US-led Coalition Conducted 113 Strikes On ISIS In Syria And Iraq In Last Two Days


US-led Coalition Conducted 113 Strikes On ISIS In Syria And Iraq In Last Two Days

During October 3 and October 4, US-led coalition forces conducted 113 strikes on ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq, according to strike reports released by Operation Inherent Resolve’s website.

In Syria, Combined Joined Strike Force engaged ISIS near Raqqah,  Abu Kamal and Dayr Az Zawr. The Coalition has destroyed a number of vehicles, VBIEDs, command and control nodes, ISIS oil stills, ISIS oil trucks and ISIS tactical units.

In Iraq, the Coalition forces have engaged ISIS forces near Al Asad, Al Qaim, Huwijah and Rawah. A number of ISIS headquarters, ISIS-held buildings, tactical units, VBIEDs and VBIED factories, weapon caches, boats, oil tanks and an IED facility were destroyed.



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  • Serious Dude

    Bad news for the lunatic fringe…

    • Vitex

      The USAF treats ISIS like glass ornaments. Probably all the embedded US SOF and Mista’arvim makes them a bit careful.

  • χρηστος

    great job there. you see given that Russia is involved in your game you have to make it seem like you are doing something….so you anounce that you conduct 3 times more strikes than Russia and thats fine….if Russia anounces 100 dead ISIS members you say 300…..and everybody loves US ,the taxpayers love to spend their money on the war against terror etc. i imagine the Russian generals that have the means to monitor everything in the area….they must be enjoying themselves very much with such announcements.

    • gustavo

      Yes, the russians must be laughing with stop about USA declarations. MAybe USA is practicing a drill in the desert…, then, it is possible to believe this.

  • samo war
  • gustavo

    I am sure about that: Hospitals, schools, kindergardens, universities,bridges, government buildings, factories, markets, energy supply. Everybody knows how BOMBUSA likes that much.

  • John Mason

    Here we go again, US doing what it is good at, that is doctoring up the books to make themselves look good and useful. Only fooling themselves.


    Yanks doing a good job of bombing empty desert and hospitals?