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US Is Ready To Take Military Actions Against Syrian Army In Case Of New Chemical Attack


US Is Ready To Take Military Actions Against Syrian Army In Case Of New Chemical Attack

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On February 1, an unnamed US official said that US President Donald Trump is prepared to order another military action against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to deter possible chemical attacks in the future, according to Reuters.

“We reserve the right to use military force to prevent or deter the use of chemical weapons,” the US official told reporters during a press briefing according to Reuters.

The US official also accused the SAA of developing new types of chemical weapons and claimed that the SAA has been using chemical weapons “in smaller amounts” since the Khan Shaykhun incident on April 4, 2017.

The official went on and accused the SAA of hiding a part of its chemical weapons stockpile, that was supposedly destroyed under the Russian-US deal in 2014. However, Reuters didn’t mention that the official presented no evidence to back his claims.

Another unnamed US official, went told reporters during the same press briefing that the supposed Syrian chemical weapons may reach the “US shores” if the US and the international community don’t increase their pressure on Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.

The US warning looks similar to previous warnings, which had been repeatedly made by US officials regarding the supposed “Iraqi chemical weapons” before the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.

The US statements are aimed at pressuring the SAA and its allies as they are approaching the heartland of the Syrian rebels in Idlib governorate. Some experts believe that the US could even use a direct military force against the Syrian government once again claiming that this is just a response to some “barbaric chemical weapons attack” against “civilians”.



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  • Marko Paunovic

    Americans are getting nervous, it seems like. Serves them well for what they have done.

  • Rüdiger Preiss

    The barbaric act is the US organising terrorists to infiltrate Syria and then shamelessly using the same terrorists as an excuse to invade this country!

    • Rob

      From today no country will be divided in the world. The US Zionist Terror network this dream will never come true. Russia, Palestine, Syria and Iraq will be integrated again.

    • Merijn

      History repeats itself….. over & over & over & over & over again…… different names same story…..there is a lack of fantasy in the brains of “Our Masters”….. is it the idea of: Never change a winning Horse? Because I think it’s about time they come up with something NEW & Sparkling…..

  • Jim Prendergast

    To begin with: some of the chemical weapons used in Syria were traced to the U.S. so they would be returning. Secondly, the U.S. keeps pulling out this “chemical weapon” ploy every time they take a big loss. When is the U.S. golng to stop unloading nuclear waste in it’s high-mass projectiles?

    • RockyFjord

      yes, depleted uranium tipped anti-armor shells, which have caused such birth defects that are repugnant to very humanity. How long do we have to suffer under this corrupted US regime?

      • Potato Potato

        Depleted uranium does not cause birth defects. This myth needs to die.

        • You can call me Al
        • Joe

          It does and has been proven to be so in Iraq

          • Potato Potato

            No proof.

          • Joe

            Beyond shadow of doubt.
            So ignorant

          • RockyFjord

            What does a stupid potato head know about anything, let alone the science on depleted uranium? The science is very well known. The photos of birth defects are
            the most revolting thing I have ever seen. Educate yourself, but till then, shut your
            stupid hole.

        • Jim Prendergast

          Depleted uranium is quite poisonous, as capable of causing birth defects as mercury or lead.

          • Gregory Casey

            And horrible painful deaths

        • Bob

          ‘Although the Royal Society insists threats of health damage to those inhaling depleted uranium dust is remote and limited to those who took in large quantities, a study of Iraqi children, exposed to wartime DU dust, contradicts that assessment. Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi, a member of the Brussels Tribunal Advisory Committee, says that children breathing or swallowing those radiated particles in areas of intense United States DU munitions firings “offer strong evidence of the correlation between low level radiation exposure and result(ing) health damages.” DU exposures created “a shift of leukemia incidence rates towards younger children during the recent years,” said the doctor. Another inquiry by three professors at the University of Massachusetts and Tufts University concludes: “In aggregate the human epidemiological evidence is consistent with increased risk of birth defects in offspring of persons exposed to DU.”

          Quote from:

          For an extensive report on Depleted Uranium and health issues see following University of Massachusetts, School of Public Health and Health Sciences, and Tufts University, School of Medicine, Department of Public Health and Family Medicine, and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering report:

        • Melotte 22

          It does increase cancer rates dramatically. Refer to studies conducted on Kosovo and Serbia. Shocking.

        • Paul

          You really are a spud

    • You can call me Al

      Have a glance through this site – keep it saved as well as it is being updated continuously:


      PS Search Syria.

    • Joe

      But …but .. if used by their terrorists to blame on Assad is okay … and in fact warrant Tomahawks attacks costing millions .

      ONLY Assad not allowed to use chemical weapons in his own country and he is that stupid to use it. Never mind the logic. Just shoot the Tomahawks.

    • gustavo

      The only nation that can stop USA-Israel-NATO is Russia. USA does not care about nothing and nobody else, besides Israel-NATO.

  • Dušan Mirić

    …and in such case the “spectacors” expect to see, at least, US warplanes (ships) disappearing in a ball of fire.

  • Dušan Mirić

    …as every aggressor, invader and murderer deserves. (In this case terrorist supporter too)

  • Every, single word that is uttered by the government of the United States of America is a bald faced lie. Every, single thing that cannot be verified by you, is 100% guaranteed to be a lie. This is how an empire dies, and doesn’t even realize it.

  • peter

    This is similar theatre from White helmes,as some month ago !USA and NATO,are biggest terorists all around the world!

  • jerry hamilton

    America are not going to give up.
    They want Assad out and they will not stop till he is out.
    They will as always lie to justify it.
    This is coming closer to WW3 than ever before.

    • Vince Dhimos

      Once Russian elections are over, we can expect some of this hysteria to simmer down. The upcoming Russian elections are the reason for the new Kremlin Report sanctions, the ban on Russian participation in the Olympics, the fuss over Navalny’s non participation in the elections, the drone attack on Latakia and Tartus, and this latest gas attack lie. But payback is coming. China is in hot pursuit of the petroyuan and is pressuring the Saudis like never before. I suspect it will happen, probably when it is least expected.Then the “great-again” USSA can go pound sand.

      • as

        Navalny is a clown none would even supports the little man.

      • Jim Prendergast

        Vince Dhimos, you make a very good point. The timing of these “gas-attack” is always oblique in regards to military and social affairs in Syria. They seem to be generated more by U.S. perception of world events and the U.S. generates it’s own perception of the world. Perhaps MSM holds a clue.

    • Rüdiger Preiss

      It’s not quite about Assad out. It could be ANYONE who doesn’t bow to the pressure of the Petro Dollar, the western monetary system and Predatory Capitalism. It’s about turning Syria into a pile of rubble. Assad stands in the way, because so far he has been holding this country together like glue and now he’s starting to patch it back up again. So what they really want is not Assad out but a “harmless insignificant country” that doesn’t stand in the way of the New World Order, which the Neocons are starting to lose. They are becoming desperate. Sooner or later the financial system as we know it has to collapse, the higher the climb, the deeper the fall – and falling they will;

      • jerry hamilton

        ” It’s about turning Syria into a pile of rubble.”
        As far as that goes, America are the worlds experts.
        They have had lots and lots of practice.
        And every bomb dropped made those Neocons richer.

      • Joe

        Why they want Assad or Suria out?

        One stroke all these allies will be in big trouble
        … Russia
        …. And control of ME

        It’s so obvious

    • AlexanderAmproz

      French and US wanted the same
      with General Giap in Vietnam,
      he defeated both of them !

    • gustavo

      Totally in agreement. The only country which can stop Israel-USA-NATO is Russia.

      • Jim Prendergast

        Things change. Canada defeated the U.S. Costa Rica defeated the U.S. Cuba defeated the U.S. Vietnam defeated the U.S. Iran kicked them out. The world is becoming Multi-Polar. The American Empire is fading.

  • RockyFjord

    Only CW that were not removed in 2014, were those in the rebel held areas. The same rebels the US
    was arming, supporting, backing. Question remains why the US did not secure those CW in rebel hands
    when Syria removed all CW in her posession? I think the only party to have used CW in Syria, is the very same proxies the US is allied with. The incident at East ghouta was sure to be a CIA rebel backed use.
    US up to same old chicken shit false flags. You lost in Syria; not get the hell out!

  • antoun

    blabla at obama!! lies for pressured damas gouvernement!!

  • peter

    Donald Trump do IQ test in the Naval institute.With 100% sure he know different between lion from rhinoceros.Hi gains full number of points !This is person with red button !War to come with him sure.
    Only Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin man No.1 in the world/by us magazine Forbes/to stop usa killers !

    • antoun

      the us is the bourge coward tranquille!!

  • John Trudgian

    Nobody believes this gas-attack nonsense. It’s been thoroughly discredited. The US will only harm their international standing by using such a transparent pretext. There is not much the SAA can do, just bluff it out. The NeoCons are desperately looking for an excuse to escalate. Don’t give them one.

    • Attrition47

      The US doesn’t need international standing, it has guns instead.

      • John Trudgian

        It is a fair point, and the NeoCons would likely argue the same. But there is such a thing as soft power. The US has benefited greatly from being the Metropolitan power. Money, brains and talent have flowed into the US like magic. As the US discredits itself, this flow will start to diminish. Witness the Chinese reluctance to continue buying Treasury securities. I mean, would you lend money to these nutjobs?

        • Bob

          That is whole Neo-Con approach – recall Madeleine Albright as US Secretary of State – telling Colin Powell – ‘what is the point of this powerful military if we don’t use it.’ She meant using aggressive military force to control and determine the state leadership and policies of non compliant foreign states. War is the Neo-Con’s preferred tool and the concept behind its use is to achieve (global) ‘full spectrum dominance’. The Neo-Con’s will completely undermine the US’ international reputation, as they have no compunction about using aggression and violence to get their way, and they have no concept of the responsible use of great power.

    • gustavo

      Is there any USA standing ? Of course not, and USA does not care about it. The only nation that can stop USA-Israel is Russia, if it wants to.

  • john

    The only chemical “misuse and abuse” is in the heads and brains (if they have any) of the numb-nuts in the White House. President “Shithole” leading them all back to the suir where they came from–hope the take Netanyahu along with them

  • Rumen

    USA is the bigest terrorist organization in the world. CIA have made countless terrorist attacks and countless assassination around the world !!!

    • JEinCA

      It’s a toss up between them the Brits and the Zionists.

      • Ace

        And the French. Swedes as arms suppliers.

  • Potato Potato

    The yellow territory is simply a bridgehead for an invasion of Syria.

  • JEinCA

    The neocon psychopaths won’t be happy until they start WW3. Many of us who voted for Trump voted against the neocon foreign policy of Hillary Clinton but it didn’t matter. They are back in power. I am beyond furious.

  • Jack P

    If you ask me this is sort of a desperate attempt after getting sdnookered by the Syrian Government Alliance. They made the moronic blunder of announcing a 30,00 border unit in northern Syria which breaks down to an attempt of partition. So Turkey comes in to attack the YPG, former Nusra area around Afrin breaking up the scheme and pitting two NATO members against each other. Ruissia backs off and despite officially condemning the Turkish move (which they should) I’m sure they’re ambivalent about it. Better a Turkish incursion in an area containing US supported terrorists than a 30,00 border force which is an obvious step towards a Korea style partition.

  • ColinNZ

    “US Is Ready To Take Military Actions Against Syrian Army In Case Of New Chemical Attack”
    – in other words, can somebody please give us a false flag as we are getting our a$$e$ kicked and so need to bomb a few thousand Syrians.

  • Starlight

    Putin could go to the UN and demand America leave Syria- and since America still obeys international law, America would leave. So why doesn’t Putin do this. Cos his jewish handlers tell Putin it is ‘better’ to allow the USA to continue operating in Syria (and Iraq) because that’s what Israel wants.

    America is the bully. The bully is directed by ‘the tribe’. And the only force that could simply punch the bully on the nose, and put the bully in its place won’t cos ‘the tribe’ also dominates this force as well.

    So Putin allows America (and Turkey- the rock-solid Deep State asset) to continue causing havoc in Syria, and as a consequence America is always considering the possibility of massive military atrocities against the legal government of Syria- under any pretext.

    All this because Putin states that the jews must be pleased at any cost.

    Listen to Trump today. He is in full blown Hitlery Clinton mode, drooling at the prospect of murdering hundreds of thousands of ‘sub-Humans’ under any excuse. His regime is demonising Russia far more than anything seen with Obama. And the master-minds of the anti-Russian propaganda campaigns are all jewish.

    Putin is fooled by trivial ‘victories’ like the reinstatement of a handful of Russian sports-people yesterday. The tribe throwing Putin a rotten ‘bone’ so he never considers the bigger picture. Putin’s actions in Syria literally PRETEND the irrational and murderous US army is not a factor.

    By now even the stupiest person must get the the whole N Korea nonsense was but a feint to misdirect the hard of thinking. Iran is the real deal, and the Deep State still considers action against Syria as part of the road to war with Iran.

    We know Putin is aware of just how large an action Trump is considering against the government because of the rush to place even more s-400 air defense systems into Syria. But Putin knows he won’t use those missiles against US bombers. Putin’s jewish handlers tell Putin a show of force will dissuade the USA- but all Trump cares about is whether Putin will intervene or not.

    I would guess Trump is planning a week+ long bombing campiagn against government frontline forces. He is just waiting for intelligence proving that Putin will sit on his hands for the umpteenth time. And that intelligence comes straight from Israel.

    • John Whitehot

      what a load of bullshit, the US doesn’t give a damn about international law or the UN, in fact it’s in Syria illegaly, and the only one having jewish handlers here is you

    • wwinsti

      It would be of great benefit to this outlook of yours if you included the possibility that Israel is actually a suicide state. By “suicide state” I mean an entire nation that would rather parish than not have it’s Divine prerogatives fullfilled. Israel has 50 nukes at least, has the Jericho II missile to deliver them, and has the nasty habit of mentioning Rome every time the Samson option is discussed. There’s an actual reason the Russian AD haven’t moved east for the most part, and that’s Israeli medium ranged missiles. The movement of Israel into Syria has been the plan since Oct. of 2015 and is still the plan now. It’s the real reason the US is in eastern Syria, the creation of Rajova is merely a happy side effect from the Zionist perspective.

      Putin has to play a careful game to counter this scheme, in fact, he even had to create a new alliance out of whole cloth with Turkey- not an easy feat. And despite Putin’s delicate successes, it can still go spectacularly wrong.

    • Mortal

      This anti Putin/Ru rant is so hasbara like. You tend to make some good observations sometimes in your comments, but you are mistaken if you think US and RU policies in Syria are aligned. Putin foiled a more than 10 year long US plan for ME complete destabilization and chaos. You leave out other important factors, for example China’s role in US agression in BRI vital pieces, especially in ME region. Russia is doing its part as a power rising back slowly but steadily to superpower status, protecting regional interests and forming shadowy or obvious alliances according to a diverse agenda, but surely not a zionist one. Also, US doesnt respect whatever it is you call “international law”, because it’s always about their own interests above everything, not peace democracy and the rest of the usual bs.

    • 888mladen .
    • 888mladen .
    • 888mladen .

      Satanyahu’s tweeter post about his meeting with Putin (google translate)

      I have now concluded deep and good talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. I told him that Israel viewed two developments seriously:

      1. Iran’s attempt to establish military bases in Syria.
      2. Iran’s attempt to produce precision weapons in Lebanon against the State of Israel.

      I made it clear to him that we would not agree to any of these developments and act as necessary

  • Joe

    There you are … as expected . They morons never fail.

    But then .. you see Assad is soooo tame . Silence and mild response means “guilty”./ He always need Russia to rebuke the morons.

    So when are the tomahawks coming? Imagine these Americans allowed to be in Syria after the war as though Northern Syria is theirs.

    Peace is still very far off. Poor Syrians.

  • AM Hants

    Anything to invade Syria, with no invite. No doubt they are trying their hardest to get UN approval, owing to the slight problem with international law and invading sovereign nations. Despite the fact, the friends of the US were no doubt either staging videos or using the stuff.

    Washington DC and The Pentagon, never let facts get in the way of war.

  • Mahmoud Larfi

    An invitation to whom it may concern for another false flag chem attack.

  • John

    blah, blah, blah

  • Attrition47

    Inviting the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers to get busy…?

  • Mo Richard

    We don’t need to worry. America will false flag a chemical attack very very soon that would be an excuse for sending some of their expensive T.hawk missiles. But guess what, this time, RUSSIA will open deactivate/neutralise them ALL. just as they did with the one quarter of the 49 missiles fired on the Syrian airbase.

  • Joao Alfaiate

    Beginning to sound a lot like Iraq, esp the “threat” of chemical weapons to the US…..

  • John Brown

    It might be time to get out of any large USSA cities as racist supremacist Jews like Henry kissenger said, Jews don’t care how many stupid animal beast American Goyims die for a greater, more racist, more supremacist, Israel. The weather forecast for cities like LA, Chicago New York, Washington might be 10 million degrees” blinding white light flash followed by blast shock waves of over 500 kph, followed by large mushroom clouds.

    • Astar Roth

      Followed by vacuum and backwards moving air up to 1500 kph, and fire storm, and then heat wave as high as 300 centigrades as far as 350 km away.

      • Ace

        There goes my weekend at the beach!

  • The US official also accused the SAA of developing new types of chemical weapons and claimed that the SAA has been using chemical weapons “in smaller amounts” since the Khan Shaykhun incident on April 4, 2017.
    Yeah ….. I wonder ….. are the Americans actually capable of telling the truth any more?

    • Ace

      Utterly shameless liars. I can see why those officials would be ashamed to be identified publicly. Utter garbage.

      • Astar Roth

        That’s right, they didn’t even stated that IF new attack happens, rather they’ll prevent some fictitious attack.
        Why Syrian generals would be that stupid and behave the way you want as a pretext for massive assault on Syria.
        You era of wahabie/Us/Zionistic terror is over!

        • Ace

          I think it will soon be. Not yet but soon. Auslander at The Saker Blog has some very interesting thoughts on problems the U.S. might face. This is not 1946.

          Missile technology advances rapidly. SAMs are a huge threat to all kinds of air assets. MANPADs will be more and more of a threat. We’ve already seen how enthusiastically the U.S. has supplied ATGMs to the jihadi scum. Didn’t similar missiles cause great damage to IDF armor in their last incursion into Lebanon?

          Regardless, the U.S. cheerfully does whatever it wants around the world in defiance of its own Constitution and international law. Its lies about Syria and Assad are astonishing. The “collateral damage” of which Auslander speaks is huge in Syria. The U.S. is directly or indirectly responsible for every one of the civilian casualties there and, of course, the deaths of SAA troops defending their country.

  • Wegan

    You gotta hand it to the US, they never tire of this Bullshit. It starts more and more looking like a sore loser wants to justify the attack against Syria. I guess they forgot that the EWS can take down anything they have. They can’t get enough of the humiliation. Pathetic.

  • Astar Roth

    The same was with ‘if (Bashar Al Esad) read as: Syrians use napalm or such we will do this and that. Well Russians used white phosphorus qute a lot and you didn’t say a word.

  • Didier Favre

    I love “in case of a chemical attack”. A way to tell rebels, “go for it, do it and we’ll give you military support”. I bet with anybody that no MSM will say that the rebels did it. It’s a clear call for heating up that war. We’re very close to a hot WWIII and the USA are begging for it with “in case of a chemical attack”. May God have mercy upon us ! SAA and allies are in a weird position. They have advantage to calm down this game but they’ll be accused of crimes chosen by USA and allies and committed when it suits them. SAA and allies are put in the position of proving they did not commit such a crime. It’s impossible. Try, for instance, to prove me that you did not kill the president Abraham Lincoln.

    • Ace

      LOL. I wasn’t even in Washington at the time. I am blameless.

  • Drogba

    The Synagogue of Satan LIARS

  • Kongsak Vongshusri


  • Gj

    Thats a red line for your support base Mr Trump. I hope you have not forgotten that?

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    False flag alert.

  • chris chuba

    Another unnamed US official, went told reporters during the same press briefing that the supposed Syrian chemical weapons may reach the “US shores” if the US and the international community don’t increase their pressure on Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.

    Yes, the clever and diabolical Assad has found a way to weaponize the deadly agent Chlorine. A chemical agent that was abandoned in the early stages of WW1 because it was so ineffective.

  • gustavo

    “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION” is now treating Syria to destroy its army and planes. I hope Russia acts this time in a definitive way, and stop USA-NATO(Turkey) and Israel military attack to Syria.