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US-led Coalition Builds Military Base Near ISIS-held Tal Afar In Northern Iraq

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US-led Coalition Builds Military Base Near ISIS-held Tal Afar In Northern Iraq

U.S. soldiers gather at a military base north of Mosul, Iraq, Jan. 4, 2017. Source: Reuters

The US-led coalition is reportedly building a new military base in northern Iraq. The base will be located near the ISIS-held town of Tal Afar, the last ISIS stronghold west of Mosul, and will be used to support Iraqi forces operation in the area.

The establishment of the base came upon talks held between US and Iraqi forces Friday in Mosul’s Zammar district,” the Turkish media outlet Anadolu Agency quoted Iraqi Lt. Col. Mahdi Khafaji.

According to thereport, over 50 percent of the base had already been constructed and US Special Operations Forces had already been deployed there.

The coalition is now building an airstrip that would allow to provide a logistical support to the Iraqi forces involved in the oepration.

According to Musa Ali Julaq, commander of a Turkmen division of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), “A French artillery battalion stationed near the Mosul Dam is now preparing to advance on Tal Afar to reinforce Iraqi troops already deployed in the vicinity.

It’s expected that the Iraqi Army and the PMU, backed up by the US-led coalition, will launch a large-scale operation to retake Tal Afar from ISIS soon.

If Tal Afar is liberated, the ISIS will lost all its majr strongholds in Iraq and will remain in control of only a part of the Syrian-Iraqi border.

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Jan Tjarks

I hope that Iraq gets rid of these foreigners causing trouble, then helping to remove the trouble they themselves introduced. While taking advantage of the weakened country at the same time.


Tal Afar could be liberated much faster without the ‘help’ of US coalition forces. Having an ‘ally’ that shares intel with the enemy, attacks it’s ‘allies’ (accidentally, of course) and ferries trapped terrorists to safety would seem to be a deficit…not an asset. Iraq needs to rid itself of traitors within that allow and promote US ‘aid’.


Would US listen if Iraq told them to leave?


Werent the US and PMU just having beef? Aka fights or arguments. Now they work together through iraqi special forces wow this war is so ass backwards and upside down not even war! This is one big geolpoloitical battle, a proxy!!! Battle of 6 years. Vice news let out a great documentary on the pmu. Just , the military bros who want peace in middel east … the pmu is down for living in peace in with christians amd jews and they said oh isis takes alot alot of meth amphetemine pills…iforgot the actual name… but it was really cool to watch i think that that is a big underlying reason to fr isis fall…. cant fight everyone and those meth amphetemines … boy they’llmelt your brain aftera while and the heat and they def dehydrated … made em all dumb and addicted. Same with saudi army. Unmotivated, underestimating Houthi power, and saudi armi are all high! Highest percentage of drug problems in their army. Saudis have always been obsessed with opiates which has been a big drug trading among royals and soliders … cant fight good on downers.

Brad Isherwood

British East India company ran guns and narcotics, …eventually the Masonic MIC game
Rolls into China for Opium wars ,profit taking and geostrategic intrigues.
Queen Victoria was world’s greatest Drug dealer.
French Connection for decades past narcotics Syria, Turkey and the Lebanon.
Gulen organization ran Opium from Afghanistan with CIA as French Mafia was muscled out.
CIA with Kurds in Iraq and Syria will continue the old games leverage on the regions.
Saudi Captigon as you point out was major player in Syrian war.
And ya….both wars are Manifest how b’tarded these people’s are.
One Takfiri kook now dead used to sit on a lazy boy recliner in a field with drinks,chips and a Saudi
Syrian armor just drives right up to their doom while Captigon repeats Allah Akbar
A 1000 times.
Watched a SAA youtube of their forces nailing some ISUS. …the SAA soldiers are
All animated yelling Allah Akbar 1000 times. …
These people are Mentally unstable……..no wonder the wars go on and on and on.

martin aguilar

Totally agree with zman. US-ISIS-Saudi coalition is still alive. US planes attack civils and infrastructure to destroy as much as they can, in Iraq and Siria, to prepare bussiness for after war. ISIS is armed and funded by US and S Arabia. It would be impossible to last a 5 year war without their aid. Pure logic.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US won’t be on the list of those rebuilding in Syria nor any other colluding with them , they will be even reduced to a small amount of business in Iraq and Russia will open up bases in the region should be interesting.

Brad Isherwood

Russia and Iran don’t give a RIP……Neither really really tries to upset Uncle Shlomo or Saudi trash in Yemen.
We will be reading the same lurid shit sandwich accounts for Syria,Iraq and Yemen 5 years from now.
War on Terror is going to last 50 years….just as the US Generals say.
It’s just another Vatican Crusade announcement.
These Crusades go sideways with intrigues, …like The Crusade where European Barons
force conscription their quota, …others build fleets of ships.
A ruthless Longshanks king of England type – Blind Doge Venetian…. takes the entire Crusade show to sack Constantinople instead of Fight Moosilums in Holy Land.

Vatican wins….

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