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JUNE 2021

US Is Furious As More And More States End Diplomatic Ties With Taiwan In Favour Of China

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US Is Furious As More And More States End Diplomatic Ties With Taiwan In Favour Of China

Taiwanese jet fighter jet next to Chinese H-6 bomber. FILE IMAGE: Taiwan Defense Ministry / AFP

On August 21st, El Salvador ended its diplomatic ties with Taiwan in favor of China.

This marks the third country to switch allegiance from Taiwan to China in 2018. The Dominican Republic abandoned relations with Taiwan in April, followed by Burkina Faso in May. Taiwan has lost five official diplomatic relations since Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen assumed office in 2016. The three aforementioned, in addition to Sao Tome and Principe and Panama.

Taiwan is now left with formal relations with 17 countries worldwide, most of them small, less developed nations in Central America and the Pacific.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen vowed to fight China’s “increasingly out of control” behavior. While speaking in Taipei he said the country would not bow to pressure, he described El Salvador’s decision as evidence that China is attempting to squeeze the island, in addition to regular Chinese bomber patrols around Taiwan, as cited by Reuters.

“We will turn to countries with similar values to fight together against China’s increasingly out-of-control international behavior,” Tsai said.

Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told reporters earlier that Taipei was not willing to engage in “money competition” with its giant neighbor. He also said that El Salvador has been asking for “massive support” since 2017, for a port development, however Taiwan was unable to assist with the project, after it was assessed as “unsuitable.”

“Pressure from China would only make Taiwan more determined to continue our path of democracy and freedom,” the Taiwanese Foreign Minister said. “China’s rude and unreasonable behavior will certainly have negative impact to cross-strait relations. This is also not how a responsible country should behave.”

The Chinese diplomat, State Councillor Wang Yi, said El Salvador had made the right decision. “I’m confident that the people of El Salvador will feel the warmth and friendship of the Chinese people and derive tangible benefits from its cooperation with China,” he told reporters alongside his El Salvador counterpart, Carlos Castaneda, shortly after the pair signed an agreement establishing ties.

El Salvador’s president, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, announced in a nationally televised speech that his government had broken off diplomatic relations with Taiwan and instead established ties with China. He said that the El Salvador citizens would see “great benefits” and “extraordinary opportunities” in the new relationship with Beijing.

The US strongly attacked the decision, claiming that the change was of grave concern to Washington and warning that China was offering economic incentives to seek domination.

The White House released a statement which said that the El Salvador government had made the decision to switch allegiances “in a non-transparent fashion only months before they leave office.”

The US accused China of destabilizing cross-Strait relations, further adding that “this is a decision that affects not just El Salvador, but also the economic health and security of the entire Americas region.” The White House also reiterated that the US would reevaluate its ties with the Central American country.

The US also accused China for its supposed hostility towards Taiwan has allegedly grown since President Tsai’s election, due to worries that she wishes to push for the island’s formal independence. The China-skeptic president says she wishes to maintain the status quo; however, she will also defend Taiwan’s democracy.

As cited by Euronews, the White House also stated that China has increased its efforts to restrict Taiwan’s international presence including ordering foreign airlines to list Taiwan as part of China on their websites and has been conducting regular military exercises near the island.

On August 17th, the South China Morning Post cited the Pentagon, which claimed that the Chinese military has increased its strike strength against US targets and Taiwan. The developments “pose major challenges to Taiwan’s security.”

The Pentagon’s report also claimed that the overhaul in the People’s Liberation Army has improved its ability to launch naval and aerial attacks on Taiwan, aiming to deter the island from pursuing independence and eroding Taiwan’s historical advantages in the Taiwan Strait.

“PLA services and support forces continue to improve training and acquire new capabilities for a Taiwan contingency,” the report said. “China’s official defence budget has grown to roughly 15 times that of Taiwan, with much of it focused on developing the capability to unify Taiwan with the mainland by force. “These improvements pose major challenges to Taiwan’s security.”

Despite the US claims, Beijing has so far shown no willingness to invade Taiwan. And it is much more likely for China to reunite with Taiwan via peaceful means, since the China-skeptic President and her government seems to be losing more and more of its popularity. This is supported by a statement by a Chinese mainland spokesperson as early as March 20th, 2018. The statement claimed that the Taiwan separatists will suffer by their own hand.

“The remarks which mentioned “Taiwan independence” was a flagrant provocation of the cross-Strait relations. Any attempts at “Taiwan independence” by secessionist forces are doomed to fail and will receive condemnation from the people and punishment from history,” said An Fengshan, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council. Further saying that the mainland and Taiwan belong to one united China. Her statement was in response to Taiwan-related remarks made by the island’s executive head Lai Ching-te.

In addition to that, China already has experience in peaceful reunification with regions, such as was the case with Hong Kong.

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UN and Geneva both are fake organizations that US, UK and French regimes have made to create fake States in other independent countries.


Like el salvador, burkina faso and whatever was the third one


Canada ?


you wish


Only on Saturdays :)


To be honest this is a charity if somebody eliminate all these dirty seeds of evils of ISIS, israel and US from this world to end bloodshed.

When US and NATO forces enter into your country then this will happen to your country as we see now in Palestine.


When US dollar collapses Israel will behave because they will have nobody to protect them any more.
Israel is losing game and time works against Israel.


This is absolutely true and I see that’s gonna be happened very soon.


even if we eliminate them, the Jews will still leech off of other countries


I have some spare rope :)


Don’t worry their balloons will soon flattened. Then you will catch them like rats.

Julian Clegg

Your comment is not relevant to the above news article.


Julian the moron,
Once a while there is always a prck who will tell others the relevancy of the comments.
Go kill yourself you worthless piece of sht !

Julian Clegg

Troll alert.


All world states should join Russia and China and jointly produce their own military hardware, domestic and agricultural equipments and farms etc. This will free them from US and NATO slavery.


It is not so simple or so easy.
They use hybrid wars and all Western countries gang up in that game with US against the weaker countries.
They don’t use only terrorism and spies or their army.
The biggest weapon US has is monetary weapon.
Dollar sanctions and Wall Street manipulations.
See what happened to Turkey recently (it could have end up really bad if Qatar didn’t help them with 15 billion $) , they did it to Russia as well and Russian had quite lot of losses.
With weaker economies they can collapse the country and the example is Venezuela.


Any country that have no diplomatic relations with US and don’t use US dollar will be free from US sanctions.

Nowadays many countries have reject and will not use US dollar again and will not import anything from US.


” don’t import anything from US ”
They need dollars or convertible currencies to buy from any other country
And still all those convertible currencies are convertible to the dollars so any bank need US accord to make those transactions.
Even Iran uses dollars (when there is no other option) from their reserves to buy something.
Which country rejects dollar 100% and doesn’t use it all?
Not even Russia or Iran, not even close!
There is no such country!

you name those countries?


400 years ago there was no dollar.
As countries can trade on own currency inside their countries similarly they can also use the same own currencies in trade with other countries by mituall understanding. Its so simple. The value of currency is directly linked with national commodities. If for example petrol in Syria is on 10cents per liter and the same petrol is available .15 Rubbel so then that is the values of these currencies.


Actually it is even simpler than that.
You do that and they will stage false flag attack on themselves and accuse your (terrorist) country to be aggressor against peaceful US and their NATO and other “allays”.
They will attack you (in pure self defense ) helped with their 20+ “allays” and win the war against you and nuke you…(just in case for you not to forget )
And they will install propaganda regime for your re-indoctrination where you will have to repent for next 30 years for your evil deeds….
And they will create new conference called “Breton-Woods 2” where they will re-introduce a “NEW” dollar this time DIGITAL and backed by double nothing !
Their debt will be reset on ZERO but your debt and war reparations will only start….


I think you watch dizney land movies.


I think you over-simplify things.
Your theory today is possible only in your head.
For the moment there is not single country that rejects dollar completely!
Not even close to that.
And before that happens talking about world completely without dollars is fiction.
We are only in the transition period so far.
And we can only hope that things change as faster as possible…nothing else.


This is just the beginning U.S. … So you better start get used to it…to be helpless and “furious”…
There will be no need for Chines “invasion” of Taiwan.
China is growing so big that Taiwan will fall effortlessly into her lap by itself…. like ripe apple.

John Whitehot

“The US is furious”.

impotent rage.
although I’ve never been a fan of these journalistic platitudes.


The US leadership, including AIPAC, seems to be continually ‘angry ‘ these days. I have an Anger Management Course they may like to attend for a reasonable fee. The cost of one US F35 would be adequate I think.

It involves digging a bloody big hole akin to an Oubliette and then attempting to climb out of it. :)

John Whitehot

ha ha ha ha


Schhhh, don’t let the US leadership know what an Oubliette is John.

Just say it’s Belgian for Omelette avec Frits.

You can call me Al

““We will turn to countries with similar values to fight together against China’s increasingly out-of-control international behavior,” Tsai said.”

Taiwan and the US have similar values !!! – whahahahaha. Shut up poodle.

Julian Clegg

Which values do you think are different?

You can call me Al

Well, for a start:

1. Human vs Yankers
2. Normal vs Yankers
3. Intelligent vs Yankers
4. Peaceful vs Yankers
5. Healthy vs Yankers
6. Correct BMI vs Yankers
7. Chinese vs Yankers

Hope that helps for starters.


What is good for the goose is good for the gander, China can play the same financial games US is playing, against it.


This are not real countries

Carne João Pasta

Excellent grammar


Damn, they will fire me now

jade villaceran

While china use economic incentives for domimation

USA used cohersion, bully tactics, bomb, ecomomic sanction etc. to dominate the world

where do you think countries will chose?


There must not be such strange thing as Taiwan country. China is one and only one, and Taiwan is just one of its provinces. Taiwan belong to China and only China.


In theory doesn’t Taiwan have the right to determine its own fate? I don’t think its smart of them to annoy Beijing, but don’t they have that right in principle? Many a country started as a break away part of a bigger country and its seems that the only reason why we are fore or against it is where our sympathies lie. In this case I can’t fault other countries for choosing between Beijing and Taipei where they think the best deal is to be had.

And of course Taiwan is not a breakaway province of the People’s Republic of China, as it never was a part of the People’s Republic of China. It was only part of Imperial China, Imperial Japan and Nationalist China. Hell, it’s the remnant of Nationalist China which lost the civil war on the mainland. So legally it really is another country. Just like North Korea and South Korea are legally two separate countries based on where the Korean war ended.


Screw Taiwan who the fuck is Taiwan a money laundry systematic country for the US screw them.


Eh, the bs only goes so far. But, party people are almost always ‘disappointed’ when the refreshments run out and the cleanup begins. Taiwan is a US pawn and it’s game will end sooner or later. My take folks.


I wish the people who live on the Chinese mainland and the island of Taiwan well and hope that as one, they tell the Seppoes to fuck off so that they can sort out their differences between themselves.

Tommy Jensen

US should bomb these countries to the stone edge to show we mean business and as an example, and sanction all other countries who dare to even think about it.

Goodbye to El Salvador,Dominican Republic, Burkina Faso, Sao Tome, Principe, Panama.

Either you are a satelite nation doing what we are telling you or you are with the axes of evils; China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, N.Korea, Germany and more shetholes.


I’m mostly sympathetic to Taiwan; and if you support self-determination for the Crimeans but not for the Taiwanese, I’m curious as to which principles you think you follow. That said, this seems to be a case (once again) of the US protesting too much, since the US doesn’t recognize Taiwan either, and could have counteracted the Chinese pressure on international airlines but didn’t. LOL at the Dark Throne berating China for “offering economic incentives”–clearly not how it plans to engage with the world itself!

In a better world, these countries should all be free to deal with both Taiwan and the PRC, just like Ukraine should have resolutely rejected a forced choice between Russia and the EU. But just maybe, the Kremlin can learn what works in the world: China has built an economy that puts real bread on the table for those trading with it. And instead of seeking acceptance from the West, they take dispassionate note of who’s screwing them, and screw them right back. It doesn’t exactly win them love, but Beijing has learned to settle for respect.

Julian Clegg

“Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen vowed to fight China’s “increasingly out of control” behavior. While speaking in Taipei he said the country would not bow to pressure, he described El Salvador’s decision as evidence that China is attempting to squeeze the island…”

Tsai Ing-wen is a woman, so “he” should be changed to “she.”

Julian Clegg

Also, An Fengshan is a man, so it should be “his statement,” not “her statement.” (In the second-to-last paragraph.)

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