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US Launches Investigation Into Ukraine Selling Engines For Nuclear Missiles To North Korea


US Launches Investigation Into Ukraine Selling Engines For Nuclear Missiles To North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (2nd from right) inspecting the test-fire of the intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-14 at an undisclosed location, July 4 2017. STR/AFP/GETTY

French Intelligence online outlet reported that US Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats will be in charge of the CIA investigation into possible cooperation between Ukraine and North Korea with regards to the nuclear missile program of the latter.

This investigation comes as part of North Korea Ballistic Missile Investigation Act, and was prompted by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The investigation should be conducted jointly with the national security services, with the Security Service of Ukraine in charge. US special services also investigate how Pyongyang got rocket fuel.

The North Korean missiles are based on a technology so complex that it would have been highly improbable for Pyongyang to have them developed in such a short time, as it took only 10 months for them to go from basic milestones to firing an ICBM. Quite a short time unless they were able to buy designs, hardware and expertise on the black market.

Analysts who studied photographs of the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, inspecting the new rocket motors concluded that they derive from designs that once powered the Soviet Union’s missile fleet. The engines were so powerful that a single missile could hurl 10 thermonuclear warheads between continents.

Those engines were linked to only a few former Soviet sites. Government investigators and experts have focused their inquiries on a missile factory in Dnipro, Ukraine. During the Cold War, the factory made the deadliest missiles in the Soviet arsenal, including the giant SS-18. It remained one of Russia’s primary producers of missiles even after Ukraine gained independence.



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  • FlorianGeyer

    And the oligarch who controls everything in Dnipro is Hebrew: איגור קולומויסקי‎‎; born February 13, 1963) (Ihor Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi ) . He has a private army and his greed would make a Rabbi blush.


    He has Ukranian, ,Cypriot and Israeli citizenship. He spends most of his time in Switzerland.

    • MikeH

      The same guy that was suspected of arranging the flase flag MH17 disaster. He seems like a truly horrible human.

    • zencowboy61

      got to love the swiss they make a history of hiding blood money and evil people……thus are never attacked…..pass the cheese please.

      • FlorianGeyer

        ‘ Gods Wankers, whoops, Bankers.
        Emmental Cheese , the cheese with large holes in it :)

    • zencowboy61

      no…. a jew? seriously? jews dont do such things

      • FlorianGeyer

        He is exceptional I agree. Its in his genetic makeup to be so :)

  • Garga

    Have an investigation regarding rumored Ukraine’s 200 missing nuclear warheads while you’re at it.

    I will not be surprised if they conclude that it was Putin who gave the engines to NK. The omnipresent man who has a hand in everything, from hacking to assassination and even Pokemon ads!

    • Solomon Krupacek

      Have an investigation regarding rumored Ukraine’s 200 missing nuclear warheads while you’re at it.

      nobody heard about this. neither fsb, nor russian high command.

  • χρηστος

    ukrain is a US puppet…..so did ukraine betray its masters and sell precious material to NK?or did it all happen with the blessing of CIA because kim is very usefull to US?

  • chris chuba

    So they are allowing the Ukrainians to investigate themselves?

    They will come up with a convoluted, conspiracy theory that blames Russia of course. When Putin met with Trump, he suggested something that was going to be the start of a cyber security treaty and pundits in the west had a field day caterwauling over that. I thought that were going to impeach Trump right then and there yet here is a much more serious matter and they are going with a joke investigation.

  • John

    You know, considering what has been going on, I would not be shocked if it were true.

  • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

    Gee, don’t we all love “European values” Maidan Banderized Ukraine powering NK’s nukes?
    Don’t we all love schadenfreude? Delicious!
    I almost feel sorry for the US cities that could be targeted. Will they now ask some real questions about the rotten Banderised Ukraine the US created, or will that only happen when the mushrooms sprout in the sky?

  • Eskandar Black

    Not a supporter of a criminal regime in Kiev, but its quite likely that the government knew nothing about this. Everything in Ukraine that can be sold will be sold when people aren’t looking. Shouldnt be a huge surprise that when chaos broke out three years ago, sensitive technology was sold. The designs could have been stolen, corporate espionage is possible, experts could have been moonlighting for the north koreans because $200 dollars a month Ukrainian salary isn’t much to retire on, and of course the information might simply have been acquired by some other means. The only scenario in which Ukraine sold the weapons with the knowledge of the government is if US told them too, for some nefarious purpose like deployment of THAAD in Seoul.

  • Bob

    So the US Neo-Cons manufactured a coup in Ukraine, pushing the country into complete chaos and civil war. As an unexpected consequence of that turmoil some corrupt Ukrainian officials have managed to sell and transit Soviet designed ICBM rocket engines to North Korea. The Neo-Cons have been claiming for years now that North Korean and Iran have some intra-linked, nuclear weapon, information technology flows. Whether this is true or not is a moot point, but just consider the extraordinary irony of the whole equation for a moment, that the Neo-Con’s own manufactured Ukrainian coup, has been the catalyst resulting in the delivery of ICBM engine technology to North Korea.

  • Lex

    Wasn’t the USA accusing Iran (which doesn’t have a nuclear weapons program) of doing this just the other day? I wonder if anyone is really in charge in the US anymore these days. Or is it just a bunch of over-funded departments going off and doing whatever they feel like.

    • Garga

      They don’t have consistent strategy (what a shock). It depends about whom they’re talking.
      If they want to belittle Iran, they say it was NK who started Iran’s missile program and Iranian missiles are just NK copies. (Iran launched it’s first sat carrier 4 years before NK)

      If they want to show NK is insignificant, they say the reverse.

  • goingbrokes

    CIA investigation – that’s all right then!
    “US Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats will be in charge…” that title is doubtful. CIA coup in Ukraine got missile engines to NK, what a laugh!
    This could be just a scare story to launch a war of course. The title is still doubtful.

  • GOD

    ha ha ha… all I can say is: Fuck the US! Your new ” Nazi friends” in Ukraine have stabbed you in the back, just as you do to everyone else..karma is great!

  • zencowboy61

    Its only allowed to sell to whom we tell you to says the US defense dept.