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JULY 2020

US-Iran Showdown Is One False-Flag Attack Away From Global Calamity


Written by Robert Bridge; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

Hypocritical to the core, the execution of false-flag events spare aggressive states the ignominy of appearing in public as the warmongering psychopaths they are, lest their subjects get the wrong idea as to exactly who is governing over them.

The last thing tyrannical rulers want, after all, are battles raging on two fronts, especially if one of those fronts just happens to be back in the Heartland. Psychopaths are mentally deranged, of course, but that does not mean they are necessarily stupid.

Thus, once again, the United States is flying its jolly tricolors from the Mediterranean Sea into the Persian Gulf led by the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, as well as nuclear-capable B-52 bombers and a Patriot missile battery on standby. But America’s reputation as a rabble-rouser and hell raiser long preceded its entry into the Gulf, as did the frenetic rhetoric.

Just as the fleet was en route, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a warning that was so far beyond the pale of reality that it sounded as though it were scripted by a Hollywood film director with a penchant for embellishing American history.

“The response of the United States and our partners and allies has been clear: We do not seek war,” the statement reads. “But Iran’s forty years of killing American soldiers, attacking American facilities, and taking American hostages is a constant reminder that we must defend ourselves.”

Forty years of killing Americans? Really? That comment brought to mind Pompeo’s recent display of braggadocio as he reminisced over his former CIA days. “We lied, we cheated, we stole,” he confessed with a hearty chuckle to an audience from Texas A&M University last month. “We had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.”

Ah yes, the glory days. Next he’ll be shooting off about how he enjoys shaving with napalm in the morning, or some such nonsense.

In any case, the prospect of America’s leading diplomat who basically admits to being a bald-faced liar, and darn proud of it, delivering a fiery shot across the bow of the Iranian Republic at the same time a large US naval group is entering the Persian Gulf and Iran is struggling under severe sanctions does very little to instill much comfort or confidence.

One week before the US naval fleet turned up in Gulf waters, Pompeo was already laying the necessary groundwork for the buildup, saying that the US has observed “escalatory actions from the Iranians, and it is equally the case that we will hold the Iranians accountable for attacks on American interests,” he said, without providing any details. “If these actions take place — if they do by some third-party proxy, a militia group, Hezbollah — we will hold the Iranian leadership directly accountable for that.”

Now for anyone who followed the protracted Syrian crisis understands, that is exactly the sort of crazy talk that inspires friends and foes alike to pull off a false-flag attack that will force the United States to live up to its word and go after the villains, which will predictably be – as was the case following the chemical attacks against the Syrian rebels when the ‘Assad regime’ was duly blamed – the Islamic Republic of Iran.

So where did the information regarding a possible Iranian strike on some “American interest” derive? According to Axios, that news was delivered to National Security Advisor John Bolton by an Israeli delegation led by national security adviser Meir Ben Shabbat.

It is not too much of a stretch of the imagination to figure that the Israelis may have produced the report knowing full well that it would ratchet up tensions between Washington and Tehran, and more so when it is understood that the mad hatters Pompeo and Bolton figure into the calculus. Who knows? Perhaps they really do mean what they have been saying for years about Iran and would relish the prospects of an ‘Iranian attack,’ or false flag event in order to get World War III, which they both seem to anticipate with more excitement than the Second Coming.

Meanwhile, it should come as no surprise that the mainstream media is doing everything in its power to stoke the flames. On Monday, the New York Times, citing unnamed sources, published an article alleging that the White House was drafting plans to deploy some 120,000 troops to the Middle East in the event Iran attacked US forces or expedited work on nuclear weapon research. The paper giddily reported that such a force “would approach the size of the American force that invaded Iraq in 2003.” Trump, however, ruined the war party, flat out denying the claim, saying he would send a lot more than 120,000 troops under such circumstances.

To underscore exactly how dangerous the situation is becoming, Sputnik reported that four commercial ships – two Saudi, one Emirati and one Norwegian – were targets of a “sabotage attack” off the coast of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Sunday.

It should come as no surprise as to what country was blamed. “Iranian or Iranian-backed proxies” are thought to be behind the attack, according to US officials.

Although Iran in the past may have played down such provocations, this time around they are showing a striking level of confidence in the face of American firepower. “An aircraft carrier that has at least 40 to 50 planes on it and 6000 forces gathered within it was a serious threat for us in the past,” Amirali Hajiadeh, who heads Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’s aerospace unit, told the Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA), as reported by RT. “But now, the threats have switched to opportunities,” he added.

The only thing left to consider now is whether Trump left Bolton and Pompeo to their own mischievous devices in their dealings with Iran and even Israel, or is there some sort of safety catch on the gun, so to speak.

Considering that Trump didn’t seem to be fully informed as to what was happening in Venezuela with regards to puppet president Juan Guaido’s recent failed attempt at a coup, it makes one wonder if Trump is equally in the dark as to what is happening with Iran. The prospect of such a possibility is simply too terrifying to even contemplate.



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  • Rob

    In these dummy missiles if Israel use a real missile then that could make a real damage to Syria.

    So much damage America and their asses like Netanyahu has done to many countries including Palestine and Syria and still there is no shout from any government in the world. So much they scare from America and Israel. United they can stand and divided they will fall very easily.

    • You can call me Al

      Don’t rule out a multi-attack, including Syria, The Lebanon and Iran ++

  • Rob

    America and their asses like Netanyahu and Salman have created so many wars in the world which indicates that they are real terrorists of the whole world. Now they want to open new wars with more and more countries.

  • goingbrokes

    It is true that by defining the response in terms of Iran or its proxies, the situation is open for ANYONE to launch a false flag. In other words, any excuse will do to start a war. No investigation will be necessary.

  • d’Artagnan

    Jews are singularly the most insidious and evil phenomenon humanity has ever confronted and the Zionists are pure toxic. Iran is the last impediment in the Yinon plan, since they have used the US idiots to destroy 6 Muslims nations in less than 2 decades. Iraq posed the biggest threat in the Arab world as it was a secular and pretty advanced country with immense wealth. Iran although weakened by the theocratic corruption, brain drain and 40 years of unrelenting sanctions, is still is a big powerful country with a keen sense of history and national identity and that is why the Zionists are goading the US to get into a war with Iran, with unknown disastrous consequences. They think they can shed American blood to destroy Iran and remain unscathed. This time they are sadly mistaken as Iran and Hezbollah will go after the Jews in a no holds barred war, no matter what the cost, since sacrifice and martyrdom is the cornerstone of Persian culture dating back to the Achaemenid Empire’s Immortals and later given a turbo boost by Shiaism’s total fixation with sacrifice and martyrdom. I would caution the bloodthirsty evil fake Khazarian Jews to think hard before committing suicide again!

    • Joe Kerr

      As long as the dumbed-down American goys let themselves be used as cash-cows and cannon fodder for zion, they have only themselves to blame for the shocks ahead, although they could go into oblivion quietly… like a frog in slow-boiling water.

      • d’Artagnan

        They also conned the evangelical idiots who somehow equate Christianity with Zionism. The Jew brainwashing media sure has the rednecks bamboozled.

    • Decatur Guy

      You live a lie from generation to generation believing you’re the living flesh and blood of someone you’re not (descended, one of Jacob’s 12 sons). At the same, time weaving your entire mental and spiritual beliefs in and around the Satanic Talmud-Zohar produces nothing but a wretched soul wrapped around dead flesh, though it lives.

      • d’Artagnan

        The whole Jew narrative is fake historically.

        • You can call me Al

          No, not Jew, Zionist.

  • Rhodium 10

    Iran can close easily Hormuz strait and destroy Saudi Aramco facilities in red sea to cut all petrol from Gulf states!…Iran know that a saturation attack with 100 missile vs US Qatar airbase have a 50% of success..( enough to block aerial operation there)..among other reasons USA dont have enough ground to air missile to repeal it…it similar when palestine fighters launched 100 rocket at the same time vs Ashkelon…then Iron dome had a about 50% of interceptation!….as Iran have 10.000 ballistic missile…European Union fear that in case of war..no petrol from Gulf states will be delivered to EU..thats why they reject US activity in Persian Gulf..and Germany, Britain, Spain and Holland..have stopped military training for Iraqi army..Spain have disengaged a frigate from the US naval group.

  • You can call me Al

    “The response of the United States and our partners and allies has been clear: We do not seek war,” the statement reads. “But Iran’s forty years of killing American soldiers, attacking American facilities, and taking American hostages is a constant reminder that we must defend ourselves.”

    You stupid moron, you and the tribe killed 10% more US citizens when you blew up the twin towers; everyday in that shit hole of that Country of yours, you have more deaths from suicide, drug overdoses, shootings, car crashes and poisoning due to your GMO shit ….. never mind the scores that just fizzle away due to starvation.

    You are pathetic, go on then you fuck, try Iran with your bloody sucking Yids and Saudis, but be very, very careful; because this could make Pandora’s box just a little fart of evil.

  • RichardD

    The solution to many of these problems is to outlaw Judaism worldwide. And replace Israel with a dejudified, unified Palestine. As part of dejudifying the planet to create a Jew free world so that Jews go extinct. Which will be much better for humanity. This doesn’t require violating Jew’s human and civil rights or harming them, It simply means making the practice of Judaism illegal and permanently closing the synagogues and yeshivas so that Judaism ceases to exist.

  • Sinbad2

    Is this just a way of making Americans forget that they were going to bomb some democracy into Venezuela a couple of weeks ago?
    It’s been a profitable heist for the US, they have stolen, sorry seized billions of Venezuela’s assets.

    Picking on Iran is however a totally different game, whatever the US does, Iran will reply.
    I know most people have been brainwashed into thinking that Gaddafi got up one day, and for fun decided to blow up a PanAm jet over Lockerbie.
    But the truth is Lockerbie was payback for the US shooting down an Iranian passenger plane.

    For every Iranian life the US or its bastard child Israel takes, an American will die.

  • Joe Kerr

    Bibi’s draft dodging curr has just mouthed off another threat, this time to “end Iran”:

  • patriotpioneer

    Southfront has a very accurate comment section..!

  • Gorros

    …..”one wonder if Trump is equally in the dark as to what is happening with Iran.” I don’t believe so, even if his normal state is “in the dark.” I interpret his acting since becoming president as a frantic hunt for money. He tried the wall, but no. Then Korea, but there was no dollars to easily gain there. But the Saudis will gladly pay Trump billions if the U.S. destroys their arch enemy, Iran, and Trump has so many times and so convincingly demonstrated that he is just the man to receive them, as he lacks even a trace of moral. The question is only, have the Saudis done so already or only the first part of it?