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US-led Coalition Aircraft Carry Out Strikes On Syrian Government Forces Simultaneously With ISIS Attacks – Reports

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UPDATE: The Russian state-run media citing a Russian military source says that no strikes had targeted positions of pro-government forces.

US-led coalition aircraft carried out strikes on Syrian pro-government government forces in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert area last night, the Syrian state-run media and the Hezbollah media wing in Syria reported.

According to reports, the strikes targeted pro-government forces positions near al-Bukamal, al-Mayadin and the T2 pumping station.

The Syrian state-run media emphasized that the strikes had taken place amid the continued attacks by ISIS on government positions near the desert area.

Captain Bill Urban, a spokesman for US Central Command, denied any knowledge about these strikes, according to Reuters.

“We have no operational reporting of a US-led coalition strike against pro-Syrian regime targets or forces,” Captain Urban said.

US-led Coalition Aircraft Carry Out Strikes On Syrian Government Forces Simultaneously With ISIS Attacks - Reports

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Winnie Eldrup



“Israel’s State In Syria”

Bobo Voxar

Israely Shit Inside Syria


Nuke the middle east = peace on earth. Deth to islamb.

Winnie Eldrup

Satanic hasbara troll


Allah is Satan you cretin.


shut up jews!!


This is wilful & deliberate targeting of the SAA or US pilots are incompetent – everytime they do this ISIS conveniently advances on SAA positions – clear co ordination at work


How is an American pilot incompetent flying over Homs? Is that not west of the Euphrates?


I was being sarcastic with the incompetent remark!

You can call me Al

A US carrier fleet head to Syria and end up in Singapore !!!!


The only way to stop this is to shoot down those planes that are attacking the SAA and its allies! Common sense tells us that a bully will not leave you alone until you give them a bloody nose!

Ray Douglas

No surprises there. After all the yanks bombed their own forces in Iraq and Vietnam.


Yes, one blue on blue incident alone in Vietnam killed circa 250 Mericans :)


So why doesn’t Syrian forces retaliate with SAMs as they are attacking them ? Too afraid most likely. How can East Euphrates not covered by Syrian SAM is unbelievable as that are should be considered occupied ares.


Do they have enough SAM systems for all of Syria? Even the jalopies (s75s etc)?

Dr. Pro Liv

Don’t you think that area where SAA has been attacked so many times by US is not considered as high risque area?! Where the hell should they have AA defenses if not there?!


Ahhhh, and with a single question you have unlocked the Anglo-zionist strategy. Israel will keep striking near government centers and airports in order to pin down as many air defenses as possible. If too many AD systems get in theatre, they start going after them directly. The unofficial understanding was that the US would do most of it’s airstrikes east of the Euphrates, if the US is responsible, then that tacit agreement has been violated. Otherwise the Israelis are expanding their targeting opportunities. The Russian denial, that a strike from the US *violates realty* points to the Zionist regime.

Dr. Pro Liv

I ” have unlocked the Anglo-zionist strategy”??!? And it was just simple logical question I have no way to see if the SAA air defenses are too stretched out. But this will be only repeated if they do not do something about it..

“, if the US is responsible, then that tacit agreement has been violated” They know that and that’s why deny doing it….

“The Russian denial, that a strike from the US *violates realty* points to the Zionist regime.” Huh?! This is beyond and above my English…


Stealthy Raptor and Lightning II have neutered all SAM’s. lol. Back to the rooskie drawing board.

Alan Foo

If that is the case why Israel still fired their missiles from Lebanon and S200 was still fired at those planes?


Why is your mother a street walker?



Promitheas Apollonious

what u think?


US, UK, France, KSA and Israel should not supposed to be there in Syria. They have breached the Sovereignty of Syria. They are not only illegally there but also using their proxies to occupy oil and gas rich land from Syria and destroy the rest of Syria. Before ISIS and Al-Qaeda have transported the Stolen oil and gas from Syria to Israel and US but that has stopped now.

Thanks to Russian aerospace forces that they have destroyed all US and UK logestic facilities. Now this will be too expensive for US, UK, France and Israel to transport stolen Syrian oil and gas from ISIS, SDF, YPG and PESHMARGA areas because these areas are surrounded by anti US, UK, France and anti Israeli migransts. LOL.


Before ISIS and Al-Qaeda have transported the Stolen oil and gas from Syria to Israel and US but that has stopped now.” Are you so sure?.. They can carry the stolen oil to IRAK to their US-terminals ans send it to the Gulf thru US-controlled pipelines And the Russian Tupolevs DON’T come anymore to f*ck them

Amar Bouzwar

nope. the irakis won´t allow that to happen. the US has more enemies in Irak than anywhere else.


The Russian Government is denying it according to Al-Masdar News. Still, what has the US got to lose? Apparently nothing according to the last few times.


We’ve known since the start of the Syrian Civil Proxy War that the US (along with our Zionist and Saudi savage partners) have supported ISIS both covertly and overtly. Anyone that still believes otherwise, despite the evidence, is a very special kind of stupid.

Dr. Pro Liv

“despite the evidence, is a very special kind of stupid.”

70% of U.S…not to mention the others?

You can call me Al

Plus, unfortunately my Dad (UK)

Dr. Pro Liv

Your dad is just average Britt so I don’t see anything unusual or tragic in that. We do not live in ideal world it seams.

You can call me Al

Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Dr. Pro Liv

So he is maybe intellectual in everything but in politics it seams. We all have our weaknesses. Nobody is perfect.

You can call me Al

Very Intelligent, no common sense !.

Dr. Pro. Liv.

I do not even know what that means…no do not tell me.

You can call me Al

LOL, intentional or not.


A lot of people simply cannot accept that their country are the bad guys.

You can call me Al

Yes I agree, but I think it that + continuous brainwashing – without seeing any other side of the discussion.

The Farney Fontenoy

Sadly I reckon Syria can expect more of this once the Daraa offensive kicks off.

Rex drabble

As much as I wouldnt put it past the USIS to do this.I have a feeling its false news.


The terrorists Trump, Jim Mattis, Benjamin and Avigdor have done this air strike in frustration. I have mentioned before that now these terrorist states US and Israel both are failed and will be dismantled.

Their terrorist gangs Israel, ISIS, SDF, YPG, PESHMARGA all have exposed and will be dismantled soon in the whole world.


Napalm your house would be cool.


The US, UK and French law is not applicable to the countries of Middle East.

Except Israeli migrants and Kurds the Middle East all states have one culture, one language and one religion but still US, UK and France have divided them in several states because a great united Arab will be a great problem for US, UK and France to handle them.


US, UK, France and Israel have invaded Middle East for oil and gas. They think that they will steal this oil and gas and other minerals from Middle East countries and will sell to other countries to make cash. I don’t see this is possible. Second that time has gone that US, UK and France divide countries. Now this is time of US, UK and France to be divided.


US has more petroleum reserves than any other anywhere. Try again, Vlad.


America is becoming day by day irrelevant, I mean moving out of the world game. This is good sign for the whole world. Nobody trust Washington anymore.

Dr. Pro Liv

In the next report they say that this report is UNCONFIRMED report !

This is FAKE NEWS!


The Empire may have problems of its own, but this kind of incrementalism, the slow-boiling of the frog, they still pull off pretty well. These regular attacks are the new normal. I don’t always agree with Paul Craig Roberts, but there was much truth in it when he wrote “He who hesitates is lost, and Russia hesitated”.

Ray Douglas

I think the Russian reticence is due to the approaching World Cup tournament in Russia. The yanks and the jews are trying to provoke them into some action as an attempt to overshadow the WC. They are also ratcheting up the situation in Ukraine.


This may well be true but if so, it’s only evidence that the current Russian leadership hasn’t got what it takes. Of course, before that there was the Iran nuclear deal; before that, Putin’s reelection; before that, Trump’s honeymoon (real or imagined).

On the other side, in Washington it looks like a total clown train any day of the week, while in Tel Aviv Bibi seems to be at real risk of going to the slammer. And yet that doesn’t ever stop *them* from being able to act.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

In spite of the risks, time may have come to use those S-300 and S-400 against coalition aircraft attacking Syrian forces.


Napalm your house would be cool. Cooked coon.


choke on your falafel


…. and Putin sits quiet and looks. That Netanyahu-visit in Moscow stinks more and more, day by day.

Ray Douglas

We will see what happens when the World Cup is over in Russia. That seems to be the preoccupation at the moment.

Dr. Pro Liv

This article is FAKE NEWS so no need for anti-Russian crap!

Ray Douglas

Are you saying my posts are anti-Russian? If so you are a dipstick.

Dr. Pro. Liv.

If I did, it wasn’t my intention. It was directed to guy above you I guess. Shit happens, sorry.

Dr. Pro Liv

This is FAKE NEWS you asshole ! So fake that looks like all your comments !


Israeli jets flying over the jordanian border and using long range missiles…


Or unmarked Israeli jets flying from US bases etc.


I like that conspiracy loonieness better.


Unmarked Black Hawks have been seen in all areas of CIA operations in recent years and with other CIA aircraft in previous decades.


The only thing that ultimately matters is that as time goes on, the map gets redder and redder, until every inch of Syria is liberated by the SAA and the legitimate government of Syria.

Hide Behind

Russia, odd game they are playing; first they cede the North of Euphrates to US control, refuse to defend their allied Syrians and Iranians from Israel attacks, and allowed US air to kill 60+of own tropp, Turkey to shoot down their plane and last week, after Israel i visit with them reneged on providing the S300 missle to Syria. And now the latest: “Telling Iran they must leave Syria once Syria has won.” Won what, all but the portion US controls of course. In other words a split Syria, with its deadliest enemy still calling for Assads death and regime change, left without any Iranian allies or economic support. Suicidal policy for Syria. Who actually controls Syria, it most certainly is not Syrians, as more and more Russia, Israel, France, and US/Brit/NATO are deciding Syria’s future. Turkey is still a NATO member and very very much tied into Europe’s financial centers. US slap massive punatine economic sanctions upon Iran, sanctions making Iran’s out of nation military and financial support to Syria severely biting Into Iranian domestic programs. Russia and China are talking very large trade agreements, and “Silk Road” entry, with top Iranian officials, are these to offset the losses caused by US sanctions and further entice Iran out of Syria? A good cop, bad cop, by the two baddest cops organizations on earth. Putin being lauded as a peace maker, but at what real cost to Syrian Sovereignty. And further impoverishing an already impoverished nation. A Syrian gov that will “have” to join N W O debtor nations by selling its future and resources to the N W O Financial concerns. Peace will only come to Syria by not becoming Syrian.

Fernando Silva

Fake News!!

Richard M

FUKUS attacks to help their Daesh puppets, just like their attack on besieged DeZ which killed hundreds of SAA troops. No surprise that they also lie about doing it.

Ray Douglas

A lot of what you say may be true but I ask you to look at the map of Syria of August 2015? According to some maps The SAA/Syrian Government controlled about 25%-30% of Syrian territory. Today the SAA soldiers and the Syrian Government control

more than 60% of Syria. That’s a big difference from the above date. It’s too early to judge the outcome of the attack on Syria. Several areas were surrendered without a fight which save the lives of SAA soldiers and Syrian civilians which is a good thing. I do think when the western part of Syria is fully liberated from the terrorists that eastern Syria will reconcile. Don’t forget there are a lot of people in eastern Syria who support the Syrian government and don’t want the Kurds to rule them. There are already protests and some armed civilians who are attacking the US regime soldiers. Don’t jump to too many conclusions just yet. If Russia had not intervene Syria would not exist today, it would be a terrorist caliphate. Some credit where its due.


I believe hezbollah. I´ve said it before today already, yesterday,last week, last month……….putin and russia are on the same jewish agenda as usa , britain china etc……The ones that dont play ball are Hezbollah,Persia(iran) and before the new swiss brought up leader came to power north korea.Those are the “rogue states” that are not into the jewish agenda of one wotld government under jewish satanic control. Ofcourse some people here will again curse at me, ridicule me because of russia/putin. But look take a moment a breath…get down, let the emotions fade away….and look at the DEAL between Russia and nato for syria.This deal has been verified by putin and by the usa. The Deal

1.The usa/nato will protect its allied forces namely SDF in east syria. 2.Russia will not engage nato aircraft. What a great deal…..so for months now nato airforce have been bombing the shit out of SAA and its allied forces.AND RUSSIA LOOKED ON EACH TIME DOING DIDLEY. These are facts not the wishfull fairytales of some here. They bomb SAA in the east, they bomb SAA in the south.Not once has Russia intervened. And russia will not intervene.not against us airforce, not against israels airforce and not against the turkish bastard invaders.Because they are all into the same jew agenda. And for all smart people here who curse at me, and keep saying this ridiculous phrase of “putin saved syria”….take a look at the map for gods sake. 1.afrin area, parts of aleppo area invaded by the turkish Nato army which is now replacing the native syrians with their turkish takfiri bastards, meaning they are changing the demography of northern syria. This incursion was fully supported by the russians 100%. So smart putin people…whats the big plan??? turkey will leave syria and take their 100,000+ takfiri terrorist rapeing murdering scum with them to Istanbul? sure sure..dont take so much LSD. 2.East syria..invaded by nato, building dozens of bases all around, taking the oil and gas fields, and again changing the demography of that part of syria, meaning the natives get killed or forced recruitment.So again smart putin people….whats the plan here??? usa will get a couple of kobe steaks and a six pack of buds and then leave?The french, whats the plan?are they getting 10 pounds of frog meat and 100 bottles of red wine so that they leave??? 3.southern syria..al tanf….. now thats really a neat one.No isis anywhere near, no al nusra to fight, but hey let the usa stay there, let the usa be in charge of a large refugee camp where native syrians are being forced recruited under gunshots ,rape and murder.So whats the plan here puitn fans?the usa will go home because of thanks giving and they cant find no turkeys in the desert?lol

Its all the same agenda..russia,nato,china etc……its the big picture…..and please dont forget the words of the russians 4 days ago “WE the russians want ALL FOREIGN armys to leave syria” that was here on southfront,almadas news,rt news…you cannot deny what was said.Ofcourse syria, iran and hezbollah instantly talled the russians to fuck off, we are staying.period.

ps. maybe someone here is really that golden smart human…so if u come to a different conclusion about afrin,east syria,al tanf, iam more than happy to read them.But please keep in mind, were r not kids here…….those invaded parts can only be taken back by force, and to achieve that goal syria needs an airforce that can “beat” natos airforce.Only the russians can.And all im saying with the above is that russia had dozens of opputunities to strike back and hold ground.They never did.russia always backed down.So why does anybody come to the conclusion that NOW russia will strike nato forces after nato forces are deeply embeded in 3 large parts of syria.Childish hollywood thinking-hoping. In case somebody asks himself where I stand. FUCK USA FUCK ZIONIST ILLEGAL ENTITY ISRAEL FUCK EU JEW SLAVES FUCK BIN SALMAN AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY

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