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US Keeps Accusing Other Countries Of Being Behind Enigmatic Microwave Attacks

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US Keeps Accusing Other Countries Of Being Behind Enigmatic Microwave Attacks

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In a recent report, researchers concluded that generic symptoms are being manipulated to create a narrative about the existence of a new disease.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Washington continues to insist on the existence of a “syndrome” that affects its diplomats in Cuba and China. In addition to the complete lack of scientific evidence in the alleged cases of reported health problems, there is a strong conspiratorial content in the accusations against the Cuban and Chinese governments – which, according to US officials, are using microwave weapons to attack American and Canadian diplomats. In this debate, which confronts not only different geopolitical interests, but also science and conspiracy theories, new international tensions have arisen every day.

What has come to be commonly called the “Havana syndrome” is an alleged clinical phenomenon in which patients report symptoms such as tinnitus, nausea, and severe headaches, often resulting in critical hearing and cognitive damage. It would be almost irrelevant to public opinion if these symptoms were reported by ordinary patients, but they are mostly American and Canadian diplomats and officials based in Havana. The mysterious “disease” became worldly known in 2017, some months after the first alleged cases were reported, in the previous year. In 2018, some cases also began to be reported on Chinese soil. Last month, Kamala Harris delayed her scheduled trip to Vietnam after reports of the syndrome in the Asian country.

In a report published by the US State Department in December 2020, American investigators concluded that the “real” cause of the assumed cases of the mysterious “syndrome” that has affected diplomats in Havana and Beijing since 2016 was the action of “microwave radiation weapons”, which are supposedly being used to direct attacks against American and Canadian citizens abroad. Since then, several criticisms have been made to the report, mainly regarding the uncertainties about the investigative method used. Now, Cuba is formally responding to the accusations.

Investigators from the Cuban Academy of Sciences have recently stated that there is no evidence to support the claims made in the Washington’s report. Unlike American research, whose methods remain dubious and obscure, Havana formed a team of scientists that included neurologists, physicists, psychologists and otorhinologists to carry out the investigation.

At the end of the research, a detailed and conclusive report was prepared, being published in the “Cubadebate” newspaper, where we can read: “Neither the Cuban police, nor the FBI, nor the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have discovered evidence of ‘attacks’ on diplomats in Havana despite intense investigations… We conclude that the narrative of the ‘mysterious syndrome’ is not scientifically acceptable in any of its components (…) No known form of energy can selectively cause brain damage (with laser-like precision) under the conditions described for the alleged incidents in Havana”.

One of the main conclusions of the Cuban report is that such “syndrome” pointed out by Washington, apparently, does not refer to a single phenomenon. Symptoms such as nosebleeds, nausea, headaches, and tinnitus can be associated with different diseases of completely distinct causes. What Washington is doing is simply pointing out common symptoms as a single disease and using this narrative to make accusations against some of its main geopolitical rivals. Furthermore, the Cubans pointed out that the alleged operations with microwave radiation suggested by the Americans violate some basic laws of physics, which is why such allegations could not be considered credible.

It is also necessary to say that Cuban researchers asked Washington for access to scientific data allegedly collected that led American scientist to reach the conclusions announced in December of last year. Acting undiplomatically, Washington denied. So, if there is in fact any data that points to something different from the conclusions reached by the Cubans, the investigators simply could not access it.

It is important to remember that recently CIA Director William Burns accused Russia of being behind the enigmatic microwave attacks. Moscow called the statements “totally absurd”. However, Washington seems to be interested in investing more and more in the narrative that there are indeed planned attacks against its agents abroad, resulting in a terrible and mysterious illness.

This seems quite in keeping with the recent rise in anti-scientific accusations made by Washington against its international rivals. The narrative that Beijing developed the new coronavirus in laboratory, for example, is another sign that scientific plausibility no longer puts an end to the war of narratives that the US has declared on its opponents. By pointing to the existence of a syndrome caused by microwave attacks, the US government has come to accuse its enemy countries of possessing advanced technology of which there is no evidence of existing. Officially, a conspiracy theory is guiding part of American foreign policy and causing changes in the country’s diplomacy – such as the reduction of diplomatic staff in countries where there are cases of the “disease”, for example.

Health cannot be politicized, and science cannot be diminished in favor of political interests. It is important that the international society intervenes in the case and that the alleged syndrome is investigated in an impartial way by experts from around the world, to conclude if it is in fact a new disease emerging or if isolated cases of symptoms common to pre-existing diseases are being manipulated to generate a new political narrative.


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Last edited 7 days ago by jony boy

now they start the accusing its kind of late and who they want to accuse of it all anyway forget the microwaves how about the plasma particles emitted on america which sunk one of your large ships and nearly wiped out the entire westcoast created the largest drought situation in america´s history and alot of other things the usa is laughable how did these jokes ever call themselves a great power

Last edited 7 days ago by farbat

If they weren’t a great power, you would barely talk about that place you have never been to.


You still don’t realize the trick behind it all, it’s origins are ancient as far back as Sumerian and Babylonian empires.

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Last edited 7 days ago by Marco

Communism is when the government does something.


they are worried about microwaves they are clueless about their own future XD

Last edited 7 days ago by farbat

when it comes to the entire picture which is mostly ignored half of it was always americas doing because they use for example such powerful radars that it could be called a signal or radar massacre they try to unleash there with all those foolish radar facilities that is one reason the other reason is that some on the planet see what america is doing and do amplify the damage to cause problems for america that is the issue when it comes to the population wide issue but basically microwave weapons as such are nothing new but it would be hard to believe that some nation hunts individuals with such weapons as a policy because there are easier ways than that

Last edited 7 days ago by farbat
Killer Angel

microwave weapons are “no go” for lamestream media and brainwashed and state sponsored “scientists.”

The last thing the deepstate wants anyone to comprehend is the reality of scalar and microwave weapons platforms.

How about you read the book, silent weapons, for silent wars, or “the invisible rainbow” ?

Southfront’s journalism is taking a nosedive of late…

Killer Angel

Roger Tolces
Biography- Los Angeles private investigator who specializes in electronic countermeasures. In the past thirty years he has swept over 2500 locations for bugs and wiretaps. In recent years his business has included helping victims of electronic harassment and mind control. Electronic harassment takes place if someone uses any electronic device to aid them in invading your person or property for the purpose of gathering information illegally, or for the purpose of causing physical harm. Mr. Tolces uses over $100,000 of high-tech equipment to try to identify the sources of electronic harassment.


I thought it was solved a couple of years ago and the culprit was a species of crickets foreign to Cuba, introduced by ex-Cuban version of our monarchists?
It was all over science journals 2 years ago and made the US a laughingstock.

Then the US called this phenomenon “sonic attack” but perhaps “microwave attack” has a better ring to it. US government is beyound hope and redemption, it seems they no longer even care about credibility and such pesky worldly matters!

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Sounds more like vaccine damage to me…
Its funny the U.S. is worried about a few headaches but they aren’t worried about the fake poison jabs killing thousends of people every day world wide, the U.S. included.

Last edited 7 days ago by Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

US now led by Wikipedia generation no longer able to tell truth from fiction. It is all copy-paste. – LOL.

Could be that symptoms are all being caused by US diplomats no longer sure of where they stand and not able to keep up with intellectual quality of foreign diplomats. So headaches caused by head spinning so fast.

Russians, Chinese, Cubans must all be laughing at them. It is another sure sign of the top down declining quality in the US.

Last edited 7 days ago by BLT

These accusations are actually clinical symptoms of schizophrenia. I guess you have to be pretty messed up to be a CIA “diplomat”

Arch Bungle

My theory:

The shrill noises Americans hear in their heads is the sound of perpetual Jewish whining and pestering.

Ever heard a Jew talk? Sounds like the never ending squealing of a stuck pig.

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