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JUNE 2021

US-led Coalition Accidentally Bombed Allied Kurdish Fighters In Raqqah City – Media

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US-led Coalition Accidentally Bombed Allied Kurdish Fighters In Raqqah City - Media

[Hamad I Mohammed/Reuters]

Warplanes of the US-led coalition have accidentally carried out airstrikes on Kurdish units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the city of Raqqah, according to reports in the Arab media.

The inident allegedly took place in al-Haramiyeh neighborhood amid the ongoing clashes between the SDF and ISIS. 10 SDF fighters were reportedly killed in the airstrikes.

If confirmed, this could impact negatively the coordination between Kurdish SDF units and US forward air controllers operating on the ground.

Meanwhile, the SDF has captured Mansour district and advanced in the Thakanah district in the city of Raqqah.  Pro-Kurdish sources speculate that the entire city will be liberated from ISIS within 1-2 months.

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kurdish are terrorists

Well Kurdish have been attacking Syria, attacking Assad forces …….. and as such Kurds will always be regarded as Terrorists !

Always a issue choosing sides … Kurds choose U$ america …



if true … looks like Kurds trying to “gain some respect” …. however too little, far too late !


They are your lackeys since they just rescued 56 of SAA soldier idiots.


The SAA rescued themselves. The Kurds only gave them transportation to a SAA base.


Where … a link ?


That’s nice.


Perhaps the coalition wanted to slow down the operation and make things more even.
Maybe the Kurds where ahead of schedule. :)

The Farney Fontenoy

This is how utterly incompetent the USAF is, their tactic seems to be ‘bombs away & hope there are some bad guys among the civilians & allies who get killed’ there are around 3000+ civilians dead since Trump’s death bombers moved in. Maybe they’ll be so resentful, they’ll be glad to see Assad come back.

That Guy

The only good accident so far.


The funny thing is that this wasn’t even a planned accident – i.e. not supposed to happen. USAAF is truly incompetent.


I keep saying this again and again after every USAF ‘accident’. Do not attribute to malice that which can be just as easily explained by stupidity. There’s a reason why the US Army and Marine Corps do not want the USAF bombing anywhere near their own units and prefer to have their own close air support aviation instead.


Precision bombing under combat circumstances is not always as precise as expected. Furthermore as it often is called in bombing, even the slightest mistake of the “caller”can have dire consequences.

The only more precise bombing is by laser guides misseles where an observer paints the target with a laser.I doubt SDF has this capability.

Cheryl Brandon

What is USA playing at@ the Kurds have been nomadic like the Masai and other tribes without countries.; What are they going to achieve with fighting Syrians for their lands to give the Kurds; I hope they hill each out! If we follow the old maps; They belong to East Persia near Afghanistan. USA are International Robbers! Get out of Syria; War Criminals!


Regions like Afrin have been settled by kurds as of the 11th century. Cezire was mostly uninhabited and the only ones there were a few nomadic tribes of kurds and a few arabs.

Arabs themselves are to some extent still tribal nomads.

Your point is???


Awesome! Then you support the Palestinian’s in their right to take their land back! Right?
Because going by what you just stated about the Kurds, the Palestinians have inhabited the land of Israel for THOUSANDS OF YEARS!
And before then there were the Philistines!

So will you here and now declare all Israeli land that is occupied by Jews a crime?

I wanna see these words stated loud and clear!
Say “yes” or “no” and give your reasons why!
(I ask this because as u well know, the Kurds are supported by the Israeli’s! Oh the irony!)


The headline should read this:



Yanks forgot which side they were on again!


USA: “Don’t worry, not long a go we bombed a hospital in Afghanistan that existed in this location for decades. It had a MASSIVE Red Cross on it and we hit it PERFECTLY in the middle. So if we can fuck up that badly, then this error is perfectly acceptable”!

LexRex Mann

They didn’t “fuck it up”, THAT was a precision bombing that took place over several hours while they repeatedly received frantic calls from the hospital to STOP. A totally planned murderous rampage


Yes I know my friend :)
You couldn’t tell that I was being sarcastic?
Most “accidents” are intentional when it come to the US bombings!

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