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“US-led Coalition Against ISIS” May Allow ISIS Terrorists To Withdraw From Tabqa City

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"US-led Coalition Against ISIS" May Allow ISIS Terrorists To Withdraw From Tabqa City

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According to local sources from the city of Tabqa, ISIS informed civilians in the city of its desire to withdraw to avoid Tabqa’s destruction by US-led coalition airstrikes.

A social media account affiliated with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have also published a statement in what appears to be a justification for this possibility.

Thus, the SDF supported by “the US-led international coalition against ISIS” will likely allow ISIS terrorists to withdraw from Tabqah without clashes.

This would allow ISIS to deploy its fighters to other fronts (likely against Syrian government forces) as it had happened earlier. The SDF allowed the terrorist group to withdraw from Manbij in 2016 and ISIS used these forces to attack government forces across Syria.

In the morning on April 22, the SDF attempted advancing on Tabqa from the northern direction, through the Euphrates Dam, despite warnings from various parties that the dam should be non-military zone.

Meanwhile, clashes continued in the Al-Alam roundabout in the southwestern part of Tabqa where the SDF didn’t make gains.

Separately, the US-led coalition’s warplanes once again bombed ISIS positions in Tabqah, Shwaib al-Zakr and Dbsi Afnan in the western Raqqa countryside.

According to opposition sources, ISIS executed a civilian accused of working for the US-led coalition in Tabqa.

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Not that I don’t suspect the US from having nefarious intentions, but letting ISIS escape from near encirclement seems to be a time honored tradition by all sides in this war. Including the SAA. *cough* Deir Hafer *cough*

Hell it seems to be a time honored tradition that everyone seems to apply to everyone. Just look at the endless lines of green buses evacuating everyone from everywhere. When this war is over whoever owns those buses will be the richest man or woman in Syria.

Nobody seems to want to invest the time, manpower and resources in actually eradicating the other side in fortified urban warfare


Yes but USA seems interested on the fall of Deri Ez Zoir. This way by one move it hits two targets.

Deir Ez Zoir seems in real danger now. I red somewhere that ISIS already declared it as the capital of the caliphate and started transferring troops toward it. If all ISIS forces from Raqqa (thousands of well trained troops) move to Deir Ez Zoir I can’t see how it will be possible to protect it until the liberation of the whole area (150 km) stretching between it and Palmyra. Furthermore Rebels in Idlib would not simply rest on the ground for all the long period of time such a task would require to be completed, surely they would take advantage and attack Aleppo city.

Furthermore who knows what other guaranties ISIS gets for leaving Raqqa without a fight. They would not be leaving a big city which they already have for a smaller city which they have not.

The situation for Deir Ez Zoir seems a bit complicated right now.


Good thoughts, but i don’t think that SDF will leave ISIS to go away at this time, as it’s politically intensify the relationship between Russia and USA with an encircled city, although it would be welcome, but i think USA might think differently. Thye can take Raqqa at least encircle it, and widen the Kurd border further south. (The river would be a neutral border, as Assad would stay, but rule part of the country – i think that would be a logical compromise between Russia and USA) I don’t think that Idlib will stay green. I don’t think that they have a chance, look at Hama, the battleground is more centralised, at Aleppo the border is quite strange. (a thin line) I’m pretty sure on the Kurdish manner, but i’m not sure about the green red ratio. Kurdish independece referendum will be held on Iraqi region end of this year, and both are under USA influence, so i think it’s very logical to force out kurds from Syria, even they naturally would not support right now Iraq, just hidden, as they need to finish Mosul, and so on, but when it’s finished, there will be a political game.

Solomon Krupacek

i am not able to predict, what will do sdf. but thonk over. when saa allowed remove of jigadists, thgey attcked amd killed kurds or another fractions. why should ndf take care of governmental cities? if deir ez zor fall, ndf/ypg will be the lord of syria.

Dustil schmit

Maaydin is the new capital for ISIS they are also three airstrips below deir ez zoir btw.

John Mason

US wants control of the eastern side of the Euphrates river from Turkey border to Iraq because of the resources and if they get control then Assad will be in real trouble.

Bill Wilson

The new ISIS capital is Mayadin, which is south of Deir Azzor. ISIS has been transferring key officials and fighting units from the Raqqa and other regions to that city for several months. They haven’t been able to take Deir Azzor when they had the men and supplies to spare so won’t bother with it now in their weak condition.


I have been warning for some time against the ridiculous reports here of hhe SAA advancing against IS in DeZ all the time when the actual situation in DeZ is militarily virtually unchanged, Stocks are being depleted and civilians are slowly starving.

Resupply for IS is relatively easy there and very hard for SAA.

Dustil schmit

The were some reports that ISIS commanders and their lackeys having a falling out some want to surrender and some want to stay and are killing each other over it.

John Mason

It is a tactical move to allocate terrorists to be confined in a single area, makes it easier to fight them and only one city gets destroyed.

Bill Wilson

Perhaps most of the hardcore ISIS fighters are dead with the rest demoralized enough to give up the fight? Might as well let them leave unmolested after being stripped of weapons. The SDF can use drones to see where they wind up then blow ’em to bits.

John Brown

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Are you sure you are not a rabid antisemite? You are spouting drizzle on my copatriot, who make a sane argument, to be responded to by your nonsense.

If you can contribute to this discussion, please do. Otherwise, please stay away and let the adults talk and go play with the other kids on the playground.

John Brown

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John Brown

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John Brown

So when are the Jewish trillionaires and Israel, going to pay reparations to blacks for 500 years of slavery? Jewish wealth today comes from the slavery of the black man by Jews. Of course not all Jews are guilty of this just organized Jewry and the rich Jews.


You raise a good point, however the evacuation agreements with the SAA often involve small pockets where the terrorists have been surrounded for years. The urban warfare needed to route them up can be very costly. Not the same as surrendering entire cities such as Mosul and Raqqah. In the case of Raqqah this was suppose to be the “Caliphates’ capital city.

In any event, the terrorists are running out of geography to occupy being shuffled to and fro. Turkey is going to get a lot of blow back when the chickens come home to roost.

Dustil schmit

Benefit is more then the city like taking the dam without further fighting.

John Mason

It is called a tactical withdrawal, in other words the US will allow them to go to ez- Zur to fight on their behalf so that the US can set up another base in Tabqa unhindered.

Julian McCrann

But presumably Russian (& Syrian) aircraft will bomb and destroy these convoys so they don’t get anywhere?

John Mason

Syria and Russia are well aware of what the US is up to by sending the terrorists to ez-Zur and the terrorists in Daraa. I assume the Russians and Syrians are allowing it to go ahead and then encircle them.


to ensure the safety of their withdrawal, John McCain will be there to escort them.


That’s funny. But all too true.

John Brown

So send in the Russian jets to bomb them when they start to leave. If the Israeli UZZA wants to start a war with Russia because they are defending ISIS let them. Perhaps a chance at a mutiny in the US military and the Jewnited slaves of America itself, just keep those nukes pointed at Israel first.


It seems all parties are doing this.

Turkey let IS go, with extra weapons, from Al Bab, SAA and Assad let islamists and jihadis go from eastern Aleppo and lots of other places, SDF let IS go from Manbij and, maybe, now from Taqba.

It makes a little sense as it avoids some of the destruction of the cities and, more importantly, protects the trapped civilians. Off course, those let go will fight elsewhere later.


The fact that ‘moderate’ opposition allowed ISIS terrorists to escape Tabqa in order that they could fight the Syrian government elsewhere confirms what I had understood about the conflict.

However, I suspect that many of the supposed clashes between the supposed moderate opposition and the extreme opposition are just staged to be consistent with the claim that U.S, forces are fighting ISIS in Syria. I would appreciate it if you could scrutinise more closely reports of clashes between the SDF and ISIS that featured at the end of the article.


We can see the US led military operation is a sham. The idea is to transport as many terrorists as possible to Deir ez Zor to prevent its capture by the SAA so it can be later “liberated” Just as Raqqah will soon be “liberated’ with much fanfare when it is all but been abandoned by ISIS. If Russia intelligence has evidence of these fighters leaving the city they should make it public.


SDF will do what USA will tell them. Those who think that USA wants to destroy ISIS do not really understand what’s going on in Syria. USA-NATA-Israel are looking for the destruction of Syria by using terrorists created by them.

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