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JULY 2020

US Is Forced To Admit Use Of Chemical Weapons By Terrorists In Syria’s Idlib Province


US Is Forced To Admit Use Of Chemical Weapons By Terrorists In Syria's Idlib Province

Members of Jabhat al-Nusra

Russia’s Ministry of Defense stated that the US had indirectly recognized the use of chemical weapons by Jabhat an-Nusra. The US State Department website says that al-Nusra affiliated groups used chemical weapons in Idlib.

The US State Department issued a new statement, warning the US citizens against all travel to Syria. Russia’s Ministry of Defense noted a mention of Jabhat an-Nusra using chemical weapons in the statement, RBK reports.

“Terrorist and other violent extremist groups including ISIS and al-Qaeda-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (dominated by al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization), operate in Syria,” the statement said. “In July 2017, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham consolidated power in Idlib province.”

The statement, issued on October 18, also featured a list of tactics the terrorists employ. “Tactics of ISIS, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, and other violent extremist groups include the use of suicide bombers, kidnapping, small and heavy arms, improvised explosive devices, and chemical weapons.” Chemical weapons are used “with little to no warning”, the website warned. It also mentioned that the terrorists kidnap children.

Russia’s Defense Ministry considered this the “first official acknowledgement” the US State Department made of the Jabhat an-Nusra terrorists using “chemical weapons” in Idlib in order to commit “terroristic acts”.

The Defense Ministry cited the last known use of chemical weapons case to be the April 4 Khan Shaykhun attack in Idlib province, in which dozens of civilians were killed. According to the US officials, the attack was conducted by the Syrian Army aviation forces. Russia’s Ministry of Defence had claimed that the Syrian planes shot a weapons depot, where “workshops which produced chemical warfare munitions” were situated. In an October 20 statement the Ministry of Defense called the chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun a Jabhat an-Nusra terrorist act.



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  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    This is United Shit of Asses (USA ).After realising that it is looking hold on Syria, USA is exposing and accusing its moderate terrorists.All the terrorist including SDF,Saudi Arabia must learn and know their masters USA has track record of betrayal for its slaves.

  • John Whitehot

    not a single word on the ambush in which US servicemen fell in Niger? I f I was to follow the war on the calyphate only from SF I would not even know about the attack.

  • RGtz98

    Heard SAA has reached Al-omar oil fields , but needs confirmation

  • Wahid Algiers

    Off topic, but important: Our Syrian Army takes Al-Omar Oil Field just minutes ago.

    • Garga

      Wonderful. That ought to put a cap on the rumors.
      Please make sure to re-edit your post with the source.

    • Jordan Katz

      Yes. Please keep us posted with source or updates. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Cyriak Papasissis

    The Russian MoD considers more probable & to the point , that an explosive charge set-off by Nusra hit the top of a sarin-filled bomb , laid on the ground. The workshop hit by SyAF was manufacturing chlorine-filled bombs. The crater seen in the photos was 1-1,5 m , this corresponds to that scenario.

  • goingbrokes

    Wow! US throwing in the towel again!

    • Mikronos

      There’s $2 billion worth of eastern European weapons en route to somebody ‘good’. The towel has not been chucked.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        The US is in way to deep and unable to extricate itself in this shitstorm,any deeper then they’re finished. No happy times ahead for them.

      • goingbrokes

        Oh yes it has – they have admitted that the talk about chemical weapons was a sham!

  • Mikronos

    More, obviously erroneous, intel

  • Tommy Jensen

    After US/Nato 60 countries Coalition have liberated 90% of Syria for ISIS and allowed 600 000 Syrian civilians to return to their homes, Hitler Putin, Butcher Assad and the Worlds terrorist organisation no.1 Iran are now desperately delivering chemical weapons to terrorists in Syria to not allow ordinary Syrians to vote for freedom and gay parades.

    • Jordan Katz

      Hey! Howz the weather at Langley AFB today?

    • AMHants

      I love satire and yep, you can see the headlines as you speak.

  • Igor Dano

    Oooooo, how would they know it?
    Did they maybe supply the chem. stuff?

  • TiredOfBsToo

    Now that the State Department has admitted (though this is old news for us) that their ‘moderates’ have been using chemical weapons; does this mean they’re going to fire Tomahawks at their ‘moderates’ instead of targeting Syrians?