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US-led Coalition Builds Military Base Near ISIS-held Tal Afar In Northern Iraq


US-led Coalition Builds Military Base Near ISIS-held Tal Afar In Northern Iraq

U.S. soldiers gather at a military base north of Mosul, Iraq, Jan. 4, 2017. Source: Reuters

The US-led coalition is reportedly building a new military base in northern Iraq. The base will be located near the ISIS-held town of Tal Afar, the last ISIS stronghold west of Mosul, and will be used to support Iraqi forces operation in the area.

The establishment of the base came upon talks held between US and Iraqi forces Friday in Mosul’s Zammar district,” the Turkish media outlet Anadolu Agency quoted Iraqi Lt. Col. Mahdi Khafaji.

According to thereport, over 50 percent of the base had already been constructed and US Special Operations Forces had already been deployed there.

The coalition is now building an airstrip that would allow to provide a logistical support to the Iraqi forces involved in the oepration.

According to Musa Ali Julaq, commander of a Turkmen division of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), “A French artillery battalion stationed near the Mosul Dam is now preparing to advance on Tal Afar to reinforce Iraqi troops already deployed in the vicinity.

It’s expected that the Iraqi Army and the PMU, backed up by the US-led coalition, will launch a large-scale operation to retake Tal Afar from ISIS soon.

If Tal Afar is liberated, the ISIS will lost all its majr strongholds in Iraq and will remain in control of only a part of the Syrian-Iraqi border.



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