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US-led Coalition Conducted 155 Strikes On ISIS In Syria And Iraq On October 10-22


US-led Coalition Conducted 155 Strikes On ISIS In Syria And Iraq On October 10-22

A U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II takes off from a base in Southwest Asia to support Operation Inherent Resolve, Jan. 31, 2015. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman James Richardson/AFCENT/Released)

In the period between October 10 and October 22, US-led coalition forces conducted 155 strikes on ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq, according to strike reports released by Operation Inherent Resolve website. 91 strikes were conducted in Syria, while 64 strikes were conducted in Iraq.

In Syria, Combined Joined Strike Force engaged ISIS near Al Shadaddi, Raqqah,  Abu Kamal, and Dayr Az Zawr. The Coalition has destroyed a number of vehicles, including armored ones, ISIS staging areas, IEDs, HQ structures, weapons caches, lines of communications,  VBIED factories, ISIS tactical units, and an ISIS-held oil wellhead.

In Iraq, the Coalition forces have engaged ISIS forces near Al Qaim, Haditha, Bayji, Tal Afar and Rawah. A number of ISIS headquarters, vehicles, weapon caches, training camps and staging areas, VBIEDs and VBIED factories, homemade explosive production sites, IED factories, ISIS tunnels, ISIS tactical units, ISIS-held buildings, and two ISIS petroleum, oil, and lubricants site were destroyed.



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  • Kira Binkley

    What part of Syria was that? Unreal. As in fantasy.



  • Tony “Melinda” Stark

    150 of which on deserted areas near al-tanf base to dissuade the legitimate army of syria to re-vanquishing its soil.

    Love seeing how much us taxpayers money is being flushed down the toilette by their own governors

    • Jens Holm

      You might forget, those also have fighted ISIS and saved SAA for a lot of ISIS supplyat the Palmyra sight. Most havnt been with succes, but they have, when You did NOTHING.

      That area isnt as deseted as You write. Those se-FSA`s are/were refugees mainly of Raqqa and Eufrat tribe area. There was and are 2 camps. The Eufrat 100% connected has 70.000 inhabítants.

      Im sure its non of You businees, what the taxpayers money are for in USA. They decide themselves and can effort incl some wast too.

      • Kira Binkley

        Americans haven’t “fighted” ISIS. They just like the world to think they have. Americans—see Insane McCain and his legacy—have, at one time, armed ISIS.

  • gustavo

    I believe this news about USA-NATO ….hospitals, universities, bridges, government buildings, schools, kindergardens, parks, electricity power stations, food supplies, resident zones, factories, and dessert just to be sure that Syria and Iraq will be in the Stone Age……yes, BOMBUSA has had a lot of activities.

  • Melotte 22

    They can smell the end of their minions is coming closer, so they are changing side now and want to take a credit for defeat of ISIS.
    Similar tactic was used by US in WW2, in Europe. They have decided to enter battlefield in 1944, once Hitler was almost defeated and lost about 2 million soldiers on Eastern Front.
    Soviet Union lost more than 25 million people, country was destroyed. And how many bombs were dropped on US soil? They have audacity to take a credit for defeating Hitler.

    • Matthew Campbell

      First, lets discuss Soviet losses in World War 2. You can probably thank Stalin for the unpreparedness of the Red Army due to the purging of the Soviet officer corps, which cost how many millions of Russians that Stalin didn’t like for one reason or another? Second, the US/Western Allies were busying fighting Japan, clearing Africa and Italy AND feeding Russia, sorry we couldn’t also invade France on your timetable. Btw, did you participate in the war against Japan? Oh wait, you did starting on the 9th of August. Way to go

    • Jens Holm

      Full of lacking facts. at 1938 USA had 400.000 soldiers incl the national guard. Those had no transportation an took busses, they didnt have good weapons .

      Even if they had, they could not be transported to Europe and certainly not get food as well as armes.

      In 1938 US raised the army from 400.000 to 1 mio. But those soldiers were trained to defend against japan, which were mainly experts in fighting like marines do today.

      The insustrial capasity for helping up was low. All weapons and equipment was designed and made by hand – not in the Henry Ford style.

      US and britts helped as well as they could. US had non tranport fleet all was tranported by european cargovessels and to begin with by Murmansk.

      Russia recieved 250.000 bedfor trucks filled up with fuel, 50.000 jeeps, 13.000 airplanes, 7 .000 tanks, tones and tons of food and clothe, shipload after shiploads of mineral for making better machines adn armory for tanks(Crome, Vanidium and like that).

      USSR had no transport fleet and all were tryed protected by warships not belonging to USSR.
      And You do forget, that US had to cross the atalantic as well as the pacific and pacifics are double of atlantics.

      In the other hand Sovjet actually was friends with USSR. USSR was the biggest helper with food and minerals to Germans and the friendship was inclusive dividing Eastern Europe.

      It was like USA at WW1. Why should an isolated USA be involved in some european matters. ……………………………………………………………………………

      Stalin destroyed its own army systematicly.You cant blame others for that.
      1) Most high officers which could handle thered army was removed or shot 2) In stead too uneducated lower officers gotpromoted and were supported by motivating commisionars – They also got ranks with stupid names. 2) Those news were ordered to do exact what was told and they did according to, how their Marhalks and Admirals went away.3) they were ordered so ignore all germans looking at their forces and communications by spies and and aeroplanes 2) They were ordered to,if they were attacked only to defend themselves and wait for Stalin himself tellingt hem. Stalin knwe his new way of army had to be less advanced, which meant it went back to good old “line defence” – But it was the number one dicplin for german to defend or destroy that kind of armey since 1800 by Clausewitch(now modern weapons, cars and airplanes made for ground support).

      After WW1, which they lost 3 times USSR made a good and modern defenceline from Norway to Black sea. It wasnt Maginot in quality, but that was compensated by millions of soldiers.The communication to it was relative bad.

      When Stalin got 1/2 of Poland Stalin hurried agaiunst many to put a new modern defence line there at once. Only 15% was fine until Hitler attacked. Most of that was stripping the Stalin line. The big cannons from that wasnt even in use. Shukov Marshal meant they should stay but Stalin they should be moved. Tha result at the attack was, they were not able to use.

      The communication to the new line was even worse. Most was by orninary phonelines, which an enemy cut right away,

      After catastrofal losses in chaos and a few good degfences a few places, Stalin orderes his troops to retraet(to kindof the old line). That was bad. Most machinery in the russians cars and tanks couldnt take long distances. They had a very big lack of petrol as well. If the troops has fighted where, they could have destroyed at least some germans.

      Not germans got so many needed vehicles, so much supply in stead. Even they had to recycle a lot it was very needed because of the winter and loses.

      So the millions of soldier were not protected and try to leave throwing millions of good riffels, good machineguns, mortars, handgrenades, clothe and all kind of equipment. Germans stored in and armed its foreign SS-second class soldiers with it only needed to give them heavy stuff.

      So thats where You get the first many millions in the losses.

      Stalin was even lucky getting infoamtion, that Japapnese would take parts of China and not attack russians possitions. Therefore he could send totally 800.000 fresg´h troops in front of Moscow.

      And as Mattewe write below, USSR declared war at Japan in 1945 to get a corner of it. USA and britts covered all transportation at see in the world, where USSR hardly covered the harbour of Leningrad.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Yes USA did 150 sorties to block Syrian government forces from Omar oilfields, Jordan border and Albukamal.USA is the biggest threat to world peace.Biggest hypocrites.

  • χρηστος

    yes ok we are convinced now that you are fighting terrorism…good for you….stop bombing the desert please…the dust is very bad for the people there….and you are killing all the lizards as well…..

  • goingbrokes

    Should read like this:
    “In Syria, Combined Joined Strike Force engaged ISIS … Coalition has destroyed a number of vehicles, including armored ones (many of them inside garages), ISIS staging areas (and all surrounding buildings), IEDs (by blowing them up inside buildings), HQ structures (and all surrounding buildings), weapons caches (and all surrounding buildings), lines of communications (including intact bridges and suspect sewage pipes), VBIED factories (and all surrounding factories), ISIS tactical units (and all surrounding buildings), and an ISIS-held oil wellhead (and all associated structures).
    More complete and reads much better doesn’t it?

    • Jens Holm

      Nice written.

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Killed no one terrorists but murdered lots of civilans