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US-led Coalition And Its Proxies Finish Live Drills In Al-Tanaf (Video)

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The US-led coalition has finished live drills within the 55km-zone around al-Tanaf in southeastern Syria, the coalition’s main proxy in the area, the Revolutionary Commando Army, announced on March 29.

In the course of the drills, which began on March 27, the coalition’s High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) conducted a live firing exercise. The rocket system was deployed in al-Tanaf in mid-2017.

“The maneuvers deter the return of ISIS and have been successful. No one has been hurt in the training area, which is aimed at ensuring the area remains safe,” Revolutionary Commando Army said in an official statement.

While the US-led coalition and its proxies claim that these drills were aimed against ISIS, pro-government activists believe that the coalition is attempting to intimidate the Damascus government.

Over the last three months, Damascus and its allies stepped up their military presence around the 55km-zone and pressured the coalition to evacuate the civilians from the al-Rukban camp there. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) even carried out live drills around the zone earlier this month.

The US leadership seems to believe that its forces should remain in al-Tanaf in order to block a key highway linking the Iraqi capital of Baghdad with Damascus. President Donald Trump’s administration already agreed to keep 200 troops in the area for a long term.

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Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Its an M270, just on wheels?

Len Zegelink

send suheil al hassan to dare .to stop the usa


Al-Tanf protected on the ground by hundreds of Syrian rebels, 200 US Special Forces, Javelin missiles, TOW ATGM’s, multiple batteries of HIMARs, many M270 MLRS, 155mm Howitzers.
From the air, Al-Tanf is protected by 6 AH-46 Apache gunships, 4 A-10 warthogs, and 2 AC-130’s stationed in SDF areas. Also from dozens of F-15s/F-18s from Jordan/Iraq/Qatar Airbases and from USS Strike Group in the Mediterranean.
So in other words, SAA/iranian militias would be completely shredded if they launched an all out assault against al-tanf… it would be major pulverization and ass whooping from the USAF and US Navy combined

Zionism = EVIL

For once I have to agree with you big nose. The SAA and Iranians have proved very cowardly and should spend some time with Pakistanis and Yemenis in learning how to fight back. The Americunts like Zionists are scared to die and if the SAA conducts asymmetrical warfare like the Iraqi Shia did, they can expel the Americunts.However, the Zionist scum must be hit first in Occupied Palestine.


Well at least we can both agree on something! And yes, I agree. SAA and iranians have been hit so many times and refuse to fight back… very cowardly

Jim Prendergast

Actually those concentrated forces could be easily neutralized without the intercession of ground-forces or Iranian weapons. They are very vulnerable.


Illegal occupiers and concentration camp wardens fire missiles in someone else’s country. Regular bully-boy behaviour, and yet another disregard of international law. The rap-sheet is growing into a book.

Zionism = EVIL

Kurdish-led YPG forces showcase military might in new parade near Turkish border as well. Syria is finished as a unified state thanks to the bastard coward Putin and his Zionist masters.

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