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US Is Ready To Abandon Its Garrison In Syrian Border Village Of At Tanf – Media


US Is Ready To Abandon Its Garrison In Syrian Border Village Of At Tanf - Media

FILE IMAGE: At Tanf border crossing

The US is ready to abandon its garrison in the  Syrian border village of At Tanf, the Russian staten-run media outlet RIA reported citing a military diplomatic source.

According to the report, the US is ready to leave the garrison, however, it has not provided info when they would do it.

Earlier this week, the US reportedly pulled out its forces from az-Zaqf, another its garrison on the border between Syria and Iraq.

Since, the UD-led coalition and its allies failed to build an “opposition-held” buffer zone between Syria and Iraq, its facilities in At Tanf and az-Zaqf have lots all their strategic value.

US Is Ready To Abandon Its Garrison In Syrian Border Village Of At Tanf - Media

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  • Ishyrion Av

    A good start!

  • Virgil Cane

    considering al tanf is a blocking position from the best hard ball road/highway linking tehran to lebanon, al tanf most certainly has not lost it’s strategic value for the americans. everyone heard trump at the un, the iranian boogeyman is alive and active and anything to prevent the shia crescent is strategically valuable. i suspect this potential pull out of al tanf is a result of some other elements, certainly not for a lack of value.

    • Barba_Papa

      It may be the better road, but supplies can go via other roads too. As is happening right now. They’re not blocking a goddamn thing. It’s just an expensive outpost in the middle of Fuckholistan. Not to mention that the FSA it was supposed to support has become utterly useless, more or less deserted and is selling its gear to ISIS.

      • Virgil Cane

        open up google maps, turn on satellite view, and learn about the highways running out of iraq and into syria. you know they arent crossing the euphrates through DeZ so what other highway are they using? answer: dirt roads. have you ever been on dirt roads in iraq or syria in the winter? navigable in small vehicles sort of, not so much in large vehicles with full loads. two feet off the packed dirt and you sink down to the axles.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Funnily enough it does not take much time to build a new road in that area of desert. There is even a huge amount of stone lying on top of much of those places that is easy to process.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            good, you can pay this.

      • Solomon Krupacek

        this is one of rare situations, when you are wrong. there are 3 important border crossings in southern syria: daraa, an tanf and bukamal.none of them is in syrian hands.

    • VGA

      Maybe Jordan has pressed the americans to get the fuck out and take their thugs with them, so that the syrian army and Hezbollah can clear the whole area and keep it’s safe from terrorists.

      • Virgil Cane

        they’re one the syrian side of the border crossing so not so sure.

        • VGA

          In one or two occurrences they have fired on rebels and/or “refugees”.

      • Daniel

        US and Jordan are partners in crime so the Jordanians won’t say a word against the US.

      • Turbofan

        Jordan???Are you kidding me?

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    There is no negotiations with USA ISIS air force. Take you invaluable rubbish and fuck out from Syria.Illuminati go and in plant Americans with RFD micro chips.

    • Derapage

      Deir El-zor for AL-Tanf is the agreement reached between Russia and US. So obvious!

  • Solomon Krupacek

    kingdom for horse!

    an tanf for east syria!

    • Daniel

      Probably part of the Russian US agreement the other day.

      • Solomon Krupacek

        i am also sure. :(

  • Good.
    Nobody likes you. Nobody wants you. So make a sexual exit and GO HOME!

  • General Surena

    iran always win…. AS 5000 YEARS AGO

    • Amine Mansouri

      Hahahaha Umar bin khattab fucked all persia

  • cortisol

    How about bombing the crap out of that garrison? Legally, USA doesn’t exist in Syria anyway so it can’t be attacked.

  • Vitex

    If I was ‘murican and in At Tanf I’d be real jumpy.