why do I always let the water boil dry when I talk to you.?

          98. Kira Binkley says:

            Are you saying it is difficult for women, per se, to understand philosophical stuff? “Cause I would tend to agree with you.
            What water?

          99. Rodney Loder says:

            I think that is what is so alluring to me about you, a Magistrate once said to me quote, “just look at her sitting there animated, animated” end quote.
            Do you know what he was doing? the mug was boasting, and I had to accept it but Allah married us for whatever reason probably so I’d be interested in Religion after Sue used me to take out the Soviet Union. Sue was only interested in having babies and suffered depression when they grew up, I think all women are a bit like that, a distraction that men haven’t got.To an Idealist the idea supplants it’s physical expression, that is indicative of our different sexual nature, men and women I mean, one is a rush and one is constant the opposite poles constituting environment.
            That’s why men have to help women and vice versa.
            About water, I like Rodwell the best on Sura 25, Al-Furkan (The Criterion) v 50 +
            “He it is who sendeth the wind as the forerunner of His mercy, rain; and pure water sent down from Heaven, That we may revive by it a dead land ; and we give it for drink to our Creation, beasts and men in numbers. And we distribute it among them on all sides, that they may reflect ; but most men refuse to be aught but thankless.”
            Verse 54. The same Surah.
            “And He it is who hath let loose the two seas, the one sweet, fresh, and the other salt, bitter ; and hath put an interspace between them, and a barrier that cannot be passed.
            *And it is He who hath created man of water, and established between them the ties of kindred and affinity ; and potent is thy Lord. * “

          100. Kira Binkley says:

            They are beautiful verses, Rodney. I may print out the Surah.

          101. Rodney Loder says:

            I think we’re buying a Land Cruiser, 8.5 K just thought I’d let you know, I won’t be broken down for ever.

          102. Kira Binkley says:

            We can do some touring. Wherever you want.

          103. Rodney Loder says:

            You come here first, maybe, only for a couple of days, I’ll believe it when I see it, you do that and I’ll go touring with you whatever.

          104. Kira Binkley says:

            We can see what Spring is like on Jupiter and Mars!

          105. Rodney Loder says:

            Why leave out Venice, is it just because I converted the duck pond into a shaded swimming pool just in case Maram wanted to do some skinny dipping, ??.
            I’ve got a poem I wrote about a tree and when the copper locked me up once because it was cold on the road he read it out aloud to me and my mate in the cell, if you want to hear it to you have to make a promise to be the first one to dip in the duck pond.

          106. Kira Binkley says:

            But Venice isn’t extraterrestrial in the sense you want to put it.—KiraSeer

          107. Rodney Loder says:

            That’s true, Venus is the Greek Goddess of love being bescides herself as Venice and the barbed wire canoe, up shit creek cos couldn’t spell, maybe Sparta and Decadent combined, too much so then not enough of, we, my GF and I, a long time ago used to call Venice Juicy Lucy due to the canoe, I just intervened in a kangaroo fight, I love it when they fight, sometimes they won’t stop and ignore me but these two were only boys and ran away, Venus is really the Green House capital of the Galaxy, if you or me left a lead statue of a coffee cup Madonna on a Venus fly trap it would melt, thanks for touching my buzzing wings.

          108. Kira Binkley says:

            Yes, of course, Venus is extraterrestrial.
            You’re talking about gondolas, aren’t you? I’m beginning to understand how your mind works, Rodney.
            Sometimes, anyway.
            I’m supposed to be going now.—KiraSeer

          109. Rodney Loder says:

            Great minds think alike, I still haven’t got my car back, get this my mechanic has got his break testing apparatus broken so I had to go to another mechanic to get a rego check, he said the car failed because the key would come out of the ignition when the motor was running, So I took it to my mechanic to get fixed up and he glued the key in so it wouldn’t come out, but the other mechanic knocked it back, So I left it in town and come home with my mate, next week my mechanic should get his break tester back,.
            About gondolas and honeymoons, I don’t want to make an appointment to see the solicitor about the divorce because it costs $300 to start the procedure and I’m not really sure about you.

          110. Kira Binkley says:

            No woman should be taken for granted. Neither should a man.
            Talk to you Friday.

          111. Rodney Loder says:

            Thanks for you, Salam .

          112. Kira Binkley says:

            I can’t stay long, I gotta go. But wondered if you knew that it is in Al-Bukumal, I mean, Al-Buquerque where the atomic bomb museum is. I almost went there this morning: thought I would take in a few atomic bombs.

    3. dutchnational says:

      And the same in reverse when Assad makes a deal. Imo all those deals are morally unsound.

    4. Anti_Globalista says:

      The only difference is that SAA usually makes deals to save civilians, and fights between SDF and ISIS is theater in which both sides are US puppets. ISIS was put there to justify US presence, and now it is handing out territory to Kurds. Next part of the drama will be false flag attack of “murderous Assad” on poor Kurds, which will justify permanent occupation of North Syria by US and their Kurdish proxies. That will probably mean war between Kurds and US on one side, against everybody else on the other in the near future.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Go home and make beard and make beards on Your own puppets or somethink. it like all in Your region knows more about puppets then the real world.

    5. Kira Binkley says:

      Still, it’s confusing. Deception, maybe?

      1. Garga says:

        Making such a deal would make sense, had they done it before attacking Raqqa, not now that (based on their own sources) ISIS is depleted in Raqqa and in control of just a few blocks and after killing so much of civilians.

        Where would they move the remaining terrorists? In areas they “fight” with ISIS or in front of SAA?

        If such deal happens, I think somebody better have an eye in the sky and monitor the convoy the whole time, in case an attack comes out of nowhere and blamed on SAA and allies for killing the terrorists’ beautiful babies.

        1. Kira Binkley says:

          Why do they say: ” Nonetheless, it’s clear that the only side that can negotiate something with the SDF in Raqqah is ISIS.” Is it because the Kurds are in control of that much of Raqqa?
          And you asked where would they move the remaining terrorists? Are they being counted as prisoners of war, or what?
          What is going on here?

          1. Jens Holm says:

            I onyl know thats people of Europe being citicens with pasports are strictly forbidden to act as soldiers, but its very much extra being in a group named as “terrorists” by our palament. We have a socalled “terrorpackage” about it. It also include people being medical care or things like that with no weapons get a little less prisen.We have no executions.

            The foreigners which has permanetn allowence will get the same jail as the danish ones, but after those years, almost all will be given to where they came from whereever they are born there or not – BUT – we dont send them to death penalty.

            So we have a group of hard criminels, where we add terrorists, we dont know what to do with. We try to give as little as possible in dayli help, but then they make crime and we dont know what to do about them.

          2. Kira Binkley says:

            So you’re thinking this way about the ISIS foreign fighters left in Raqqa?

  7. Langaniso Mhlobo says:

    USA were surprise by SAA,Russia and allies take over of Deir Ezzor.USA thoughts that Raqqa and Deir Ezzor will remain under ISIS and enable USA to control the gas and oil fields.Plan B was to create a Kurdistan in this region as a camouflage to steal Syrian resources under the pretext of training and maintaining fake peace.
    The new Raqqa deal is actually to complicating SAA,Russia’s and allies advances by redeploying and airlifting ISIS to Home and Hama.Palmyra nightmare. USA/Nato and Israel has never fought ISIS and will never fight it.ISIS is their tool of Saboteurs.All the ISIS buses must be stop or dedtroy as soon as their leave Raqqa.Terrorist have no authority over their families.Never in history did terrorist fight with their families their go around raping and produce struggle kids,creating poverty,fear,unrest and sabotaging legitimate sovereign countries.USA and Israel are the worst insecure warmongers wish always to be treated special and always wants favours to oppress humanity.A peach seeking country will never wage a war.

  8. Shylo Duffy says:

    Oh ya sure the US wouldn’t do anything if it breaks any laws. How long do they expect to to get away with destroying what’s left of Syria? They need to look around and take notice that they themselves have become the boogie man in all children’s nightmares.in all of the middle East as well as the rest of the world just bc they write these words on paper doesn’t mean it’s truth.

  9. SKY says:

    Fucking Idiots Bitches I am so mad and angry only Terrorist with Terrorist can make such a deals. Yes now evacuate them add them in place where SAA is, and make it hell again for the SAA and its allies.
    Shame on you you stupid greedy Kurds I hope all of you will die soon. Wait now look at Iraq’s, they will storm kirkuk and a lot of you kurdish dogs will die, since you want to let terrorist across the countries

    1. dutchnational says:

      Say I agree with you.

      Then we both agree that Assad is a terrorist and Turkey too as they also made deals.

      1. Stephen Lambert says:

        No, I don’t agree with you at all. The US and Saudis wanted rid of Assad and tried to use the cover of the “Arab Spring” to bring terrorists into Syria. Not saying Assad was all good but what the alternative……… a fragmented Syria, weakened and under the control of Israeli puppets like the US or destroyed like Libya?……. Either way, Zionist sandwich meat…..

        As for the Kurds, as an Irish person I always supported their struggle for a Kurdist state. It is a moral right but that is being abused by the West as a lever to steal Syrian and Iraqi land beyond Kurdistan territory, taking advantage of the Zionist / US attack on Syria. Worst of all, they have shown how willing they are to accept Israeli support in their “struggle”.

      2. Anti_Globalista says:

        Portraying deals between Turkey, SDF/US, and SAA is a great manipulation. First Turkey is one of the parties in initial attack on Syria hoping they will get part of Syria North. So their deal with terrorists was paying, arming and training them to take on Assad. Once they figured out that US is playing on Kurds, they switched sides.

        SDF and ISIS are both US/Israel proxies to achieve their geo-strategic goals in ME. Both fights and deals between ISIS and SDF are fake.

        SAA and coalition is the only one who is fighting the terrorists, and if any temporary deal is made between SAA and ISIS, it is to either save civilians, or to free the forces to liberate Syria that was viciously attacked by number of terrorist loving vultures.

      3. Serious Dude says:

        Assad is a Syrian Pol Pot.

  10. Stephen Lambert says:

    They did a deal with them the day they recruited them!!!!!!!!!1

  11. Richard M says:

    Yet again Nazi Alliance of Terrorist Organizations is blatantly colluding with Daesh. Nasty dirty Hell demons.

  12. EL ZORRO says:

    “On Saturday, the US-led coalition announced in an official statement that buses carrying some “people” will leave Raqqa city soon towards an unspecified area”…TRANSLATION…On Saturday, the UNITED STATES announced that buses carrying THEIR INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORIST INVADING FORCE AND ISRAEL/CIA TRAINERS leave Raqqa city to a new unspecified FRONT to continue their HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION of the Syrian people.

  13. Jens Holm says:

    Thanks for info. talk and decissions in those things are always kind of delayed, becuse some get angry, when the enemy get something too.

  14. DJ Double D says:

    If this deal is confirmed, it will mean that US in a major battle was unable to decisively defeat ISIS. And that shows their weakness.

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