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‘US Justice’: Black Mobsters That Killed 59yo Father Of Family In Baltimore Got No Real Penalty


The justice in the modern United States looks this way:

In September 2019, two black mobsters (16yo and 15yo) attacked and killed a 59yo white father of a family, John Weed, at the Great Frederick Fair in Baltimore.

“On September 20, Weed was enjoying the fair with family when he was approached by the 16-year-old boy and his 15-year-old brother and their friends. The 15-year-old and another teen asked Weed for money. When he said no, the teen’s kept asking him for money as family members pleaded for them to leave him alone.

The teen ended up punching Weed in the back of the head. As Weed tried to confront the 16-year-old, his 15-year-old brother punched Weed with such force he immediately lost consciousness.

The teen then spat on him while he lied on the ground.

Weed ultimately died of his injuries the next day in Shock Trauma,” baltimore.cbslocal.com reported.

In August 2020, it was finally revealed what penalty the killers got. Judge Julie Stevenson Solt ordered the 16yo mobster to be placed on probation with conditions, including anger management, while the 15yo attacker was ordered to be placed in a long-term behavioral modification program. Therefore, the life of the 59yo man appeared to cost almost nothing from the point of view of the court.

Meanwhile, in New York 49 people were shot during the past 72 hours only amid the continued anti-Trump and pro-BLM protests across the country. Bulletproof vest sales soared amid the increase of violence. They are already up 80 percent this year.

This is how the modern US ‘democracy’ run by the pro-minotrity, neo-liberal local elites looks like. It is easy imagine what would happen if the neo-liberal agenda takes an upper hand in the entire country.




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