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US Is Building New Base In Northeastern Syria Near Border With Iraq, Turkey: SANA

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US Is Building New Base In Northeastern Syria Near Border With Iraq, Turkey: SANA

US forces, accompanied by Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters, drive their armoured vehicles near the northern Syrian village of Darbasiyah, on the border with Turkey on April 28, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / DELIL SOULEIMAN

The US-led coalition is building a new base in northeastern Syria, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on February 16 citing local sources

According to the state-run agency, the base is being built 1km southeast of the village of Ain Diwar, in the al-Malikiyah area in the northeastern countryside of al-Hasakah. The area oversees Syria’s border with both Iraq and Turkey.

Local sources told the SANA that reinforcements of the US-led coalition, including construction equipment, had arrived at the base site.

“The aim is to establish a military base in the region, in addition to reinforcing American-occupation points and its bases in the vicinity of oil fields, in order to ensure the continuation of the robbery and looting of Syrian resources,” the sources said.

The SANA noted that the US-led coalition built a new airstrip near al-Omar oil fields in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor earlier this year.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the SANA’s information on February 20. According to the monitoring group, a unit of the Russian Military Police patrolled the site of the new US base in Ain Diwar.

Earlier this week, a convoy carrying logistic supplies, military equipment and armored vehicles for the US-led coalition entered northeastern Syria from the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

The recent developments indicate that the US is planning to increase its troops in northeastern Syria. US President Joe Biden voiced his support for long-term military presence in the region during his campaign.

The Syrian Democratic Forces, the US main proxy in Syria, is projected to benefit from any increase of American troops in northeastern Syria. The step, however, will further harm the intra-Syrian peace talks.


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johnny rotten

I can no longer keep track of how many times they have started building a base and how many times they have abandoned a base, this is the sign of strategic and tactical confusion, wandering into someone else’s house will do nothing for your dishonest cause of thief and cheater.

Just Me

Meanwhile there is no electricity in Texas and millions in poverty in the US. More targets for the resistance.

Sylvain Jeuland

Yes. When I came 10 days in Austin (TX) in 2008 for the SC’08 conference, I was shocked to see how the suburbs and the houses seem so poor. When I come back to my parent home, I tell them that.

Fog of War

“The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Bobby Twoshoes

Lol, you think that applies in this instance? Even if they knew who Sun Tzu was yanks would be too afraid of him being a commie to take his advice.

Fog of War

That’s neither here nor there sir.


Interesting.. this new base is about 5 minutes flight ( for fighter jets) from the Russian newest based at Qamshili Airport, maybe 20 min flight by helicopter and less than 2 hours drive. It may be- in terms of air distance- at the outer limits of the latest Russian Toronto S satellite guided missiles with 120 km range.

Arch Bungle

The Rot Spreads …


what is better for the yankee-twats than a perpetual war far far away from home and few casualties and a mic and a fic making profits as the perpetual war goes on and when the mic and the fic turns a profit so do the bought and paid lawmakers on the hill and the lawmakers profits are enhanced by the jews.

thus, don’t expect the yankee-twats to withdraw and bugger off for home – no war means no profit for the mic and the fic and no windfall for the bought and paid lawmakers on the hill. thus the war will go on in the middle east. cannon fodder in the form of under-educated unemployed white trash from the fly over states are available in abundance and as there is no shortage of soldiers, sure why not.


so to end the perpetual war the yankee-twats are happy to conduct in the middle east, the middle east powers that are, turkey, iran, iraq and syria and lebanon/hezbollah must jointly drive the yankee-twats away and if they don’t the odious parasites the jews will continue to exist and the yankee-twats will continue to make money from the war and sale of weapons and hardly any yankee-twats casualties to worry about. just one thing to do – make an alliance and kick the yankee-twats all the way to mainland us and then put the jews on the red list and then on to the extinct list – a day to behold and a hearty larf.

The Objective

The yankees are causing a lot of trouble. But at least, they are also preventing a Shiite caliphate taking root – a nightmare for the Sunni Muslim world. So, I’m really enjoying this show between the U.S and Iran. Two bad guys at each other’s neck. What can be better for the world?

Putin Apologist

Given that today, Tehran’s influence (or the “Shiite caliphate” as you called it) stretches across vast territories of the Arab world, including the Arab capitals of Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sana, it sure don’t look like the “yankees” have “prevented” much anything.

Narine Joa

Lol? How can you build a caliphate in a country that is occupied by Russia, Turkey and US in 3 parts? and as for Iraq it is occupied by Turkey and US. While Beirut is not in control of Iran but the Lebanese gov’t they are not pro-iran. In order to build something you gotta have everything in your control not outside of your control

Putin Apologist

The word I used was “influence” not “control”. Anyone who don’t think Iran’s influence in the Arab World isn’t on the rise isn’t paying attention.

As for Iran versus the “forces of NATO”; the Iranian took as prisoners both British and American sailors they captured in the Persian Gulf, seized a British (and then a Korean) flagged oil tanker, shot down and an expensive American spy drone, attacked an American military airbase in located Iraq with its ballistic missiles and, supposedly, damaged (again with missiles of some kind) an oil processioning plant located in Saudi Arabia. And what was the West’s response, besides rhetoric and sanctions?

Like it or not, Iran is the emerging power in the Middle East.

Narine Joa

They are not in control of anything currently or as of yet but I do realize they want to be an emerging power but it ain’t happening. All it will achieve is motivate the neighbours to rise and build up stronger military industries. What Iran is doing is counter-productive if you look at it from the bigger picture. Asia continent has never been this motivated before because everyone knows war will come to his door steps with a guaraantee.

Putting people on short notice is the easiest way to strengthen them. In my opinion the whole Asian region will bolster it’s military industries to unheard of hights and it is already happening as we speak

Putin Apologist

“Motivate the neighbours to rise and build up stronger military industries.”

What neighbors? Sure the Israelis have military industries as do the Turks but the Saudis and Emiraties can’t build anything. Sure they can buy weapons with their vast oil revenues but they don’t know how to us them in war. See their colossal failure in Yemen for the details.

Iran is the most industrialized and self-sufficient country in the region. And Iran is competently governed.

Narine Joa

The Saudis and Emirates have more access to knowledge and they have their own defensive industries but I do acknowledge Iran is ahead local productions but both Saudis and Emirates are currently better armed then Iran. I said the whole Asian region by the way not only them. You can add North Africa

Arch Bungle

The Saudis and Emirates have more access to knowledge

Yet, they are nowhere as capable as Iran at utilising that knowledge.

“Access to knowledge” is merely having the keys to a library. Being able to read is another matter entirely.

An investment in Iran would go many times farther than the same in Saudi/UAE.

own defensive industries

Nonsense. These are insignificant compared to Iran. The ‘defensive industries’ you speak of are purchased from Americans and Brits, and of course, the jews.

but I do acknowledge Iran is ahead
currently in local productions

Not merely “currently” but for the foreseeable future as well.

but both Saudis and Emirates are better
armed then Iran currently.

Which means absolutely nothing since Iran can wipe out both UAE and Saudi Arabia in a single day.

The entire Saudi/UAE military is a paid army of African and SEA mercenaries headed by incompetent members of the royal families.

These are not meritocracies. They are useless, as proven in Yemen.

I said the whole Asian region by the way not
only them. You can add North Africa

It’s not clear what you mean here, what has Asia to do with this ?

Servet Köseoğlu

But in this venue İran is science powah leading the world and whole universe ..quantum computers,domestic production high-speed trains,5 th generation aesa radars,75.th generation air-crafts..400 knots speed-boats,time-machine ? welcome to the kindergarten ??. 50 years old F-14 tomcats are superior than su-35,f-22 with ultra engineering.

Fog of War

” 50 years old F-14 tomcats are superior than su-35,f-22 with ultra engineering.You are new and great adventure is waiting for you. ”

It still boggles the mind why, after all these years, Russia or China haven’t sold any new aircraft to Iran . Unless its all theater .

Servet Köseoğlu

Complicated but as afar as aı know:The reason for that, when John Carry and others were striking the nuclear deal with Iran during Obama’s presidency. They agreed to unblock more than USD 140bill of Iranian money for striking the deal. But this was conditional that 80% of the money is spent in to European and Ameircan products such ad planes, helicopters, health care and so on and so on.
And one of the main conditions was that Iran can not purchase a list of military equipment from Russia including fighter jets, ships, submarines and many more things . This was the condition for unblocking the iranian money.

UN Security council resolution blocks Iran from buying any type of conventional weapons from any country up until November 2020.

Fog of War

” until November 2020. ”

I hate to inform you but its 2/20/2021 and the US broke the agreement years ago.

Servet Köseoğlu

Dont hate to inform me bro..you are always cool…new president and only 3 months passed after nov.2020.(There is a reason ı wrote as far as ı know)

Fog of War

Fair enough, but Iran has quit following the terms of the ” agreement ” anyway. Additionally, logic would dictate that Iran had a list of planes drawn up and ready to go, while Russia and China had years to produce the planes and get them ready for delivery the moment Dec 2020 started. This delay is highly suspicious.


Manned aircraft/ tanks etc are nearing obsolescence. You can accomplish airstrikes, attack and even interceptions using AI driven UCAV’s/ ballistic/ cruise missiles. Iran is largely self sufficient in locally designed and manufactured weaponry.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

Iran also has Allah on its side. When Allah does a little hocus pocus, it will not be good for the enemy.


You lacketh truth,knowledge is power,lack it all the money in the world makes no rats arse of a difference,usa cannot even defend their own peoples leta alone just about anything else,I suggest study the terminal velocity+ truth!
The power is within asean and beyond,usa + faile arab states are relics
living in cias spectum of far outdated and weakened man power akin,
all their advisors,all their stinktanks are atleast 1.-1.5 generations behind
in just about every sphere,everywhere, new world order days are doomed!

The Objective

There is no Shiite Caliphate until Iran takes Mecca and Medina.
You don’t know shit about what’s going on, or at least, you pretend not to.
Have you ever wondered why Iran’s animosity is directed squarely towards Saudi Arabia and not towards the other Sunnis countries (Pakistan, Qatar, Oman, Turkey, Kuwait, etc)? Because the corrupt House of Saud is the guardian of the holy sites, which the Mullahs desperately want (prove me wrong if you can, or ask for more proof from me).
If you fight Israel or the U.S, the destruction on Iran would be so massive that the Mullahs can never be able take the Hejaz. That’s why you keep avoiding war. Another reason is because you are not sure of winning.
The Iranian gameplan is to encircle the Hejaz, and then stir up rebellion within Saudi Arabia – something like a civil war. during such a civil war, Iran will funnel Shiite fighters into Saudi Arabia through Iraq and Yemen.
Guess what? the 5000+ Turkish troops in Qatar are not there to only deter an Invasion of Qatar. More will be added if need be.


Why would Iran take mecca or medina? When the Shia don’t even consider going to sawdi judea as a holy ritual? Do you even know what you’re talking about as a pakistani wahabbi?

The Objective

What are the most important holy sites in Shiism?
Is that why the Iranian government prohibits a Sunni mosque in Tehran but allows churches?


The most important sites for the Shia are Karbala, Najaf and Mashad. That’s why I asked you that why would Iran want to take over mecca or medina? Also, around 10% of Iranians are sunni muzlim, however nobody ever cares to announce his sect over a loudspeaker. Plenty of sunni mosques in Iran, including Tehran. Have you ever heard of sectarian violence in Iran? Shia or sunni killing each other? There are also many orthodox Christians, Zoroastrians and Jews as well. Have you ever heard Iranians killing each other over religion?

The Objective

“The most important sites for the Shia are Karbala, Najaf and Mashad”
You either don’t know what you’re talking about or you are lying outrightly. The most important holy sites in Shiism are: Mecca and Medina, followed by Najaf, Karbala and Jerusalem.

For Shia this shrine makes Najaf the third holiest place after Mecca and Medina and the holiest Shia site.


Let me ask you this…….have you ever come across a Shia, dyin to convert you? Well? Have you?….lol…don’t you fukking dare argue with me or I will destroy your religion here in front of everyone. You understand? Nobody from Iran wants to go to sawdi judea or the king-dumb of the shyster.

The Objective

I will fucking dare argue with you, and I challenge you to destroy my religion (Sunni Islam) in front of everyone. If you can do that, I promise to convert to Shiism.

I don’t have to come across a Shiite to know about Shiism. But I did come across a Shiite back in school. However, with your perverted believes, how can the Islamic world risk letting the Hejaz fall in your hands? That’s what Iran is obviously working to achieve. You pretend not to know that this is Iran’s first goal in the Middle East right? Don’t worry. I’m compiling a lengthy article on this matter, and have found so many irrefutable proofs that no Shiite can defend. I’m still digging deeper to find more so that it becomes an article almost impossible to argue with.

My aim is not to anger any Iranian. I only aim to open the eyes of many Sunnis that still believe Iran is fighting for a just cause. they don’t just get it that the Mullahs of Iran are much more dangerous to the Sunnis than both Israel and the U.S combined. Many would be shocked to hear such a claim, but after reading this article, they’ll have no choice but agree with me. Because they won’t be able to find any proofs to the contrary since such proofs don’t exist.

I will remember to invite the Iranians arguing here to come defend their regime’s actions in front of thousands, and possibly hundreds of thousands, because that article will be guest-posted across several blogs and websites that already have significant site visitors (South Front not included). I want to make it a one-stop proof for anyone trying to understand the matter.

So, maybe you should start proving me wrong right now. If you can prove me wrong, then I will not conclude this article, neither will I publish it.


No, you publish this article ASAP……..We would like to see your perspective on your beef with Shia Islam. I look forward to reading it. By when can you publish this?

The Objective

I’ll publish it in about a week, and will let you know.
I’ve got no beef with Shiism. I supported Azerbaijan in the last war (read my comments on that war). Interestingly, Iran was on Armenia’s side. Do you dispute this fact? Iran siding with Christian Armenia instead of Shia Azerbaijan. Forget the statements of support by Rouhani and other Iranian leaders. I have more than enough evidence to proof that they supported and still support Armenia. A lot of Shiites would be pissed off to learn this.

My beef is also not with the ordinary Iranian. My beef is with the Iranian regime, which is more evil than the Zionist and Saudi regimes by all standards (I’ll prove this point in my article). So, don’t misunderstand me.


lol…….you sound like a budding paki wahabbi migrant sitting in your mamas basement, mouthing off on things way beyond your world. And so what if the Iranian diaspora supported the Armenians against the asiatic turks? So what? What is to you as a wahabbi? Now you’re backing shia mongolian Qizilbash against othodox christian?………lol…….. that right? You as a paki wahabbi got no dog in this fight. You gots hendu next doors to counter no?

The Objective

Like I said earlier, but beef is not with Shiites. There are Muslims among them, including in Iran.
My beef is with the fanatical Shiites ruling Iran. These dogs from hell are trying to destroy the region. They have no idea the size of the fire they’re trying to start. And they think they can control it. We’ll see how this ends, but Iran should be careful not to invite devastation upon itself.
Someone like Trump will gain power again, and would try to dismantle the Shiite militias in the region by force. That may well spark the middle east powder keg.

“you sound like a budding paki wahabbi migrant sitting in your mamas basement”
If you pass such a comment again, I’ll block you. I’m tired of trading insults with people who can’t disagree honorably. I prefer that whatever you say contribute to the discourse. It’s a common trait among Iranian commenters that they resort to insulting whoever disagrees with them.

So you aren’t even ashamed of admitting that your country claims to be the leader of Shiites worldwide, but sided with a Christian nation against another Shiite country. It was Sunni Turkey that helped Shiite Azerbaijan win that war. No wonder even the Iraqi Shiite leadership disagrees with Iranians. Most Iranians seem to be nasty in their behavior. Could be the reason why you remain misguided and hell-bent on a path to physical and spiritual destruction.
We’ll see how this Iran-U.S feud ends in our generation. But Iran would be lucky to get out in one piece.


you clueless fool, you can’t stop Iran from taking its rightful place in the region. It’s obvious all these shit countries around Iran are a bunch of pushovers. You know this to be a fact. Despite hundreds of billions pumped into them in weaponry by the west, they still can’t fight Iran. Iran will dismantle all of them sooner or later, and you as a wahabbi will watch this happen. Turkish guppu moghal or Pakistani dalit can’t fight Iran. You hendu-pak Al-Qaeda wahabbi are on IMF life support and not sovereign. Same same for turkish guppu moghal. You got that? Iran will bust down the king-dumb of sawdi judea, not because of mecca or medina, but because it is a shit country of wahabbi terrorists. Iran has long defeated the US in the entire northern middle east. Get used to it. Go fight hendu. That’s your drama. let Iran deal with the middle east camel jockey drama.

cechas vodobenikov

more delusions from submissive

Arch Bungle

The foundations of modern Western civilisation were laid by the Iranian Shiites.

The Sunni contributed relatively nothing except stupidity to the Western world.

I cannot see why the West would care about the Sunni headchoppers when the Shiites have a thousand years of contributing to the rise of human civilisation, particularly western civilisation.

Without the Shia we would be a thousand years backward, what can be better for the world than to encourage their resurgence in their native region?

The Objective

So the Shiites are looking to work with Americans but the Saudis beat them to it?
Oh, I forgot. Soleimani fought beside U.S forces in Afghanistan during the 2001 invasion.
But why do you always call them the great Satan?

Fog of War

Correct, the Iranians have played footsie with the devil before and now they suffer the consequences.


like what?

Fog of War

Do you not follow world news ?


The JCPOA is dead in the water. There is no more footsie. Iran’s at nuke breakout. Nothing can be done now.

Fog of War

Time will tell because war is coming.

– US seeks ‘fallback’ Saudi bases in case of Iranian escalation –



stop jiving brah……war has been coming for 42 years now…….lol

Arch Bungle

The JCPOA. That’s playing footsie with the Devil. They should have told the Americans to shove it from the start.

Servet Köseoğlu

Oh bro..that iraniroach is brain damaged ignore him..??

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

Is he also religious and brain dead. Then it’s time for him to think for himself.

Arch Bungle

Still butthurt, hey kebanik? Never get tired of licking jewballs, do you ?

Servet Köseoğlu

butthurt ?….dipshit talking about butthurt while trying to desperately reply…go go continue to lick hairy rectum of nasrallah aka old bitch of the mountain….İranians Allah Putin by the way..give blow job to him other wise he will not protect you from the joooooooos….lmao what a crank.

Arch Bungle

LOL @ old bitch of the mountain” … I know your mother by that name :-)

We should call you “the old slut of the village”.

Servet Köseoğlu

Sorry bitch,I can’t stop laughing at you. Ha ha. See? ? You are one of the most amusing oddities here: a devolved, brainless monkey trying to communicate and write with a keyboard hahaha (sorry I laugh again) .You have a cardiac arrest very soon.So you better calm down and drink some cold water

Arch Bungle

No need to be sorry since you’re the only devolved ape on the site (along with your hasbara pals).

See, nothing you say actually has any intellectual content – ever – it’s all just the garbage sewage spouting from the mouth of an ill-educated primary school dropout.

Go suck some jooballs, kebab – it’s the only thing you do well, thinking is not your strong point.

Servet Köseoğlu

Hahahaha…saying any intellectual content to you..?How many times I have to repeat: I piss on you. I don’t give a fuck if you are crying or dying. You are not even a monkey, even monkeys have standards that you do not posses..İraniroach from Nasrallahs rectum.
You make foolish remarks that even little kids would laugh at. You are nothing more then a pathetic lonely loser trying to impress someone here, then crying when ı replied to you as you deserved.That’s why you spam garbage for hours, to hide that you are triggered..? ha…spungle my ass.

Arch Bungle

I’m impressed! You wrote more than three lines! Have you been taking remedial classes?

By the way, you spend a lot of words on me while claiming you don’t give a fuck about me. It looks like in fact, you’re obsessed with me, kebab.

Tell your mom I said Hi, for old times sake ;-)

Servet Köseoğlu

Hahahahaa…mom you say.. you are a pathetic sissy loser living in a shitole basement, farting all day long in your basement. You are nothing, a failure even as a troll. A roach with a computer.??

Fog of War

” The foundations of modern Western civilisation were laid by the Iranian Shiites. ”

You’re smarter then this man. I guess Sumer, Babylon, Persia, Egypt , Greece and others never existed ?

Arch Bungle

The details are in the words:

Yes, Sumer, Babylon, Persia, Egypt , Greece are all cultural ancestors of Western culture.

But I specifically said: “modern Western civilisation”

This is my basis:

1. Modern Western Civilisation is essentially it’s Science and it’s Technology.

2. The foundations of modern Science and Technology are based on a core of Scientific and technological methods that gave rise to Modern Mathematics (Primarily Calculus, Discrete Mathematics and Number Theory), Modern Computing Sciences (Heavily based on Pure Logic, Algorithms, Algebra and Discrete Mathematics) and Information Technologies as well as the systematic approach to Chemistry (Alchemy).

3. The modern forms of all the core technologies in 2. above all arose from the innovations created by Iranian Shia scientists and Philosphers which were studied heavily by Western scientists during the Rennaisance and Enlightenment period (Newton, Kepler, Euler etc …). This all happened during what is called “The Islamic Golden Age”, during which the Iranian Shia were the leading scientific thinkers of the era.

4. In addition to creating new forms of science, the Iranian Shia recovered, stored, preserved, translated, disseminated the recovered works of the Greeks (Euclid, Aristotle, Plato etc …).

5. But, not only did the Iranian Shia rescue and restore the Greek works, they found the flaws in the scientific thought of the Greeks, added corrections and improvements and taught these in schools to all cultures who came to their schools (Example, the House of Wisdom, in Baghdad). For example In addition to his best-known works, Al Khwarizmi revised Ptolemy’s Geography, listing the longitudes and latitudes of various cities and localities.

6. The number system used in the west in it’s modern form was largely created and propagated to Europe By Muhammad al-Khwarizmi via his book “On the Calculation with Hindu Numerals” in 820 A.D. As you should well know, the foundation of Western civilisation is comprised to a large degree of it’s numerical system without which little rational progress is possible. Thank Muhammad al Khwarizmi for that.

– Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi: Gave the West the science of Algoebra via his book translated into Latin as “Algoritmi de numero Indorum” (aka “The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing”). n the 12th century, Latin translations of his textbook on arithmetic (Algorithmo de Numero Indorum) which codified the various Indian numerals, introduced the decimal positional number system to the Western world.
– Ibn Rushd (Studied as Averoes by the Italian Scholars)
– Abu Ali Sina (Studied by the Italian Rennaisance scholars as “Avicenna”): Was called in the West the Father of Modern Medicine and contributed books on the proper method of Scientific analysis, which we call “The Scientific Method”.
– Jābir ibn Ḥayyān – Created the earliest known documented method for quantitative analysis of chemicals. Abu Musa Jabir Ibn Hayyan Al-Azdi, is considered one of the founders of modern pharmacy. He was known to the Europeans as Geber, whose books had a massive impact on Westerny alchemy which evolved into modern chemistry.
– I would like to name Abū Kāmil Shujāʿ ibn Aslam ibn Muḥammad Ibn Shujāʿ (Latinized as Auoquamel as well, though nobody knows if he was Shia or Iranian, because he was the successor to al-Khwarizmi and expanded on his work: Abū Kāmil Shujāʿ ibn Aslam ibn Muḥammad Ibn Shujāʿ (Latinized as Auoquamel,[1] Arabic: أبو كامل شجاع بن أسلم بن محمد بن شجاع‎, also known as al-ḥāsib al-miṣrī—lit. “the Egyptian reckoner”) (c. 850 – c. 930) was an Egyptian mathematician during the Islamic Golden Age. He is considered the first mathematician to systematically use and accept irrational numbers as solutions and coefficients to equations. His mathematical techniques were later adopted by Fibonacci, thus allowing Abu Kamil an important part in introducing algebra to Europe
– Abū Bakr Muḥammad ibn al Ḥasan al-Karajī: F. Woepcke was the first historian to realise the importance of al-Karaji’s work and later historians mostly agree with his interpretation. He praised Al-Karaji for being the first who introduced the theory of algebraic calculus.

Al-Khwarizmi alone is responsible for laying the Keystone of ALL Western engineering: Algebra, without which there is no Calculus and Algorithms, without which there is no Computing. The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing, translated into Latin by Robert of Chester in 1145, was used until the sixteenth century as the principal mathematical text-book of European universities. Which means all the greate western mathematicians of the era received a fundamental part their education from his work directly. He also made important contributions to trigonometry, producing accurate sine and cosine tables, and the first table of tangents.

Based on just those two contributions alone “Modern” Western Civilisation would not be what it is today for Calculus and Algorithms are the foundations of all modern Electronics,, Mechanical Engineering, telecommunications and Software.

These are just a few of the great Shia Iranians who laid the foundations of modern Western civilisation – there are more. The Modern form of Western Science and Engineering (therefore Civilisation) is directly descended and founded on their specific contributions.

This is why I say the Iranian Shia were responsible for the foundations of *Modern* Western civilisation. Athough, I have not spoken of the walls, the roof, the windows and doors, the pillars etc … ;-)

Some references and comments:

– On Algorithmi:

The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing, c. 813–833 CE[8]:171) presented the first systematic solution of linear and quadratic equations. One of his principal achievements in algebra was his demonstration of how to solve quadratic equations by completing the square, for which he provided geometric justifications.[7]:14 Because he was the first to treat algebra as an independent discipline and introduced the methods of “reduction” and “balancing” (the transposition of subtracted terms to the other side of an equation, that is, the cancellation of like terms on opposite sides of the equation),[9] he has been described as the father[4][10][11] or founder[12][13] of algebra.

– On the contributions of Avicenna:

In the Al-Burhan (On Demonstration) section of The Book of Healing, Avicenna discussed the philosophy of science and described an early scientific method of inquiry. He discusses Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics and significantly diverged from it on several points. Avicenna discussed the issue of a proper methodology for scientific inquiry and the question of “How does one acquire the first principles of a science?” He asked how a scientist would arrive at “the initial axioms or hypotheses of a deductive science without inferring them from some more basic premises?” He explains that the ideal situation is when one grasps that a “relation holds between the terms, which would allow for absolute, universal certainty”. Avicenna then adds two further methods for arriving at the first principles: the ancient Aristotelian method of induction (istiqra), and the method of examination and experimentation (tajriba). Avicenna criticized Aristotelian induction, arguing that “it does not lead to the absolute, universal, and certain premises that it purports to provide.” In its place, he develops a “method of experimentation as a means for scientific inquiry.

– On the contributions of Al-Karaji:

In his book “Extraction of hidden waters” he has mentioned that earth is spherical in shape but considers it the centre of the universe long before Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler or Isaac Newton, but long after Aristotle and Ptolemy. He expounded the basic principles of hydrology[6] and this book reveals a profound knowledge of this science and has been described as the oldest extant text in this field.[7][8][9]

He systematically studied the algebra of exponents, and was the first to realise that the sequence x, x^2, x^3,… could be extended indefinitely; and the reciprocals 1/x, 1/x^2, 1/x^3,… . However, since for example the product of a square and a cube would be expressed, in words rather than in numbers, as a square-cube, the numerical property of adding exponents was not clear.[10]

His work on algebra and polynomials gave the rules for arithmetic operations for adding, subtracting and multiplying polynomials; though he was restricted to dividing polynomials by monomials.

F. Woepcke was the first historian to realise the importance of al-Karaji’s work and later historians mostly agree with his interpretation. He praised Al-Karaji for being the first who introduced the theory of algebraic calculus.[5][11]

Al-Karaji gave the first formulation of the binomial coefficients and the first description of Pascal’s triangle.[12][13][14] He is also credited with the discovery of the binomial theorem.[15]

Fog of War

Fair enough, but their knowledge didn’t materialize out of a ” Muslim ” vacuum and had its foundations on previous, already established teachings. Like one of your quotes above states, ” they improved on the Greek knowledge ” for instance. In that same manner, Western thought improved on ” Shia ” knowledge. While currently, everyone in the world is improving on ” Western ” knowledge. The circle goes round and round.

Arch Bungle

Yes, even foundations are made of something.

However, they certainly, absolutely were not mere copiers and improvers of prior knowledge:

They created at least two key fundamental items which are core to everything from Calculus to Quantum Theory: Algebra and Algorithms.

And they went far beyond what the Greeks or Hindus had provided:

For example, the Greek systems of mathematics (itself inherited from Egyptian construction geometry) were almost exclusively Geometrical in nature.

They provided next to no Algebra, Analytical Geometry or Algorithms.

Most importantly Greek contributions to mathematics were not very “quantitative” in nature – i.e they had no effective number system that could match then “Arabic” number system we use in the West today since the Greeks just re-used their alphabet to reason about shapes and forms.

(Before Al Khwarizmi we were still stuck with dumb Roman numerals …)

Al Khwarizmi and his students created and combined Algebra with Geometry to go far beyond what the Greeks could calculate about forms (Analytical Geometry).

And yes, this technology among others was improved upon by European cultures who studied the work of the Iranian scholars and certainly.

My careful use of the words “Foundation” and “Modern” mean this:

Just as removing a foundation from a building would cause it’s collapse, simply removing Algebra and Algorithms from the building would collapse the entire structure of Western science in it’s current (Modern) form and reduce it to something far inferior to what it is now … This is a measure of the importance of those contributions – they are “foundational”.

There is a third component which essentially only took it’s modern form in Persia under Islamic rule: The Formal Scientific Method for determining *scientific* truth which was developed and then spread via books to Europe where it influenced Robert Bacon, and from there the greatest scholars of the Rennaissance.

This was a key development for Western Science, for not only had the Iranians corrected the Greek method of scientific thought, which was wrong, but documented it and shipped it around the world.

Basically, the contributions, while obviously having a starting point in earlier cultures, were so many, so original and so critical for the time that they can only be regarded as “Foundational”.

Of course, this does not discount the massive contributions of other cultures to the History of Science.

Fog of War

” Of course, this does not discount the massive contributions of other cultures to the History of Science. ”

Nor does it negate the massive contributions of modern Western society.

Arch Bungle

Of course, but that was never my contention.

The recognition of the foundations of a house in no way remove the need for walls and a roof.


He is doc/ VSDoc (pademchen) from pdf forum……lol…….a zartushti. Take it easy on him……at least he cares for Iran.


yeah joker, but they were never global empires like Persia was no?

Fog of War

” ” The foundations of modern Western civilisation were laid by the Iranian Shiites.”

“It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubts.”


come on man…..lol…..Persia eclipsed from Libya all the way to hendu-pak. Are you removing all doubts?

Fog of War

I’m removing all doubt that you’re a moron. Look up when the Persian empire existed and when Islam came to Iran.


Islamic Persian empire’s are a whole different topic. You are clueless aren’t you? I suggested that continuous Persian empires have existed from 2,500 years ago all the way to the Pahlavi dynasty until 1979. Obviously that bit you couldn’t understand no? Iran has an islamic identity now. Get used to it. I know you want Zoroastrianism to come back…….I can tell who you are….but that’s your agenda isn’t it doc?…….lol


You read this foo: https://newlinesmag.com/argument/the-coming-turkish-iranian-confrontation/

Iran goin dismantle guppu turk now. US/ Russia/ China will help in this regard. Ain’t it obvious doc?

cechas vodobenikov

amerikan villagers learning about electricity in Syria so they bring knowledge back to 4th world villages in Texas


Just part of the rear guard action going on. The party is long over, this is just annoyance stuff. It gets more dangerpous everyday over there for coalition forces and nothing on the ground is changing that. Just another effort by an empire rolling through the desert. The others who did this, are all gone. In 100 years, will anybody even know the base was there. These are basically a modern version of firebases, as they had in Viet Nam. How many of those are still around? My take.

Ryan Glantz

… wow, what are those deepstate buffoons up to now? More interdimensional underground/canyon portals to guard?

Fog of War

You’re actually correct . Some of these operations are related to that subject matter.

The Objective

Maybe to hide them from U.S air strikes, as a tit-for-tat circle of violence between Iran and Biden may get more intense. Biden ordered the bombing of Iran’s militias in Syria, and a CIA covert op that blew up over 500 trucks full of oil belonging to Iran. http://criticalwatcher.site/2021/02/19/was-the-oil-truck-explosion-sabotage-against-iran/

Just Me

Dumbass Wahabbi punk repeating same lies in desperation lol


Nothing more than nwo satanic last desperate efforted money pit for the losers accept burn’t offerings and they will burn into desolation if they allow this incestive blood money fkfest to build!
It may very well destroy all of the middle eastern nations if they don’t have the balls to prevent,no?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Trumps US foreign policies are all being replaced by LGBTQI foreign policies now that Biden and the LGBTQI organization are back in power.
And now the LGBTQI are back in power Russia has to be punished for those 2 laws Putin enacted way back in 2005/6, how dare he ban the supply of pro LGBTQI promotional material to Russian children under the age of 15, how can the LGBTQI movement forcefully brainwash Russian children if they can’t freely promote their perverted agenda to them.
Russia and the US aren’t enemies but the Russians and the LGBTQI movement are, so while the pro LGBTQI politicians are holding power in the US they’ll become Russia’s worst enemy once again.
The woes of 2006/7/8 are about to be repeated so we should all expect the media to start demonizing Putin and Russia the way they once used to. I say the Syrian war stared way back in 2007, and I also say it started in Russia, and I also say the LGBTQI movement started it, but everyone else says it started in Syria in 2011, LOL, they weren’t paying attention.
Sadly Putin’s done a few reprehensible things since 2008 so the MSM may have an easier job of demonizing Putin and Russia this time around,

Putin enacted anti slander laws [what a ponce],
Given himself and his entire family a lifetime immunity from any possible future criminal proceedings [fearful of due process],
Built a super expensive luxury mansion out in the middle of the wilderness [Apocalypse now movie comes to mind],
Poisoned Navalny and stuck him in jail [I don’t like Navalny but wtf]
Putting down domestic protests with an iron fist [but domestic protests are what made Russia great in the first place, Yeltsin saved Gorbachev from the communists and then Putin saved Yeltsin from the US and himself].
On top of that anti government opposition and opposition media are being killed on the streets like never before, assassinations have become the new normal now, not an aberrance [I wouldn’t want to live in Russia anymore, even though they have the most beautiful women in the world],

So the MS media may be able to do even more harm to Putin this time around, they have a lot more ammo to work with this time.
Putin and Russia will become the worlds new public enemy number one if the LGBTQI get their way, err, I mean new US administration, so no one should expect anything but obstruction from the US from now on.
Russia’s in for another bout of MSM demonization and US propaganda will delve to new lows never conceived of before to try and demonize them, so get ready for some totally unbelievable ‘news’ stories.

The Objective

good to read your post again, mate.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Hello to you to.
I get bored sometimes and have a ramble as you’re well aware, but in this case I had something I had to get off my chest, for me the LGBTQI movement is the biggest threat to future world peace and prosperity, and now they’re running the Whitehouse again :[, so a good rant always makes me feel better, so that’s what I just did. :]

The Objective

I totally agree with you on that. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t seem to know. People like Obama and Biden cause more carnage than Trump. They don’t like engaging U.S soldiers. They prefer to destabilize countries through color revolutions and civil war. I just hope Lebanon doesn’t get dragged into a second civil war during Biden’s time. Because I fear they may be next after Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I fear the same thing too, and for Syria as well, we haven’t heard the end of that sorry saga yet either.

The Objective

Hey, you haven’t replied to my other comments

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I will very soon.

Fog of War

” Russia and the US aren’t enemies ”

I dont think so. You just think that because the shooting hasn’t started yet. However, if you were to say Putin and the US arent enemies then I would agree.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That sort of implies most Russians think the Americans are more of a threat than Putin does, and if you’re right and Putin doesn’t think of the US as his enemy right now, he will soon enough, Biden will change his mind and leave him no doubt.
But I’m pretty sure Putin already knows who and what Russia’s biggest enemy is right now.

Fog of War

Chabad Putin doesn’t consider the ZioAmericans as the ” enemy ” because they all work for the same side. Its very hard for many people to wrap their head around this. However, this ” game ” has been going on for a long time.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Is he really a “Chabad” or is he just a prostitute like all other world leaders are, maybe he just sleeps with whoever pays the most.
Common sense and achievable objectives are what really drives Russian interests.
Here’s a really old article that articulates Russia’s real position concerning Israel’s future involvement in Syria,


Sorry wrong link, try this one,


Fog of War

” Is he really a “Chabad” or is he just a prostitute like all other world leaders are ”

Would it actually matter or change the outcome ? As far as the article goes, words are one thing but I judge Putin by his actions. Although, this quote from the article is also very telling ” Excessive Iranian presence ” . If Russia or Putin are concerned about a ” Excessive Iranian presence ” then their priorities are plain to see for everyone.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No probably not.

No I’m afraid their intentions aren’t plain to see for everyone, most SF readers have no idea what Russia’s true intentions are, and that’s despite the fact articles like the one I provided actually tell us what they are.

I’ve changed my mind about Putin, before the Syrian war started I thought he was a genius, but since the war began I don’t think he’s done anything right, so I’m no longer a fan of Putin, especially where Turkey’s concerned, but when it comes to the Iranian relationship, that’s a different matter, in that aspect I think he’s actually starting to do what’s really needed.

No one will invest in Syria while the Iranians remain there, that’s the problem Putin faces now, and as the article stated, Russia and Iran don’t have the money to rebuild Syria themselves, so Putin’s in a no win situation, he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.
Iran will never be able to achieve what it really wants to in Syria, local Sunni resentment has already made that impossible, so Iran needs to rethink the Syrian situation and come to a compromise.

Peter Jennings

The SAA and the YPG are the only reason why american troops can swan around the north of Syria. The YPG are hoping that they will not be forgotten like they were in Iraq. They were promised their own homeland there too but didn’t get it and never will whilst the US military is running amok in Iraq.

Whilst they assist the US admin to get all it wants, local political gangs are called heroes and buddies. Later when the work is done, they are called suspects. Lumping themselves under the control of a bankrupt country thousands of miles away doesn’t sound very smart.

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