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US-led Coalition Bombed Syrian Military Column Near Deir Ezzor – Media

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US-led Coalition Bombed Syrian Military Column Near Deir Ezzor - Media

A U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer supersonic bomber © Reuters

The US-led coalition has bombed a military column of Syrian government forces near Deir Ezzor city, Sky News Arabia reported on Monday citing local sources.

According to the report, the airstrikes hit the column near an oil field east of Deir Ezzor city and killed some number of Iranian-backed militias fighters as well as destroyed some military equipment. No more details were provided.

If the report is true, the incident may took place near the Thayyem oil field located  southeast of the city where an intense fighting was ongoing between ISIS and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

US-led Coalition Bombed Syrian Military Column Near Deir Ezzor - Media

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The TV channel said that the reported airstrikes were a message to the SAA and its allies to avoid crossing the Euphrates River. Nor the Syrian military nor the US-led coalition have commented on the report of Sky News Arabia.

Earlier sources linked to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) reported refering to the alleged words of Major General Rupert Jones, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the US-led coalition in Syria and Iraq, that the coalition will  not allow pro-government troops to cross the  Euphrates and is ready to strike them if they attempt to do this. These reports have not also been denied by the coalition.

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Richard Noel Hedditch

Zionist Trump in support of ISIS yet again.

northerntruthseeker .

Bingo! And it again exposes the fact that the US = ISIS….

Gonçalo Pena

Obscene XXIth century colonialism.

John Whitehot

more likely, obscene XXI century journalism

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Sometimes they turn out to be true as the US would not want this reported as it would damage their credibility in the eyes of the public. The thing is the US will have to withdraw as this will end up being mandated withdrawal by the UN and ignoring it would imperil both seats at the UN, many would be happy to not listen to another US screaming “Broomhilda” there.

John Whitehot

They turend out to be true only when they struck near the Jordanian border.

if it damaged the US credibility then we would see lots of reports from alternative and social medias and probably RT and SN.

The truth is, the number of those report is ZERO.

In the end, such news would be good for Israel and Saudia, currently (and always) the countries with a major interest in sending yanks to war with Syria.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are already on the hot seat for war crimes of bombing civilians , this never gets reported in the US, which is truly appalling. When they commit the war crime of bombing innocent civilians they add a spin they have always been giving it such as “Human Shields”. This seems to be their way of deflecting but how is it when there are no valid targets and yet they claim the same thing all the time.

World War 2 was just a horrid intentional bombing campaign designed by the US and the allies followed suit. They continued killing civilians as they thought of this as psychological warfare and rarely hit military targets.

The targets remained civilians until the end and even then they stepped up the bombings and killing of civilians, military targets they chose were actually the camps like Nordhausen etc. they bombed and strafed that for 2 days killing thousands of people there. The buildings in the photos you can see are bombed out , probably why they blamed the Germans for their actions there.

Trustin Judeau

This report has been 3 hours old and there have been nothing from pro gov people I think so probably it is not true .But if it happened , no surprised . What to expect from the US led anti Syrian coalition .


Likely you are correct. This sounds like the report by the PMU that got under heavy IS fire a few weeks ago near Mosul. As verybody “knows” IS is defeated, any large fire must be US airplanes. As it turned out there, it was indeed IS having more firepower then expected.

US and Ru have a close communication on where their airforces will strike to prevent another occurrence like near Tabqah a few months ago.

It will become clear soon.


So why only Now is the SDF attacking DeZ? Why not finish off Raqqa city? Why did the SDF leave the south of Raqqa city open until the Tiger forces got there?

We all know why, i just wanna hear your bullshit story!

Go on, make some shit up! Reveal your bias! They made no deals! There is a war coming between the SDF and the SAA. I expect u to shut your mouth during that time! Go to another site!

Tarciso Ribeiro

of course they don’t fight,they make deals,thats why the fight in RAQQA still going on,their objective is steal arab land for their Kudistan,but the will of Syrian people will prevail.

Jonathan Cohen

such a war may well come, and when it does, I will support SDF for their abortion rights against SAA abortion banners. but the war has not come yet and until it does come, I would prefer both sides fight ISIS only. I do not know why SDF did not encircle Raqqa sooner or, once Raqqa was encircled, advance on Dier ezzor sooner. I guess both sides are trying to use isis against the other, which tactic I oppose on the part of both sides. Isis should be destroyed, not used.

Marc Fischer

There’s a lot more to it buddy than mere abortion rights. Your hypothesis is moot. It’s really all about Israel and Iran. Never forget that Israel (the tail that wags the dog, America) has been totally stymied in her efforts to destroy Syria as an independent, cohesive state. Plan B is to cut the land route between Syria and Iraq. Plan C is to pressure the US, using the usual false-flag media events, to directly attack Iran. Any other political considerations are inconsequential in the overarching scheme of the Zionist regime . .

Jonathan Cohen

As long as Israel respects abortion rights, they can take as much of arabia as they want. Abortion banners like Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia have no right to exist.


Cohen, why have you not aborted yourself, just because your mommy didn’t do it is no excuse for you not to do it for yourself. Be a Man little boy.


Abortion is either… 1. the same as taking a shit OR 2. Killing a whole baby

Which one do u believe to be the truth? Getting something ut of your body that u don’t need or want OR Killing something so u don’t have to deal with it!

You always avoid this question even though I know u are a troll!

So im trolling the troll!

Answer or be gone!

Jonathan Cohen



hahahaha Thx for being honest! Cheers

Carol Binkley

To give Baghdadi a safe zone.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The known fact is the weapons of ISIS was receiving came from the base at Al Tanf so you can say the US played a heavy hand in the attacks in the area, by supplying the weapons and not sure about the manpower as they are hired guns.

Ilies Bekhtaoui

in case it didn’t cause damage and the airstrike fails they would not report it to not scare or kill the soldiers morale

Ilies Bekhtaoui

it was reported with casualities


You can expect more of this, as Kurd puppets and the US terrorists leading them are already across the Euphrates from Deir Ezzor city. More ISISraeli-style “self-defense” and “mistaken” strikes from the “coalition” are to be expected.

You can call me Al

We can hope it is not. The article does state “If the report is true”.

Carol Binkley

There is definitely room for confusion. For someone, somewhere.

You can call me Al

Why is the name “Binkley” rather familiar to me ?.

Carol Binkley

How the h*** should I know? Try Kira, it’s less obvious.

You can call me Al


What a terse response. No need, no need at all.

Carol Binkley

How about this one, then: the name “Al” is not familiar to me at all.


so the USA says to Syrians we forbid u to cross a river in Syria and if u do we kill u and we kill some of u in advance to warn u and oh yeah by the way, don’t follow your leader because he is a murderer….??

That Guy

So, they want it to be an all out war, let it be then, hell will rain upon them.


Time for a Russian reaction.

Solomon Krupacek

“If true its time for a Russian reaction”

Putin yawned.


A reaction will come but we have to consider that all US actions that harm the SAA and allies are aimed at enticing a knee jerk response that will benefit more US aggression . The Israeli’s do the same thing as both the US and Israelis are committing illegal acts within current international laws and those laws still have a modicum of restraint upon massive US/Israeli intervention.

It is an intentional long game of chess by Russian strategists as they move their pieces around the board with an opponent that has barely mastered the game of chequers.


“It is an intentional long game of chess by Russian strategists as they move their pieces around the board with an opponent that has barely mastered the game of chequers.”

the problem russia is dealing with, is the fact,that the opponent has queens instead of pawns :)


Really. Queen’s such as you are too far up your own arses to be much of a problem Lumen.

Tudor Miron

Yeah :) your men are becoming queens that’s not a secret. Adding trangender toilets to army is an important step to make it stronger. :)


True but russia knows electronically where every is flying in and out of Syria air space from all their satellites and ground radars so it is a bit odd to allow a fighter group to come near SAA column…in a real war you dont ever allow that to happen…in a real war you have a air cap over the battlefield 24/7


A military reaction at that moment is exactly what the US wanted. It is surely prudent to keep ones powder dry until the time is right for a Head Shot? We are in the phoney war stage with the US/Russia. The US is probing but without any legal reason to escalate due to world opinion that they now brush aside there comes a time when the World Opinion is too much to ignore and the US is all to obviously seen as the Sponsor of World Terror.

It is then that the public of Russia, China and others will be fully behind their governments as they neuter America and dispose of the Zionist influence there.

888mladen .

It is not prudent to leave SAA unprotected from the US air assaults. There are plenty of MANPADS in RU stock gathering dust and rust.


I would agree with that.


Yes the Russians will go for an assymetrical message like the Sukhoi turning off the Donald Cooks Aegis radar system and shutting down all systems onboard other than stearage and propultion – there are many ways they can slip the US the mickey from dropping their powergrid mid winter/summer and make it look like something/someone else did it – many options.

Maher Awwad

According to a pro- regime site quoting military sources, no such attack had taken place. Apparently fake news to lift the low morale of the opposition after the string of. Ictories by the SAA and allied forces.


I believe it has the possibility of being fake, and a good possibility of being true. I hope is, that its fake.


The race has started, who take more Syria land, The best area with oil pumps. But ISIS is coming to the END…day by day…


Let’s go Irma,… flood them all…


I am amazed that the US MSM missed the opportunity to christen the hurricane with a Russian name like ‘ Hurricane Inessa ‘.

Just a thought :)

Tudor Miron

There’s new joke here: “US state department recommended to rename the hurricane. New name is…Vladimir” :)


Lets hope it brings The Wind of Change that is powerful enough to Take the Wind from the Sails of American Exceptionalism .



Davey Price

Yes God forbid they have a couple days R&R Doing an outstanding job, alhasakah in north eastern Syria is about 20-30% Kurd, its an Arab region and I’m sure the idea that the Kurds and Israel and the US support a new Kurdistan is not welcome


And where is Russia ???? Nowhere as usual. Of course, Russia let Trump bomb SAA and even don’t trigger S-400. What do you expect from an ally like this ???

Rodney Loder

Support Turkey to heap scorn on these Kurdish traitors where they are most vulnerable, Erdogan is untouchable if al-Assad gives him his blessing, terrorism came about because reprisals except for jew lawmaker became illegal.


Rodney, I don’t think I am understanding You, can you run that by US again?

Rodney Loder

What do you think that the false flag is all about,, ? Just imagine for a moment if al-Assad woke up and said one day, “do you know what. I’m gonna do me a false flag chemical attack on the very day that the UN delegation is coming to checkout the chemical attack on Khan al-Assal”, would that be a False Flag ? definitely not, a FF is being rail roaded, to do that you need to have tracks, Turkey because of its political geography has got tracks Syria hasn’t. Another good analogy is “Red Shift” that’s where a Heavenly Body a galaxy or something like that is falling out of orbit, maybe Dark Matter is coming into play. I’m not sure about that but I do know that the Partisans paid a heavy price for the damage they did to Germany, false flags applied at that time and were American owned even then, Hitler fough back with reprisals but Red Shift got the better of him, that doesn’t mean reprisals are wrong, it means Red Shift was right at the time. US is not a serious war machine Stalin was.

Graeme Rymill

“If the report is true” isn’t the same thing as “the report is true”….. it would be a shame to start WWIII on an unsubstantiated report…..


This is the only time that the Washington barbarians can try brinkmanship; we can only hope that the Syrians and their allies call the US bluff. The alliance will need to be unanimous though if they’re going to protect Syrian sovereignty against US-Zio terrorflieger.

You can call me Al

Bring more S-400 units and actually turn them on – NOT TO TRACK, but to eliminate the US aggression.

Take DZ, secure the North territory and the crossing – use every single tank / heavy artillery to flatten the East + get the planes up there to take he Yanks out.

End of…. FFS enough of the diplomacy now.


Ah, S-2s will do.


Its a nice thought. One day it will be reality.


its tough and frustrating trying to win a war on the cheap…..


Its even tougher for the US is Afghanistan where the American 16 year war has been very expensive in lives and treasure ( 1 trillion dollars and counting) with NOTHING to show for it except broken US soldiers and a land ravaged by war and death of innocents.


The US does not set out to win wars…I served in afghanistan. US is there for multiple reasons…but the main one is to take and sell opioids 90% of opioids come from afghanistan. The CIA funds its projects with the money…and buys off people with it. the second major reason is geographical pressure on russia and china. Just like Iraq was to be a ground staging area for the eventual attack on Iran…I served in iraq also……I know my shit.


I much appreciate your candid reply.

I am interested to know whether you and others like you would have joined the US Military with the knowledge that you now have? There must be an issue of morale when one realises that all the jingoistic blather about US Democratic Values is in fact a surreal deception and a wicked betrayal of those who serve.


I have had family members in High levels of the US Military for a century. They are all gone…when you are young you are impressionable….Today most americans today join for the paycheck..some are satanic and dont care mexicans are given citizenship to join…females are going to be drafted…..Many Spec Ops members like myself leave the military and join private contractors run by former generals…basically mercs…they do it for the paycheck…you can make 100K killing for a living…. their souls will rot in hell forever I chose not to stay…you have to be a fool to not see the satanic underlying evil from the outside…let alone from the inside.


It is heartening that there are men such as you who put morality before financial gain. There will I am sure be many Americans that think like you. It is a tragedy that they do not have enough influence yet to alter the path of Empire.

MD Ranix

hope it is a false flag from zio satanic losers


All those who want a ww3 to break out are Devil worshipping evil snakes. I notice they do not have the courage to show us their real names or faces, probably afraid Mom might see !

Jacek Wolski

WW3 will happen, it’s just a matter of when not if. I got my box of popcorn, I hope you have yours too.

Gary Sellars

The taste of popcorn is spoiled once it gets a light dusting of radioactive fallout…


I will eat mine under my tin foil hat. I always thought it would come in useful :)

Jacek Wolski

We all have to die one day. But until then, I’ll keep enjoying this beautiful weather under the Australian sun?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US doesn’t really want a war they are more like testing the waters as in all probability they have less support from their other western allies. Since they would have outright peace marches and civil unrest wouldn’t be good for them , but this would prove the US openly supported all terrorist aggression in Syria and Iraq and world wide. This would be a breaking point in the support in the US.


America. A bunch of lawless terrorist loving animals who are a threat to the continued existence of the human race. America is a cancer which needs to be excised from the earth.


terrorist loving animals

An insult to animal life.

No animal is as degenerate and downright evil as the ‘New Rome’. The US and its military extension – NATO


I stand corrected EmilyEnzo. You are right of course. Animal behaviour is far superior to the war mongering barely educated sub human scum in Washington.


Thank you. 1000 ticks.

Brother Ma

Need to embed lots of Russian soldiers in the syrian army moving NE.Then let the world know about it loudly.Then buldoze straight for border .If U’merikkah accidentally bombs the column and Russian soldiers die then russia can accidentally shoot the s400 and bring some u merikkan planes down.


The Kurds are going to have a hard enough tome organizing into a legitimate political party and get the required votes in the area they occupy.


No, they won’t. Because most of the Arab population is kicked out of Northern Syria. From where do you think 3.5m refugees came to Turkey? Certainly not Damascus…

John Whitehot

Saudi news report. How strange, it comes just a couple days after the alleged words of that us commander on crossing the euphrates.

yeah we got it: saudia wants the us to go to war with russia over syria. same wants israel.

the reality is, that will never happen. so cry me a river.

John Whitehot

I need antiseptics and a vaccination only to type comments on this page.

Samuel Boas

Another war crime….

Behold a Pale Horse

Calm down, Russia is playing the long game. Even if this is true, it was probably a bunch of worthless trucks.


The only worthless thing here is you.

Wahid Algiers

And the fighters loyal to Syria who were killed by this criminal airstrike?

Jordan Katz

Even if the reports are inaccurate, it still pisses me off. Sick of seeing my country wage illegal wars on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the ruling class doesn’t give a shit about my opinion… Russia should try to hurry up and get a few more of their Su-57’s rollin off the production line, and into service. That’s probably the best way to deny NATO the air-superiority they depend on so dearly. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e34d20dac7df78b38f161178438db15218928314936d2c1ee994d23d87bb51ea.jpg

Gary Sellars

Russia won’t target US assets unless they first attack Russian assets (and the seppos won’t do that).


Where the fuck are the goddamn S-300 and S-400 batteries?


It seems that Turkey, the USA and Israel are going to extreme lengths to provoke a S300 of S400 launch. Why would you think that is? Russia would be wise to think very hard before using their missiles as the entire SIGINT of the coalition is listening

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