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JUNE 2021

US-led Coalition Begins Millitary Exercise In Al-Tanaf Following “Russian Threats” (Photos)

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On September 7, the US-led coalition announced that its troops had started a military exercise in the al-Tanaf base in southeastern Syria in order to “hone their warfighting skills for counterterrorism operations.”

US-led Coalition Begins Millitary Exercise In Al-Tanaf Following “Russian Threats” (Photos)

Click to see full-size image, by Hammurabi’s Justice News

US-led Coalition Begins Millitary Exercise In Al-Tanaf Following “Russian Threats” (Photos)

Click to see full-size image, by Hammurabi’s Justice News

According to the coalition, the exercise involved an aerial assault by a company-sized dismounted element, which will conduct a fire rehearsal before departing the 55-km de-escalation zone around the al-Tanaf base. The CNN TV said that 100 U.S. service members are participating in the exercise that will last for several days.

“Our forces will demonstrate the capability to deploy rapidly, assault a target with integrated air and ground forces, and conduct a rapid exfiltration anywhere in the OIR combined joint operations area … Exercises like this bolster our defeat-ISIS capabilities and ensure we are ready to respond to any threat to our forces,” Navy Captain Bill Urban, spokesman for U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), said in a press release.

An unnamed defense official told CNN that the exercise is specifically designed for Russian and Damascus government forces in the area to show the U.S. capabilities. Last week, Russia warned the US-led coalition that it will carry out “precision strikes” on positions of “terrorist” in al-Tanaf, according to CNN’s “sources”.

Russia and its allies have repeatedly accused the US-led coalition of facilitating militants’ movements in the border area of al-Tanaf. However, the coalition claims that its troops are deployed in al-Tanaf to counter ISIS.

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Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

What a load of $hit. I’m an American. I am deeply ashamed of my country’s leaders. They are criminals.

leon mc pilibin

Why are your people putting up with this Zionist rabble that’s running your country into the ground,fighting wars for israhell?

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Ignorant and massively brainwashed.

Empire's Frontiers

Overfed and hardly exercised, too.


Please. That’s just stupid.

Tommy Jensen

Money. 9 out of 10 are for sale.


Propaganda from cradle to grave.


What does anyone do throughout Europe!

No one believes the Skripal tale, yet they keep on ratcheting up the hype. It’s gone way beyond outlandish to cringing shame.

FFS, we still have “royalty” around. Nero and Caligula would feel right at home among the Western freedom loving democrats of today.


Here’s a joke I once heard.
Why didn’t Hitler kill all the Jews?
So people would know why he killed the Jews.

They are like cockroaches, you can never get rid of them.


Their teaching actually. Highly compatible with psychopath.
The original jew never survived their plight. What we’re seeing right now is convert exercising their teaching.


Do you equally hold all Americans guilty for the sins of their leaders?


No I don’t hold all Americans guilty for the crimes of their leaders.
But look at history, it’s always the common folk who pay for the sins of their leaders. The sad thing is, most Americans won’t even know why they are being killed. But I guess the half million Iraqi children the US killed also had no idea why they were dying for the sins of Saddam Hussein.
Reality sucks.


But you hold all Jews responsible.
Even the Jewish goatherder in Namibia.

PS. Half a million Iraqi children did not die for the sins of Saddam Hussein. They died because American systematically and deliberately starved them – and they did it for LIES.

My Jewish goatherder in Namibia is less guilty of the sins of leaders than your farmer in the Mid West – the goatherder doesn’t pay taxes to the guilty state.


NO I don’t hold all Jews responsible.
But I do hold all Zionists responsible.
Sometimes I make bad jokes about Jews, and that is a flaw in my character.
There have been some truly great Jews, but most of them were Jews who renounced the religion.
The Jewish religion, like most religions teaches bigotry and racism, so if a man defines himself by his religion, I really have no time for him.


There have been some truly great Jews, but most of them were Jews who renounced the religion.
The Jewish religion, like most religions teaches bigotry and racism, so if a man defines himself by his religion, I really have no time for him.

That is not unique to Judaism or the Jew.
It’s not even unique enough to warrant special mention.

And if you make bad jokes about Jews – how do you differ from the person who makes bad jokes about the Muslims, the Blacks, homosexuals, blondes ….. or the Irish? (Not knocking your character there – just asking how you see that.)

How do you know an elephant has been in your fridge?


What an anal twerp.


Oh dear – and you’re into bad jokes.

neil barron

#1 it’s not Zionist and your propaganda is nothing but butt dribble coming out of your mouth. You haven’t flush since Goebbels was spreading his lies by his own words. “We have to lie to convince you people we need to do things this way.”


MSM, MIC, Federal Reserve, Rothschild Zionists, psychopathic government, wall st., vaccines, religion, fluoride, mercury, GMO, Glysophate, our culture is toxic. (Canadian-American) Having said all that, there are a lot of really wonderful Americans, unfortunately they do not exercise their rights to guide the path of their country, they have become, comfortably numb.


It’s time for the people of America to rise up in a people’s revolution!


It is coming.


The rest of the world hopes so.


Yes, the plan for that is coming along nicely. The question is: who will lead afterwards? Will it be an organic occurrence…or just the way the cabal has planned to get rid of this system, to install another, more complete trap? Time will tell. Know this: None of these ‘revolutions’ were on the up and up…they were all staged and what happens in the US will be no different, it will just have a more ‘American’ take…but the outcome desired is the same as Libya. Total chaos, with those with the biggest guns in charge.


I am a Canadian and am also disgusted with my government. The same Zio cabal runs the US, the UK, Canada, France and Israel and constantly brainwashes the people through the Zio privately-owned corporate media and the government run CBC with nothing but BS and propaganda. Until the people in each nation radically remove their power the only alternative they have hatched or us is globalism and the continued destruction of our nations.


Aussie here, same thing, we are actually ruled by the US embassy, our leaders just grovel.
Recently quite a few politicians had to quit, because they had dual citizenship, except Jews who had Israeli citizenship, they are of course above the law.


Controlled by jews (lobby).


I really feel for people like you, honest peaceful Americans, because the world has seen this before, and it always ends with the victim nations, going house to house, and finishing you off.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Any “finishing off” will either be because of global economic collapse that begins in the US or nuclear.


But you sir, are a good man. Well said!


““hone their warfighting skills for counterterrorism operations.”

what have they been honing up until now?

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

If they want to fight some terrorists, they could start by destroying their own base.


That really made me chuckle :) :)


Yes! America claims it fights terrorists all over tke world. Yet Trump demands that The Syrian Government does not rid their nation of terrorists under the threat of an attack by its so called coalition. The Isreali Regime leads America by the nose. Arabs and muslems fight each other while the apartheid zionist state sits back, laughs and sarcasticlly says THANK-YOU for saving us the trouble. This I truely do not understand! SMH ?‍♂️


Their pals dicks ?


Ship steering skills.

Next year, they will be steering while talking on a radio.
It takes a while.


Lol, 17 years fighting in Afghanistan, 15 fighting in Iraq and 6 or 7 years deployed in Syria and they still haven’t honed their counterterrorism ability lmao.

While they’re at it they should hone their training abilities as well. Not a single army/ally they have trained has been worth shit. Just look at the Afghan Army, and even the Iraqi army when ISIS attacked.


Their dicks.


Training, arming terrorists.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Look…. Some of our brave allies are practicing their wall climbing skills. This wall separates Syria from Turkey. Maybe they plan to pick up dinner in Turkey.

comment image

Jim Prendergast

Mmmmm! Turkey dinner!


Actually those are Al Qaeda rats going to Turkey.
I’m not kidding, check Al Masdar News, Erdogan has said he will offer free passage to 12 jihadist groups including Qaeda.


British SAS disguised as women, trying to escape Syria?


Funny–but true! It is a big part of the SAS training. And as you know, they do carry womens clothes in their back packs. Pink is their favorite color, and for footwear–Italian stiletto high heels– navy blue lip stick– they are real professionals

Jim Prendergast

They have no warfighting skills to hone. It would be nice if they could hone their compliance with International Laws.


So true… You hit the nail on iits head!!


But they can grunt.


Along with no warfare skills, they have no brains . . .

stary ujo

SAA and Russians are home in Syria . Is time to burn Westerns rats !!

Harold Smith

Please don’t insult rats like that. The scum in question are far, far lower than any animals.


defeat isis??r u sure ur not their covering em and backing them with military sat cameras?oh wait your military satilites still working then?


Once Idlib is liberated Al Tanfs turn will come.

Tommy Jensen

We should have respect for what has been done.
Russia proved the Chechnya case again: Its possible to purge and clean out a CIA/M16 cancer in a destroyed country and make it a visionaire and civilised society again.


Be good to people on the way up…..because you pass them on the waydown…….

Feudalism Victory

Well sounds like a show down. Put up or shut up.


Nah just American swagger, no brains just BS.

Vince Dhimos

Just how are these clowns going to stop a rain of Kalibrs with their honed skills?


Shouting and screaming a lot perhaps along with a bit of threatening ?

The US exercise will at least have the advantage of their friendly ISIS head choppers to ‘Play enemy ‘ :)


“””Exercises like this bolster our defeat-ISIS capabilities and ensure we are ready to respond to any threat to our forces,” Navy Captain Bill Urban, spokesman for U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), said in a press release.”””

ISIS terrorists along with their US sponsors will die during precise attacks conducted by Kalibr, Kh101 cruise missile and Suk 34 strike aircraft.

“””An unnamed defense official told CNN that the exercise is specifically designed for Russian and Damascus government forces in the area to show the U.S. capabilities”””

A company sized unit, lol, that I said the extent of US ground assets available to defend Al Tanf?
US capabilities on the ground is almost zero, while the airspace above Al Tanf can be fought over, between US four decades old platforms and Russian generation 4++ aircraft, accompanied by strong air defenses.

Naija Lolade

WHat a blatant violation of all international norms.. THis is agression at maximum level.

Manuel Flores Escobar

we know that suddenly 1000 ISIS fighters appear in Swayda province after SAA liquidates another pack of 1000…of course all of them came from Al Tanf…

Carne João Pasta

So when are they going to openly state that ISIS, et al, are a branch of the US military?


Never happen, the folks back home would go into shock,
No thy will just keep shoveling the same bs and no one will even notice.


The US has created and used death squads all over the world.
The US created al Qaeda, and al Qaeda committed the 911 attack, but do Americans make the connection, of course not.
They are all Forrest Gumps, as long as you feed them food porn and Jewish humour they are content. They have no inclination to learn about the world, and money is the only thing they value.

Watch the movie Idiocracy, it’s a realistic look at American society today.


Oh, I like that one! Just wondering too when they might announce that Isis is now running the US military complex and Al Baghdadi is directing things from the Oval Office


this will all end in a bigggg mess 4 us all…..the us and its jew puppet trumpi is getting orders… not to back down…….like i mentioned here over and over again..they all recieve orders to facilitate a big war…
a one world government with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership.

there a only 2 possibilities…..
1. make israel bigger
2. make the world smaller

take a wild guess which one it will be…..

and idlib ist set….anybody who watched the conference(not the presse conference afterwards) but the “real” conference before, all on live tv….saw and heard 2 imporatnt things..
1. erdogan.. I quote ” we will defend idlib from the brutal assad regime, which has committed numerous massacres on his own people, and we will not let that happen in idlib”
2. putin getting very annoyed at erdogan and at one point even angry when he read to erdogan former agreements that turkey had signed and agreed too.lavrov who was sitting to the right hand of putin, played the role of the big russian bear…his looks were that of a bouncer, while he was eating nuts and pretended to not even listen when erdogan spoke.

It is quite clear that SAA will be in battle against turkish troops as soon as the ground attack starts, which again means major confrontation with a nato member.
As far as the outcome…..”turkey will try to persuade the militants,including al.nusra,HTS, to lay down their arms and “travel away” and the areas shall then be controlled…I quote erdogan “by rebel militants trained by turkey”.
I mean serious folks….anybody believe any of this bs, big major bs!!!
Several points here that just dont add up.period.
1.so where will those 20,000 HTS members travel to?? thats al-qaida!!! to germany?spain?france?turkey?
2. those areas..meaning idlib and afrin area…SHALL be controlled by REBEL MILITANTS trained by TURKEY?????????????


And I TOLD u all weeks ago exactly thats gonna happen…I told u donks here that erdogan gets ORDERS but not from russia lol
There is NO when or IF any more……….Its either by plan or by idiocracy that russia/putin gave their green light to erdogan to invade syria…..I told u all what the consequences are going to be….Those consequences are here now….and they aint gonna vanish….
As soon as the first battles between SAA and turkey are on their way, abd the first dozen of turkish soldiers die…..article 5 of nato will come into effect.PERIOD.
and the jews get what they want.
how often
russia and usa are 2 sides of the same coin.they all are bound to the agenda.
A one world government, with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership.
peace love and harmony

Empire's Frontiers

With no intention to dispute your claims, it is worth mentioning something regarding official statements.

Erdogan can’t say on the global stage anything else.

The light military deployment throughout Idlib finds itself in perilous circumstances, surrounded by a jihadi horde it couldn’t consolidate.

The jihadis yet need to believe the narrative describing the Turks mission there.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

except turkey is the one being aggressive here, idlib used to be syrian until it was overrun by shithadists, so syria is simply reclaiming its former land. besides do you really think NATO will come rushing to the aid of turkey because a few of their soldiers died?

Vincent Van Zyl

Can Syria run anti terrorism drills in the US? And if not, why can they do it illegally in a sovereign country? International law anyone?

AM Hants

Gosh, they have a lot of work to do. Russia is legally in Syria, unlike the US. Even John Kerry, when he was Secretary of State, acknowledged that.

Leaked audio of John Kerry’s meeting with Syrian revolutionaries/UN (improved audio)… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4phB-_pXDM&t=1483s

Leaked Tapes Reveal John Kerry Admission That U.S. Was Pulling For ISIS In Syria, Russia Fighting Terror… https://www.activistpost.com/2017/01/leaked-tapes-john-kerry-admission-u-s-pulling-for-isis-syria-russia-fighting-terror.html

John Whitehot

“counterterrorism operations” and “company sized dismounted-element” don’t have nothing to do with countering anything that could come from the Syrian or Russian armed forces.

“An unnamed defense official told CNN…”

When reading something like this, I suggest either to avoid believing anything coming after, or stopping reading altogether and spend the time in better ways.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

yea that oughta scare russia LMAO stupid americunts illegally squatting in syria


Europeans need to get a backbone and tell the US of Israel, enough! Why can’t they see the empires weaponized migrants destroying their communities?

Art Best

So why is Putin selling Russian oil for American dollars still?

Valerianus Maximus

Because it is likely to give you an embolism.


Contracts, most nations, US excluded honour the agreements and contracts they have made.
The US being the unscrupulous criminal that it is, doesn’t understand integrity or honour.


They shouldn’t be there. I woe for the future…


These green horns never been in battle want to fight SAA using Houthis style …will be wiped out in no time.

Russia and Syria AA can takr care of the planes anytime

northerntruthseeker .

Why am I not surprised by this? The US placed their forces at the illegal Al Tanaf position in southern Syria on purpose… For from their illegal position there, they can launch offensive strikes deep into Syria and threaten a lot of major Syrian cities including Palmyra, Deir Ez-Zor, and even Damascus….. THAT is exactly why they are there and why they will indeed eventually use that position as their offensive start off point for their invasion of Syria.

J Roderet

The entire world knows that Al-Tanaf is ISIS’s last major base in eastern Syria.

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